Asian Carp Want You Dead

We all know how much of a threat the invasive Asian carp are to America’s delicate aquatic ecosystems and beloved native fish species. But our resident gamefish aren’t the only ones whose lives are at stake.

Just ask the woman who was almost murdered by a school of the soulless, scale-laden thugs.

“I remember going under water and trying to get back to the top to get a breath and I couldn’t get to the top. The fish kept me under water and I remember thinking this is it. This is my last breath.”

That quote comes from Jenniffer Herrin of Nesbit, Mississippi. She was enjoying a day at Mississippi’s Tunica Lake with her husband and son in the family pontoon boat when she was knocked into the drink by one of the slimy swimming ne’er-do-wells. Then, in an act of unadulterated malice, the would-be killers worked together to entomb Nesbit beneath a nearly impenetrable ceiling of scales and fins.

Nesbit’s saving grace was that she was wearing her life jacket. She eventually floated to the surface and was rescued Baywatch-style by her husband, but not before she’d already gulped a considerable amount of water into her lungs and smashed up her collar bone.

Full story and a video, here.

Alright, carp. You done crossed the line. It’s ON now!

This is no longer just a matter of protecting our fragile waterways, it’s a matter of life and death—kill or be killed.

Do you want to see a glimpse of our future if we don’t get these crazy kamikaze carp under control? The video below delivers a sobering portrayal of what our children have to look forward to if we don’t take action against this invasion from the east.



  1. Alex Voog

    July 7, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    That video is damn funny.

  2. Carp Fishing UK

    December 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Those Asian carp are playing havoc with the food levels of your lakes, to the extent that it is having a major effect upon the native inhabitants. In the UK carp fishing is big business, except our species are common and mirror carp not the asian strain. We have had many carp stocks decimated in our lakes due to a number of viruses that affect carp only, is it possible to introduce one of these viruses into your waterways to eradicate the Asian carp? Food for thought!

  3. Carp Fishing UK

    December 1, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    The virus that wipes out UK carp fishing lakes is Spring vameria, just researched it

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