Insane bug bait, MLFLW thoughts, Fall baits – rez vs natural lake

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Lookit this crazy bug bait!

Crazy leg action! I kinda wanted to eat it — or at least grab it — and I’m not even a bass:

Possibly the Daiwa “Bus (Bass) Worm” coming next spring?

Few thoughts on MLFLW.

Well…right now don’t think it’s worth commenting on the changes MLF is planning to make to FLW. Like ’em or not, they’re coming so let’s see what happens. I can say that I haven’t heard or seen anything I’d call crazy. So just a few thoughts from one bassin’ knucklehead, for whatever they’re worth:

1. The BPT was the best thing to happen to bass fishing in a while. Don’t think anyone can make a case otherwise. It shook things up, moved a couple things forward, forced B.A.S.S. to change some things for the better, and gave guys on B.A.S.S. and the BPT a huge case of the smiles as well as more opportunities and more famousness. Also don’t forget MAJOR steps with entry fees, which no one on the BPT remembers anymore.

Maybe you don’t like the format. Np, some guys fishing it don’t love it either! Maybe you don’t like how the whole deal went down, but hey — happens with big changes. Personal note: When I started BassFan, just about everyone in the biz HATED it. Some literally tried to stomp it out of existence. Now lotsa folks couldn’t imagine bassin’ without it so….

2. FLW needed help. MLF wanted an infrastructure. Money changes hands and -presto- problems solved. Or put it this way: MLF had the cherries and FLW had the pie crust. And an oven. Or something.

3. Ever since FLW showed up, bassin’ has been a 2-horse race — and it didn’t matter who was in the lead because most of the time they basically were on separate race courses. Same deal here. MLF and B.A.S.S. are way different, and not just the format. So my 2c is that taking sides is pointless. There are no sides. (Can a race have sides?) It’s all bassin’.

4. Swallowing an elephant that you’re simultaneously making changes to will be ultra-challenging for the MLFers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If it doesn’t go smoothly everywhere all the time, I’d call that expected.

5. As always, I wish the best for everyone: all the anglers and their fams, media dudes/gals, behind the scenes folks, bassin’ industry folks and us regular bass-heads. We’re all one family, even the folks you wish you weren’t related to — you know who I mean…heehee!

‘Bout the whole deal, yellow Bob was like:

Dude’s always in such a great mood man….

Great advice from Shaw Grigsby.

From the MLF website. Shaw was a-writin’ to his younger angler self, but this advice can and should apply to every person everywhere regardless of age or profession. Wish I’d gotten it too. Excerpts below but worth a full read:

> You’re like a shooting star — you need to take advantage of every moment! If you’re arrogant and you think you’ll do it all over again next year, all of a sudden, next year never comes.

> …fish fearlessly. It’s really tough to fish that way.

> …remember where you’re from and remember to be humble.

Just speaking for myself, I probly would’ve put this sign at the end of my younger-self driveway…

…then woulda ignored it every dang day!

Serious for a sec: The humble part is great. Seems like humility — not being self-centered — is one of the hardest things for folks to really get, myself included. But it’s amazing.

Sounds like that Sharrow prop is the real deal?

Few tiddybits from but to see the whol deal looks like you need to register or something so I was like, No thanks:

> Inventor Greg Sharrow spent over 7 years and millions of dollars developing and testing his design, getting all of the parameters just right on this complex loop prop, which actually has what amounts to 6 blades on a “3-blade” prop.

> In our testing of the Sharrow MX-1 prop, we found it to be 16% to 17% faster at idle and 1000 RPM, and 17% faster on plane.

> At every speed it was more fuel-efficient than…conventional props. The new Sharrow design is also quieter and has significantly less vibration.

Love to know how Greg got the idea in the first place…and how much they’ll cost.


1. NY: We lost Dick Garlock.

^ Link is to a post I wrote on Dick years back — actually forgot I wrote it, but didn’t forget about Dick, a huge bass-head who tourney-fished into his 80s. Bless you bassin’ brother.

