New Lowrance Live, Cold-water rock jigging, Cumberland and Lay winning baits

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Today’s Top 4
Live action incoming!
Turtlemaaaaaan hahaha! Okay so we have LiveScope, then Humminbird announced that it’ll have Mega Live this spring, and now Lowrance came out with ActiveTarget Live:
Thinkin’ 2021 ain’t gonna be too safe for the fishes…. Anyhow, since I only see what you see on this stuff, I called Justin Russell of Russell Marine — cuz he’s plugged into all things ‘lectronic kinda like:
Lol! Not really but sorta! Anyhow, talked to him and here’s what he said, but first a couple things he said I think are important:


> You have to look at these different brands as different operating systems, like with different computers/phones.


> Before you jump on a new operating system/brand or new unit/tech, ask yourself honestly: What’s your patience and ability to learn tech fast? Do you have the time — meaning would you be stoked to use some of your precious fishing time to mess around learning new electronics?


Okay that said:


Humminbird Mega Live


> “Since I haven’t seen any screenshots or video yet it’s hard to comment on directly.


> “…a Live Imaging transducer moves a ton of data, so much you need an independent processor to support it. …might be in a board or in the Mega Live transducer. I don’t foresee you could have super-sharp crystal imaging without its own processor, but Humminbird does a lot of stuff differently….


> “I know Humminbird has 100% dominated the side-imaging realm for a decade, so I’m willing to bet when they bring Live Imaging to the market it will be really good. And they know what the standard is — LiveScope set it 2 years ago….


> “…happy to see them going back a generation on the Helix units [meaning Mega Live won’t require new units]. It frustrates customers when…have to buy the new units.”


Lowrance ActiveTarget Live


> “I’ve seen it and I think it’s every bit as good if not just a hair better than [Garmin’s current LiveScope] imaging….


> “It’s got an 18-degree cone vs LiveScope’s 20-degree cone. It’s narrower so it shows a little less of what’s out there — so if you’re trying to aim the unit and make a cast…you’ll be closer to the structure and the fish [narrower cone = less margin for error]. But [the narrower cone] will make a it a little more challenging to see your lure and make that cast….


> “Humminbird has hinted about their cone angle but we haven’t seen it [definitive] yet…said it’ll be wider than what’s on the market. [Lowrance[] LiveSight was a 40-degree cone…not necessarily a good thing…prefer it to be more precise….


> “It’s a shining moment for Lowrance. Obviously people weren’t that happy about LiveSight…[Lowrance] really came out super-strong with dialing [ActiveTarget] in, and it’s 100% their build.


> “I’m glad to see it will work with older units, like the Carbon units. They’re not forcing everyone to have to jump up into [new units].”




> “We’re going to see the Ford – Chevy – Dodge comparison come back within the electronics. Now [2021] you’ll have the ability to have full networking, full boat integration [including trolling motors] with all brands. That will limit mixing brands…will make it a lot easier to have full-boat setups. You won’t have to learn 2 operating systems.”


> “The real key is what’s Garmin going to bring to the market after this.”


Couple more



  • Peeps at Russell Marine are crazy enough to spend time answering your (and my) Qs: “We ship all across the country every day, and love to talk to anyone and everyone with questions. We will get your questions answered.” Hit ’em up at their website and check their YouTube channel — helped me with my LiveScope black box ‘n tranny install.
What just happened at Cumberland??
Here’s what went down at the FLW ‘Yota Champeenship there in KY:
  • Winner Chris “Post” Malone, from OH, won it by only 3 teeny oz
  • He hadn’t fished the FLWs for 13 years til this year because he was too busy working for Gary “the Punisher” Clouse (lol just kidding Gary)
  • He was so grateful to his bud Ryan Davidson (21st) for teaching him how to winter-fish he said if he won it he’d pay Ryan’s FLW entry $$$ next season


Lotta weird deals happen in KY — like, for example, Matt Robertson (HAHAHA Matt!). Seriously tho: Seen lots of “meant to be” moments over the years in bassin’ — actually scratch that, somehow they’re all meant. Anyhow, this one looks like one o’ those. Few deets on Chris’ win from a real good FLWers post:


> “These smallmouth right now, it’s not cold enough to push them deep, but they winter deep, so all these smallmouth are up high in the water column.”


