Two more teeners! New baits and tips! How to slow down

If you’re a prayer warrior and/or you have a soft heart, please pray for our Cali bass brother Jason Borofka’s son JT, as well as for AA Ron Martens and Trip Weldon. Much appreciated. Anyone else need some praying, please let me know.


Saw this at a local lake beach, stopped me cold – you know why:

Check my new YETI 10-oz Rambler coffee mug – think I should sell ’em? Wouldn’t be looking to print $, just think it’s pretty durn sweet:
Might do one in chartreuse when that color’s available again….
Today’s Top 5
FL and TX now tied with teeners?
Reminder: Takes 13+ lbs to get into the TX ShareLunker program, 2 so far this year, I wondered what was up with CA and FL. No word on CA but here’s a couple from FL:


Jan 24, Inga Havey, Ocklawaha, 13-08:

She looks toked! Can’t remember who tipped me on that’n – thanks! And here’s Jason Dotson, Jan 17, 13-09:
No bait info on either FL fish. Gotta show this – another angle of CJ Oates’ TX 13.02. What a !
What might happen if pro FB pages were hacked?
Since FB pages are being fake cloned all over the place, including BassBlaster’s last week , wondered what would be posted if some of the pros’ pages were hacked by someone who knew about bassin’. Might go something like this:


– Paul Mueller admits that catching swimbait-sized fish through the ice is “way more fun” than bass fishing, which he does “just to pay the bills.” Mark Daniels Jr said the same thing about ducks, and Greg Hackney said the same about bigfoot hunting:

– Kevin VanDam says he’s “done being mad at ’em” because it’s “too much negative emotional energy” and just wants “to love every bass.” He’s also changing his boat color from red to “all pastels, maybe not pink though.”


– Aaron Martens says he’s not going to micromanage his tackle anymore and is “all about doing whatever. I’m really from California, you know? So I need to hang loose bruh! Plus Lesley got real mad at me for spending all that time with my reels and weights and baits and rods and line. And hooks and weights. And reels – did I say reels yet?”


– Jacob Wheeler says he’s trading in all his screens in for 1 flasher, “maybe 2. I feel like I’m getting out of touch with nature. What are the herons telling me? When’s the last time I saw an otter not named DeFoe? The screens are distracting – they’re an addiction. Stay away from screens kids.”


– Ott DeFoe admits “Biggs isn’t real” – BUT the National Parks Service reports lots of sightings of him in the Smokies.


– Brandon Palaniuk says he’s looking to produce, direct and star in his own films. Even though it looks like he’s doing that already, he wants them to be “longer and more artsy, like the ones Cliff Pirch does about elk and jigs.”


– Brett Hite broke down and says he feels “pressured to fish [his] bait” even though he “never really liked it” and wishes he was “known for an in-line spinner instead. I love those Rooster Tails man, I always have one tied on.”


– Jordan Lee is paying researchers to study himself so he can “figure out why I win. I really don’t know. I think I should find out because maybe I could win more.”


– Adrian Avena “didn’t realize” most of what he owns and wears is neon green. “I always thought it was more like a slate blue?” Skeet Reese said, “It IS slate blue. I have no idea what anyone’s talking about.”


– Russ Lane says he’s done fishin’ cranks for spotted bass on the Coosa River. “Ain’t even a challenge. Like when I got sick of throwing 102 mph fastballs and decided to bass-fish. Plus that whole ‘fat’ part of the Papa deal just ticks me off. I mean, no one thinks I’m fat…do they?”


– About the rumor that On Em “Matt” Robertson is actually a famous Hollywood actor doing research for a bassin’ comedy titled “Way Too Close Encounters of the Wojo Kid,” Matt said: “I don’t even know how to spell McConaughey.” But several folks have pointed out that no one does so who knows.


– Micah Frazier will not confirm or deny that a machete and angry drawings were found in his battery compartment.


– Casey Ashley says he’s “too country” and “not feeling it” so he’s switching to skinny jeans, Stan Smiths and slouchy beanies, and no more country singin’. “All country songs are the same – I’m sick of it,” he says. “KVD isn’t the only guy who listens to Metallica.”


