More new baits, Letting your topwater sit, The koi bite!

Here you go, part 2 of the pre-ICAST BassBlaster! Back at ya next week and thanks for readin’ bass-heads!

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1. Reminder: Derek Remitz GoFundMe.

Help our bassin’ bro if you can.

2. Casey Ashley’s BPT #8 WI baits.

Casey finished 4th at the deal after gettin’ bonus points for singin’ Freebird on the weigh stage:

> “Caught most of my fish all week on a 3/8-oz Greenfish Swim Jig (b/b or gp orange) with a Zoom Z Craw Jr (black sapphire and gp). After the morning swim-jig bite, I did my damage flipping grass with a Zoom Z Hog (black sapphire, 3/0 flipping hook, 1/2-oz tungsten weight).

> “Championship round I caught smallmouth shallow early in the day on a dropshot with a Zoom Z Drop (gp). Then later in the last period I caught largemouth on the same swim-jig (gp orange).

> “For the swim-jig I used a 7′ 2” MH Quantum Special Issue Rod with a 7.3:1 Quantum Smoke S3 Reel and 17-lb Hi-Seas fluoro.
> “For the dropshot I used a 6′ 10” MH Quantum Special Issue Spinning Rod with a Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Reel and 10-lb Hi-Seas braid to a 8-lb Hi-Seas fluoro leader.

> “My flipping setup was a 7′ 6″ H Quantum Special Issue Rod with a Smoke Reel (7.3) and 20-lb Hi-Seas fluoro.”

3. Why Cliff Pace fished a craw-color crank.

> “…summer months you’re usually fishing more of a shad color. But I caught a few fish on Winnebago that had real bright-red craw pincers coming out of their mouths. I tied on a red bait, and found that they bit that color far better than shad. It’s odd for June, but it sure worked.”

That was his 2″ CBS 1.

4. Sounds like Ott DeFoe will be okayed to fish in a couple weeks.

Cool but don’t rush it bro!

5. Bernie Schultz on Glenn Browne.

Very cool memories of Glenn from Bernie. After readin’ it, wish I knew Glenn better.

6. BPTer Jeff “the animal” Sprague on BassEdge Ray-dee-o.

Jeff will talk about crocheting and needlepoint with Bassin’ Edge hosts Aaron Martin and Kurt Dove, then Charlie Hartley will be on the show talkin’ ’bout wood whittlin’ New England style.

Okay not, but Jeff and Charl-E will be on the show!

7. BPTer Mark Davis says the MLF format is harder.

8. Kelley Jaye likes old-school Smithwick Rogues cuz…

…of this:

> First, at 5.5″ it’s bigger than most of the others. I like it any time fish are eating big gizzard shad or other large baitfish. Second, it has a loud rattle to it. Third, at this time of year you really want to be jerking it hard, especially over vegetation, and unlike some of the other [jerkbaits] those hard pulls don’t affect the action. It continues to run true and doesn’t spin out.

> …most importantly, it doesn’t have the weight-transfer system that is the hallmark of many modern jerkbaits. The lack of such a system hurts your casting distance, but when a big fish comes up with it they’re less likely to get away. I bet I land at least 80% of the fish that bite the old Rogue, and for a jerkbait that’s incredible.

Says he hunts ’em on eBay, sent me a pic of one but didn’t want me to post it so:



9. BPTer Zack Birge’s fave beat the heat bait.

It’s a 2.75″ Yo-Zuri 3DR Shallow Crank:

> No matter where I go I know there is a certain population of fish that always live shallow. My strength is fishing shallow cover and there’s not a lure I could replace this with for generating a bite. Fishing MLF, we know the name of the game is “bite generation.”

Check real bluegill, the color I’d probly use right now:

10. Is this really Steve Kennedy??

Or is it VidShop?

If it’s real, good job dude!

11. Is Johnny Crews Karl?

Or Karl’s brother? Got to wonderin’, you tell me:

12. Elitist Micah Frazier got his Jr Birdman license.

Congrats man! I know it’s been a lotta late nights to get it:


13. Learn ya about Jamey Caldwell — U of Bada**ery podcast.

Jamey’s an Opens-level angler and former FLWer who I’ve heard is a for-real bada** (I’ve never asked hima bout it). The real deal, makes Rambo look like a wuss, that kinda thing. Meet him and maybe unless you’ve been in the 1% of the 1% of the 1% you’d never know. Click the link and listen to a little of what it’s like being one of those dudes.

Warning: Many cuss words (not from Jamey). Also looooooong. Jamie starts talkin’ bassin’ ’bout halfway through, but gotta say that’s not even close to the most innerestin’ stuff. #torabora Check Jamey’s former life at @1minuteout on the Insta.

