Braid your frog legs? Bye to FLW sorta, Ish frog tips, Carp Classic??

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Today’s Top 5

Ever braid your frog legs??

Not talkin’ braid crumbs ‘n peanut oil, talkin’ frog legs like these on the right:

BOOYAH post showing how Pad Crasher ‘n other frowg legs are long because frog legs are that long. Bet you trim your legs back for a) easier walking and/or b) getting bites closer to the back of the frog and/or c) less leg tangles. But you ever think of this:

> @rigged_out_fishing: I braided them and they legit look more like legs. You can use a small elastic or a slip knot to keep them from untying.

That interesting or what — never thought of it! Another idea:

> @bobcat815: I tie mine in a knot. Adds a little weight to help allow the frog to ride high on the pop. It weighs down the back end and keeps the front high. Also, it looks like the joints on the frogs legs at the knee.

Very cool. Here’s a couple deals from the post I did not get along with:

> …darker bellies on sunny days, and lighter on cloudy.

> If it was a real frog, the bass would be able to hold onto the legs and drown the frog then eat it….

MLF is getting rid of FLW and other changes.

Just the name FLW, not the organization. One of a few things I picked up from a Zoom deal this week where MLF execs talked about some changes. Here’s some highlights from my notes, more (warming: hype) on the MLFers’ site.

1. Structure

– The top division is the Bass Pro Tour — 6-7 regular-season events + mid-season Heavy Hitters + championship.

– Next down (sorta) are the MLF Cups, I think 4 — qualification comes through the BPT. No more General Tire Championship…and no Specific Tire Championship either lol. Boyd “I never said I was a teddy bear” Duckett said to look at the Cups like Majors in that they don’t tie to the BPT points.

– Then comes the FLW Tour/Pro Circuit which now will be under the new MLF Big 5 branding — meaning they are sticking with the 5-fish format. They want the field size to be 150, and this trail will feed the BPT.

– Then the same 5-fish trails, same names just adding “MLF Big 5” to it.

– In other words, FLW is not a separate entity branding-wise anymore. FLW as a name doesn’t exist — or soon won’t. It’s all MLF now.

Here’s the BRANDING diagram — unintentionally misleading because it implies structure, and the structure is the Pro Circuit feeds the Bass Pro Tour and so on down the line:

2. Other stuff

– One of the marketing dudes said: “MLF is no longer just going to stand for catch, weigh, release.” Meaning they’re folding in 5-fish limit derbies.

– MLF will roll out a new membership program.

– Interesting: They said they will advocate for anglers’ rights to fish. If so, good — we can’t get enough of that.

– MLF will have at least 52 weeks a year of TV in regular 2-hr blocks.

– They showed a “here’s the new us” vid and asked everyone not to talk about yet so I won’t…EXCEPT — here’s the part where the MLFers wonder WTHeck — this is the tune it rolled out to. Good choice — REAL good ‘lectric fiddlin’. That’s Gary Clark Jr — originally I thought it was Eric Gales. Both sick modern blues players.

– Noticed that my hair line has caught up to Don Rucks’ so that was a little bummer.

– I think it’s a good sign that Boyd has a gun safe in his office?

– FWIW I like the Big 5 term.

3. History

Operation Bass/Redman >> FLW [for Forrest L Wood] Outdoors >> FLW [changed to Fishing League Worldwide] Fishing >> MLF Big 5 >> DFL [Duckett For Life]

Okay not that last one…lol.

On any given weekend and at any given large lake, hundreds of people will show up with pickups and boats the color of rainbow macaws and perform what amounts to the CA Gold Rush on water.

– Hahaha yep that’s right! Do I detect a little…jealousy maybe? I think I do! Anyhow, that’s just ONE OF MANY things that make bassin’ great whether you tourney-fish or not — but you know that already! (Quote from here.)

Craws never give up!

Check it:

Makes me wonder whether the bass would notice/like it if I clipped one claw from my craws? Anyone try it?

Not sure whose shot that is….

I watched the international Carp Classic…

…don’t ask how I even got there on amazon Prime vids but I did — what I learned:

1. How ’bout calling it the Classic! Wonder where they got that idea….

2. Crayfish are a PROBLEM for ’em, I guess cuz of using actual bait on the bottom.

3. Kinda sounded like the lake (in France) was a waste of good bass habitat: shallow, crayfish, weeds, stumps — and they’re fishing for carp??

4. Teams are randomly assigned a fishing area on shore. You have fish from shore but you can use a rubber boat with a trolling motor to drop baits and to go out and land fish. So…why fish from shore? This pic cracks me up:

5. Took hours to move all the guys and their gear all over the lake before the 2 pm start time, then they fish 24 hours a day — camping — til it’s over (around a week?).

6. They do not hold their rods.

7. They want to hook the carp in the middle of the BOTTOM lip.

8. Tourney uses a dial scale — no digital.

9. Some teams have remote-control boats that drop bait, but NO electronics are used. Crazy.

10. Guys pet and kiss the fish before letting ’em go. Yes. Pet. And kiss. With goo-goo eyes. And the fish are way ugly man, seriously.

