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You don’t hear about them as much, and I figured that’s because the swimbait craze knocked them out of fashion. Hackney explained it the best I’ve heard so far:

> Our reservoirs are ageing. Part of that process is that the water is clearer than it was years ago. Way back when I first started fishing competitively I fished a lot of water that was anywhere from stained to downright muddy. That’s rare these days.

> That creates problems for spinnerbait fishing. Spinnerbaits work best when the water has at least a little stain to it. Low light and a chop of the surface helps, too. Those conditions are pretty specific. We (pros) don’t see them very often so we don’t throw spinnerbaits very often.

> …with clear water conditions swimbaits do a better job of imitating baitfish.

My 2c is the clear water has something to do with it, but spinnerbaits are still a bit “old school” meaning out of fashion…but they still catch ’em.

Overstreet and I, when we were kids, we thought of ourselves as the Rick Clunn and Larry Nixon of frog gigging.




– One choice quote from the interview I did with steamin’ Steve Bowman here on All you aspiring bass-heads, that’s how you get a job at the AR division o’ B.A.S.S.: Grow up with Bowman. (lol)

Congrats buddy on the Hall of Fame deal. Well-deserved.

Best St. Lawrence Elite practice pics.




Brandon Palaniuk:
Paul Mueller:
Chad Pipkens is wearin’ a porkey-pine hat!

Btw, are the Elites allowed to use these reels in this derby:




In the St. Lawrence and Ontario anyway:

> He remembers winning the Canadian Open with roughly 60 lbs over 3 days 5 years ago. “Now, it’s 67 or 68 or even more. Not long ago, a 6-pounder was considered a huge fish here. I don’t know if it’s global warming or what, but the fish continue to get bigger…as the growing season gets longer.”

Btw the Berkley B1 Canadian Bass Open is Sept 26-27. Last year’s champs with some howgs:

‘Nother tasty bait.




Need a skillet with some butter:

ABT custom foil series. Daaaaaaaaaaayum yo!




1. Ike’s tackle pile on St. Lawrence.

In practice:

2. Top 10 in Elite AOY points.

Check this list:

  1. Dean Rojas
  2. Justin Lucas
  3. Aaron Martens
  4. Greg Vinson
  5. Brent Ehrler
  6. Cliff Pirch
  7. Kevin VanDam
  8. Jacob Powroznik
  9. Edwin Evers
  10. Shaw Grigsby

What I see:
> Will Dean the fishin’ machine close it out.
> How ’bout A-Mart, KVD and Evers once again being in the hunt. Wow.
> Lookit all the former FLWers in there: J-Lu, Ehrler, J-Pow.
> Few under-the-radar guys there, eh?
> Shaw!

3. Mark Davis taking it easy with shoulder.

Post-surgery. Could not pre-fish a bunch of lakes.

4. TN: Teen catches lake record…

…in B.A.S.S. derby, an 11-04:

5. Sonar basics.

Greatvery basic piece on

6. Former Merc exec Ham Hamberger dies.

7. SC: Wylie ramps closing due to low water.

8. NV: Mead level at record low, 37%.

9. NY gets $150K for derbies.

Apparently B.A.S.S. getting $20K for Waddington Elite — but that can’t be all?

10. NC: Red swamp crayfish taking hold.

LA crawdad, sounds like not a good thing.

11. New ‘Rude jet drives.

For all you rock-jumpers.

12. Top Ranger dealer awards.

KC Cabela’s and Vic’s in OH.

Tip of the Day



Mike Bucca, owner of Bull Shad Swimbaits:

> I’m going to tell you what I recommend and you can take it from there. Many people use braid with swimbaits — some of the best swimbait guys I know use braid. I’m just not one of them.

> 90% of the people who email me about losing baits are losing baits by casting them off. 90% of those castoffs are by and large with braid. My best explanation for this is while braid works great for traditional size lures (1-oz or less). When you start heaving 2+-oz baits, the braid tends to dig into the spool and when you go to cast you end up casting it off. Thats my theory on braid breakoffs.

> If you’re going to use braid use 65-lb or larger to help remedy the line digging. I find that larger-diameter braid doesn’t dig as bad/much as the smaller diameter braids.

> I’m the biggest fan of fluorocarbon there is, and being a spotted bass guy here in Georgia I live and die by my fluoro. I just do not like it for swimbaits. Again, a lot of people use it, but fluoro is known for sub-par knot strength and lack of stretch. Just not good ingredients for big $$ baits. A lot of people use fluorocarbon for big swimbaits. If you’re confident in your line with 2-oz+ baits, then I say go for it and give it a shot.

> What I use and recommend is good ole 25-lb mono. Is 25-lb overkill? You bet. You don’t need 25-lb line to reel in any fish. You need the 25-lb to be able to take the brunt of the load when casting 2-oz+ baits. The stretch helps, and the strength of the line helps with the torque that you’re putting your knot through.


Check the Bull Shad on

Quote of the Day

Sometimes there’s no justice in any sport.


Mark Davis talkin’ on Bassin’Fan ’bout his twin boys — Fisher and Hunter — and a recent derby experience:

> Fisher “will spend every waking hour fishing, while Hunter would rather play football. He likes to fish, but it’s not his thing.”

> Prior to the Arkansas state [youth] tournament…[Mark] and Fisher spent 3 straight days on Ouachita, figuring out a pattern and locating plenty of fish. Hunter…slept in each day.

> “Come tournament day…I pull up on these fish schooling. They tied on (Strike King) Sexy Dawgs and they’re casting side by side. Hunter’s catching 4-pound largemouth, while all Fisher was catching were stripers and white bass.”

> Hunter won the tournamen…. “Sometimes there’s no justice in any sport,” Davis said. “Fisher did his homework and it didn’t go his way. They were fishing the same lure 10 feet from each other and working them the same way. For his brother, who never fishes, to beat him, it was not good around the house for a few days afterward.”


Something tells me Fisher is still planning a beat-down of some sort…lol.


Shot of the Day


It’s good to see a big head!

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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