Classic things I’d like to see, More top and new baits, Best jerkbait setup?

Only BassBlaster of the week yo! Headin’ to the Classic, and you’ll be blasted on social with a bunch o’ Classic-week stuff anyhow so enjoy! Back at ya next week with the latest n greatest!

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Today’s Top 5

7 things I’d love to see at the Classic’s 50th anniversary.

1. A big blastoff — hammer down yo!

2. All fish brought to the scales with clip stringers…through the gills, of course.

KIDDING hahaha! Be worried about Trip’s ticker if that went down….

3. Davy Hite hinted on the Insta that jumpsuits might make an appearance. (I think Timmy Horton rocked a jumpsuit at one Classic?) Would be cool — if they’re orange or some other bright color. Must have the built-in belt:

4. That riprap bank where Randy Howell won it last time on Gville officially named either “Randy’s Crank n Bank” or “Ol’ Flat Top:”

5. Kevin VanDam following around the spectator boats [cryin’ laughin’ emoji].

6. I’d really love to see Ray Scott, Jerry McKinnis and Forrest Wood there. I guess Ray might be possible, but…I miss them all.

7. Last but not least: NO ONE FISHING ANY CLASSIC COMPETITOR SPOTS til Monday. Yep it’s public water — it’s also the biggest bass tourney in the universe. Chill for a weekend, nbd.

One Q: Is anyone of a US law enforcement nature keeping an eye on all those Canadians at this deal? I mean, they act nice and all but…it’s an #invasion. Check it:

2nd-5th baits from the Okeechobee BPT.

2nd: Michael Neal

> 3/8-oz homemade swim-jig (b/b), Big Bite Kamikaze Craw (1099), 7′ 2″ MH Denali Kovert Rod, Daiwa Tatula 100 HS Reel, 50-lb Sunline FX2 braid.

> 1-2′, eelgrass and scattered dollar pads.

3rd: Jacob Wheeler

Like a lot of guys in the week-long BPT tourneys, Jacob fished a few baits including a prop bait and popping frog. His main bait was a 1/4-oz Davis Swim Jig (“I don’t know the color”) with a Googan Baits Krackin’ Craw (bama bug). 7′ 2″ MH Duckett signature rod, Duckett Paradigm Reel (7.5:1), 20-lb Sufix 832 braid:

> “I was fishing around the Harney Pond area and on the shoal, areas that had cleaner water or eelgrass. The fish pulled up after the cold front and started spawning hard when the water started warming up. I was targeting the big females coming in that hadn’t quite locked down yet. Couldn’t see most of them but I could tell that’s what was happening.

> 2′ or less, isolated reeds and eelgrass.

4th: Randall Tharp

After lotsa knocking I tried one ding-dong ditch and still couldn’t get him to come to the door — lol! Sorry I missed him. But looks like he flipped a Zoom Brush Hog (watermelon candy).

5th: Jeff Sprague

> 5/16-oz Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig (perch) with a Gene Larew Hammer Craw (sooner run) or a Strike King Rage Menace (sapphire blue). 7′ 4″ H Lew’s Pro TI Rod, Lew’s Pro TI Reel (7.5.1), 50-lb Strike King Tour Grade Braid.
> 3/8-oz Strike King Thunder Cricket (chartreuse/white) with a Strike King Blade Minnow (white). 7′ 6″ MH Lew’s Custom Speed Stick, same reel, 17-lb Strike King Tour Grade Fluoro.
> Wacky-rigged Gene Larew Tattle Tail Worm. 6′ 10″ ML Lew’s Pro TI Spinning Rod, Lew’s LS 3000 spinning reel, 10-lb Strike King braid to 10-lb Strike King fluoro.

> 1.5-2.5′, mixed eelgrass, cattails and pencil reeds.

Chickamauga baits breakdown.

That’s ^ TN’s Jim Neece Jr who won the FLW Series there this weekend with 57-05, just 1-04 more than GA’s Brian Elder. Sounds like it was all swimbaiting with current:

> …3 areas, all points and breaks on the main river

> “…Zoom Swimmer, chartreuse and blue. The only thing I did different is I used an 8:1 gear ratio, which I usually don’t do. It allowed me to keep that swimbait swimming in that current the way it needed to swim. A lower gear ratio wouldn’t allow me to keep up with it.”

