Gotcha derp roundup! Don’t kill a bait? Pro boat maintenance tips

Cooled down a bunch here in NJ this week. Feels good on the one hand, bummed that summer is winding down a little on the other hand. But on the third hand it’s gettin’ to huntin’/fall bassin’ season! Hope you have a good weekend and everyone in your fam is good!

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Today’s Top 5

Gitcha a little derp roundup!

Sooooo many keep pourin’ in but here’s some:

Startin’ at the top, then top-bottom L to R:

1. Brady H got this grinnin’ spotted derp outta the Coosa River, AL with a Strike King 6XD (TN shad).

2. Josh N was on Lake Waconia, MN and got this nice chunk derp on an All Terrain Mighty Jighead with a 5″ Trick Stick on the back.

3. David C was at Lake Barrett, CA and fooled this healthy derp on a 1/8-oz Owner Flashy Swimmer with a 3.3 Keitech Fat (shad).

4. Beautiful smile from that derp! I mean from B-Rad-Lee Hallman’s daughter o’ course lol congrats!

5. Dang it I can’t remember who sent this’n in (sorry) but it’s crazy!

6. Adam M got a scrunchy at Boggs Lake, IN! KVD Sexy Frog (gp pearl belly).

7. Charles G was up in ME and got this nice’n on a SPRO Bronzeye 65 (“the killer”).

Gotta give the #winner to Elitist John Cox’s rhino/parrot derp while practicin’ for the derby goin’ on there right now:

Dave Mercer says don’t kill that bait.

If you see fish coming and typically kill the bait as they approach, maybe don’t:

> “Keep that bait moving. That bait got that fish’s attention [doing what it’s doing]….”

He says it in this Insta vid. I was like, “Dave is this for real?” He’s all:

HAHAHA! Seriously: What do you think? Back in the day it was “don’t speed it up when you see the fishing coming” cuz you’re excited. Then it was “kill it” to hopefully get the bass to reaction-strike using the change direction/speed thing. Dang it now I gotta try the Dave deal….

Btw did you know Dave’s in the Canadian Fishin’ Hall of Fame? For real — Canadia is its own country, where people enjoy snow 10 months a year! That’s probly why Dave’s here so much….

What colors do bass see again?

Might’ve learned all or parts of this before, but it might inspire you to try a new color that isn’t gp or b/b. From B.A.S.S. head fish nerd Gene Gilliland (lol Gene!):

> [Loren] Hill found that bass seemed to have greater sensitivity to reds and yellows. This supports Brown’s description of bass color vision as being similar to what a human sees if they were looking through yellow-tinted glasses.

> Hill was able to determine that in clear water with 25-45% light transmittance that blue, purple, yellow and silver were most visible. In stained water gold, brown and orange were more visible to test fish.

> …blues to violet (short wavelength) light is absorbed last — i.e. penetrates deepest, so these retain their color at greater depth. Fluorescent colors also maintain their visibility deeper. [Fluorescent colors are used for other species of fish but not bass?]

> Research done by Pure Fishing showed that in clear water a counter-shaded lure (dark back with a light belly) was much more likely to entice a strike than were solid-colored baits.

> Some predators also detect polarized light. …light bouncing off an object, a prey fish for example, has a more uniform pattern. This pattern is readily distinguishable from the background “noise.”

> Research suggests that predatory fish see polarized images 2 to 3 times further than with ordinary vision. Do the holographic finishes and realistic textured scale patterns on some baits reflect a polarized light that is detectable by bass? I don’t know, but that may explain why these baits seem to be more effective at times than baits with smooth finishes.

This deal cracked me up:

“…when they didn’t bite, you couldn’t pay your mortgage, or you couldn’t pay the light bill.”

– BPTer Jared Lintner talkin’ ’bout when he was a mosquito sprayer. Okay really talkin’ his early days as a pro, or maybe tryin’ to be a pro cuz he was a milkman at the time:

> “I would go to a tournament, fish that tournament, jump on a plane, come home, jump in the milk truck, and work until the next tournament.

> “I’d much rather get up early and go fishing than jump in a milk truck when it’s cold and nasty.”

Since I’ve never been in a milk truck and never seen one except on TV, can’t say which I’d like better but for sure bass boats smell better than cows if that has anything to do with it…. Anyhow:

> “Fishing is relaxing, but when you’re counting on it to pay your bills, it can get stressful. [But] I would much rather do this than anything else.”

Now he’s all, “Hey Tackle Warehouse, I’m comin’ down there with a U-Haul, you guys can go home I’ll lock up:”

How to raise a bass fisherman.

Lol how funny is that! I’ve felt thataway many a time, gotta say, when they don’t bite so good….

@karlsbaitandtackle posts lots o’ funnies.


1. Big Aaron Martens benefit tourney!

Can’t link it but it’s at:

You probly know that Aaron had emergency surgery for brain cancer not too long ago, and thank the Lord has been doin’ great since then. This vis to help him and his family pay their substantial medical bills:

> …uses the catch/photo/release format and takes place Sept 12-20. Fish any body of water, public or private, and any location! You don’t even need a boat to participate.

