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Got some questions from some good small companies about smaller ad sizes. Considering it. Let me know if interested….

Today’s Top 5





> For decades, Arkansans dominated professional bass fishing because our great bass fishing in a diversity of waters trained them to catch fish anywhere.

> These days, few young Arkansans are legitimate contenders on the Bassmaster Elite and FLW tours.

> The reduction in young bass fishing talent from Arkansas coincides with the perceived decline of our state’s bass fisheries.

What? What about that Mark Davis kid?

Srsly: You know when a state has to resort to bragging about Steve Bowman, times are tough…. HAHAHA just kiddin’ Bowman!

Bank bassin’s cool now.




There’s the whole bank swimbait scene on Insto-gram, and now bank-bustin’ gear like this backpack with integrated rod-holders: #ridingmybike

Gitcha some tats and spend all your boat money on swimbaits, bingo! Lol — love that side of bassin’.

He spent two years and several thousand hours working on his fishing proposal.




Wife of Opens-level angler William Hensley talkin‘ ’bout the package he put together for potential sponsors. And that is why he probly has a shot at making it…assuming he still WINS.

When folks ask me how to “make it” in bassin’, I always say “win first.” Believe me, many of the guys you see who “made it” weren’t more than crazy, semi-showered bassin’ heads when they first came on the scene. What got them noticed: They won, and/or finished consistently high.




Country music an’t mah thang, but if’n it t’were, that would be a heck of name for a song…by a couple’a gals:

> …a rollicking and genuinely funny tune about a fishing trip with a hotshot city boy who has “more than just bass on his mind.”

Sure hope it wasn’t…walleye.

Meme of the week.





You know it’s true. Whoever denied it supplied it!




1. List of guys fishing U.S. Open.

Aaron Martens not listed? Btw great article on A-Mart possibly having the best Elite season ever.

Bridgford is offering $50K if someone catches the record smallie at the US Open.

2. Chapman Pro vs. Joe coming soon.

> Brent Chapman’s Pro vs. Joe presented by Realtree website is under construction now and will be launched on Oct 1 officially. The shows will become available starting the first week of November. One new show will be uploaded each week for 13 weeks. …it will all be available for free online.

Love the YouTube play. Brent’s YouTube channel is here.

3. Why FLWer Reehm “sucked” at the Cup.

His description. Great breakdown.

> The difference between the pros that struggled fishing brushpiles and those that were fishing on Sunday seemed to be the location of the brush. The main lake bite was dead. It seemed like all of the traditional summertime structure spots like points, humps and ledges did not produce.

> The shallow brush in the backs of creeks and pockets was the deal and unfortunately, I fell victim to over thinking what should be happening and not doing what was actually going on.

Givin’ Clark some sponsor love:

4. Lake Michigan updates.

> Smallie pop growing.

> DNR wants help with smallie study.

5. CA: 2016 Future Pro schedule.

6. NY: Fishing for Freedom derby this weekend.

Military folks get discounts.

7. Top 5 bassin’ innovations?

One guy’s opinion. Interesting list. Working on my own, a little different, more later.

8. How to start a HS bassin’ club.

B.A.S.S. vid. Why does that kid look so scared? It it Hank Weldon or did Trip just walk in or…?

9. Lew’s in new HQ.

10. MI: D&R adds Ranger Boats.

D&R Sports is run by Randy VanDam, who taught Kevin everything he knows…lol.

11. Bernie Schultz tribute to best man.

Awesome. Stoked these kinds of things are written about now in bassin’ because…here’s the secret of bassin’: It’s all about the peeps, not the bass.

12. Mercer belly boat smallies.

Never thought about doing it, looks fun:

Line of the Day

You will have a lot more success in Savage Gear jumping frog fishing if you always fish it ON TOP of cover like grass or lily pads….


#@*&$(%! of the Day

Tip of the Day

> “…it might surprise people to hear that I throw a jig a lot in the fall. The last two times I fished Casitas [CA] in November and December [a later fall], I caught 30 to 50 fish a day and didn’t throw anything else but a 1/2-oz jig. I was just crushing them on it in 40 feet of water.

> “It’s pretty simple: 10-lb Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon line, a 3/8- to 3/4-oz football-head jig, a 7-foot…rod, and a watermelon red or green pumpkin 4- or 5-inch Yamamoto Double Tail.”

> “…always have a spinnerbait rod on deck because you’re going to need it if the wind picks up. You might go 3 or 4 days and not throw a spinnerbait, but there might be that one day, and you’ll catch the heck out of them on a spinnerbait.

> “This time of year it’s all shad colors: chrome, nickel, gold with a natural shad skirt like pearl/chartreuse, pearl/black, silver.”

Quote of the Day

When I was constantly checking out the standings, I was only looking for enough fish to get by.

Brandon Palaniuk talkin‘ ’bout deciding to ignore the points and fish every event to win it. Okay, but could he really not hear the chatter about points or ignore texts about it, etc.? Here’s what he texted to BB HQ:

Never had a clue. Every time I heard anyone talk about it I said I didn’t want to hear or walked away. Thought I was around 30th at St. Clair lol

Also said in that article:

> I’m learning that I do best when I make all of my decisions based on what will allow me to catch the most weight each day without depleting them too much for the next day.

Gotta say I’m about 20 kinds of jealous about this hunting shot he posted:

Shot of the Day

Elitist Paul Mueller vs some dude who cracked a 12-lber on a swimbait:

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

New smaller ad sizes
For smaller companies
Lemme know…

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