2. Russ Lane’s in a dang TV ad!

I’m switchin’ ‘tween football games and I hear Russ Lane’s voice coming from my TV. First thought was, Dang bassin’ ‘lucination again. But then I SEE him on the screen so I’m like, WTHeck?

Turns out he did a spot for the company “hims,” which sells man meds for man uh…stuff. Was texting with him and was like, “Cool bro — hope all’s good?” He swore up n down he doesn’t have a friend named “Ed,” if you know what I mean…hahaha glad to hear it man! Anyhow, big congrats to him, cool to see.

3. Keith Combs’ Rayburn tourney is Sat, Oct 26.

Open team tournament with an over 100% payout. Dinner and live auction the night before:

> The main objective of the tournament and auction is to bring awareness and to raise funds for Warrior’s Weekend…a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of veterans…with an emphasis on those wounded in the Global War on terrorism.

#stout — all info is at Keith’s website.

4. Brandon Palaniuk now selling BMP Fishing apparel.

I’m sure he’ll kill it there too….

Startin’ to feel like: Can’t wait to see what Feider’ll come out with next. #BassinFashion

7. Jeff Kriet said he was behind the fish all year.Kept tellin’ him to get in front of ’em, but he was like, “They don’t like the pressure.” I said, “You mean fishing pressure?” And he was like, “No man, sinus pressure! The bass feel it. Kevin told me.” Think he meant VanDam…which, you know, explains the whole deal….


8. Dean Rojas’ son Austin is fishing the WON Bass Open.

Dean told him to catch ’em on frogs or don’t even bother coming home for dinner…lol. Good luck to ’em both!

9. Few highlights from the BassFan post on the MLF-FLW deal.

> FLW president Kathy Fennel: “When we got off the call, it was obvious that everything that they wanted was everything that we had.” [No doubt.]

> …FLW had been acquired by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE) and MLF, which is partially owned by Outdoor Channel (a Kroenke property) and a group of anglers/investors. [So sounds like MLF is/will be PART owner of FLW.]

> Trish Blake, daughter of Irwin Jacobs: “”What my father appreciated about MLF was the entrepreneurial spirit and the risk-taking. My dad liked to shake things up. He liked to get people to pay attention and grow things. MLF is very unique in that manner. My father recognized their innovation and how different it was.” [100% can see that myself.]

> She said the framework of the deal was in place by the time Jacobs passed away….

Interview made me realize what a big deal this is, meaning FLW was/is the only other major bassin’ organization basically ever. So FLW changing hands is big.

10. Trip Weldon wrote another column.

Says his back hurts from liftin’ huge bags of fish all year. Makes me think Mercer could help out a little (Dave?). Also mentions that the cost of marshalin’ will be under $100 for 2 days next year….

11. What Billy Dance looks like without a hat.

Strange but not bad! Congrats to him for gettin’ in the Memphis Sports Hall of Fame.

12. Johnny Morris is worth $3.9 bil?

What on earth is he doing hanging out with us rednecks then??

13. Learn a little more about Dave Precht.

The man!

14. AR: 6.2-lber won AR Big Bass Bonanza on Dardanelle.

Local stick Mike Rhinehart won it on a jig. Here’s the story — had to duck outta a crowded sitch:

> “I won the DAV Big Bass tournament, and I won checks in another big bass tournament. They all came from the same spot. Word gets out. People were following me everywhere. I was covered up with boats, and it killed it.”

> Rhinehart slipped away unnoticed to a pocket that had no cover and no features except for a single stump that he marked on his GPS a week ago. …no current, and the water was the color of chocolate milk.

> “I went straight to that stump…bounced the jig off the left side, and she crushed it.”

15. New Vexus vid on the VX rear deck.

Too cool — click it to watch:

I was there when they were filming this deal, and after seein’ this…

…I said, “Maybe the bass are livelier with those wells cuz with all those lights they think they’re at a dance club.” Thought it was funny but Randy Hopper was like, “Get the HECK outta my office!” He also mighta said, “Who let that fool in here,” but I was too far down the hall to hear for sure:

HAHAHA! Could happen!