> The $50 tournament entry fee goes directly to the Martens family. There is almost $40,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, paying down to 177th place.

> …also an online benefit auction that runs Sept 12-20 with all proceeds going to the Martens family. Some of the biggest names in the bass fishing industry have donated a day on the water…including KVD, Jacob Wheeler, Jordan Lee, Mark Zona, Gerald Swindle, Ott DeFoe, Hank Cherry, Bryan Thrift, Denny Brauer and many others.

Go to to register. Here’s Zona talkin’ bout it (vid).

Btw goes without saying but Aaron ain’t behind this — his buds are. He didn’t even know about it.

2. Meet the Pros virtually.

Wed night Sept 2, 7-8:30pm EST:

> Get secrets and tips, hear stories from the water and from the tour, and participate in Q&A sessions with some of the best anglers in the business.

> To register, fill out the form to secure your spot as we will have limited availability…it’s FREE to register.

> Everyone that attends will be eligible for amazing prizes [and] will receive discounts and giveaways from companies…after completion of the event.

3. Dean Rojas frogs like he flips.

Dean’s been fishing frogs longer and more than probly only a handful of guys who ever lived. That alone means he knows a thing or 3 that we prolly don’t. Here’s a couple good’ns from the MLFers site:

> “Some guys like to throw frogs over huge mats of grass. But I know what I like. I’m more of a target fisherman. I’m looking for ambush points no matter the habitat….

> “Floating grass gets balled up, creating a canopy, and that is usually where bass are sitting. The frog is perfect for that. And if you can find an area where grass is pushed to duck weed and the fish have access to deep water, it’s perfect….

> “Smallmouth can set up in eddies and points brushed by current from the main river. And they really like that popping frog. I’ve caught more smallmouth on the Spit Shad than all the other types of frogs combined.”

4. How Edwin Evers uses Google Earth (YT vid).

5. How Jason Christie uses and adjusts LiveScope (vid).

6. Cliff Crochet likes blue ‘Traps.

Check ’em:

I asked MDJ what he thought about it and he was like:

HAHAHA! Kidding. Some Rat-L-Trap colors are at TW, all are on the ‘Trap website.

7. Russ Lane gives up some deets on the new Papa Glider.

New 5″ SPRO walking topwater, not out yet, which he used at the recent Erie/Detroit River FLW:

> I designed it to be worked slow which allows it to have a loooong glide with each twitch of the rod. It has a slight cup at the head that spits water outward too.

> The swag belly has steel bearings that take a moment to settle when stopped causing the bait to keep moving while sitting in place. It’s a big-fish bait!

His gear for feeshn it:
> 7′ 1″ MH Phenix Recon Elite Rod
> Shimano Curado Reel (7:1) with Hawg Tech Ceramic bearings “so it can be cast a mile!”
> 30-lb Sunline SX1 braid

8. Chad Morgenthaler got seasick on the Great Lakes.

Guess it could apply to any big water, and sounds like Hank Cherry is dealing with it too:

> “When you’re rolling in 6-footers and trying to look down at your graph to stay on your spot, that’s what gets you.”

9. 6 different ways Skeet Reese uses The Deal (vid).

Berkley PowerBait The Deal.

10. Takahiro Omori in the newest issue of BAM.

Always good to see Tak talkin’:

11. Chad Pipkens played hockey?

Wonderin’ what up with no mullet then?? From a db profile of him.

12. Here’s the FLW champeenship roster.

Looks like no BPTers.

13. CA: Depta ‘Yota anglers only get 6 hours to fish!

Due to “CA’s 6-hour limit for summertime bass tournaments.” I think that’s to try to minimize fish dying over long days, but in CA you never know man….

14. AR wants to reduce Greers Ferry minimum size.

For largemouths, from 15″ to 12″.

15. Check the new Rapala DT color “green gizzard shad.”

Yep “big shad” and “citrus shad” are gettin’ the talk but:

Pretty dang nice! Rundown of the new colors here, already on TW.

16. 3 new Googan baits.

Flat Banger Squarebill (below = “shotgun shad”) — …wide wobbling action that is more aggressive than most flat-sided crankbaits but still more subtle than a standard squarebill.

Poppin’ Flithy Frog

Grass Hero Swim Jig

17. How VMC hooks are made (YT vid).

Pretty cool how wire becomes hooks.

18. A bunch of Alpha Angler rods are back in stock.

Not sure why they keep selling out but pretty sure it’s cuz they rock!

19. BFL happenin’s.

WI: Cheese-froggin’ won on the upper Miss.

5 for 15-07. Btw believe “Prairie du Chien” means “prairie chicken”?

> “I threw a black and yellow SPRO Bronzeye Frog all day — I never picked up another rod. I made a long run to the top of Pool 9.

> “I was fishing a cheese mat — literally the most disgusting, yellow cheese mat that you’d ever seen. The wind kind of made the bite sporadic, but I just stayed confident with the frog and didn’t put it down.”

Cheese in WI — who woulda thunk.