> “My co-angler today got a little frustrated watching me make 50 casts at the exact same spot. But then on that 50th cast I’d catch one. I think every 15-45 minutes a fish would roll up to feed, and I’d catch it.”

Here’s how all the baits used by the top 10 finishers broke down in this cold-weather deal:

Lipless crank = 50%Strike King Red Eye Shad = 30%

Swimbait = 30% — Zoom Swimmer, True Bass 4.5, 5″ Driftwood Custom Baits Swimbait (check

Crankbait = 20% — Josh Norris (4th) used a custom-painted Rapala DT-6. Here’s the best shot of it I could get:

Bladed jig = 20% — both were Hite Hammers

10% each = Slither rig, Jerkbait, Jig, Spinnerbait, A-Rig


> Some pro dudes fished this deal: Wes Lee Strader (8th — only top 10 guy to fish a spinnerbait, a Stan Sloan’s Zorro Wesley Strader Bango Blade), Justin Atkins (11th), Michael Neal (14th), John Murray (15th), Goat “Andy” Morgan (18th), Jacob “Three” Wheeler (49th — guess he doesn’t win or almost win everything?).

> Crispin Powley (32nd) designs baits for Strike King and if you believe his Insta is a TN hammer (hahaha kiddin’ Powley!).

> Guess they weren’t bitin’ the swim-jig cuz Jim Moynagh finished 119th.

Few random thangs….

1. Micah Frazier has acting #skillz — who knew?

If you haven’t been following the pretty dang hilarious bass vs YUM Dinger vids leading up to the Classic on YUM social (Facebook here, @yum_baits Insta here), you’ve been missing:

a) Micah showin’ off acting skills no one really new he had. The webz is like:

b) One of the funniest/most bizarre “marketing” (really just entertaining) deals I’ve ever seen in feeshn. Props to the YUMmers.

2. Check this Googan Squad Scout jerkbait in “ghost gill.” I’m diggin’ that color man….

3. More on the black hard baits deal.

From this bloggin’-type post, apparently inspired by the black Bubonic cranks selling particularly well:

> When I fished with MLF pro Mark Davis on Kentucky Lake one fall, I witnessed Davis catching bass on a black squarebill crankbait he threw along a riprap bank.

> While researching crawfish color changes, I discovered [Guido] Hibdon and Davis caught bass on those colors because some crawfish turn dark brown, dark blue or black when the water cools off in autumn.

> Crawfish living in muddy water and low light conditions are generally darker in color.

4. Amazin’ blind smallie vid…

…swimming right next to a Nishine Chippawa DD Blade crankbait. It’s blind in one eye and is swimming with his blind eye closest to the bait. Looks like the lost eye has ZERO effect on his ability to track the bait or, if he wanted to, eat it — click the pic to watch it: #lateralline

Couple notable bigs!

FLWer Casey Scanlon smacked this 11 in Flo-ri-da. 3/8-oz Trophy Bass Co. Swim Jig (b/b — check with a craw trailer (blue sapphire):

Jacob Wheeler caught his PB smallmouth (7.34) on a lake he wouldn’t name (lookin’ at the weather, maybe TN?) on a “small jig” — with a 7′ 2″ MH Duckett Wheeler signature spin rod and 8-lb Sufix Nanobraid to 8-lb Sufix Advance Fluoro:


1. Former Elite pro Jason Quinn sues Bernie Sanders.

From the article:

> Sanders, and his campaign, used images of Quinn and the boat in a campaign video called, “5 Reasons the Border Wall Won’t stop Drugs,” the lawsuit states.

> The video explains that drug smugglers travel by sea, then shows images of Quinn in the boat, according to the lawsuit.

> Quinn stated in the lawsuit that Sanders and the campaign invaded his privacy, defamed him, and Sanders and his campaign were grossly negligent and reckless in using the video. The video has had millions of hits on Facebook, You Tube and other sites, the lawsuit states.

Here’s a screencap from the vid — typo seems to be embedded in the vid (doh):

Vid also appears to be on Bernie’s site. Rumor is if elected Bernie will fund the settlement through new taxes on bass fishermen…HAHAHA!