16. More info on the Nichols Trailblazer.

For some reason this bait fascinates me — gotta see it in the water but til then I asked Brooks Woodward at Nichols about it. He said:

> The Trailblazer is a 4-1/4″ long bait designed primarily as a jig trailer for Nichols’ line of jigs, although of course it can be TX-rigged, flipped, etc. It features a dense ribbed body along with 2 large appendages. I wanted to body to be fairly durable and thick so that it would stay up on the shank of a jig’s hook, especially when paired with our patented Toothpick Keeper Collar (there is a hole in the lead bait keeper, you shove a toothpick through the bait, through the hole, and snip off the extra).

> “I also wanted a wide body to give the skirt a bit more flare. The bait is pretty long out of the package to allow an angler to trim to their liking. I usually chop off 3-5 ribs and thread it right on.

> “The 2 big ribbed claws give the bait a natural wavy action, and a really big profile while laying on the bottom of the lake. It was NOT designed to be a high kicking huge-action trailer, but more of a chunk-style action.

Bunch of laminate colors. That’s ^ “sungill” — gp purple top/sungill bottom which is amber-ish with green/gold flake.

They’re on the Nichols site now and apparently are hitchhikin’ their way to Tackle Warehouse….

17. Check these Googan topwaters.

Really dig the color [big eyes emoji]:

18. MI: Adrian College’s Hunter Schneider on…

…the Rapala #WeAreCollegiateBass podcast.

19. CA: HS team gets $40K in fishin’ stuff…

…confiscated from a fisherman “who illegally caught and was in possession of more than 700 crappie.” Sounds like some livewell…lol.

20. NH created an outdoor rec office.

Seems to be a trend. Wonder where the extra $$$ will come from. Better not be from license sales….

21. ME: U of Maine 3D-printed a 25′ boat.

Weighed 5,000 lbs! Check this crazy time-lapse vid of how it went down.

Line of the Day

– Sure can or you could just fish for bass in the first place and not waste your time fightin’ bricks that stick you with fins…hahaha!

Tip of the Day

Greg Hackney: Fall rez vs natural lake differences.

Few innerestin’ excerpts from an MLF post:

> “The shortening of days seems to affect the fish in natural lakes much quicker than it does in reservoirs. In reservoirs, it seems like water temperature is a bigger indicator of when the fish will be moving to the back of creeks. In natural lakes, it’s not so much about temperature but about how much sun there is during the day.

> “Reservoir fall fishing is all about the bait fish. As for natural lakes, it’s more about bluegill, crawfish, and other forms of bait, not just shad.

> “You can walk the dog all day long on a reservoir in the fall and get bites. I’ve found that poppers, buzzbaits and frogs are better on natural lakes. While a chrome-colored topwater is perfect for reservoirs all across the country, baits that make more racket and noise are better on natural lakes.”
Unrelated: Greg texted me this pic yesterday, wanted to know if I thought it was real or what. I said it was either real or Photoshop from 1972:
Do I see an ankle with a black sock on it??

Quote of the Day

“It’s hard to win any fishing tournament, whether it be on a Tues night on Laurel Lake or the Bassmaster Classic….”

– 100% true statement by rookie Elitist Mike Huff in a post talkin’ ’bout makin’ the Bassmaster Classic. Think about that and you realize how friggin’ amazing it is that guys win multiple PRO tourneys.

Mike loves him some vids:

> “You can watch a lot of videos on YouTube and stuff on what baits work that specific time of the year, what areas of the lake are most productive where you can catch a limit of bass, or areas where the tournament was won at. That’s a major help, I’ll spend weeks watching videos and stuff.”

Can you watch something that’s not a video? Anyhow, when he gets online his dog’s like:

Shot of the Day

Alton Jones Sr caught this yellow largemouth somewhere in south TX. No idea how that fish color happens or whether it tastes like banana or lemon, but I do believe that’s an old school but stilla killah Bomber Fat Free Shad in “citrus shad”?


Feds are killing owls in the Pacific Northwest.

No joke! Trying to “save” spotted owls by killing barred owls. Really don’t get it…unless this means they’ll start shooting Asian carp, which would be great. Depth charges might be good too.

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