– At a video shoot for Garage Workouts magazine, John Crews’ mic picked him up saying he “never even fishes rubber baits” and just started Missile because “Ish made me” and he wanted to “spite Andre Moore. I don’t know how long I can keep faking this deal,” he said.


– Carl Jocumsen admitted his passport says New Zealand on it but he always says he’s from Australia because “no one here has heard of New Zealand.” He also says “it’s true New Zealand still has dinosaurs. I’ve seen three meself. Actually one was a mastodon so not technically a dino.”


Carl sorry if I got your accent wrong man. Could do 20 more off the top of my head – had to cut myself off lol. Love ya fellas!

Few bait PSAs.
No particular order:


1. Aaron Martens likes fishing his Picasso Shock Blade Tungsten Knocker deep.

Felt a little guilty askin’ him bassin’ questions in our last convo but he was bored in chemo so I was like – let’s talk feesh! (He was like, “Are you writing this down?” I was all, “I can’t help it!”) Also he has 3 Shock Blades – wanted to hear about this version in particular. Excerpts from our convo:


> “…tungsten knocker, football head for deep water – you can fish the 1/2-oz in 30′ of water. You can throw it all day long in 25′. No one else has a tungsten bladed jig. You fish it just like a bladed jig but a lot deeper.


> “…different sound, half the size head too…might come through water different…. I guess it does fish like a wobblehead [I asked him if it did], just better.


> Trailers: “…Blade Minnow a lot, grubs and small creature baits.”


He fishes braid to fluoro on CASTING gear with a “specialized Metanium.”



2. BOOYAH Flex 2 Squarebill under the radar?

That’s the word. Foam-filled so it doesn’t break, acts like balsa but swims a little different, rattles. Word’s apparently getting around about how it swims and the fact that it’s pretty much indestructible…which is why it runs $9.99 on TW.



3. You gonna ‘Trap red or ‘Trap gold?


Remember a while back Bill Lewis head man Wes Higgins said that gold is the new red for the spring. Well, you could do what Elitist Brett Preuett is doing here – “goldfire craw:”

TW does have that color – wonder why!
Lil roundup o’ bait innerestin’ness.
Top row, L to R:


War Eagle spinnerbait – how sexy is that bait wow.


10,000 Fish Head Hunter, not out yet but coming soon – “Pre-rigged swimbait with magnetic secured hook.” Not sure if it’ll wiggle at slow speeds but looks good.


VMC Neko Skirt lookin’ pretty dang innerestin’ ‘n useful.


Middle row, L to R:


These colors make me happy…and curious – @10tenfeetunder_kiob.


Spotted bass swimbait? – @okuda_manabu.


He also posted those stained-glass topwaters.


Bottom row, L to R:


Garrett Paquette posted some of his boxes – how ’bout a whole box of hair jigs. Not sure if he’ll fish ’em, he’s just CDO.


Cover your reel AND make it look like a Happy Meal toy – @kawaguchishunsuke.


Not sure how you cast or fish this – looks like 2 jerkbaits connected? @imakatsu_info

You see this on your sonar – what do you think it is?

If it was Oct 2020 and you were on Loch Ness, then what would you say? A retired college prof just said he thinks ol’ Nessie is a turtle:


> “The most popular idea is that the Loch Ness Monster has a relationship to extinct plesiosaurs. But this is difficult to square with the rarity of surface sightings, let alone occasional sightings on land.


> “On the other hand, everything described for the Loch Ness Monster squares with is known many living and extinct species of turtles. They’re air-breathing but spend very long periods in deep water. They venture onto land, are very fast in water, have the ability to be active in very cold water and have relatively long necks.”


Turtles are “very fast in water”?? When they’re cold???



Sounds like he’s recovering, hope so man.


2. KVD doing new College of Bass vids.


> …tune in to Plano Fishing’s FB page or Kevin’s FB page to get tips…from Kevin VanDam and other seasoned pros live. [Also will be on YT but not live.] …co-host Steve Pennaz….


Feb 3 is the first one, with Brent Chapman and Skeet Reese.


3. Randy Howell gets Impulse Lithium…


…which is owned by Elitist Bill Weidler? Who knew man. Maybe I did know that….


