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Today’s Top 5

Step off!

Sometimes things in bassin’ just gotta change so:

Step off normal sculpin baits! (And I guess never mind hook gaps?)

Step off regular Jitterbug!

Step off regular-sized livewells! Not big enough for the TicTacTickle Bassin’ dudes:

Step off regular bass-crawfish relationship!

Step off tired old “largemouth” word!

Couple more TBend Elite baits/patterns.

Guess I have the wrong number for Casey Ashley (4th) so here’s Brandon Palaniuk (5th) and Andy Montgomery (6th):


> 3/8-oz swim jig (white/black/chartreuse) with a Zoom Super Speed Craw (white)
> Fished it around shallow grass in the morning around shad spawns, and targeted non-visible spawning fish later in the day on days 3-4.

> 1/2-oz bladed jig (gp/orange) with a Zoom Z-Craw (Cali 420)
> “First 2 days I fished submerged grass in 4-10′ on shallow humps where the fish were staging, coming and going from spawning areas. Cast out and let it fall, then retrieved it as slow as needed to tick the grass. Several fish ate on the initial fall due to the fact that I think I was targeting specific grass clumps that I could see on my 360.”


> 1/2-oz Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig (blue craw) with a Strike King Rage Bug (blue craw) with a 7′ 1″ Daiwa Andy Montgomery Tatula Elite Skipping Rod, Daiwa Tatula SV reel (8:1), 25-lb Daiwa Fluorocarbon.

> Skipped anything that had shade: docks, trees, bushes.

Scott Martin has 8 FLW wins now…

…after winning this weekend’s potluck at Cumberland, KY. Pretty stout. Little quiz for ya. He credited that stat to:

a) Gettin’ an Ugly Stik beatin’ from his bass-head dad every time he lost a fish as a kid.

b) Usin’ some of his staff to scout the interwebz for stray waypoints:

c) An ultra-rare assortment of Helicopter Lures:

d) Being willing to fish places he’d never fished before.

e) All of the above.

If you said “d” guess you’d be right but what fun is that?

Scott actually credited Beaver Lake for helping him…which might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about that lake….

Cumberland FLW Top 10 breakdown.

Here’s the Blaster breakdown of the top 10 baits at the Cumberland FLW. Some oddball stuff:

Jerkbait = 50% — includin’ Scott Martin, and I’m puttin’ his Bomber Long A “wake bait” as a jerkbait too. He refused to name or have a photo shot of the jerkbait — is this it?

Gotta shout out ex-Elitist Matty Reed (4th) for still bein’ a stick…in this case with a SPRO McStick 110 (chartreuse shad):

Spinnerbait = 30%

Check these crazy spinnerbaits! First Chris McCall (6th) with a pink Santone Pretender

…then Casey Scanlon (8th) with a Chopper spinnerbait with chartreuse and hammered gold blades:

It’s like a dang fashion show out there!

Jig = 20% — Martin used an M-Pack Flippin’ Jig.

Crankbait = 20% — Barry Wilson (2nd) said he used a prototype BOOYAH squarebill, but the shot FLW published ain’t that bait. Just in case you wanted a sneak peek….

Swimbait, trick worm = 10% each — Shoutin’ out Cody Meyer (7th) for stickin’ with the Cali swimbait thang (a Strike King Rage Swimmer in what looks like ghost shad) and NOT USIN’ A WIP STICK!!!

#manup lol

Overstreet and Wright got a new bloggin’ rig.

Ain’t easy bein’ out on the water day after looooong day chasin’ pros around and never wettin’ a line. So Overstreet and Stevie Wright put they brains together and here’s what was borned:

Got a built-in cooler and stuff. Bowman needs to get in shape, so his new blogging rig is this…

…cuz the kayak didn’t work out:

HAHAHA just kiddin’ brother!


1. Murray used his foot to win at TBend.

> Sticking to his position was a challenge in the rough conditions, since Murray doesn’t have a trolling motor with an anchor feature.

> “Yeah, I have a MotorGuide that doesn’t have that. I was physically doing it. But when I made that drift and I’d get there, I knew the cast. It’s old-school.”

Word! I’m waiting for the price of that feature to come down from outer space….

