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Weird catches.





Some gems from a post on Rapala’s Facebook page — crazy stuff. Hit ’em up with your story.

> Had a customer catch a grenade IN THE FIRING PIN. Talk about nervous.

> A wallet with 300 cash. But it had ID in it and I had the kids. So i taught them about honesty and gave it to the park ranger. [So if you didn’t have the kids…a new Loomis rod??]

> I caught a string of Christmas lights the same day my uncle caught a roller skate!! [Dude do you live in NJ too?]

> Red white and blue solo cups. In that order. On the same day on a good ole Shad Rap….

> A hub cap off an 80s Buick in a strong current. The current caused the hub cap to flutter like a giant spinnerbait, which translated back down the pole as the head shake of a giant catfish. I had a crowd of people watching me fight that thing. I still haven’t lived it down.

> I seen a buddy of mine catch a T-bone steak. [Pretty sure that was probly a pork chop….]

And my favorite:

> A guy I work with caught a dead goat in a burlap sack while fishing the Mississippi River!

Who on earth would waste a perfectly good goat like that?

How to lose 30 lbs…




…cranking — because you were too lazy to change out the hooks. Props to Mikey B, an authentic bassin’ bum (love it), for making the vid. Never seen one like it.

Shows him losin’ fish after fish — ‘cludin’ some howgs. Then he makes the same mod to the Strike King 6XD that Kevin VanDam does: using Mustad KVD 2x Short Triple Grip trebles. Check it:

I’d say that I’ve learned more in the past 3 or 4 years than I did in the previous 15 years of my career.




Randy “iron head” Howell talkin‘. Also said:

> “It’s very easy to have some success and then become stagnant in this sport when it comes to learning new techniques.”

> “It’s weird how it kind of happened when I quit trying to make it happen.”

> “I also think that a lot of my most recent success has come from my solid relationship with King’s Home. …really taken my mind off of stressing about trying to win and it has made me realize that there’s a greater purpose outside of just making a dollar or getting a trophy. That realization boosted my confidence level and has allowed me to be a lot more comfor when I am on the water.”

Randy’s won an event each of the last 3 years, including some little derby on Gville you probly never heard of….

I remember when Howell was a long-haired young dude from Jersey tryin’ to make it in this biz…. No wait — that was me. Howell has always looked like he looks now. Which makes me think he might be one a these-here:

Check this lit-up outboard!




Think everything that can be lit up on a bass boat’s been done? Nope. This ain’t a bassin’ boat, but it’s fo sho cool:

The bass be partyin’ down there like it’s 1999….

Do bass pass gas?




Judging by these pics, that’s an affirmative.

A dude in Japan:

Zona and A-Mart:

Believe this is the first time bass farts have been covered in the history of bass fishing. I know…incredible that it’s taken this long!




1. Win Randy Howell’s boat.

Chance at a $75K boat with a $100 tax-deductible ticket. Plus help kids in need. #rawk

2. Howell moving to Guntersville.

And will only be fishing crankbaits on riprap from now on….

> The Howells…have been living out of their camper near Guntersville and will be living at a campground for the next few months.

Believe it or not they have a pretty nice spread:

Okay..they actually only live in that top gray one.

Lol sorry Robin!

3. Subscribe to Mark Menendez TV.

Subscribe here.

4. Zona on Ike Live.

> Iaconelli takes to the air again this Sunday (Oct 25) for a Halloween Spook-tacular edition of Ike Live! His guest is none other than Mark Zona, host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing. …starts at 7:00 pm ET, live-streaming from

5. Why I love this pic of Rick Clunn.

Yep it’s cool that he fished a derby with his son, but I love it cuz a) Rick didn’t smile for years in pics (at least that’s how I remember it) and here he is smiling, and b) his son ain’t smilin’ — chip off the old block hahaha!

6. Win Pipkens’ jersey.

Does it come with a hairbrush or what?

7. Pro boats for sale.

8. How the Chapmaniac manages deer.

Cool vid — made by the Gar-man, whoever that is:

9. TX needs right to fish/hunt amendment?

Is this a sign of the apocalypse?? What the heck is going on there — have people forgotten the Alamo?

10. GA: New college bassin’ coach.

At Savannah College of Art and Design. Cool, tho sounds like they should be a bassin’ BAITS team. Either way works.

11. MO: Ozarks Bass Cat owners derby.

This Saturday.

12. Booyah Boo Spin Rigs on sale…

…on A-rig alternative — use a swimbait, crankbait, spoon, etc.

13. Sept boat sales up 10% year over year.

Cutting Room Floor

Believe it or not, I have a lotta good stuff that doesn’t make the 2 emails a week. Anyone want 3 per week or heck no? Not sure I can do it but…let me know mang!

Reminds me of one Jimi Hendrix rocket-fuelin’ the old blues standard “Killing Floor.” Watch that and you’ll know why Eric Clapton wanted to quit when he saw Hendrix.

Hey BassBlaster forwarders!
If you’re forwarding every Blaster to other bass crackheads, tx much — or you can email me the addys and we’ll take care of it! We’ll never send spam, sell the list or anything else crazy….

Tip of the Day

Or catchin’ with a buzz in fall:

> The lure gets stereotyped as being primarily effective over shallow grass, logs or stumps and stained water, but…some of my best days with a buzzbait have come when I was going down a bank casting the lure at no specific target.

> You don’t want a bait that is too visible…you want fish to see it but you don’t want them to get a good look at it.

> …for low light conditions, I like black with a gold blade. If the water is clear, I like the bluegill-colored skirt that Strike King offers, with either a silver or gold blade. I like shad-colored skirts when fishing around shad and white or white/chartreuse in stained water.

> If I’m around a lot of big fish, I will go with the 3/8-oz and a bigger blade. If it’s tougher conditions and calmer water, I’ll use the 1/4-oz so that the sound and action is a little subdued. And if it’s real slick and sunny but the fish are still chasing shad, I will go to a 1/8-oz.

> Speed is critical…most people fish a buzzbait too fast. You should fish it just fast enough to keep it on top of the water.

> I always add a trailer hook for short strikes, but if the bass are still hitting and missing the bait, slow it down even more. To increase noise and slow the bait down, crimp the rivet behind the blade so it can’t spin on the shaft. That allows the blade to squeak against the rivet and that drives bass crazy. I also like to pull about 1/3 of the strands out of the skirt to reduce bulk and enable the head to ride a little deeper in the water.

KVD either uses the custom buzzers Zona makes in his basement — which may or may not be true — or Strike King buzzbaits.

Quote of the Day

Ehlers continued to cook up the frogs on his wife’s stove until he realized he no longer needed to work at the boot factory.

– Sounds like a line from a fairy tale, and I guess maybe it was. From the story of how Snag Proof Lures was born (or should I say, borned). Cool story.

‘Nother good line:

> “For over 40 years we had this little corner of the business all to ourselves, and then overnight there were like a dozen different companies jumping into producing frogs.”

A 40-year run in the fishin’ biz without being knocked off is unheard of.

Shot of the Day

This to me is hilarious. My kids think it’s cool — or, uh, “dope” — but I ain’t wearin’ something that says “Dope”…even if it is true. Also won’t eat green eggs and ham but that’s another story.

I WOULD wear a bassin’ shirt that said DERP though.

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


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