> …he mostly employed a [1/2-oz] Bad Boy Baits tail-spinner to get reaction bites fishing almost vertically, pitching to the rocky shoreline and letting [it] fall past the suspended fish…. If he didn’t get bit on the fall, he’d give it a couple hops and reel it back in.


> Almost all of Malone’s fish came on that tail spinner — he did weigh-in 3 that he caught on a Cumberland staple SPRO RK Crawler….


> …day 3, after seeing his co-angler Matt Greene (who won the co-angler division), catch his winning fish on a glide bait [River2Sea S-Waver and Gan Craft 178]…Malone picked up a Bull Shad and had 3 fish (including a 6-lber) blow up on his bait but miss the hooks. “I went for broke.”


Anyhoo here’s what the full top 10 fished:


Crankbait = 70% — SPRO Rk Crawler (40%), Rapala DT14 and DT10 (30%), Luhr Jensen Speed Trap, Strike King KVD 1.5, 6th Sense Curve 55


10% each = Underspin, Carolina Rig (Zoom UV Speed Craw in cinnamon purple), Bladed Jig (JackHammer), Spinnerbait, A-rig (Keitech Fats), Jig, Lipless crank (BOOYAH One Knocker)

Lay Lake Open baits breakdown.
Congrats to FL’s Keith Carson — or guess I should say Keith_Carson — for winnin’ it with 47-01, about 4.5 better than 2nd. Few deets from the Bassin’masters:


> “I was fishing grasslines near steeper banks up the river in front of the (Gaston) steam plant and about 2 miles north of the power plant,” Carson said. “I grew up fishing the St. Johns River and I’m very familiar with current.” Working with the current created by Alabama Power Co’s release schedule from the Logan Martin Dam, Carson was able to keep himself in front of active fish most of the day.


> “There wasn’t any pattern, but there was one bait that I caught all my fish on. I used a Berkley Frittside 5 crankbait in the ‘ghost morning dawn’ color. It’s just an amazing bait.”


> Carson said the bass responded best to a fast retrieve. He typically cranks with a 5.4:1…but he switched to a 6.6:1.


Just last week someone told me that he believes the Frittsides might be one o’ the best cranks ever made — which is crazy talk and this person is kinda crazy but he felt pretty strongly about it. Also Hank Cherry did a new vid talkin’ ’bout it.


What the full top 10 feeshed at Lay:


Jerkbait = 50%Megabass Vision 110 (30%), Duo Realis 110SP, Rapala Shadow Rap


Jig = 40%


Flip plastics = 30%


Shakey head = 30% — 3rd, 4th and 5th


Finesse Jig = 20%


10% each = Swim-jig, Bladed jig, Ned rig, Lipless crank (Rat-L-Trap), Crankbait (Berkley Frittside)




> Hey Jacob Walker (2nd) WTHeck are we looking at here (anyone know?):

> Wonder if Clint Miller’s (3rd) nickname is “Red” — and raise your hand if you’ve ever shakeyed a red worm (me neither):
> Dude who finished 7th is named Samuel Fish. Can a Fish legally fish for fish? (I feel like Dr Seuss.)


> KJ Queen (10th) of Queen Tackle fished his Tungsten Flipping Jig and Switch Blade blade for jigs. Switch Blade looks like a cool idea — I am going to pick a few up.


> Keith Poche continues to fish dang good and got 12th.

“Do you want to be a good UPS driver or a good fisherman?”
John Cox throwin’ down the glove to his bud ^ Keith_Carson. Keith said on Bassin’Fan:


> “…right then I quit UPS. It was a good job that paid good money with good benefits, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I’d rather be broke and happy fishing than making a hundred grand a year and not be happy.”


