New knuckle bait, More new ICAST stuff, Wimp stick lines

This-here’s the only BassBlaster of the week mang! Headin’ to ICAST today. After that, back to the regular BB schedule…and MANY sick giveaways comin’ at ya! So thank you for bein’ a Blaster-head!

Today’s Top 3

Yo-Zuri chucks a Knuckle at ya!

Cover’s off, cat’s out, Top Secret file’s been declassified, Area 51’s open to the public so…check it:

Those are the new Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Baits. Another look:

Great overview vid:

Bobby Lane givin’ you his down-low on it — yep, Bobby’s even scarier than that in person lol:

That crazy or what! 3 years in development, supposed to cast better than a spinnerbait, fo sho a different action — one thing Yo-Zuri for sure has in its corner: bassin’ fishermen are already knuckle heads! HAHAHA! Real curious to fish it…already at Tackle Warehouse!

Strike King selling “n*de” crankbaits!?!?

[Don’t think I can say “n*de” because your spam filters might not like it so….]

Been assured this is fo’ real, but as a Yankee goofball in the bassin’ biz, can also tell you I’ve been fooled a couple times by my Southern bros. If this is fo’ real, gotta hand it to Strike King for making these available for custom paint, and for selling clear baits at the same price as painted ones!

Word is this whole concept was inspired by Zona’s cat:

Headin’ to Wally Mart to get me a set o’ sharpies. Look out, basses!

More ICAST stuff leakin’ out.

Stuff that caught my eye:

Ruh-roh how cool do those look!

> The Lunkerhunt Prop Series…feature an innovative prop system, a super-soft streamlined weedless design, premium hooks and high-quality [colors]. …3 body styles: The Prop Frog that is 3.5″ and 1/2-oz, and The Prop Fish Sunfish and The Prop Fish Shad that are both 3.25″ and 1/2-oz.

Quick vids: Prop Frog, Prop Fish.

4″ vs the standard 5″ size, available soon.


Learned ya about the new Flex II squarebill, and here’s it’s deep-diver cousin, the Streak IV — same “armored foam” deal. Asked BOOYAH about the numbers after the bait names — they said more baits are a-comin’. The Streak and Flex hould be for sale online this week.

Strike King SupraFry

Gitcha ol’ skool French Fry on:

Also new Magnum Jigheads:

Fat As are back! (So is the Cotton Cordell Crazy Shad.) Bomber also has a new jointed wake bait.

Missile Ike Flip Out Jig

Great name for an Ike bait. Or maybe the “Ultra Tantrum”…lol Ike!

> “The Flip Out is the full-sized version of the super popular Mini Flip but with a hammer 5/0 VMC hook. You can flip this thing in the thickest cover and rip them out!”

Check that crazy weedguard! Guess this means Gary has been fishing the Flanders Rig….

8″ version of the Gantarel.

Not sure if this is for ICAST but here for two reasons. One = [drool emoji]. Two = YUGE Daiwa announcement coming at ICAST:

> …delivers exceptional casting distance and greatly reduces backlashes, even when working with the lightest, most finesse-inspired lures.


1. Brandon Lester gets X-Zone Lures.

Ontario company known for ultra-soft plastics.2. Feider wins most-weight derby.

Classic Bass (northern trail) derby with MLF-like format on Lake Minnewaska, MN. Seth caught 93-03 in ONE day = 56 bass. Nice chunk o’ change too:

Told me he did 2 thangs: Dropshotted a 3.5″ swimbait (top watermelon blue/bottom grey pearl) with a #2 VMC Neko Hook and 1/4-oz VMC Tungsten Cylinder Weight, and Texas-rigged a Bio Spawn ExoStick (Feider shad) with a 3/0 VMC offset Worm Hook and 3/16-oz VMC Tungsten Worm Weight.

3. 2018 Elitist schedule is out.

Things that stood out to me in an overall good schedule:

> Classic in March again but only 1 Elite before it
> Lake Martin = cool
> Sabine River again = uh…
> TTT again = interesting
> Oahe, SD = bassin’ in the Badlands?

> Classic bracket internet derby returns

4. Aaaaaaand a tightened Elitist no-info rule.

> “Beginning at the time the Elite Series schedule [was]…anglers are prohibited from soliciting or intentionally receiving any information about the locations of fish or fishing areas on those waters.”

Wonder what “intentionally receiving” means. And 80% of Elites wanted the no-info rule tightened so I wonder who the 20% was….

5. Oneida Open beeg weener flipped largies.

Dropshot wasn’t doin’ it, so Stanley Sypeck Jr. flipped largemouths with a 7/16-oz homemade jig (Cumberland craw) and NetBait Paca Chunk (Alabama craw) on 40-lb Seaguar Smackdown braid.

6. AL: AR teens win TBF championship on Pickwick.

Both are from Mt. Ida, AR and one kid had the last name Davis — that’s Hunter Davis and Tyler Allenbrand. Sounds suspiciously like Mark Davis and:

> Coached by Hunter’s father, professional Bassmaster Elite Series angler Mark Davis, the Arkansans fished 2 different areas to amass their heaviest stringer of the tournament, which weighed 23 lbs 10 oz. The team used 3/4-oz football jigs and Strike King Menace Grub trailers (green pumpkin).

