Sugar free ditch melons! Best spinnerbait depth, Cold fronts and bass size

Had a convo with Jason Christie about the new BOOYAH Covert Series Spinnerbaits. You can read the highlights next week, but lemme just say this: Not only does that dude know more about spinnerbaits than I’d say 99.99% of us, we have no idea what we don’t know about spinnerbaits. Not sure I can convey it all well and we really only scratched the surface but wow.

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Today’s Top 5

Sugar-free ditch melons of the week!

Gitcha eyes on these not necessarily low-cal specimens:

Check this ridiculously healthy fence donkey from Tecomate La Perla Ranch, TX. This one’s a little more “bulbous,” a good sign because so far a lot of La Perla bass have been big but not tubby:

Ever see an olive-color spotted bass? Not me — usually they’re 2-tone green and white. @dannyrago shot…dig the blurred out location:

Lovin’ the blue cheek and red tail on this MI (I think) small-melon — @cobi.pellerito shot:

Btw here’s why I think that bass had blue cheeks — Cobi headed out:

Learn you some punctuation with this-here question mark melon, caught by Pete Ponds on a Bandit crank:

“Smaller bass are more affected by cold fronts and cold water temperatures than bigger bass.”

– Incredible nugget tossed out there by Elitist Mark “my words” Menendez. Full quote:

> In my years on the water I can count on both hands the number of 8″ bass I’ve caught in water that’s less than 45 degrees. At the same time, there’s no way I can count the number of 5-lbers that I’ve caught from the same water. I can assure you, however, that it’s a high number.

> I do not know, and have no real theories, about why this phenomena occurs. I just throw it out there for you to think about.

You might think Mark makes all these observations from a bass boat, but you’d be wrong. He borrowed this from James Overstreet, still ain’t given it back:

What Clent Davis is fishing right now.

Lil ‘ol bait c-lection:

> Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil — “Bone is my favorite color. I always have one on the deck. Great around points from 0-60′. Sea walls, docks, laydowns, over submerged grass. Anywhere a bass lives they will eat it. 50-65 lb Yo-Zuri Super Braid, 7′ 1″ ML Phenix Feather Rod.”

> Yo-Zuri 3DS Crank — “I call it the ‘auto bass,’ a small crankbait that’ll catch ’em anywhere, especially when they’re keyed in on small bait. TN shad or sexy shad. 12-lb Yo-Zuri Topknot fluoro on the crank, Phenix X12 Rod.”
> Nichols Saber Swim Jig — “Shad spawn is my favorite color to throw, 3/8-oz. Great in vegetation. I also throw it around docks and laydowns. Mister Twister Buzz Bug trailer. Same 50-65 lb Super Braid but a 7′ 1″ H Phenix Feather Rod.”

Top baits at the Costa Champeenship.

Happened on Cumberland, KY, won by Okie FLW Tour angler Andrew Upshaw who also won the Cherokee, TN FLW this year. This time he beat TX’s Rob Burns by just 1-10. Andrew fished the lower end for smallmouths:

> “What I figured out was main-lake transition bluffs, but it had to have the river channel swing on it….” The best transitions started at 45-50′ deep adjacent to the wall and shallowed up to 22-24′ deep. “Right where it started slightly flattening out, that’s where they’d be sitting.”

> Upshaw figures a lot of these fish are already in or near their wintertime holes.

> …sometimes used a Ned rig, which is what he caught most of his winning fish on at Cherokee in Apr, but he caught most of his bass on a classic Cumberland bait: a jig.

> Ned rig…a Strike King Ned Ocho (gp) on a 1/8-oz Gene Larew Ned Rig Pighead Jig Head. His jig was either a 3/8- or 1/2-oz Strike King Bitsy Flip Jig…with a green pumpkin Strike King Baby Rage Craw.

Here’s the baits of the top 10 finishers broken down:

Crankbait = 40%SPRO RK Crawler = 30%, also Storm Wiggle Wart, Rapala DT-14, Luck-E-Strike American Originals G5, 6th Sense Curve 55.

Spinnerbait = 30% — 1/2-oz double-CO Coosa Custom Baits (white/chart), War Eagle Spinnerbait (spot remover, tandem gold and silver willows), unnamed 3/8-oz white spinnerbait.

Dropshot = 20% — both used a Roboworm Straight Tail Worm, which I find shocking…not.

