Disgusting bass, KPink takes on spectators, DeFoe’s deep cranks

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Disgusting basses. (eeeeeeeeeeew)
According to Fat Cat, this fish actually ate that worm!!??
This one was actually caught too, by Insta user dustinwheelerfishing. Prop wound??
K-Pink takes on pirates and spectators.

Kevin Short takes the handoff from Ike, who called out spot pirates in that widely read and hotly debated post. Won’t spoil K-Pink’s feelin’s for ya, but will give you a couple hints:

> Unlike Ike, I contend that spectators ARE becoming an issue at some Elite events. I’m still shocked that there hasn’t been a boating accident involving spectator boats, and I feel it’s only a matter of time before one occurs.

> I contend that as long as bassin’ allows the public at large on the field of play to potentially affect the outcome of events, it’s nothing more than a bubba-in-a-boat-fruitjar-derby.

> MLF has it correct with the limited number of competitors on the water every day over multiple days and the catch-weigh-release system. B.A.S.S. is on the right track with Live coverage of anglers. True Pro Bass Fishin’ involves all three of these aspects.

Full K-Pink opinion here. Btw here’s an artist rendition of next year’s Classic flotilla:

Melons of the week!
Chris D. whacked this Clear Lake 12 at an ABA derby on a 1/2-oz Revenge Swimbait Hedz (white) with a 4″ Keitech Fat (ayu):
BB reader Claudio whacked a 11.2-lb Cal Delta melon — other fish he’s holding up is a 5-lber! Caught the 5 and a few others on an Ish’s Phat Frog (purple kush), but the buttuh lardo was caight swimming an old 1/4-oz Duh Jig (summer craw) with a 4.8 Keitech Fat (gp) — actual baits below:


Check this 10+ from Falcon, guided by Jimmy Steed. Lake was up so fishing shallow. This one came outta 2′ on a TX-rigged Big Bite Jerk Minnow (watermelon red ghost):

Third cast with a new birthday Kistler/Lew’s combo, this 9-yr-old bassin’ dude caught this 7.58 lb on Lake D’Arbonne, LA on a Zoom Speed Craw. As you might expect with that present, he tied his own hook and rigged the bait himself. #stout
If’n y’all wanna get in the Melons of the Week section, need you to email, FB or IG your shot of a DD plus where you caught it and the deets: bait, color, how fishing it. No guarantees it’ll get in but that’ll help!
My convo with Nishi.
Always wondered why Japanese bassin’ stuff is all so good, so exacting, etc. Got a chance to try to figure it out firsthand recently, by interviewing Nishi, Yo-Zuri’s bait designer.
What I found is on, but the bottom line is obsession with every single detail, and that seeming to be WAY more important than any time pressure to get a bait out on the market.He talked about designing these two rad-looking baits, the the 3DB Pencil and 3DB Prop. 100 prototypes!!!



1. Texoma Bassin’ Festivus stuff.

Couple shots caught my eye:

Fletch Shryock noodling. No rules against this Trip?

Check rookie “John John” Hunter’s shot. Where would you flip? (Hint: Don’t pick the electrical cans.)
Btw here’s JJ talkin ’bout the new Falcon bass boats.Jason Christie reveals what he’s flipping — a Yum Christie Critter in the new tin foil color, with one mod:

Shimano Garage is at the event. Bring your reel (1 per person) in for a tuneup plus there’s a ‘Shimano’s Best Bassin’ Dad Search’ contest there on Sunday, June 12. [Is everybody sayin’ “bassin'” now?? Too funny.] If you win, gitcha VIP treatment and Mercer yellin’ at ya!
2. FLWer Mark Rose won Southern Opens.#Stout brother!

3. FLWer Michael Murphy webinar June 15.

Ch-ch-chain, chain of fooooood. The Murph knows his stuff, should be good.

4. FLWer Scotty Suggs gets Popticals.

Sunglasses you put in your toaster! Or freezer??

Okay not really. Nylon lenses made by Zeiss = could be cool?