2. Will Clent Davis fish the “auto bass” at the Classic?

Possibly? Probably? That’s the Yo-Zuri 3DS Mid Crank (“hot tiger” color in the vid):

3. What might be fished at el Clasico?

Gussy “Jeff” Gustafson:

> …a lot of us will be throwing Z-Man’s new “fire craw” [color]. You’ll see this bright red ChatterBait rigged on the decks of a lot of anglers at the Classic — can’t tell you how many competitors have been asking me to hook them up with this color.

> ‘Fire craw’ Jack Hammers have become hard to find, though, so alternatives like ‘spring craw’ and ‘Hite’s hot craw’ could also play prominently. I put a green pumpkin RaZor ShadZ on the back….

Gussy also mentioned Paul Mueller’s secret that’s not a secret no mo: “At the 2014 Classic at Guntersville, Paul Mueller set the 1-day tournament record, boating something like 32 lbs with a ChatterBait Elite.”

That’s the first time anyone knew who Paul was…except for Paul and his family and friends I mean…hahaha Paul! Told him last week that was the first time we met…sounded weird after I said it…lol!

Post says Eastern Opens Classic qualifier Grae Buck played hawkey at Penn State? Outstanding!

4. Seth Feider signature tungsten flippin’ jig coming.

5. At Okeechobee KVD got surprised then got stuck.

That’s 2 more fishing mistakes than he’s ever made in his life…!

6. Jacob Powroznik ‘splains a little more about the MotorGuide Tour Pro…

…helpin’ him in his win (vid). Peeps been sayin’ they’re not sure if they’re publicly available yet — looks like the Tour is available on TW but it’s still pre-order for the Tour Pro. Btw here’s the Tour’s metal pedal:

Ooops nope that’s guitar stuff sorry hahaha! Here’s the MotorGuide pedal:

7. This year Jame Elam’s not fishing for 5.

‘Bout time Elam hahaha! But seriously:

> I wrote myself a note this offseason…”When you aren’t getting bites, MOVE.” …multiple times last year where I chose to stay in 1 spot for too long of a time because I was too resistant to change.

8. Jordan Lee talks fish in Luke Dunkin’s boat.

Enjoyed it. Didn’t watch 100% of it tho….

9. Elitist Brad Whatley gets Band of Anglers.

10. B-Rad Hallman on BassEdge RaydeeO.

B-Rad talks hook selection and why he’s so Rad….

11. Davy Hite on where to find prespawn bass after cold fronts (vid).

Not sure if Davy fishes anymore but he sure remembers a lot (heehee Davy!). Good W2F vid. He’s fishin’ the Storm 360GT Swimmer Searchbait (pearl ice, below) near the bottom. Says he likes the lip on the head for keeping the bait down:

12. Denny Brauer talks topwater fishing (vid).

A clear violation cuz Denny has only fished jigs his entire life. I mean his middle name is “Jig!” I was like, “Denny, who gave you that niuckname?” He’s like, “It’s my real middle name.” I started to laugh but then I noticed he wasn’t smilin’ so I was like, “Hey are those pelicans feedin’ over there?”

Anyhow, he likes Seaguar Smackdown Stealth Gray braid for topwaters…if he fished ’em….

13. Stray Casts BassT of Classic Champs.

Be tunin’ in tomorrow night Mar 4 at 7pm Central on StrayCasts YouTube….

14. Might be seeing this at the Classic?


Last year’s SIMMS Challenger jacket and bibs are on sale at TW now…!

15. New Jewel Jolt-X will be at the Classic.

Red, white and blue, 1/2-oz, big CO blade, once again designed for 3.8 Keitech Fats:

Gayle Julian and the Jewel crew come up with stuff that they want and catches ’em. I want all 3 colors…. Learn ya more about ’em in this quick vid.

16. Classic: Check this crazy idea!

I like the boldness — at the CatchCo/Karl’s booth:

> We’ve also brought back our “Swag Swap” vending machine where attendees can trade in anything they get at the show for something better.

17. FL: Harris Chain management meetings start next week.

18. AR: Lots of fish attractors now in Lake Poinsett.

19. New college MLF-style tourneys at BPT events.

2 teams from 10 schools (20 total teams) at each.

20. Check these BOOYAH One Knocker fish.

On their social — lipless time of year:

Reminder that One Knockers (and Hard Knockers) have showed up in a lot of tourney high finishes lately too….

