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Today’s Top 5

1. Yamamoto launches hard baits.

> …two topwater baits, jerkbaits and crankbaits aimed at three different diving ranges. They combine extreme durability and Gary Yamamoto’s legendary attention to detail….

Prediction: sunglasses next? Everyone’s doing it….

2. Best catalog: Booyah’s Boo Rig Playbook.

Yes Booyah pays me (a little…ha!) to do this here Blaster, don’t matter, the Booyah Playbook – as in,” we just rewrote the playbook on U-rigs,” mebbe inspired by the several D1 ex-athletes who work there – is cool. Example:

3. More LiveTarget BaitBall shots.

Can’t get these here baits outta my frickin’ head. They’re sexier than [insert yer crush here].

4. Most innerestin’ thing observed…

…so far: Howell, Kriet and a bunch of the other Livingston Lures pros watching prototype baits run underwater, just before the show ended yesterday. Prediction: A lot mo’ and betta LL baits be comin’.

5. Pocket U-rig.

That’s Elite pro John Murray folding up and pocketing the new version of his River2Sea Bumbershoot U-rig. (Crappy pic, sorry, you get the idea….) Pretty cool, eh?


Watch the vid!


1. ICAST Best of Show beeg weeners.

What this means: Most votes from the media. Here’s the bassin’-related ones:

Best of Show – Hard Lure – Koppers

Here’s Davey Mercer talkin’ ’bout it:

Best of Show – Soft Lure – Lunkerhunt 
Lunker Frog

Best of Show – Line – PowerPro Zero-Impact

Best of Show – Freshwater Reel – Shimano CHRONARCH C14+

Best of Show – Freshwater Rod – G. Loomis 
NRX Umbrella Rig

> This rod is light!

Best of Show – Electronics – Johnson Outdoors 
Humminbird Bow Mount 360 Imaging

Best of Show – Boating Accessory – JL Marine Systems Power-Pole Micro Anchor

> Also ICAST 2013 Overall Best of Show

Best of Show – Eyewear – Costa
 Tuna Alley

Best of Show – Fishing Accessory – American Tackle Co.
 Tidal Wave-Micro Wave System

Best of Show – Tackle Management – Plano
 3700 Guide Series Tackle Bag

Best of Show – Apparel – Shimano
 Dryfender Insulated Raingear

> Zona likes it ‘cuz it doesn’t get heavy like a lot of rain gear does.

2. Minn Kota 101s are now 112s…

…supposedly with less torque which makes boat control easier.

3. New Redfish ‘Elite’ Series.

Seriously? Of all the names, “Elite” is the one that just came to you in the shower or whatever? Let’s see if B.A.S.S. lets ’em keep it….




THIS is why you should be using this shaky head:

Buy ’em here!

Tip of the Day

David Fritts summer crankin’ tips.

> “I try to find the zone they’re in. I like to start with the boat in 15-25′ and throw into the 7-10′ zone. I use a bait that runs 16-17′ so it’s in that zone. If they’re biting when the bait first gets down, then I’ll fish shallower baits. If the fish hit at the bottom of the cast, I’ll use baits that run a little deeper.”

> “Somewhere between 14-18′ is a good strike zone to search for them in the dead of summer.” He says that in his native North Carolina, he likes to find points in 15-16′ with a few stumps at the end. But as a general rule, “wherever the shallowest water meets the deepest water on that piece of structure, that’s where they should be feeding.”

> “If there isn’t much current, the size of the fish shrinks a little bit. The bigger fish don’t come up to feed as often — Lake Eufaula is a good example. You have to finesse those fish. You have to make the bait do certain things to figure out how they want it: fast, slow, stopped, ripped a little, paused. It might take you a whole day to figure out how they want it, but once you figure it out, it should work all over the lake.”

> “In the summertime, water clarity tells me what color to throw. Usually a shad color is hard to beat. But by the end of summer and into fall, the chartreuses get good also.”



Quote of the Day

Anglers are most concerned with weight loss initially after death, but little research has been focused on this.

Know us anglers are obsessed with lookin’ cool, but wow. Okay…quote is about record fish….


Shots of the Day

Two for ya this morn:

1. What the new 12′ Minn Kota Talon anchor looks like going the other way. Long, but doesn’t have a bigger profile on yer boat, they say.

2. Not sure why shots of ladies in wading boots  are all that, but they fo sho are! Wonder if non-fishermen feel thataway…. (Shot courtesy of Costa shades.)


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