Howgs of the week, Neko your Senko, Caddyshack Bassfest weigh-in

Today’s Top 5

Buttah howgs o’ the week. 

Mr. Sims howg-farmed up this 11.36 from “a small lake” in TX on a Power Worm (cherry seed):

Nice DD from Sugar Lake, MX on a Strike King 8XD (black back chartreuse):

Those aren’t donuts but are:

Now for some single-digit fish, but still howgs:

Guide Frank Campbell at the Niagara River the week after I was there, caught this 7-lber [!!!] on a 3.5″ Coffee Tube (goby magic) with 8.4-lb (seriously) Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon:

Dustin C. banged this 6+ ID smallie on a discontinued Jackall Muscle Deep crankbait (crawfish):

Judge Smails’ TX BASSin’Fest weighin. 

The TX BASSin’Festivus has “judges” in the boat who measure and weigh fish, and then you can only bring one giant to the weigh-in — so here’s Judge Smails’ (from Caddyshack) experience so far:

At the weigh in, looking for fish:

Still at the weigh-in:

Trying to sweet-talk Ehrler after he weighed that big’un:

This morning following Ehrler around, guess no new-school GPS needed?

Case you think I’m making this up, here’s famous TV talking head Brian Williams:

Try to learn to fish this bait slowly and without any sense of feel to what you’re doing. 

WITHOUT feeling it? That’s Ned Kehde talkin’, the guy who invented or co-invented the Flanders Rig:

> When the fish bites and they take the bait, very seldom can you feel it. You can maybe 10% of the time, but most of the time you don’t need to feel it. These fish are gonna catch you rather than you catching them, it’s just that kind of bait.”

But then:

> …6 retrieves that are typically used — swim-gliding, deadsticking, hop and bounce, drag and shake, straight swim and dragging.

Huh. If you can’t feel the fish take a bait when you’re moving it, maybe you gotta be tradin’ in yer Ugly Stik mang.

HOWEVER, looks like the real Ned Flanders fishes with a baitcaster…tho an upside-down one…

…which reminds me of this KY Tourism ad Scotty F. sent me:

That’s a derp masterpiece like:

Check out what the ethanol industry is putting out there. 

Do you believe this:

Guess the spokesperson for the campaign will be one of these folks:

Anyone get this shady? 

First one of these I’ve seen — anyone got one?


1. Watch Jason Christie get a treble cut out of his hand…

…by Shaw Grigsby, with Paul Elias’ help. Brutal:

Was a Super Spook:

2. Dean Rojas posted this and it’s making me want.

You know what I mean!

Bronzeye Spit Shads….

3. What Gene Gilliland’s smallie proves.

Gene is B.A.S.S.’s conservation dude, and this photo — if legit — proves:

1. Bass biologists can catch bass with something other than a shocking boat.

2. People other than just the Lindners catch smalls on neon-colored X-Raps.

4. TN: Check this from the Percy Priest BFL.

Won by Adam Wagner, who’s won 10 of FLW’s derbies includin’ the ’09 All-American, with 20-03:

> “I caught everything I weighed in on a green-pumpkin Brush Hog on a Carolina rig.”

> …a main-lake point where he targeted bass congregating along an intersection of pea gravel and chunk rock. “I caught one on just about every cast. They were piling on top of each other — it was crazy. I tried to swap baits but the only thing they would bite was the Brush Hog.”

WTHeck is it with Carolina rigs and Brush Hogs?? Because of this I’m a-gonna start the BassBlaster Carolina Rig Challenge. All y’all are invited to compete for the big prize (okay…pretty big). Stay tuned.

5. TN: 10XD win on Douglas Lake.

Speaking of TN BFLs, dude won a Douglas Lake BFL cranking a Strike King 10XD mega-crank on mid-lake points and humps in 20-25′.

You ask, How can you fish a crankbait that big all day? Don’t know, but the guy posted this to his Facebook that night:

Hahaha just kiddin’! And remember: Hackney says big bass baits are actually small.

6. AR: Greers Ferry bass pops improving.

Larges and smalls.

7. Lunkerhunt Lunker Sticks now on TW.

Senko-type bait, some different colors. I’m diggin’ “squash:”

8. MegaStrike Roland Martin spinnerbait now in bluegill.

9. Check this Yo-Zuri Pencil topwater shot.

Pretty cool ain’t it. Believe that’s the color “prism gold black” but not sure.

Check it:

You know the drill: Click it, enter the email, share the link, cross the fingers. Good luck bass-heads! (Wish I could enter dang it…)

Tip of the Day

David Kilgore: Neko your Senko.

Not just a Senko, any stickworm. David likes the Strike King Ocho — here’s how he rigs it a little Neko-like for a different action:

If you don’t know of David, he’s a heck of a stick, has turned down several Elite qualifications, fished a few Classics, etc.

Quote of the Day

We’re going to see a lot more of this in the future.

– The Hack Attack talkin’ the BASSin’Fest’s catch/weigh/release format, which he says should increase fish survival and — interestingly — makes guys more efficient on the water because they don’t have to take the time to cull.

Said that last night on the Stray Casts show — where he also talked about Sasquatches and Chupacabras (the line “does [your hook] smell like teen spirit” was money Pat!):

Would also add that as B.A.S.S. inevitably does more live coverage and the fishermen go to more POV cam footage — which I hope B.A.S.S. is NOT fighting cuz it is inevitable — the whole immediate-release thing should be a whole lot less boring…meaning weighing no fish on shore won’t matter as much…except to Trip and Mercer…which may not be the worst thing since it looks like the stress is getting to ’em:

Shot of the Day

This is the VERY DEFINITION of a smoked ham…from Japan…wow:

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