ICAST was fun as usual, great to see everyone in person again, maybe because it was in FL saw relatively few masks – meaning you get to see everyone smilin’.
The show and attendance this year was way smaller than normal. No surprise, tho most of the major bassin’ players were there. Somehow it was still impossible to see everyone and everything so sorry to the folks I missed.
In the next 2 BB issues I’ll shout-out some of the stuff I liked. But remember most of this stuff hasn’t been fished yet, let alone hard or over time, by regular fishermen including me. BUT all of it is tested big-time, usually by the pros who helped design it, so it’s not like they’re just ideas.
Gonna organize these 2 issues kinda like ICAST’s categories but not exactly. Meaning at ICAST, a jig was in the “hard baits” category – makes zero sense to me and I’m bettin’ to you.
Gotta add: Not as much new stuff this year because folks are having trouble fulfilling the orders they have, let alone crankin’ up new production – and some of the “new” stuff was announced last year or at the Classic…and a few deals I won’t count as new because it feels like it’s been out a while. But for sure still a lot new!
4 more things:
1. I might unintentionally leave some stuff out. Apologies if I do.
2. My personal feeling is this: If a pro designs it, or helps design it, I want to know about it and I’m sure it’s for real. I trust those guys…except Bobbly Lane running like 80 mph over what looked like sold dang ground on Toho with me white knucklin’ it lol! Dude’s got the fastest rig I think I’ve ever been in…or he drives it thataway = WIDE open mang!
3. Bassin’ biz peeps – If you don’t tell me you have something new, I might not know about it!
4. Part 2 (of 2) is comin’ Thursday. Will round this all out next week with my usual random stuff from around ICAST. Hope you dig it!