We lost Ron Lindner, Jordan Lee’s go-to rig, The bassin’ physique

Hope you had a great break and caught some! I spent a lotta time casting with nothing to show for it. BUT I did finally find some bait…
…then after my son and I threw a half-dozen things at ’em I realized, man I have a lot to learn about offshore fishing. I also didn’t pick up a spin rod, which might have got me from stubborn to dumb. Anyhow some firsts with the new boat:


– Left the drain plug out (2x) but luckily the Vexus has an auto bilge and a switch by the transom that puts the plug in.

– Left the house without unplugging the charger — searched my brain hard looking for a picture of me unplugging it but…. Luckily it unplugged itself in the driveway.


Reminder: the TW Black Friday sale is STILL ON til 8 pm EST tonight!! Thinkin’ ’bout asking my wife if I can use the dog’s stocking for my stuff too lol…or maybe the cat’s would make more sense….

Today’s Top 5
We lost Ron Lindner.
Passed on yesterday. To me he was a friend, business partner, mentor, brother in Jesus and inspiration. An amazing man I looked up to.


He and his brother Al have been pioneers in fishing media and lures/tackle. Almost everyone (maybe everyone) in modern fishing media can thank them for having a gig. And if you’re not in fishing media but you fish, you can thank them for how you think analytically about fishing because they started that and are still pushing it to the limit — just talk to Al, who knows more than any 100 people about catching ’em and is always asking questions and experimenting.


Check Ron on Midwest Outdoors a few years back:


> “The innovation of the depthfinder, the flasher, and Buck Perry’s theories of structure and fish movement came together…started to gain steam in the early ’60s, and we haven’t looked back since. We’ve been trying to push the envelope every day since then.”


No doubt. Their In-Fisherman media empire — magazines, TV, DVDs, books and probably more — was huge (reach and $-wise), pioneering and amazing. Ron’s role in it was more on the media-creation side. And it never stopped, even after they sold In-Fish. He and I used to talk all the time about digital, what he saw, what was working, etc. He was in his late 70s/80s at the time, got after it every day, and was still hungry and insightful. Great quote from him about that:


> “I’m planting trees whose shade I will never sit under.”


How ’bout that. Too cool.


Ron was inducted into every Hall of Fame possible, including the Bassin’ Hall of Fame’s induction that was supposed to happen this year.


With Al and others, Ron also did many things to help folks after he got to know the Lord about midway through life. Not gonna try to list them for 2 reasons: 1) I don’t know ’em all and 2) that’s not what it’s about (counting and recognition). Just know that he walked the walk — which reminds me that every meeting we ever had started with prayer. He had his priorities straight 100% of the time.


Story-wise, there’s a lot of funny stories about Ron — you could say he was sorta accident-prone in the boat. Here’s a quick story of a different kind because I know he wouldn’t mind me sharing:


2 weeks ago I was Skyping with Ron and Target Walleye main man Brett McComas. Ron matter of factly tells us the cancer has returned and says the last time he had it (years ago) he clearly heard from God that he had til 2020. He said, “I’m at peace with it.” And he was. He also was 100% himself and in the office at the time, so I sorta didn’t believe he’d leave us this year.


For whatever it’s worth, I feel the Lord had mercy on him. Having said that, the Lindner clan I’m sure is hurting right now so if you pray, please say a few for them.


This is in no way an adequate tribute to a lion of our sport and business. Not even close. Just some thoughts for you today. I’ll miss his gravelly voice but I’ll see him again at some point. Love from me and thank you a ton Ron.


If you’re at all curious about Ron and Al and their journey, I highly recommend their short-ish book “First Light on the Water.” I gotta find mine and read it again. It’s great.

Baits breakdown from the Lewisville Open.
Turns out there’s still some bass in Lewisville because KY’s Tommy Williams had 41-15 to win it by 1.5 lbs. Good job man! Here’s how olde-skool Tommy went:


> …used homemade 1/4-oz spinnerbaits that he called the Tommy Bug…on a 6′ rod…. Williams used a chartreuse [grub] trailer….


How ’bout that! Love the grubs, and did the rods have a pistol grip?? Hahaha love it!


> For windy conditions and murky water, he used a bait with silver and gold CO blades. For clearer water he switched to…a silver willowleaf blade.


Crankbait = 70%Rapala DT6, 1.5s (30%), WEC E-1, Ten Feet Under Widell More (Japan bait?), Shimano Komac (Japan bait?), Greenfish Tackle Fat G2 Squarebill, Brad’s Baits (paint only?)


