CA angler refuses polygraph, More side effects, Get baits high

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Guy won a U.S. Angler’s Choice derby on the Delta, team derby but he fished alone. Was asked to take a poly, but didn’t. Here’s what appears to be the reason:

> …consulted a lawyer and was advised not to take the polygraph.

> Due to the refusal, [he] will be banned from USAC.

Interesting question: If a lawyer you call advises you not to take the poly, what do you do?

‘Nother: Is it worse to take the poly and fail or to refuse to take it?

Let me know your feelin’s here on Facebook.

Will say this: At least USAC gave a poly to the WINNER, which don’t always happen no’ mo’.

Bassin’ side effects part 2.




AWESOME responses to the contest to win the Rapala baits (read ’em here). Wish I had about 20 boxes to give away. But only have one, weener listed below.

Bassin’ side effects I liked:

> Premature elation
> Hoarding
> Attention deficit
> Increased finger sensitivity
> Paranoia, mixed with depression, and bouts of rage
> (IWS) Irri Wife Syndrome
> Enlarged bladder (too many homes on lake), muscle cramps (jerkbaits)
> Loss of sleep, elevated heart rate, high blood pressure
> Carpal tunnel
> Envy
> Multiple Personality Disorder (assuming a pro fisherman’s identity)
> Use of strange words such as pig, slaunch and slob
> Looking at the moon
> Mood swings
> Uncontrollable urges
> Raccoon eyes
> Dry mouth
> A genuinely solid relationship with the UPS & FedEx delivery people
> A man crush on Overstreet [hahaha almost a winner!]
> Speaking in BassBlaster lingo [lol, I do this]

> Delusions of grandeur [almost won too because it’s universal]


> Random Rapala jerks, involuntary bass Suffixiation, Variable Monetary Checks (VMC), bass term Tourettes, nervous twitches, casting elbow, flipping wrist, sudden day dreaming, and loss of employment.

Gary Cooper of Middleburg, FL, come on down! Send your mailing addy to me by replying to this email. If I don’t hear from you ASAP I will pick another winner dude!

Gotta-know bassin’ boat stuff.




1. Ranger goes biggest.

The new Ranger Z522D is 22′ 7″ long with a 102″ beam, and can take a max 300 hp. No word on MSRP but you better have this in your wallet…

…and this as your tow vehicle:

2. New Bass Cat bunks.

Analogy: Could bassin’ trailers be moving from Astroturf to field turf?

> New trailer feature for 2016 to protect your investment! Polyethylene Pillow Block Bunk System utilizing individual air pillow tubes, heavily coated in Scorpion urethane.

I like to put my Power Poles down, throw out a Senko and cover every inch of that spot before I move.




– One and only Larry Nixon talkin‘ ’bout bein’ older and slower — though I think we’d all catch more fish if we fished like that. More:

> “I can’t do what I did in my 30s, my 40s or even my early 50s. I have to fish my way and not worry about what the other guys are doing. I didn’t vary from that plan one bit this year. I fished my confidence baits.

> “I’m a slow guy who will milk a place for everything it’s got.”

Larry’s turning 65 soon, but has no plans to retire. He’s fishing this week’s FLW Cup.

Smallie POV cam.




Dave Mercer vid, check it:

Mercer’s roadies figured out a way to attach a GoPro to a bass. Spent months working it out, here’s the high-tech solution:

They call it the GoPro Fish Mount, and it’s retailing for $9.99 soon.

Okay I made up some of that. Would love to see more of where fish go when released.




1. K-Pink not retiring from fishing.


Just the Elites. What he told me.

2. Velvick is doing camera work for FLW?

Am I late to that party? Had no idea.

3. Fukae gets sportsmanship award.

For giving his boat to at the Potomac to eventual winner Clark Wendlandt:

> “I just feel competitors should help each other. I know he had a rough year last year. Plus, he’s one of my heroes. So if I couldn’t win, I wanted him to win.”

How ’bout that: “I just feel competitors should help each other.” Interesting. Props to Shin and FLW.

4. Day 1 FLW Cup boat stranding…

…on Ouachita. Word is a camera boat and everyone’s okay, hope so:

5. AR: New cedar brushpiles in Beaver.

This should improve the lake to a 4 out of 10 for bass fishing…okay, maybe a 3….

6. NC: River bass have female “parts.”

Also the case in the upper Potomac and other rivers. Becoming more common. Not good.

7. CA: “Shade balls” released on reservoir.

To allegedly help with drought (then why are they black?). How ’bout a frog over that!

8. Humminbird Helix giveaway.

1 per day, already started, sign up here:

9. 2016 Nitro lineup.

10. Phoenix/Lowrance renew OEM deal.

11. TX: Family of four drowns.

Were in a canoe, may not have been wearing PFDs. Tragic reminder for us all.

Anyone have a PFD you actually like to wear or don’t mind wearing? Lemme know if so.

Tip of the Day



…in the water column. Sometimes the bass are high and they want your baits to be high too — stop reading double meanings into this stuff!

> “At the Elite event on Chesapeake Bay, I caught my fish by swimming a Booyah jig, casting a Booyah spinnerbait and flipping the new Booyah Finance Jig. I figured out that those fish wanted to be higher in the water column, so whatever I threw, I wanted it to be high.

> “I started noticing that around the docks. Most of my flipping bites were coming on the entry or when I would bring it out.

> “On the third day, I pulled up to a small (laydown) and I flipped it and flipped it, but the whole time my bait was landing on the bottom. I finally hit one of the limbs up higher in the tree, caught a 4-pounder and lost a big one.”

Quote of the Day


Consistency is king if you want to go to the Bassmaster Classic, and I’ve had none of that this season.


Brett Hite, proving that flat brims don’t help you magically catch fish (heehee). But seriously:

> “When there is a long break before the next event, you can kind of feel your momentum slip from under you and the coaster starts heading downhill. I used to fish a lot during the breaks to try to preserve that groove between events, but it just doesn’t work.

> “That groove can last through three or four events in row, but it takes that pressure-cooker atmosphere to keep it simmering. I’m convinced there is something about fishing multiple tournaments in a row that brings out the best in anglers.”

Shot of the Day


Gotta be this mashup — funny but somehow deeply disturbing:

Not sure if this is the week for odd Bassmaster images, but here’s a painting of don barone…in the shower? The title for this should be “Disturbing Implications.”

Btw git the db app on iTunes and Google Play.


You fish these baits yet?

Fish this-here killer line yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

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