Jackpotting pros, First Elite wedding, 12 lb kayak bass

Back from huntin’! And it…stunk. I mean, it was good to get out there, but it was a heat wave and the birds we were chasin’ wouldn’t stay put. Got a lot o’ ticks though! Back to bassin’….

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Today’s Top 4

When these guys show up to your derby…




…not a good omen for your day. Things like this happen:

Lol. Charity derby, on Norman, NC. If Andy Montgomery shows up to a Norman derby, toss your money in his boat and hitch ‘er up!

First Elite-Elite weddin’?




Chris Zaldain married the Opens gal with the country-music name Trait Crist (Crist-Zaldain?) last week, and if Trait reaches her goal of becoming an Elitist that would I believe be the first husband-wife “team” fishin’ that level.

Here’s the pic Trait posted from the weddin’:

Here’s the pic Chris posted — hahaha!:

Here’s what Mercer posted — recognize anyone in those sublimated tuxes?




Well-known writer George Kramer has an annual list, and this year the always funky-fresh Matt Allen from Tactical Bassin‘ heads it:

> Allen, who paraded an almost unimaginable number of trophy largemouth and spotted bass from the likes of Clear Lake, Berryessa, the Delta and even the under-rated Bullard’s Bar, is the man in the spotlight. He’s clearly #1.

What does that mean? Well…something, considering that Brent Ehrler, Chris “I’m married, man!” Zaldain and Skeeter Reese are 2nd-4th. Cool list, check it here.




That’s a kayak-caught bass from Lake Fork, TX, catched by Robert Morton with an unknown lure but deep enough that the bass had to be fizzed (props to Robert for bringing it in to get that done). 12.36 lbs, 27″ long, 22 1/2″ girth.

Here’s another shot, maybe showin’ the secret spot:

My fave sarcastic line from the thread:

> Amazed it wasn’t caught in a 21′ boat with 250hp, twin PP and three 12″ electronics.

Dude! If a guy caught that fish outta that boat, it woulda been way bigger. That’s the point!



1. TX: RIP Bryan Davis.

Well-known TD, apparently died in a boating accident. RIP bassin’ brother. Help the family here.

2. Last chance: Win Howell’s boat!

Check this rig:

Get a shot at winning it with a $100 tax-deductible donation to the King’s Home charity. Drawerin’ is THIS SATURDAY so git yer tix ASAP!

3. K-Pink’s Power-Poles up for auction.

To help the Tackle the Storm Foundation. Cool.

That’s “the fisherman formerly known as K-Pink” btw….

4. 2nd Chapman ‘Pro vs Joe’ is up.

Cool series were Brent dukes it out with an avg dude. This time on Onondaga Lake in NY…which is lacrosse country….

> A new episode will launch each Monday for the next 11 weeks completing Season One’s thirteen episode slate. Future Season One episodes take place in Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Kansas. Season Two challenges are being accepted now on

If this was around when I was younger, I would’ve blown up that web page. Come fish my refrigerator-filled ditch in NJ!

5. Omori gets concealed carry permit.

Since Tak is a guy who hates having anyone know his fishing spots, if I were an Elite competitor or an on-air guy like Z, Sanders or Mercer, I might be worried:

6. My fave pic from Swindle’s man cave.

Obviously the G-man spends way too much time in the library…. My fave line:

> For Swindle the most important connection between he and nature are Dude Wipes, the flushable, biodegradable necessity for woods and water.

I remember when I asked Swindle what Dude Wipes were. He told me, but I didn’t believe him for months. Thought the dude was putting me on. I still kinda feel thataway….

7. MN: Elite AOY derby at Mille Lacs.

Famous walleye fishery on the ropes, now I guess focusing on the real $$$.

8. Latest “Bass Pro might buy Cabela’s” update.

9. Collegiate Bass Fishing Series update.


10. New Garmin Chirp transducer.

11. Jackall’s new Crosstail Shad colors.

Referenced with Mercer’s 30-lb smallie bag shot, here they is:

Get ’em here on

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Tip of the Day


Matty Herren: Thin vibes fast for fall.

> “Burning”…keeping the lures just 2 to 3 inches below the surface…”is purely about getting reaction strikes.”

> “There is a lot of feeding competition among the bass, and they go after a fast-moving spinnerbait without hesitation, just trying to get it before another bass does. It works in stained to clear water, and typically throughout the day, too.”

> A thinner wire increases the lure’s overall vibration and also makes it easier to retrieve. Herren’s color choices are simple…as long as it matches a shad, such as white or white/chartreuse.

> “When I fish spinnerbaits this time of year, I usually have three different models tied on depending on how the fish act, and on the size of the baitfish. One will be a compact spinnerbait between 3/8- and 1/2-oz which looks small in case the bass are feeding on smaller threadfin shad. I’ll also have two other spinnerbaits weighing 1/2-oz and 3/4-oz, but with different blade colors, such as gold or even copper.”

> “White or nickel blades will usually produce on most lakes, but just in case the bass are finicky, I can offer them something different.”

> Using a fast 7:1 reel and 15-lb fluorocarbon line, Herren concentrates in larger tributaries and upper-lake arms where baitfish migrations are often the strongest — targeting steep bluffs, rocky banks, submerged vegetation, standing timber, and even channel breaks. Depth is not that critical, because he’s caught bass suspended in water as deep as 50 feet.

> “I really think one key to burning a spinnerbait over deeper water is slowing my fast retrieve just for a second to make the blades change their speed. This can be as simple as stopping my retrieve, shaking my rod tip, or slowing down so the spinnerbait sinks a few inches. It’s just for a split second to change the blade cadence. Then I start reeling fast again.”

Quote of the Day


I finally arrived to my starting spot. I was absolutely jacked. I was fishing for a possible Elite Series berth.

– 2016 Elite rookie John Hunter. Love the column he wrote, love the faith, let’s see if he can hang.


Shot of the Day

Brown fish in green water — awesome:




You fish these baits yet?



The best, yo!



Gitcha informed…



Get a K2 cooler cuz!



Be learnin’ about these products



New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…


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