7. DC: Feds okay Bass Pro buy of Cabela’s.

8. CA: Record spot might be a record Alabama bass…

…which to us fishermen IS a spotted bass, but whatever.

9. GA: 610K fingerlings stocked in West Point.

2nd year of a 5-yr plan to have more largies than spots:

> “It used to be 100% largemouth, and it has slowly changed to now we are close to 60-70% spotted bass ratio to largemouth bass, so anything we can do to bring that back (is good).”

10. AR: Bass boat-pontoon boat collision on Hamilton.

Sounds like everyone’s basically okay…hope so:

11. MI: Two bass-heads rescued by Coasties on St. Clair.

Gotta call this part out:

> Both men were wearing life jackets, which rescuers largely attribute to their survival.

12. CA: Lakes back from drought but fishing’s not there yet.

Except at “the lake that can’t be named” with “Alabama bass” I guess?

13. VA stocks 104K bass in Chick River.

14. PA: Susquehanna bass have several threats.

> A study from Dec 2015 identified these as prime causes: [human] drugs that disrupt the [fish] endocrine system and herbicides; and pathogens and parasites.

Bet that’s not the only water body that’s true for….

15. 13 Fishing has new reel-specific polymer (vid).

I think that’s what they’re saying. Interesting if so. One dude says he can cast with it as far as he can longline.

16. More Lew’s exec news.

Chris York is the new COO, and Dave Hinke is the new VP of product development. Believe this is a pic of Lew’s new corporate HQ:

Congrats guys!

17. T-H Marine’s new digital dude.

> …Derek Trovillion has joined the company as the director of digital marketing. Derek will lead strategy and management of the company’s digital presence….

18. WV trying to grow giant bluegills.

When they get the recipe right, Cali will stock them…lol.

19. Reason HS kids ejected from boat in FL was…

…this — if you remember the incident from early this year:

> Bland and his teammate took all the proper safety precautions, but were ejected from their boat while going approximately 55 mph due to a hydraulic steering part failure.

Bottom line: Wear a PFD and hook up your kill switch.

20. MN governor gets protested while fishing.

Walleye-heads surrounded his boat on Mille Lacs because the walleye fishing is outstanding there yet the fishery is closed…because the DNR seems to be chasing its tail.

21. CAN: Johnston bros still dominating.

This time the Berkley B1.

22. BC: Largies illegally intro’d into 2 lakes.

So now fishing is closed at those lakes.

23. Minn Kota Talon now goes to 15′.

Reminds me of my Marshall amp, which goes to 11…which is 1 louder than 10:

24. We lost Max Leatherwood to the Big C.

The B.A.S.S. family — and even the larger bassin’ biz family — is a small one, way smaller than it looks. I didn’t know Max well, but folks say he was good people. Always hard to lose one.

25. DC: B.A.S.S. CEO Akin now on ASA board.

The American Sportfishing Association is basically our only lobbying group.

26. Chris Russell leaves Shimano, goes to Plano.

Every time you see a yellow Skeet rod, you can thank Chris for it (that was pre-Shimano).

27. Realtree vs. Mossy Oak now in fishing.

Realtree fishing wear and Mossy Oak fishing wear coming at ya. Does this mean the hunting market and camo licensing are saturated?

Sounds like those companies may have been founded by these guys in KY:

28. West Marine being bought by NY VC fund.

29. Volvo Penta buying Seven Marine.

Seven Marine makes those sick-looking outboards but only in 557 hp and 627 hp so far. Rumor is some Elitists have tried to fit a 250 cowling over them…lol. Actually that was Trip Weldon for tournaments at home. Okay…not really.

Headline of the Day

Bertarelli begins career in kayak bass fishing

Wait…you can have a career in yak bassin’? It’s tough to have one in regular bassin’! #entryfees

Line of the Day

Woo Daves…came to the scales with 4 pickle-sized bass that weighed 7 lbs 3 oz.

– Line from coverage of the Oneida Lake Open. Ditch pickles!

BB website FIXED!!
The dang BassBlaster website is FINALLY fixed — hope it stays thataway! Git all the back issues and stuff there:

Tip of the Day

How Mark Davis sets up his wimp stick.

I know, I know: You’re surprised and mortified I would stoop so low as to highlight wuss gear. Well, here’s why. #1 I needed a fishing tip (lol). #2 Mark Davis is a great fisherman and teacher, and he thought this was important so…. #3 If you ever do have to resort to wimp-stickery, this will make sure you’re prepared. Just make sure you rig up in your garage so the neighbors don’t see you….

Mark says he uses that exact same rod/reel/line setup for wacky-rigging a Fat Baby Finesse Worm or a small Ocho, dropshotting, shakey head finesse worms, floating worms, finesse jigs and tubes. Keepin’ it simple.

Quote of the Day

We’ll do the catching and we will let the Lord do the cleaning.

– Hahaha how great is that? Buck Buchanan talkin’, Fishers of Men tourney trails eastern North Carolina director, talkin’. Dude is battling the big C and still ministerin’ to bass-heads. Bless you man!

Shot of the Day

Little dude caught it on a Buzz Lightyear rod. Betcha $2 he was fishing next to someone with a lot more expensive stick!

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