Would you fish a turtle over a craw, How to find bigger bass, Geecrack Spiron and mini frog

Today’s Top 5

What bait would you fish…

…if you found these in your livewell, like bass-head Marc G did:

Few thangs:

1. That’s a HUGE blue crawfish.

2. Unless my eyes are messed up — after seein’ this pic of Brandon Palaniuk’s alien skin — there’s zero color or shape pattern there.

3. He was fishin’ on Sooner Lake, OK.

Makes me wonder whether Yamamoto or Z-Man will be the first one to come out with a pancake-shaped bait…?

“There’s no reason why you need to go to AR to go fishing.”

– Hahaha! That’s OK Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell throwin’ down some un-neighborly vibes whilst talkin’ up the new OK Fishing Trail. The Trail is made up of “loops,” believe for various species. Check it here.

Btw here’s the wall OK is building to keep its fishermen in:

Cool baits from ’round the webz.

1. Mini-frowg — Someone please tell me how that line-tie makes sense:

2. Ever see the Geecrack Spiron?

I hadn’t til recently but I hope to say “Geecrack Spiron” as much as possible from now on. Underwater vid here. [Can’t link the website but it’s]

3. Sloooooow swim-baitin’.

@blackmarketswimbaits posted this outstandin’ @rwhallman vid of a “Line Through Resin Glide” swimbait:

Check the seductive Roman Made Negotiator — full vid here:

Don’t see the swimbait on TW, but I do see a new Roman Made Prologue Worm — at $13.99-$17.99/bag spendy, but one color/size already sold out:

Would you fish this bait??

My answer: No. Wouldn’t even pick it up. Not gonna say what it looks like to me, but rhymes with TRD…lol.

That is/was Stray Casts host Pat Renwick’s fave crank. Says it was an ’82 Bagley SmallFry Crawdad. Pretty sure his buds played a practical joke on him a while back but okay….

If you fish a completely beat-up bait, shoot me a pic of it and tell me what it is…might run a few.

“Whether I’m looking for smallmouth or largemouth, it seems like a jig is a great bait to use.”

Otter “Ott” DeFoe talkin’ WI fishin’ and givin’ me one o’ these moments:


1. Will David Dudley win his 4th FLW AOY?

Last FLW tourney of the season comin’ up (Champlain, NY) and DD is 2nd in the points by just 1 POINT behind John Cox (finished 2nd in AOY in 2015). He’s 15 points ahead of Buddy Gross in 3rd, who’s having his best FLW season so far. Dudley was the AOY in ’12, ’11 and ’08.

2. Jess Tacorante DQd from Gville Elite.

Announced 2 days ago? Anyone hear about it? Props to Bassin’Fan for diggin’ it up. Sorry to hear it for Jesse. Seems like it was an honest mistake…but I heard Trip enjoyed it, he was sendin’ this around:

Lol kiddin’.

3. BPTer Jeff Sprague says that format lets him fish more freely.I was like, More this?

He said, “No, fishing the moment.” Not even a smiley emoji so not sure if he knew who that was or what….

4. Casey Ashley ain’t leavin’ without a popper…

…this time of year, from the MLF website:

> “…I’ll throw it all day long, on the hottest days of summer. …the biggest bites on a popper are going to come once the shadows become more prominent. So keep casting it all day….”

> “My all time favorite was the Excalibur popper, but they don’t make it anymore, so now I throw the BOOYAH Boss Pop,” says Ashley, who is not sponsored by BOOYAH. “I tie it to 12-lb mono, and the rod and reel you use is really key because you’re trying to make super-accurate casts….”

He uses a 6′ 9″ M Quantum G-Force Rod and a Quantum Vapor Reel.

5. Win a boat at Ike’s charity derby.

On the Delaware River. DO NOT FISH it if anyone from the South Jersey Bass Mafia is in it. They own that river man…or really Pete Gluszek does….

6. Say hello to the zombie Hula?

When’s the last time Arbogast came out with a new bait…or a new anything? Not really sure but I’m thinkin’ it was about this time:

Hahaha! (Lookit those fish!) But seriously, Arbogast is “rebirthing” the Hula Popper like this here…innerestin’. Click the pic for the tease vid:

7. DE has a new largemouth plate.

NJ still doesn’t have one 🙁

8. TX: Benefit tourney for HS student’s fam on Murvaul.

July 27.

9. AL: Eufaula derby had 24 20+ lb limits.

Winners had 29.83 lbs. Fished offshore structure with Big Bite Suicide Shads on 3/8-5/8 oz heads, and caught a few on a Strikezone Ledgebuster spinnerbait.

10. VA stocking “tiger bass” in 5 lakes.

Smith Mountain, which already has ’em, plus Claytor, Anna, Chesdin and one more not yet determined. Innerestin’ story about how a regular dude got the DNR to try it in Smith Mntn:

> …”tiger bass,” offspring of “a special strain of aggressive northern bass and a pure strain of Florida bass that comes from a proven trophy line,” according to American Sport Fish in AL, the only hatchery licensed to produce and sell the hybrid.

Pic here, looks just like a regular largie.

11. AR: Lake Columbia has some big bass…

…and a lot of pads, sounds like. 3,000 acres.

12. Innerestin’ post on the Lew’s/Strike King ride.

By Kenny Duke of Fishing Tackle Retailer. A thing that stood out to me:

> From the latest buyers: “We view this as an attractive platform investment in a sector with significant opportunity for organic growth and consolidation, given the number of founder- and family-owned companies in this expanding category.”