Finesse Jig = 40%War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig (10%)


Spinnerbait = 30% — 1/2-oz War Eagle Double Willow (10%)


20% each = Bladed Jig (1 JackHammer), TX-rigged worm (1 YUM Magnum Finesse Worm), Jig


10% each = Flip plastics, Shakey head, Stick worm (Senko)




> Keith Combs finished 11th and didn’t use an XD! But he did crank a KVD 1.5 so….


> Keith Poche won that recent FLW ‘Yota and finished 14th and 9th in the last 2 Centrals.


> On Em Robertson’s last 3 Opens finishes startin’ with this one were: 17th, 1st, 2nd.


> Trey Swindle, Gerald’s nephew, cracked the top 20 for the first time with a 19th.


> Jason Christie is leading the Opens AOY race, behind him is Micah “Machete” Frazier’s bro Marc, and several more known hammers are in the top 10 including ex-ID citizen Brandon Palaniuk.

Late-fall swimbait tips from the OG swimbait dude Byron Velvick.
Found on the Bassin’masters site — some good stuff:


> …let me encourage you to stay with your fall pattern for a little while longer. In my experience, far too many anglers abandon it before they should. Just because you think it’s cold and miserable doesn’t mean the fish think that way.


> The trick to using a swimbait for clean-up in the late fall is size. Throw a really small one…2″ is about right. And you’ll do best almost everywhere with a shad color of some sort. Most of the national companies have something suitable on the market. That said, however, this is the time of the year when locally made baits come into their own.


> I don’t think it matters much if the bait is soft or hard. The important thing is that it looks and swims with a natural action.


Huh. He likes a lighter rod with a soft tip for throwing small baits:


> My reel preference is the Abu Garcia REVO….


> I use the lightest mono line possible at this time of the year. Braid is too heavy for light lures and fluorocarbon sinks too fast for use in shallow water. Besides light line will allow your bait to work more naturally. Heavy line will destroy its action.


I’m inspired, how ’bout you?


If you forgot, Byron could catch fish outta thin air:

For the bassin’ man (or gal) who has everything else.
Looks custom/DIY, possibly genius:
Celebratin’ the bassin’ physique.
Bahahahaha yep! Takes YEARS to develop that deal man!


> [Saturday] morning around 10:00 AM, a fiberglass fishing boat with two fishermen onboard overturned below Fort Loudoun dam sending both male occupants into the water. The boat was pulled into the spillway but has since washed out with heavy damage and remains on the shoreline in hazardous waters. Bystanders pulled one of the men from the water who has been taken to UT Medical Center. The second man is still missing.


Please pray for those folks. Identities were released by the TN DNR.


2. Is this why Jacob Wheeler uses all ‘lectronics brands?


Tweeted recently:


> Who would play a multiplayer tournament fishing game if I made one?


If he MADE one? Is Jacob a coder? Did he hack his own units?? Very intriguing….


3. Clark Wendlandt is on Bass Edge Ray-dee-oh.


4. Micah Frazier likes the YUM Spine Craw for C-rigging (Insta vid).


Says he likes how the Spine Craw moves a lot of water and the claws move real easily at any speed:

Here’s another tip from him — 2 3/8-oz Swagger Tungsten flipping weights back to back for more noise:
Micah won’t say it to most people but he gets a lotta tips from fish:


This line posted by Rick’s wife Melissa is SO him it made me laugh:


> Rick just saw this shirt design this morning and asked “Why would anyone want a picture of me on their back.” Well maybe you do, so follow the link to our store….


Click the tee to git one:


> “A lot of the tournaments I’ve won in the past were fishing 1 or 2 spots and basically fishing them dry. You just can’t do that in the MLF format. You have to cover water and fish the moment more…. Making that adjustment has been the biggest thing for me. I’ve had to force myself to move on and to fish fresh water I haven’t practiced in….


> “My main drawback is I don’t cover enough water in tournaments or practice. I will really force myself to move on, to do more ‘faster fishing’ than I’m accustomed to doing.


> “For the most part, I’ve relied on a heavy style of fishing, power fishing techniques. Now the other end of the game comes into play a lot more. I’ve tried to get better with finesse techniques….


> “Now a key thing is to fish every dock on the lake.”


7. FLWer Bradley Dortch still selling his Blazer.


2020 Blazer 625 Pro-Elite, Merc 250 Pro XS, Lowrance Lives, Ultrex, Power Poles.


8. Louie Stout makes outrageous claim that IN guys can fish.


C’mon Louie next thing you’ll be sayin’ that hawgs live in the OH River.