11. The sheer amount of talking by the host vs showing actual fishing and giving fishing info is insane. Can only think of 1 person who would dig that: Marty Stone — HAHAHA just kiddin’ Marty!


1. MDJ jersey auction to help Jason Borofka’s son.

2. Seth Feider’s expectin’ hours with no bites.

> I know that there are going to be periods of several hours when bites will either be nonexistent or few and far between. When that’s the case it’s easy to get spun out…but we all know that capitalizing on that one key bite can make your day — and screwing it up can break your day. Standing in the weigh-in line, you’ll be able to tell who remained mentally tough.

3. Todd Faircloth likes lipless cranks in the fall.

> “So many anglers just throw it prespawn. Back when I was fishing a lot of team stuff, lots of the championships were in fall here. Lipless crankbaits were a major player back then. Me and my dad would fish together: One would throw the 1/2-oz, the other threw the 3/4-oz. The guy with the bigger lure caught the biggest fish and the smaller lure caught more. Great option for the fall.”

Now he throws Red Eye Shads.

4. Ott DeFoe likes bigger or smaller crankbaits now.

Instead of the standard size, tho he says he does like the Rapala DT-4. Says he’s crankin’ shallow, like in 2′.

5. Fred Boombanis says 5-fish tourneys are easier now.

> I’ve found now that my MLF experience makes fishing these 5-fish limit tournaments that much easier. When I’m only looking for 5 bites, I find that I’m a lot more relaxed and I can take my time way more….

6. Quick fall crankin’ tip from Timmy Horton.

> “Look for bass in the main creeks that feed into the lake. Focus on turns in the creek channel where the bank is steep with blowdowns, stumps or big rocks for structure.

> “It’s important to bounce the baits off the structure.”

Post didn’t mention baits but I bet Timmy will be crankin’ Azumas.

7. Here’s all the stuff Patrick Walters used to win the Open.

8. What if you were an Elite Series rookie this year?

Interesting topic — donny barone in his latest post. On top of that, what if you were from out west, meaning higher expenses and the whole fire deal?

9. Rusty Salewske is on BassEdge Radio.

10. BFL happenin’s.

AR: All day Whopper-Plopperin’ got Quincy Houchin the win on Hamilton.

TN/KY: Keith Amerson dragged a Strike King Rage Thumper worm to win on Kentucky/Barkley.

> “I’ve caught just about every bass I’ve weighed on that combination this year, just dragging it around on shallow bars and shallow humps.”

FL: A Ned Rig won on Okeechobee?? But it was made by Gambler (Power Ned with Fat Ace) so…. Bryan Honnerlaw won it.

VA: Todd Langford won Smith Mntn with a Cheeseburger Jig. Said the key was extra pickles… ditch pickles I guess….

MI: Berkley MaxScent Flat Worms (goby) played again, this time in Wilson Burton’s win at the Detroit “Rock City” River. Poor Boys Tubes (gp) too.

11. IL: What’s working from the shore of Lake Michigan.

Jonny Pitelka, who was with the dude who caught the state record smallie I believe from the shore a couple years ago, recently caught a 22.75″ fish that was longer but not near as beefy as the record:

> Pitelka was fishing a Googan Squad watermelon red-flake Bandito Bug, his hot bait recently. He puts a glass bead between the bullet weight and the bait, which makes a tick.
I used to have a tick once…his name was Spot…lol.
12. AZ: Topwaters working all day long on Powell?Sounds like a time:

> The Whopper Plopper still catches lots of fish.

13. WI Great Lakes smallie meeting Oct 13.

Looking for public input:

> The WI DNR will hold a virtual public meeting to engage with stakeholders and discuss options for maintaining and improving the Green Bay and Lake Michigan smallmouth bass fishery.

14. AR: Dardanelle tourney fisherman found a body.

No word yet on what’s up, hope our bassin’ brother isn’t too traumatized man wow.

15. FL proves fishermen can’t tell fish weight from photos.

Obviously! But here’s the stats:

> …on average anglers were off by plus or minus 2.22 lbs per bass…even the top 5% of all guessers…were only able to shave their error down to plus or minus 1.35 lbs….

Bear in mind those were pics of bass 8 lbs and bigger, which are the hardest to judge visually because we don’t see them all the time.

16. Too cool Vexus Rev Rewards belt buckle!

Posted on their story — Rev Rewards is their contingency program. Man I LOVE that idea — anyone else do anything like that?

17. Check the new BUFF Filter Tube.

Shaped like what we’d call a fishing facemask:

> Feels and fits like your favorite BUFF product — with a 3-layer BUFF replaceable filter that blocks with 98% bacterial filtration efficiency. 95% recycled Repreve fabric and a 4-Way Ultra Stretch fit easily covers your nose and mouth. Built in 2 adult and 1 kids size.

Get ’em on the BUFF site.

