Topwater gorillas, New derps and crazy stuff, Fish spider web docks

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Today’s Top 5

Topwater frogs, topwater turtles, what’s next?

Answer = topwater gorillas:

Shoot at this point guess you can pick your own, so here’s the topwater animals I’d love to fish:

  • Mule — Ketch a mule on a poppin’ mule!
  • Spotted owl — “What’d you catch it on?” “Spotted owl.” Hahaha western bass-heads!
  • Llama — Man that llama spits a lotta water…. #boom
  • Camel — Serious Q at the dock: “Did that camel bait have 1 hump or 2?”
  • Ostrich — No one in the history of man has caught a bass on an ostrich so….

“One of my biggest pet peeves is…I would be a professional [angler] if I had ton of money….”

Brandon Palaniuk talkin’ in his AOY speech. Dude did not grow up with coin. Had an outhouse. Mentioned:

> “Even guys like Skeet, he was sleeping in a van at some point.”

Bet that van looked like this:

Here’s what Dean Rojas rolled in, believe Seth Feider bought it:

Seriously tho, watch/listen to BP’s speech. A lot of wisdom in there, whether you’re a young angler with big dreams or an old hand:

Top baits at the Santee Cooper Costa.

If it wasn’t official before, the top 10 baits at the FLW Costa on Santee re-proved 2 things: The Z-Man Jack Hammer has revived the bladed jig deal, and guys like to fish Senkos. That kinda sums it up, though the beeg weener and 2nd also fished spinnerbaits.

SC’s Ronnie “the real” McCoy won it by almost 6 lbs mostly fishing the shad spawn with a 1/2-oz double-willow spinnerbait (white/white blades) with a Zoom Tab Tail Grub or a 4.75″ Black Flagg Slikk Shadd swimbait, and a 3/8-oz Jack Hammer (white) with the Slikk Shadd:

Also sight-flipped a few with a Zoom Road Kill Craw (gp). Here’s what the full top 10 looked like:

Senko-type = 50% — Senko 30%

Bladed jig = 40% — Jack Hammer 30%, different Chatterbait 10%

Spinnerbait = 30% — Other than the winner, 2nd place Daniel Howell fished a double-Colo BOOYAH Blade spinnerbait:

Punch rig = 20%

Worm = 20%

10% each = Frog (BOOYAH Pad Crasher, 2nd), Swim-jig, Flip plastics, Sight-fish.

Callin’ out the Black Flagg Slikk Shadd — never heard of it, 2 guys used it, here it is.


Bass-head Kevin M looked pretty dang happy to catch this derp! Posted on the BB FB group btw — tune in for good stuff:

Got a spotted merpy derp too:

What the…?

Some stuff:

Okay but on open water with wind…will it work?

First thought this was Jordan Lee rockin’ some Classic winnin’s on a Mercedes tow vehicle, but that ain’t really how he rolls — then I saw those Japanese letters (?) on the street. Still believe that’s the first Mercedes towin’ a bass boat I’ve seen:

Does this swimbait mimic a…fry? Or I mean the reverse of that…. Posted by John S on the BB FB group:

Not sure what’s funnier with this pic — that we’re supposed to think it’s real or someone’s out there blasting mounted bass through the surface of the water for pics…#Photoshop


1. Ike not fishing rescheduled Sabine Elite.

Says it’s a “life-changing” new TV thang. Life-changing I guess would mean no more bass fishing? Cuz bassin’ is his life? lol, no idea.

2. Mark Menendez has new TV show.

Mark Menendez BassTV is now airing in the WPSD Classic 6 viewing area, an NBC affiliate covering western KY, southern IL, northwest TN, southeast MO, southern IN and northeast AR. Mark said:

> “It’s a fast-paced educational show. I’ll draw from 43 years of tournament experience to teach the tricks, tips and techniques I use as a professional angler….”

Check or follow on FB @Mark Menendez Bass TV or YT @ MM BASS TV. Highlight reel:

Mark’s a great teacher — folks in the biz have encouraged him for years to get this going. Glad he’s able to do it now.

3. BP gets a bassin’ ‘lectric fiddle.

But…a bass is supposed to have 4 strings:

Pretty sure that was supposed to be under my Christmas tree so what up with that Santa?