So guessin’ they’re going to add more to Lew’s/Strike King?

13. DC: Industry asks President to exempt fishing tackle…

…from the whole China trade war tariff deal.

14. 4″ YUM tube will have new colors soon…

…includin’ “camo, natural and ghillie suit — lookin’ gooooood:

Colors aren’t yet on Tackle Warehouse but the tube is.

15. New sizes/colors coming in BioSpawn ExoSwims.

Check the ExoSwims on the TW.

16. Sounds like Skeeter has a new boat coming.

Called the FXR. Could not find any leaked pics, but supposed to be revealed in July.

17. Merc has a new 450 Racing engine.


> …4.6 liter V8. A 2.4-liter belt-driven twin-screw supercharger delivers pressure charging with zero lag for instant throttle response. The supercharger is water-cooled to reduce the temperature of the intake charge and increase power. Twin charge-air coolers…reduce the temperature of the compressed intake charge to further increase air density and power output.

Word is it can be custom-painted to say “250” on it…lol.

18. MD: Snakeheads trying to get past Conowingo Dam…

…on the Susquehanna River. Not good.

19. DC: New anti-grass carp bill in Congress.

> …would add $500,000 to efforts preventing the spread of grass carp into the Great Lakes has passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

20. MD: Chesapeake dead zone might be big this year.

Expected to be 2.1 cubic miles…which sounds weird to me (cubic?):

> Excess nutrients enter the water through polluted runoff from cities, suburbs and rural land, and feed naturally occurring algae. This then fuels the growth of algae blooms. The blooms, which then die and decompose, deplete the dissolved oxygen in the water. This creates hypoxic — or low-oxygen — conditions that suffocate the aquatic life that depend on the oxygen to survive.

21. Lookit these lids!

Get ’em at

22. Enter to win this red/white/blue Rapala stuff.

Rapala giveaway:

Shout-Out of the Week

Give it up for 14-yr-old RISING FROSHES Andon Goins and Blake Wheat of Rhea County Eagle Anglers (TN) for a-winnin’ the 2019 Bassmaster High School Wildcard tourney at Cumberland, KY. Shoot, they’re not even in HS yet!

Not only that, they won by targeting the dreaded suspended feeshes:

> …they fished in and around 2 marinas…. “We caught them in 50-70′ of water.” They worked Spooks in tandem with flutter spoons…. While their boat was over deep water, their bites came from bass holding about 6′ below the surface.

Pretty #stout! Couple more things:

1. They got in the tourney because they went to Hank Weldon’s high school…KIDDING! Okay it was Trip’s high school…still kidding…all legal.

2. They had big bass, a 6-03 on the Spook.

Lake Name of the Week

Man Made Lake, MI

Nowhere near as creative as these guys:

Headline of the Week

Removing Maryland’s Bloede Dam was a moral obligation

If dams have anything to do with morals now, we’re all in big trouble…. BUT we ARE morally obligated to FISH 4 BASS MANG!


Why OH bassin’ looks like its down — Got an email from OH fish biologist Zak Slagle who ‘splained:

> Smallmouth angler effort seems to depend a lot on how good the walleye fishing is: Walleye effort usually makes up [around] 70% of our total fishing effort in the OH waters of Erie. Back in the late ’90s/early 2000s, walleye fishing was poor so we had a lot of anglers switch over to bass fishing — so much so that bass harvest peaked and we had to institute a C&R-only season in 2004. Since then, the walleye population has rebounded and is stellar right now, so we lost a lot of that effort….

> On the bright side, largie angler effort has been growing, and the smallie population appears to be doing great. Our rate of citation-sized smallmouth bass (20+ inches) per angler hour has been increasing since 2000 — it’s now more likely than ever to catch a trophy-sized smallie. Catch rates for all sizes of both smallmouth and largemouth are on the upswing as well.

Thanks Zak and glad to hear it!

Tip of the Day

Brandon Card: How to find bigger ones.

Couple cool insights:

> I have seen instances where the number of bass in an offshore school indicated how big the individual fish were. A small school of 5 to 10 bass usually had some big ones in it. Larger schools of 30 to 40 bass produced only smaller ones. Then again, I’ve seen times at KY Lake, for example, where the size of the school didn’t matter.

> When I check out a school of bass in practice…the whole key is to get one big bite out of a school to reassure myself that the quality I need is there. I leave immediately after catching a good one. If I catch several bass without getting a quality bite, I leave and rarely come back.

> I do the same thing when I’m fishing shallow. If I’m flipping a row of bushes and catch several bass no bigger than 2 lbs. I’ll keep jacking them until I get a good one. If that doesn’t happen I won’t be back come tournament time.

> If big and small bass are in the same cover, sometimes a bait change can pay big dividends. A bait change was the ticket when I finished in the top 10 during an Elite…at Lake Falcon several years ago. On the first day I sacked about 20 lbs by flipping a Senko to flooded bushes. The next day I switched to bulky 1/2- and 3/4-oz jigs. I got fewer bites, but sacked 25 lbs. On the third day I landed 5 bass on my jigs that went over 29 lbs.

Quote of the Day

“I guess ever since I could walk, I could fish.”

7-yr-old little dude who’s got the fever for the feeshes too yeeeeehaaaaaaa! Just wait til he gets his first check for ketchin’ em….

Shot of the Day

Guess this is what happens when a bass skips leg/tail day at the gym — @filthyfisher shot:



Do yetis prefer Igloo coolers?

Thanks to bass-head @toddokrine for hippin’ me to this pretty dang hilarious vid:

Ya got me
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