Football Jig = 20%

10% each = Ned Rig, Finesse Jig, Flip plastics, Topwater


> Love that Rob Burns used 3 different cranks but the same color, orange craw:

> Big shout-out to either The Bass Zone’s Matt Pangrac (3rd) or someone who might have been Wes Strader registered under that name…. Lol, but srsly: A media dude makin’ it that far and then almost winnin’ = mucho #stout-o. Gonna give Matt this’n — reminds me of him….sunny…little amped (just a little)…stout:

Looks like South African bass-heads are crazier than us.

Not the greatest pic, but this is a 17′ Tornado bassin’ tun with a 300-hp Yamaha Vmax on it:

300!! Be careful not to flip that thing, whoa! Posted on the ‘Blaster FB group page by SA bass-head Ladon O.


1. Brent Ehrler works a Sammy real slow in the fall.

> …the Lucky Craft Sammy 105 in the “aurora bone” color. It’s not a large or small bait, it’s a “tweener.” Bass eating big or small forage will bite that bait if they’re feeding on top. It has a one-knocker weight and is neutrally balanced, so it sits level in the water.

> You can work it real slow, and if fish are feeding on top, they’ll destroy it, especially after cold nights or cold fronts.

Btw did you know the Sammy comes in a mega version called the 10lb? I didn’t…. Tak Omori named it after the first fish he caught on it. I was like, “Tak how do you know that was his name? I mean, do fish even have names?” He said, “He told me.” So I was like, okay….

2. Justin Lucas says you should be landing 90% of your bites.

If not, it’s your rod, he says:

> “The problem with that strategy is that there’s a lot of cheap rods flooding the market that are not the same power and action we grew up using and understanding.”

For sure power and action are NOT the same from company to company. That’s why I always ask to handle a company’s 7+’ MH rod first…cuz my hand and arm know what that rod’s supposed to feel like to me. So I agree with Justin, tho my 2c next to his is like this:

3. Brandon Card college/HS derby registration open.

Norris Lake, TN, Dec 9.

4. Alton Jones Jr Twitter #winner.


5. MLFers vs bassin’ legends under the MLF format.

Hopin’ this is a hoot — on the Outdoor Channel Fri, Nov 15 at 7 pm ET:

> This 1-hour special pairs…Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin and Johnny Morris with MLF pros Edwin Evers, Ott DeFoe, Timmy Horton, and Kevin VanDam to test their skills using the MLF tournament format….

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised Johnny’s included and those are all Bass Pro Shops-sponsored anglers. Nbd tho, should be fun.

6. FLWer Bradford Beavers saw seagulls eating crawfish…

…at the Potomac River BFL Regional:

> “There were seagulls picking crawdads off the top of the water. I’d never seen that. I’d seen them dive down to get shad, but never just easily picking up crawdads like that.”

I bet he HAS seen Beavers eating crawfish tho…heehee!

7. AL: College kid won the BFL Regional on Gville.

Bethel U student, apparently a KY Lake stick, won this one by 10 oz. Look out for this dude. Quick cool story from it:

> “4 days in a row I caught a 4-lber off this grass mat. It was the same exact flip. I caught a 4-lber in practice, and the 1st day of the tournament I caught a 4.5 there. The 2nd day of the tournament I caught another 4-lber there. The final day I caught a 3.5-lber there on the same exact flip.”

8. MO: BioSpawn baits part of winning rigs at BFL Super derby.

Roger Fitzpatrick won it at Grand, main baits were a 1/2-oz Omega Genesis TI Spinnerbait with a BioSpawn VileBug (white) and an Omega Rapture Vibrating Jig (or Omega Revelation Swim Jig) with a BioSpawn ExoSwim. Believe that’s the 2nd time BioSpawn plastics have been mentioned in a major-ish win?

9. B.A.S.S. Nation expands to 5 regions.

Will now include…planet Tatooine. Thought it was all beach but I guess maybe not:

Okay not really: Southeast, Western, Central, Northeast and Northern.

10. Gayle Julian’s Vexus story.

Gayle’s the man at Jewel Baits:

> I ordered the Vexus at the unveiling in Dec of 2017 sight unseen and not even sure what they were gonna build but I believe in the folks so it wasn’t a risky move on my part. Keith [Daffron] asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to see one first. I said no but my truck is black, I like black, silver, red so build one to match. Keith said, “Okay as far as I’m concerned you’ll have the first one in MO.”

> So I have the third 2020 VX built. The first one went to Charlie Hoover, the second to a dealer in NC and then mine is third.

Pretty cool! Here he is…makin’ me jealous:

11. Didja enter to win the Bass Chaplain’s Nitro yet??

Tix are $100 and of course go to a good cause — keepin’ Pastor Chris Wells doin’ his thing. Here’s the boat:

Click the pic and scroll down to get to the info….