14. ’20 FLW Tour schedule won’t be revealed at ICAST.

Usually done there but:

> …no 2020 FLW Tour Schedule announcement this week at ICAST. It’s not quite ready to be unveiled at this time and we will be announcing it this year at the 2019 FLW Cup at Lake Hamilton.

15. CAN: B1 trail owns up to another scoring error.

2x in a year, glad they’re admitting it but dang get that straightened out fellers! This time the dudes who ended up coming out on top are Elitists Chris and Cory Johnston.

16. GA: Lanier’s spots like big topwaters?

I don’t fish for ’em so this sounds a little upside down to me but:

> Cast a Saltwater Chug Bug or a larger Pop-R to the attention of bass that are positioned in the deeper brush [like 20-25′].

Also innerestin’ neither are walkers….

17. Bass-head Country artist Thomas Mac’s “One More Cast.”

Ain’t been nothin’ caught since 12 o’clock and that won’t change if I don’t WET THIS LINE.

Heck yeah mang! Click to listen at it on YouTube.

18. Reminder: Jewel Gem stuff now on Tackle Warehouse.

New but not ICAST new — specifically designed for Keitech Fat 3.8s:

Swimbait head = $7.59 for 3

Spinnerbait = $10.59

Underspin = $4.99

19. Kistler’s havin’ a pre-ICAST summer sale.

20. YOLOtek vid: How to loop with a GoPro.

Save the last 5 mins instead of the last 5 hours. Cool. Anyone know if a Garmin Virb will do that?

21. Still no leaked shots of the new Skeeter FXR.

But looks like Chris Zaldain has one already:

22. Vid on the new Ranger Z519.23. IN: Yammy expanding prop-making facility.

> …increase annual propeller production from 60,000 to over 100,000. YPPI also plans to increase its workforce to 200 employees….”

Also check this Yamaha-supported debris-removal system — in saltwater but looks like it would work for lakes too:

Might scare some kids tho….

24. US vs Europe Angling Supercup coming?

If it ain’t all bass, not sure anyone here will care?

25. Don’t forget to try to win the Sea Foam truck!

Seriously enhanced Chevy Silverado — pretty sure it’ll tow a boat @ 105 hp over stock. Lifted too:

Enter to win it here.


1. Tell someone — If you’re a hunter (or hiker I guess) you know that when you leave, you’ve got a plan and you need to let someone at home know what that plan is, just in case something happens. Same deal when you’re a-feeshn alone. Tell someone where you’ll be and what time you’ll be back. Not a big deal, but might be a big help.

Tip of the Day

You let your topwater sit??

Do you? Man I’ve been trying’ that since I was a kid and it NEVER worked for me…or maybe I’m too impatient to really let it sit? Or I move it too much after it’s been a-sittin’? Anyhow, here’s BPTer Jared Lintner:

> “I think of a topwater almost like a jerkbait: you can work it fast or slow, you can throw in some hard twitches, you can add some slow pauses — it’s your job to figure out the cadence and the cast, but I’d advise that you don’t just retrieve it like it’s ‘supposed’ to be retrieved.

> “One mistake a lot of people make when they have fish located is they’ll bomb a cast and immediately start working it as soon as it hits the water. Just let it sit there. Let it hit the water and let the rings disappear. It’s amazing how many fish you’ll catch on that first twitch after you’ve let a Spook sit for a few seconds.”

Post says he also likes a a Jackall Bonnie walking bait and Evergreen Shower Blow for searchin’, and a Jackall Pompadour around targets (always wondered where to throw one of those-type baits).

Guess even if I still can’t do it I found a name for my next Lab:

Quote of the Day

“When you’re blazing down the lake 60 mph in a boat, you’re not exactly stopping to smell the roses.”

– Uh yeah! Why on earth would you rip down the lake just to stop and smell anythin’? That’s a yak angler talkin’ btw. Randy Howell did attempt to smell somethin’ when he was runnin’ down the lake once but almost ripped a nostril in half so that stopped the whole deal:

Shot of the Day

When the bass are focused on koi, you NEED this man! Okay unlikely but wow what a paint job by @tacklekraft:

Believe that’s a Megabass Grenade….


If you can put somethin’ on in the background while you’re a-workin’ — like I do sometimes — this is one of the craziest military strange critter stories ever. Whoa.

Side note: Apparently some scientists — including one Harvard dude, John Mack — who researched a lot of UFO abductees reached the conclusion that it was NOT aliens but instead…demonic. And the scientists weren’t even God-fearin’. How ’bout them apples…?

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