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Where’d the g-g-giants go?

Okay not Mercer’s personal fish that he keeps in captivity for his TV show (hahaha!), I mean the high-teens and 20s fish. TX’s ShareLunkers (13+ lbers) have slowed down. In CA, seems pretty rare now to hear of fish that breaks 15. Not many out of Japan. What up?

One theory: The Florida-strain genes have been watered-down over time thru interbreeding with pathetic, skinny, normal-sized northern-strain largies…which we love anyhow. My 2c:

> I do think the genes coulda gotten watered down. Because if you can’t grow world records on fatty trout in Cali’s mild climate, something ain’t right. So if the genes are watered down…time to re-stock?

> The bigs are out there, but guys don’t fish for them as much. I mean…who wants to fish all day for 1 big bite…that may not even be a big fish?

> Have we hit the upper limit for largies? Are high teens and 20s fish always gonna be ultra-rare even if we hook ’em up to a freakin’ trout/crayfish/Big Mac IV??

BUT a dude did just catch a 17-02 Lake Kaweah, CA G-G-GINORMOROCEROUS:


Click the pic to see the vid. Slammed it on an Eco Pro u-rig with Keitech 4″ Easy Shiners (silver flash). Couple theens:

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