12. Is Yammy’s PowerPay deal ridiculously good?

Payin’ $50K to the highest Classic finisher, $20K to the highest in the Bassmaster AOY? Not real familiar with contingency $$ amounts but sounds real good? Full payout list here.

13. New Rapala Varsity Bass episode (YT vid).

Sam and Jake Holley, Jackson County High School, on Lake Lanier.

14. NC: Bassin’ helps teen with autism.

How awesome is this:

> “When he’s fishing, it’s his happiness. It’s his passion. He breaks all the barriers of autism and he becomes something more. It’s then that you see the ‘abled’ rather than the ‘disabled.'”

Keep on fishin’ Zach!

15. Couple military and first-responder discounts.

Have never used these products so can’t recommend ’em, just fyi:

Six Gill Fishing


> The discount, effective immediately, applies to all fishing tackle and other products available at The 10% discount can be had for the members of those groups by entering the discount code, HONORTEN….

16. DUEL Hardcore Shads sale on TW TODAY.

17. FL is using Roundup on lakes??

> 17 registered herbicides are approved for use in FL waters, including glyphosate (the active ingredient in the controversial product Roundup).

18. KY: What you might experience at Barkley Lock.

The “bio-acoustic fish fence” to keep out Asian carp, don’t think it’s aliens:

> Flashing white lights at night, particularly when water levels are low (the rate of flash is slow and below the threshold for anyone with photosensitive epilepsy).

> A line of bubbles running the width of the channel from the main guide wall to the opposing bullnose.

> Vibration, particularly noticeable to small craft, from the bubble curtain.

> Noise from the sound barrier itself heard through the hull of the vessel as well as on deck.

19. MI pledges $8 mil for Chi-town Reever carp barrier.

20. DC: New program has $50m for landowners…

…for public fishing and hunting access:

> Jerry Roach, program admin: “Nationally, there is $50 million available. The maximum funding that can be awarded per project is $3 million, and the minimum is $100,000.”

21. Soon you’ll find Yeti stuff at Lowe’s.

Still blows my mind that Yeti’s a public company….

22. Gert Boyle, face of Columbia Sportswear, passes on.

She was the face for a while, and owned/ran the place. Amazing story — she escaped Hitler’s Germany and basically grew a small hat biz into a multi-billion-dollar company. Bless you outdoors sister:

Bless you outdoors sister.

23. OK: George Washington caught a 60-lb flathead!

That’s the due’s name, how great is that! 4′ 1″ fish, pic at the link….

Headline of the Day

Life jacket use hits record highs at NMMA boat shows

Guess that’s good, but thinkin’ it’s way more important on the water….


1. Jerry McKinnis’ Fishin’ Hole show actually ran 1963-2007. Years I had were ESPN only. Thanks to bass-head Andy W for the clarification.

2. Randy Blaukat is fishing the Bassmaster Opens, not the Elites (yet).

On right now…

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Tip of the Day

Jason Christie: How deep to retrieve your spinnerbait.

Quick taste of what’s comin’…. Asked him whether the old deal about retrieving it to where you can barely see it is true:

> “In a lot of cases that’s correct. I always like to fish it where I can just barely see it. But there’s a lot more to that than just the spinnerbait. It tells you where those fish will set up and the depth you should be fishing.

> “Say you can see a foot deep — the fish are more than likely in 2-3′ because of light penetration. If you only can see 3″ deep, the fish will be in 6” or a foot.

> “Before the spawn I’ll slow-roll it out of sight…about halfway down.”

Quote of the Day

“Bass are cold-blooded, prehistoric creatures. They don’t think, and they don’t reason.”

Chris Zaldain quote that makes me think he’s talkin’ ’bout gators more than bass. Cuz we all know bass are SMART and SOPHISTICATED like this dude, who may be a bass, I don’t know:

Zaldangerous also says:

> They react. We don’t know what makes them tick. At best we know what they do under certain conditions, and even that’s problematic.

That sounds pretty pessimistic man. Speakin’ of ticks, who used to check Chewie for ticks — Han Solo?

Seriously tho, it’s a good/valuable post.

Shot of the Day

Couple Bassoween shout-outs:

1. Check you bass-head Kyle L’s boy with the ultimate tourney costume — complete with the On Em lid and green fish. Super cool:

2. Best punkin carve, from the @wootungsten page:


CA has a Banjo Extravaganza. Why isn’t this at the Classic??

We all should celebrate our redneck roots, and I for one would show up to the Classic a day early to see this deal.

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