Well glad it’s working out, but John has said that to a bunch of people including me and I was like, “What? You do know I don’t even work for UPS, right?” But that never stops him man….


Lol kidding! Far as I know anyhow…wonder if Keith had a hard time giving up those shorts:

HAHAHA just kidding, don’t even know Keith but hope he’s got a sense o’ humor!


Had to pass on the 2021 MLFs before with 3 Opens left, said he prayed a bunch and fished hard. Congrats to him for walking in faith!


Still no word on what Jacob Powroznik is doing next year.


2. Keith Combs Rayburn Slam tourney is DEC 13.


Umphrey Pavilion, open team tournament with 100+% payout, plus an auction for guided fish/hunt trips on Keith’s FB page. All proceeds from the auction go to benefit Warrior’s Weekend Texas, a non-profit supporting US veterans.


Sign up for the tournament on his site or at the Tackle Addict.


3. Bunch of MLFers get Grundens.


Skeet Reese, Bradley Roy, Adrian Avena and Gerald Spohrer. Footwear and apparel. Grundens is also the official footwear sponsor of the Bass Pro Tour and MLF BIG5 circuits (old FLW).


4. John Crews has a new podcast called Bass Life.


Bassin’ Life woulda been better…lol. I worry that Crews will end up doing so much he’ll have to have a lotta clones like Mike Iaconelli and will have trouble remembering what he’s supposed to be doing without multiple assistants/phones. Don’t let it happen Crews!


5. FLWer Chris Brasher gets Trophy Technology.


Castaic baits and more.


6. AR: 130 new fish habitats coming to Beaver Lake.


Should increase bass size from 8″ to 12″ at select locations (heehee!).


7. FL: Now scientists can clip fins to tell bass age.


Instead of killing a fish to get its ear bones:


> …reading age rings on dorsal spines…cut flush with the bass’s back. The fish were monitored for injury and mortality for 35 days afterward. None of the bass with missing spines perished.


8. CA: Bluegill, crappie, redears stocked in Elsinore.


Stock up on those swimbaits….


9. MotorGuide Xi3 ‘yak motor giveaway.


10. Brunswick has a new director of electrification position.


Here he is — kinda scary for an exec position?

Lol! Okay sounds like it has something to do with making boats more ‘lectronics/systems friendly. Brunswick boat brands include Lund, Crestliner, Lowe and others. Also Merc and MotorGuide.


11. GA: New HS team, South Effingham, ready to fish!


12. 150 Caddy dealers say later rather than embracing ‘lectric.


Seems GM wants Caddoo to go full electric and they were like, Nah. Good for them!





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Ron Lindner’s funeral service was streamed yesterday — you can click it here to watch it but the audio is boogered for almost all of it. Here’s a few highlights — I hope the Lindner family is okay with me sharing:


> The preacher talked about the stuff Ron and Al developed and it hit me — you know what they developed? MILLIONS of fishermen! Amazing man.


> Someone said one of Ron’s things was: If you know what the fish are biting on, use something else. Guy said, “That’s how you become one of freshwater fishing’s greatest innovators.”


> Ron’s grandson Nick said, “He learned things for the sake of teaching them.”


Also, if you’ve been seeing the tributes to Ron, here’s one from something Kenny Duke wrote — so true and is what I meant by “if you think analytically about fishing you can credit the Lindners and then (I think?) Bassmaster:”


> The “me and Joe” stories that dominated the Big 3 [outdoor mags like Field & Stream]…were being replaced by practical how-to and scientific content in In-Fisherman and…species-specific publications like Bassmaster Magazine.


Never could get into that olde-skool “the heron alighted on the gin-clear water affording me and Joe a view of the pebbly stream bottom” stuff. Yuck. Thanks Ron, Al, In-fish and Bassmaster for changing that!