4. J-Lee and R-Clunn on Stray Casts Wed night.

Git it live tomorrow night (4/11) @ 7pm central — watch live on Stray Casts FB page and…also available after the fact on iTunes and the Stray Casts YT channel.

Host Pat Renwick has assured me that if the show runs long, he and the Elitist guests will sing at least 1 verse and 1 chorus of the Ozzy tune Perry Mason. Dang forgot how much that tune HITS!!!

5. SC: Jim Copeland’s bassin’ estate for sale.

I somehow missed that Jim Copeland, one of the 3 owners of B.A.S.S., died in Jan. Bless you bassin’ brother and thank you for helping to rescue B.A.S.S.

I’m assuming that’s why his Fish Farm property — stocked with Floridas — is for sale…for $2.1 mil. Vid tour here.

6. AL: Fishers of Men Natl Champeenship at Gville…

…THIS WEEKEND. Stats: 162 teams, 1st place Bass Cat Cougar Advantage Mercury 250 proXS, 2nd Place Bass Cat Margay Mercury 150 Pro XS, 3rd-32nd bonus bucks and big fish share another $55K.

All 162 teams fish first 2 days, top 32 fish Championship Saturday, 33rd-162nd get a shot at a 3rd day Redemption Tourney on Sat.

7. MX: Suspicious lunker board at Comedero.

Check it:

Steve Parks…could that be the same Steve Parks who designed the Strike King Rage Tail stuff? Check out the Magnum CutR Worm notes…a bigger size to be released by Strike King at ICAST this summer. So I’m thinking…that’s the real Steve Parks, and he crushed the bigs down there.

The finger in that shot is owned by bass-head Steve K, who smacked this 10.8-lb melon on an 8″ lizard (pumpkinseed) in 8′ watching electronics while pitching to submerged wood:

8. NH: New seasonal dock coming to Umbagog.

9. AL HS student gets scholarship U of Montevallo.


10. Check the Rapala BX Brat squarebill…

…if’n ya haven’t yet:

Get the c-lec-tion on TW here.

11. Small company making Flanders shakey head.

Site is Could not link it.

12. New Costa stylin’s.

Montauk (left) and Cape:

> Manufactured from biodegradable resins sourced from reclaimed castor oil…the new styles have ventilation ducting allowing air to flow through the end piece of the frame, which reduces lens fogging and works in conjunction with the sweat management temple channels.

> The Cape is an XL frame that offers massive lenses and ultra-wide temples to provide the most protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

> The Montauk is a L full-wrap, highly ventilated frame designed to block peripheral light and manage sweat.

Sound pretty cool….

13. Free Navionics webinars.

14. DC: Interior dept head likes boaters.

Said: “Boats are good. A lot of boats are better.”

Guess it depends on what body of water you’re on….


Got this note from bass-head Phil S:

> “Jay, just to set the record straight, [Megabass] Kabt is not the first to use metal in their rods. In the late ’70s-early ’80s, Browning blended boron metallic strands into their SilaFlex rods. I was a Browning Rep in those days. They were very sensitive and Browning had an entire line of boron rods…. It was cutting edge back then…strong, lightweight and sensitive. The F-15s supposedly had a large amount of boron in them as it was supposed to be the lightest, strongest alloy available at the time.”

Tx mang!

Bassin’ Joke of the Week

From a jokes thread on the TFF:

> Guy walks into a bar with a largemouth on his head. Bartender says, “Can I help you?”

> The largemouth says, “Yeah, can you get this guy off my b*tt?”


Tip of the Day

Ever look for spider web docks?

Quick good tip from former FLWer Jim Vitaro — talkin’ about fishing frogs (Strike King KVD Sexy Frogs in his case), but goes for flippin’ too. This spider web pattern can apply to other “indicators” too, so pay attention out there!

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Quote of the Day

“I’m willing to suffer a lot of pain in exchange for the occasional 15 minutes of glory.”

Ish Monroe talkin’ ’bout eatin’ ultra-hot peppers flippin’ and froggin’ cuz he loves it so much…maybe a little too much…which would make him like 99% of bass-heads on PLANET EARTH hahahaha!

Shot of the Day

B.A.S.S.’s Bryan Brasher somehow managed to get this cool shot. Don’t know ’bout you, but if I could NOT ruin my frog and unhook one of those giant lizards, I’d love to cross the eyes of one…I think?

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