21. Do you fish a red/white lipless?

Love the history stuff that we’ve either forgotten or never learned:

> The old-timers used to just fish a red head on a white body. Later guys like Tommy Martin and David Truax added white stripes to red ‘Traps using white paint pens. Pictured here is the most popular combo these days…we call it “retro craw” for its traditional color scheme.

TW doesn’t have that color but the Bill Lewis site does.

22. Cold-water bank bassin’ with…

…the Lunkerhunt Bento Minnow:

Now I wanna try it with that realistic look and subtle tail….

23. Trey Kistler breaks down all his rod lines (vid).

They’re all strong and sensitive, just like Trey (heehee!). Find some at Tackle Warehouse, some at the Kistler site.

24. How to A-Rig with FishLab Bio-Minnows.

Quick YT vid using the Bio-Minnows with EWG hooks:

25. Did I know Alpha Angler had a Power Skipping rod?

For jigs n frogs n such….

26. Did you know Okuma makes a swimbait-only rod?

Called the Okuma SBX, 7′ 11″. I don’t throw the big baits but if I did I’d sure want a rod designed to make it lighter on me….

27. T-H Marine Steer Stops getting good reviews.

4″ Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock — in case you’ve been wonderin’ about ’em:

Believe they’re also available on TW.

28. Reaction Innovations will have Classic custom colors.

29. Did BassFan’s Todd Ceisner move to In-Fisherman?

Sounds like it. Congrats to him, hope this means those folks are gonna put some actual love into In-Fish, which it’s needed….

30. Steve Self is St. Croix’s new sales director.

Came from distributor Maurice Sporting Goods.

31. MN: Could this be the Asian carp killer?

DNA-edited male carp “spray.” Personally not a fan of messin’ with DNA because I really don’t think folks know exactly what they’re doing with that but:

> …plans to produce batches of male carp that would destroy the eggs of female carp during spawning season. The modified male fish would spray the eggs as if fertilizing them. But the seminal fluid — thanks to DNA editing — would instead cause the embryonic eggs to biologically self-destruct in a form of birth control that wouldn’t affect other species nor create mutant carp in the wild.

32. PSA: Reminder that Sea Foam Marine PRO is at NAPA.

Was tough to find last year, hopefully way easier this year…. Some learnin’s about Marine PRO here at the Sea Foam site.

Headline of the Day

The Classic is not like any other tournament

Not sure if Keith Combs wrote that headline or what, but that’s like saying “ice cream is not like any other ice”…or something like that. Anyhow, what’s innerestin’ about that post is Keith says it’s important to adjust every day at the Classic.

On right now…

Note: The TackleWarehouse links in this email are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I might earn a commission…at no cost to you. Click here if you want to learn a little more about links in the BB.

Tip of the Day

Here’s Randy Blaukat’s jerkbait setup.

Randy knows jerkbaits like he knows beef jerky. In fact I hear he’s working on beef jerkbaits…okay not really, but he did help develop the now legendary Megabass Vision 110 so there you go.

Anyhoo, here’s a vid on his jerking gear which is SPINNING [horror emoji]. If you’re wondering if Randy’s always that soft-spoken, the answer is yes EXCEPT when Rick Clunn is beatin’ him in golf. Seen those two rumble on a green many a time….

Nope made that up again — but could happen? Here’s the vid. I think he repeats the whole vid so you only need to watch the first half.

> 6′ 10″ Megabass Orochi Spinning Rod — says the rod has a “stiff butt” heehee!
> Lew’s TLC (?) 3000 spinnng reel
> 6-8 lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro — “the best line for a jerkbait by far”

Quote of the Day

“Don’t go to the Classic…thinking you’re on a streak. Streaks end…you need to go there to win.”

Rick Clunn talkin’ to his hometown bassin’ bud Cody Huff, the MO college angler fishing this week’s Classic. Sounds like Cody’s got his gameface on:

> I feel like my mind is right and my focus is solid. I’m not going to pack my Carhartt hoodie [he’s got the product mention deal down, nice!] and head toward Birmingham hoping for a participation trophy…. Thanks to Rick, I’ll aim to win my first Classic trophy there, just like he did 44 years ago.

Hope to see Cody sportin’ Rick’s matching sweatsuit style:

Shot of the Day

Awww this almost makes yakkin’ look fun…hahaha yak peeps! @misswishiwazfishin and @wishiwazfishin doin’ the date bassin’ — @fishlabtackle shot:

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