On right now… 


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Tip of the Day
How to jig deeper cold-water rock.


Ever knew fish were there and didn’t catch ’em? Ever felt like they’d bite a jig (because when do they not??) but it wasn’t happenin’? And it really burned you because you knew crayfish were crawlin’ all over the place down there?


Me too. Which is why I called Jewel Baits owner Gayle Julian. Dude is a jig savant and I knew he’d have some insight so here it is:


> “I’m not a golfer, but I assume if you use the wrong golf club at the wrong time you’ll stay busy but you’re probably not going to have the best experience. Same thing in fishing — there’s a tool for every situation.


> “If you’re fishing a lake with primarily chunk rock or ledge rock, then a football jig [which I asked about] is not your best choice. A football jig is really good on ledges where you have small chunk rock and pea gravel. But if you have chunk rock that’s really big — volleyball or bigger — with a football jig you’ll just spend all your time going after it. It will wedge into everything around you.


> “Where we are [in AR], all we have is rock. What we [Jewel] did…we designed our Pro Spider Jig for rocks, and so far I haven’t fished a jig better in rocks…. It has a keel shape similar to the bottom of your bass boat…limits roll from side to side more than 45 degrees so it won’t fall on its side.


> “The front of it’s made so it comes up and over rocks and whatever it comes into contact with. That will greatly improve your time on the water — your enjoyment of it.


> “And also most of the weight is in the head. In a lot of our jigs we spread the weight out so it falls flat. But in this one most of the weight is in the head so it comes up and over things better.


> “As a rule I don’t use spinning equipment much — hardly ever. So on our 5/16 I use 15-lb [fluoro] or less when I’m fishing 20′ or less. For out deeper than that, out to 50’…I reduce line size. As a rule I primarily use 12-lb Seaguar InvizX or AbrazX — it gives the right fall and is strong enough to handle about any fishing situation.


> “I drag it, hop it — depends on what the fish are like. If they’re real subdued, I drag it…minimal action to it. I try to just imitate what’s going on in nature. If there’s a lot of activity — squirrels moving, birds flying around, fish dimpling on top, things are really active — I fish it a lot faster with a lot more action. If it’s a lot more quiet in the woods, nothing’s moving, I take a lot more subtle approach.”


Here’s his fave jig/trailer combos. He pretty much only fishes 3 colors — “I keep it that simple:”


  • Missouri craw — “It’s a black/brown/chart and has has that contrast when there’s a foot or less of visibility. I like the 3 colors because it has more contrast [than black/blue].


  • Okeechobee blue — “It’s gp with blue strands/flash. I use it when the water has a little bit of stain to it, 2.5′ viz or less.”


  • Bass whacker — “It’s gp with strands of chartreuse and orange mixed together on the same strands. It looks a lot like our crawdads here and bluegill — it will probably pass PB&J as our #1 color [huge because Jewel invented the PB&J color].”
TW might not have all the colors but the Jewel website does.


More about Gayle’s jig trailers in the next BB. Amazing stuff!

Quote of the Day
“I won tournaments growing up in CA fishing 70-80′ deep on Oroville.”


Justin Lucas talkin’ I think about catfish tourneys? Maybe lake trout?? Okay pretty sure it’s bass, but here’s what they look like when they come up from that deep:

Okay maybe not but what are bass doing down that deep anyway? Spooky. Some weird fish down there man:

Shot of the Day
Nice shot of Meredith McCord, whose 8-06 largemouth set the new IGFA women’s 16-lb (8-kg) line class World Record. Had no idea women had separate records? Anyhow congrats to her, caught at Lake Ezekiel, TX on a Zoom UV Speed Craw:
I like my snacks. I like ’em in the rain, on a train, etc. But I will not like these snacks — I will not eat them Sam I am: Cricket-based snacks are surprisingly delicious
Crickets are for bluegills, snakes and lizards, not peeps!
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