18. New Humminbird Helix and Solix units.

Helix — sounds like more tech: “…including MEGA Imaging+, and Dual Spectrum CHIRP 2D sonar…compatible with…MEGA 360 Imaging…built-in NMEA 2000 [networking] and Wi-Fi come standard….”

Solix — Also more tech.

19. Big G-Force sale on T-H Marine.

20. WTHeck is a Weed Wing?

Never heard of it but Bernie Schultz and Gerald Swindle’s dad have. Highlights from the post:

> “It’s basically a weedless spoon with a tiny propeller on the nose of it that makes a super unique buzzing sound, and the little propeller wings help keep the weeds off it too….”

> Not only was [Mr. Swindle] one of Ray Scott’s original Bassmasters, he also qualified for the 1978 Red Man All American and 5 top regional trail championships, and won 3 boats as a co-angler in the early days of the Bassmaster Elite Series….

I somehow didn’t know that! Love to hear it — get out there and fish Mr. Swindle!

21. OK: Blake Shelton joins wildlife board.

OK Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

22. Cool Twenty One Pilots parody: “Fished Out.”

Tyler A of TylersReelFishing — I dig it! Love bassin’/fishin’ parodies, wish I had the time to do ’em myself cuz I’ve had a few ideas….

23. MN HS tourney anglers love the Aqua-Vu underwater cams.

State champeenship winners Zach Hapka and Vick Moyer:

> “We ran side-imaging sonar over large boulder fields, dropping waypoints on spots that held the biggest rocks and where we could clearly see fish holding near ’em. To stay in the running, we knew we’d need to find the big 4- and 5-lbers. By stopping on each spot and dropping the Aqua-Vu, we could quickly determine the size of bass living there.

> “The Aqua-Vu showed us that a lot of the rocks we originally found with sonar held big numbers of smaller 2- and 3-lb bass. The camera also helped us stay away from areas that held mostly walleyes, as opposed to bass. The two can look really similar on sonar.”

24. New pro staff director for American Tackle.

Capt Ancelmo “Mo” Fernandez.

25. Boat manufacturing is 92% of where it was last year?

I’ve heard sales are off the chain so I expected over 100%….

26. FL: Moore Haven lock ‘n dam closed indefinitely.

> …due to the extensive formation of tussocks (floating islands of vegetation) and high winds….

27. VA wants to prohibit catching grass carp…

…from lakes and reservoirs, but rivers and streams are okay.

28. MN: Covid found in Lake Superior???

My only Q: Why in the heck would scientists spend time looking for virus fragments in a lake?? C’mon man…. Remember early on when they supposedly found it in a tiger in a zoo, then a couple dogs….

29. More deets on the Ram 1500 TRX.

Supposedly Dodge’s version of the Raptor — looks like you can back down quite a ways on shallow ramps:

30. Llittle peek at the all-‘lectric F-150.

Says it’ll be out mid-2022. Hybrid should be out next year.

Headline of the Day

Bass population catches no break from being caught

Not sure if I’m reading it right but sounds like the way it should be!

Lines of the Day

1. Lures may sink crooked: Unlike lures that sink straighter with spinner reels, casting rods will cause them to sway back and forth. So it may scare off some fish at the start.

Don’t know whether that’s more confusing or this, from the same post:

> Casting rods…are better used with lines that have materials that promote better grip.

2. You’ll want to pay close attention to the vibration of the Chatterbait. The feeling will be slight, but it will grow in intensity if the fish are biting on it.

So the Chatterbait senses the fish and will try to get away?

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

How Ish Monroe works his frogs.

Older YT vid (2014) but still highly informative — shows how Ish is woking his frogs in and around various kinds of cover, prolly why it has 1.3 mil views. I always crack up over this:

> “…you’re imitating bluegiull, you’re imitating crappie, you’re imitating shad, you’re imitating gophers. Actually one time I had a fish eat a gopher right in front of me, I pull out a brown [frog] and catch that fish, and he still had the gopher in his mouth.”

I kid you not. Still not sure if Ish was playin’ us and keep forgettin’ to ask him about it:

Of course now he frogs with his signature River2Sea Phat Mat Daddys.

Quote of the Day

“I’ve fished here almost none.”

Rookie Kyle Welcher talkin’ after leadin’ the Gville Elite. He might be a rookie, but he sounds like a veteran sandbagger lol! BUT…Kyle could’ve pulled that Jedi goat thing on’s Bryan Brasher, who wrote that deal. Seen that happen to Bryan before man:


Shot of the Day

Remember the post about whether giant ditch melons were ever caught on Carolina Rigs? Well how ’bout young Dallas C with this 8.4 on a C-rigged Zoom Ol Monster worm (plum apple) at Falcon, TX:

NICE one Dallas! Yep when you’re fishing Falcon, C-rigging a 10.5″ worm makes sense!


Didja know it’s Fat Bear Week in AK? Here’s one with a bassin’ name — “Chunk:”

Ya got me
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