MD: Dude dragged a Senko to win on the Potomac.

Don’t hear about that as much — MD’s Robert Wedding:

> …from Mattawoman to the Belmont area.” …fished shallow, staying right on the grass edges. “I was dragging a Senko (gp) with a 1/8-ounce Titan Tungsten pegged weight.”

20. FL: Ever hear of Fishing with America’s Finest?

Pretty cool deal, website’s here:

> …takes combat veterans bass fishing in the FL Everglades to help reduce the stress and anxiety from PTSD.

Thank you vets…and this has me thinking about thanking a vet by taking him fishing. Fishing is love man!

21. IN U men’s soccer team goin’ bassin’.

With the season canceled (bummed for them) — can’t link it, at

> Now with additional free time in the fall that would normally be filled with practice and training, Schmidt and a few teammates have taken time to play for Bass FC — the name of their bass fishing group. “Those are the more country boys. Then we got the country club boys who go golfing.”

HAHAHA git ’em country boys!

22. Registration open for the Berkley/Abu student angler program.

23. MI: Most bald eagle deaths from cars, not bullets/sinkers.

BUT this post and others focus on the bullets, even though the study itself said that the number of vehicle kills (532) was 300% higher than lead poisoning (176). Also bear in mind that those numbers are over 32 YEARS, which equals 5.5 eagles per year died from lead. Doesn’t sound like much of a reason to get rid of sinkers or bullets….

You won’t read that in the mass media yo! Originally appeared in the DeerBlaster — sign up if you’re a deer nut!

24. DC: Fed agencies finally defining critical habitat.

For endangered species. REAL important for a couple reasons including the fact that if adopted, it should mean that the gov’t is less able to take over private land and water. At

> …would mandate that “critical habitat” for a species…the areas “essential” to the species’ conservation…must actually be habitat for that species…. Until now, lacking a clear definition of habitat, the federal government could declare private lands “critical habitat” for an endangered species even if the species didn’t or couldn’t live on those lands. And once landowners’ property was so designated, they could be saddled with burdensome red tape and land-use restrictions.

25. Great Lakes seeing more and more fertile grass carp.

> “We’ve been seeing more and more fertile grass carp. It’s worrying because there should be zero [fertile ones].”


> The problem is that the scaled up industrial methods used to sterilize the introduced fish are “really effective, but still have a failure rate.”

Remember that the next time your DNR or the TVA wants to stick grass carp somewhere! And:

> “To my knowledge, there has never been an example of an invasive species in a large system that’s been eradicated.”

Fact, which is why it’s REAL important to stop and kill the Asian carp man!

26. Microplastics found in human tissue for the 1st time.

These are the tiny plastic bits in water. Man that doesn’t sound good at all.

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Chad Morgenthaler’s boat maintenance.

Yep a pro so he puts thosands of hours/miles on, and he’s a former auto technician, so he’s a little OCD about this stuff. Few tips from the Sea Foam site:

> “Without a doubt, the most common problem, especially your first time out, is caused by fuel.” Fuel that is left untreated can lead to varnish buildup, clogged injectors, deteriorating gaskets and other problems, not to mention that fuel left sitting for long periods of time loses its ignition vapor and overall potency. Hard starts, rough idle and even engine stalls can result from bad fuel.

> Morgenthaler recommends buying your first tank (and all tanks if possible) of fuel from a station that sells a high volume of gas, so you know it’s fresh. On top of that, he suggests treating the fuel with a product such as Sea Foam Marine PRO….

> …he will generally shorten the fluid change intervals a bit to ensure longevity of his components. Changing the lower unit fluid is also important, along with inspecting the lower unit…he will change the lower unit fluid again after putting 30-40 hours on his boat.

> It’s a good idea to get familiar with swapping props if you’re not already, and to carry a prop kit with you whenever you’re out on the boat.

> …get in the habit of following repeatable procedures for winterization, spring starting and summer maintenance. “People are their own worst enemy because at the end of the year they pull their boats off the water, put them in the garage and never touch it again until spring or summer, and they expect everything to work like a champ and it doesn’t.”

Quote of the Day

“He would live on his boat if I let him.”

Mom of teen basser David Dupler talkin’ — I THINK it says his parents own Performance Marine in Columbus, MS. How serious is David? Check this:

> By age 3, he would cast and reel in the grass in his yard for hours.

Don’t know what to say about that except sounds like God put bassin’ on his heart big-time. So that + hard work = watch out!

Shot of the Day


20 FOOT great white seen off ME…by peeps in a 19′ boat.

> …19′ Carolina Skiff with his wife Kelly…they realized it was longer than the skiff, with its head by the bow and its tail past the stern.

> They saw the shark five times, as it kept turning toward his skiff. “It was a little intimidating. It’s 5,000 lbs and my boat is 1,000 lbs with low sides.”

My only question: Did it have an outboard that could be fired up?? #outtathere

‘Bout a month ago, an alleged great white tore apart a dolphin in the surf at the Jersey shore (vid). Gettin’ crazy out here. Need us some Quint:

Ya got me
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