HAHAHA! Actually the post was on Jason Fowler and Ron Fabiszak of South Bend winnin’ a boat on Chickamauga, TN at the USA Bassin’ Ranger Classic. Congrats to ’em!


9. Gerald Crawford sighting!


Gary Klein posted about seein’ him at a TX MLF. Crawfish is the OG B.A.S.S. photographer and a good, gentle dude:


Luke Loewe:


> “I believe I’m good enough,” Loewe said of getting to the Bassmaster Elite Series someday. “I would have to work my way up to that because I’ve been playing basketball the last 4 years and haven’t been in the fishing world as much as I would need to be. But I think that would be awesome, honestly. It’s kind of a dream of mine.”


Luke is 6′ 4″ which would still fit him in a regular-size bassin’ tub….


11. LAST WEEK to win the Bass Pastor’s Nitro Z-18.


> Drawing will be held on Sat, Dec 5 at Cabela’s in Greenville, SC.


175 Merc Pro XS, Minn Kota Ultrex, 2 Humminbird Helixes. Click the pic to buy a ticket ($100 each) and help the pastor’s work:


Warm and cold weather they gotcha covered…literally….


13. WI having MONDAY meeting about Mendota bass regs.


> The proposal would change the current 18″ minimum and a daily bag limit of 1 for largemouth and smallmouth bass to the statewide bass regulation of a 14″ minimum with a daily bag limit of 5, effective Jan 1, 2021.


14. AL: Neely Henry Open contributed $1 mil locally.


Factoid mentioned in a meeting where lots of folks were opposing plans for a new rendering plant onear the Coosa River.


15. NY: 4 derbs out of Massena/St Lawrence next year.


MLF, FLW and a couple more.


16. AR: Lincoln Lake has trophy largemouths.


Not sure if it’s news to AR folks, just noted from a recent AR DNR electro-feesh.


17. Stanley has a new bladed jig, the Racket Blade.


Not on TW yet…looks like the blade is farther from the head than most?


18. 2021 Bass Cat Cougar FTD ran almost 80 mph.


But it had 2 granola-eatin’ fly fishermen in it instead of 2 bass fishermen.


Kidding hahaha! Motor was a Merc 250.


19. MO: Bass Pro Shops expanding Tracker Boats facility.


> The new facility is located 4 miles from the existing Tracker plant and will double its manufacturing footprint to about 210,000 sq ft.


20. WV trophy fish going to length measurement only.


> “The reason we’re no longer going to give citations based on weight is because anglers were having too much trouble trying to find certified scales to have their fish weighed on.We decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.”


They might wanna change that “citation” word. If the DNR asks me to submit something for a citation, I’m like, No thanks mang!


21. NC: Reminder about the Santa bass derby on Norman.


Dec 12, benefits Toys for Tots = #stout


22. KY testing carp removal methods on KY Lake.


In 5 bays, not named, so be careful runnin’ in case they’re not flagged or whatever.


23. LA: Dude caught and ATE the state record crappie.


Woulda been the record — 4.2 lbs!! 17″ long!!!! Record is 3.8 outta the same lake: Verret. Dude named Dickie Daigle caught it on a nightcrawler. Here’s the pic — his right hand is holding a 1-lber:

Headline of the Day


Tired of turkey? Try the plentiful Asian carp


Guess if someone makes a carp call and you can blast one with a 12ga without shredding it this could become a thing?

On right now… 


Humminbird Live deets! Jordan Lee’s winning baits! Dirty-water jerkbaiting


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Tip of the Day


Is it important to pay attention to Jo-Lee’s go-to rig? I think so. So here ’tis:

His TX-rigged Chigger Craw rig:


Quote of the Day
“You have to be out there. There are times when you would want to stay home due to conditions. But you have to get on the water.”


One half of a bassin’ team of AL bros talkin’ — Cole and Noah Godwin. They want to make the bigs. That attitude’s right on for anything — do it when you don’t want to. Good luck, it’s a tough road!

Shot of the Day
Sweet @billlewisfishing shot of a “purple light tiger” ‘Trap doin’ it’s job. Sweet-lookin’ color…need to trim that tag end a little tho….
Turtleman, his bro and his dad had ‘Squatch encounters in KY. Turtleman actually shot at one. He’s tellin’ his bud Squirrel all about it (YT vid).
Ya got me!
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