2. Cool db piece on Herren losing 10 years of lake notes.

Gotta hurt, but Matty my man you don’t need ’em — my 2c. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

3. Elite Autism Angler deal has its own trophy.

Diggin’ it. Johnny Crews looks shocked it’s cooler than the AOY derby trophy:

4. NC: Potential spotted bass record released.

Fred Stepp, Lake Summit, 27.75″, 10.3 lbs. NC’s spot record is just 6.5 lbs:

> …he put the fish in his livewell and called the NCWRC to find out if someone could meet him to certify the fish’s species and weight. He was waiting for a return call, so he continued fishing, checking on the fish periodically. Before getting a call back, Stepp noticed the bass was beginning to struggle in the livewell, and he decided to let it go.

> “It was a little bit of a tough decision, but what it came down to was that I’d rather have that fish’s genetics continue in the lake than set a new state record.”

The state should buy that guy a replica. #stout

5. MN governor promoting bass opening day…

…on Mille Lacs, probly cuz the state has messed up the walleyes there, the biggest walleye lake in the state. So…keep bass I guess?

On the plus side, Seth Feider will be there to hopefully talks some sense into someone. Get on it Feider!

6. SPRO still supporting college bass-heads.

7. New Bassmaster HS All-Americans.

Love it, man. Now B.A.S.S. should do second- and third-teamers.

8. Check the Lunkerhunt Swim Bento underwater.

Check em here on TW. I’m diggin’ their TN shad color.

9. Frickin’ GREAT boat maintenance tips.

Do you do this:

> He recommends changing the lower unit oil after every 30 hours of use.

> While that may sound a little extreme — particularly for the weekend bass-clubber — Scotty emphasizes that tournament boats are more like racecars. “Their engines are run harder in all types of climates and conditions, and therefore require additional maintenance. Don’t skimp on lower unit lubes.”

10. Can you ID these baitfish?

MS making changes to baitfish regs, posted that shot. T to B: skipjack, gizzard shad, threadfin shad, silver carp (carp is the problem). Only thing this says to me is: Put tinfoil on all my fish-imitating baits.

11. Distributor Maurice gets funding.

If you’re in the fishin’ gear biz, this is news…probly good news.

12. AZ: 16″ 3-lb bluegill caught in Havasu.

Caught on a Big Mac:

Tip of the Day

How ’bout swimming a tube?

Yep. Not dragging, not bed-fishing, not flipping. Swimming, maybe because a tube was created to mimic a shad??

> Bobby Garland designed the first hollow-bodied tube bait. It looked like nothing seen before in the marketplace.

> It had tentacles, like a squid, and a hollow body that was shaped like a tube. The goal was to create a lure that mimicked a dying shad as it curled in a death spiral toward the bottom.

> After spending time in the boat [with Bobby] watching this amazing, odd-looking, plastic wonder, Guido Hibdon brought it back with him to central Missouri. At first, other tournament anglers back east labeled the lure a “sissy bait.” Hibdon didn’t care. Soon enough his tournament results spoke for themselves and everyone was clamoring for these goofy tube baits.

> Art Ferguson III [a former Bassmaster Tour pro now guiding] has made quite a career from swimming a tube bait. After he lets the bait fall to the structure he’s targeting, he then swims it back.

> “I get more strikes on a steady, straight retrieve, moving the bait a foot or two at a time in a straight line with no twitching or jerking.”

Art’s talkin’ ’bout smallies, but….

Quote of the Day

He is totally numb to all the buzz, hubbub, fireworks and clowns at the circus.

Z talkin’ ’bout Jordan Lee, how J-Lee has all the tangibles and intangibles to be a great bassin’ pro…which he sorta already is? Only question for Z is: who are the clowns you’re referring to? Gonna propose a few:

> The clowns that foller the Elites around and fish their spots.

> The clowns that run ski boats in the 20 feet of water between you and the dam.

> The clowns that feel like they own the fish under their docks.

> This dude, who apparently scares fish dead:

Is Swindle a clown? I mean he’s funny and does “clown around,” but I don’t think he’s a clown.

Is Mercer a clown? I mean in real life…lol. Did you know he once did a fishing comedy tour?

Is Zona a clown? Perhaps he was labeled as such in high school…lol Z!

Okay seriously for a sec: The funniest guy in the whole Elite carnival is…hands down…Tommy Sanders. Srsly. But Tommy ain’t no clown. So I’m still wonderin’….

Shot of the Day

Another shot of what 2nd place feels like, from a recent TX HS derby:


Great whites seen off NC coast.

Yikes. Pretty soon they’ll be seen in Santee Cooper….

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