5. Wild West Bass Trail #s.

> Anyone notice that Richard Dobyns won $25.5k and Nick Nourot won $7,500 for 2nd, last-place pro check was $1,500 all this for a $700 entry fee. Co-angler champ Josh Kaneko won $5,500, last co-angler check was $700, all for $350 entry fee.

Not mentioned was only 5 boats were in the derby…lol kidding. Pretty #stout

6. MO: Big Smithville bag.


Tom Alsop and Keith Leftridge with 5 for 25.36 lbs, all caught in flooded veggies. They were culling 4s, which I hear is rare for there. More deets:Big Bite Trick Sticks [Senkos] in junebug, 3/0 Gamakatsu EWGs, 22-lb Sunline Flippin’ Fluoro, 7′ Denali Lithium (heavy) rods.

7. KY/TN: Yak champ is Ron Champion.

Well of course it is! But…he only won by 0.5″. Sounds like the pattern was shakey-heading. Champ(ion) used a GrandeBass RattleSnake Worm (kinda like a ribbed Senko) in blue fleck. Diggin’ the blue checks:

8. MN: Yak trail going to voice stress test.“To weed out cheaters.” Good line from here:

> When you’re cheating at a kayak-based bass fishing competition, it might be time to take a good, hard look at your life.

When you’re cheating at anything would be. Sheesh. Probly all motivated by this kayak cheater getting caught.

9. LA: Guy caught with too many largies.

Worth noting:

> Possessing over the limit of black bass brings a $100 to $350 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

Dang straight!

10. AL: Auls win 3rd straight ABA military derby.

11. CA: 32.23 to win Delta Wednesday-nighter.

Included a 10.96. Caught ’em all on top: two biggest on a River2Sea Spittin’ Wa [frog] and the rest on a Whopper Plopper.12. ‘Bubonic’ SPRO BBZ-1 Rat.

Custom-painted, I think by this dude:

Shoulda called it “Chernobyl.” Check the normal BBZ-1 Rat colors here.13. New bigger Megabass jerkbait.

Called the Kanata: 160mm = 6.3″, 30g = 1-oz. Underwater footage in the vid:

14. What’s a Hayabusa?Matt Herren mentioned using Hayabusa hooks in his TTBC win. Haya-whata? Said:

> “I’m not sponsored by them, but they have a fantastic hook. My son and Andre [Moore of Reaction Innovations] use them for saltwater fishing. Tackle Warehouse picked them up — I’ve been impressed.”

Check ’em here.

15. New electronics training DVDs.

Don’t know much about ’em, but Jim Hammond who makes ’em said to me: “I made these videos because when I started using them there was little or no documentation, especially the more complicated functions. I have been making side-image recordings since 2009 and have a library of over 500 recordings spanning many lakes. Using these applications I had to learn the hard way how to make accurate and good-looking maps.”

16. AR: 100sK largie fingerlings released from jail.

Raised by folks in the penitentiary.

17. AL: Black Belt bass photo contest.

Black Belt = 23 counties.

18. AZ: Powell PFD swap on Saturday.

19. What the Coast Guard says about all those lights…

…of an LED nature. It’s kinda dense language, but the way I read it is: A bunch of these LED lights for boats don’t meet USCG specs, and if they interfere with the nav lights they are no good.

Tip of the Day

Talks about depths and colors for 10′ and deeper. Mostly Rapala DTs, but interesting he mentions the 3/4-oz Hot Lips for real deep fish:

Quote of the Day


It diminishes the primal instinct we have to follow fish movement and behavior through our natural senses.

– Guess who? If you guessed Clunn you were close. But: Randy Blaukat. Full quote:

> Least favorite fishing technique: Ledge-fishing with electronics. To me, this takes the fun and intuition out of fishing. It diminishes the primal instinct we have to follow fish movement and behavior through our natural senses.

So: Are electronics making us dumber…like Google is??

Shot of the Day


Great pinned smallie shot by JP DeRose:



Fish can recognize human faces.
So…catch and release is a bad idea? Can Trip catch a fish anymore?? Is this why Mercer only shoots his show in Canada?? Is this why everyone’s wearing Buffs?? So many questions now….
Great stuff you need!
Only the best!
You fishin’ this stuff?
Git on these yo!
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