4. Stuff Dean Rojas doesn’t miss about 5-fish tourneys.


He’s fishing the MLFLW Pro Circuit this year too:


> “I don’t miss culling and having to worry about keeping fish alive, and I don’t miss making it to weigh-in on time.”


Crazy how the MLF guys have gotten used to a totally different deal.


5. On Em Robertson gets Outkast and 44 Tackle.


44 is a brick/mortar tackle store.


6. Elite rookie KJ Queen gets Jenko Fishing.


7. Ike telethon for scholly fund.


Live THIS SUNDAY Jan 31, 6-10pm EST at that link ^. Here’s a link to the auction items.


Asked why they’re not auctioning off Mike’s custom crankbait collection, and was told it was “stolen” while in the possession of Brian el Carp ‘n tre.


8. How Spencer Shuffield picks jerkbait sizes (YT vid).


Reminder he likes the Hardcore Minnow Flat.


9. Former Vike Brian Robison is fishing the Centrals.


Word is someone told him several former QBs are fishin’ ’em so it was on.


10. CT: Petition to stop herbicide spraying on state waters.


11. SC: Santee is one of the best winter fishing spots?


Not worth clicking on but an innerestin’ angle on the best lakes deal.


12. Here are the NPFL anglers.


13. OK: Best new bait name: Sugar Booger.


At Grit and Grace Outdoors in Ponca City. Love it!


14. New T-H Marine natl sales and marketing mgr.


Chris Drahman:


> Before his recent work…Chris had over 14 years working for T-H Marine’s OEM and distributor sales reps at William F. Miller & Associates.


15. Rapala buys Okuma brand/rights for Europe and Russia only.


For $8 mil:


> Simultaneously Rapala VMC and Okuma have agreed to conclude a supply agreement to buy Okuma branded reels and rods from Okuma.


> Rapala VMC will initiate negotiations with Shimano Europe BV to end the distribution of Shimano branded products and joint ownership of Rapala VMC distribution companies situated in Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech, Belarus, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.


In case you didn’t know:


> Rapala VMC Corp…is listed and traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange since 1998.


16. Here’s you a $200K Toyota Tundra…


…to go with your $100K bassin’ tub:

Or you could spend your Powerball winnin’s on the ‘lectrical Hummer:

Headline of the Day


Bass can earn $8.5M over 3 years with Marlins if he closes


Fish play baseball…who knew.

On right now… 


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Tip of the Day
How to slow down.


For me I need to eat a steak or, weirdly, fast (not eat) to slow down. (Fast to slow? EMOJ) Anyhow, here’s a couple quick ones that might help you slow down in cold or colder water:


Brent Ehrler about slower crankin’


> …stay in tune with what your bait is doing. I found in 3 separate occasions in the past – at Table Rock Lake, the California Delta and again at Lake Guntersville – that the adrenaline of being in a tournament caused me to reel too quickly. If that happens, slow down and mentally talk yourself through your retrieve. Tell yourself when you contact rock, wood or grass, and you will begin to get in tune with your lure’s action.


Former Elitist Kevin Hawk about jiggin’:


> “I keep my jig hugging the bottom throughout the retrieve, pulling it along inches at a time. I’ll also make several pauses letting my jig sit motionless for up to 30 seconds at a time, especially when I feel my jig make contact with cover.


> “It takes patience to work a jig slowly, but I picture a bass looking at my jig the entire time it’s in the water. This keeps me from becoming impatient and working my jig too fast.”

Quotes of the Day
“Our skills aren’t as good during that timeframe, and the weights we brought to the scales showed that.”


“Stachy C” Zaldain talkin’ ’bout last year’s summer and fall tourneys. Amazing – so if you want to be a pro, is it an advantage to be a better pre-/spawn/post- fisherman than a year-rounder? Or a different look: Does fishing the Opens not prepare you season-wise for fishing the Elites?


“A lot of guys spin out because they can’t pull up to a place and catch them then run to another spot and catch some more.”


Elitist B-Rad What Lee also talkin’ fall feeshn. Looks like Brad might be signing the National Anthem at some events? Didn’t even know he could sing:

Shot of the Day
Not even surprised KVD’s rig looks this amazing just sitting in his shop:
Ya got me!
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