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Today’s Top 4

Top 5 forgotten bassin’ baits?

From this article plus a few comments from me:

5. Buzzbait — Almost a no-brainer forget-me-not:

KVD: “I just think people have kind of forgotten about that bait. When they think about a topwater, it’s a Sammy or something sexy or new. But [buzzbaits] are hard to beat because you can cover water, find fish and draw big bites with them.

“I use [Strike King buzzbaits] in the 1/4- and 3/8-oz sizes. If I had to pick one color to fish day in and day out, it would a bluegill-colored skirt, with black as a second choice. I like a darker color instead of white or chartreuse.”

4. Worm — Here’s the deal: It always works.

Andy Morgan: “If my life depended on catching a bass, a worm would be right at the top of my list.”

3. Grub — This was the Flanders Rig before the Flanders Rig!

Mike Iaconelli: “I like to use it in tough conditions. I fish them on traditional dartheads from 1/16-oz all the way up to 3/8- or 1/2-oz in deep water.

“I think the reason it’s so effective is because it provides a lot of action in a subtle package — it’s not noisy or clunky and it comes through the cover naturally. I think it’s fallen out of favor just because it’s so basic.”


2. Squarebill — Wait, wait, wait…read it.

FLWer Bryan Thrift: “I’m going to go with a squarebill crankbait, like a Damiki DC 100. A lot of guys write that off as a pre-spawn or a fall-type bait, but they’re missing a lot of fish. I was catching them on one at Pickwick in July last year.

“The biggest thing is just looking for some form of good, shallow cover, whether it’s manmade or natural rock or wood. Whether the water’s 90 degrees or 40 degrees, fish will still use it.”

1. Jig — !!!

FLWer Mark Rose: “Several years ago it seems like all the big sacks were being caught on a jig, and then the industry got flooded with all this other stuff, especially all the plastics that everybody can flip.

“You can be so much more efficient with a jig because you don’t have to spend near as much time fooling with it. If you miss a fish you can put it right back there on him, whereas with other baits it takes a few seconds to get everything straightened back out.”

Now that you’ve re-learned all that, say cheese:

College kids wipe out at Seminole.

If you haven’t seen it yet (vid’s been on!), it’s spooky and the guys are fortunate they’re okay. Life jackets and kill switch all there — props:

Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida Fishing Team experienced first hand what can happen when your boat malfunctions. According to reports the steering connected to the engine malfunctioned causing the motor to turn 90 degrees and eject both occupants. Luckily they were both wearing life jackets and also had the kill switched attached which shut down the engine as soon as they were ejected, and there were no injuries.

These other college boys won it:

U of AL team Anderson Aldag [majoring in finance so I guess no pro bass fishing? lol] and Lee Mattox won it with 21-15:

> …they spent the beginning of their day at a deep hole in a stump field…a 50-yd stretch of water on the south end of the lake. “The hole was near a spawning area and was 25-30′ deep in the middle. The stumps were right below the surface. We used a sexy ghost minnow-colored Strike King KVD Jerkbait, which is a little unconventional this early in the season. Not many teams throw were throwing jerkbaits because the fish aren’t active enough yet.

> Mattox credited the clear water within their stretch as the key to their success. He said the rest of the lake was muddy, and their baits wouldn’t have produced as much in those conditions.

> “We finished the day at some matted grass in the same creek, but about a half-mile away. It was also fairly deep– about 13’…. We flipped the edge using a green-pumpkin-purple Strike King KVD Rodent, and made a couple of culls toward the end of the day.”

Someone posted this pic of a rare taco yeti seen at blastoff. Check that out Hack! #foreal

I didn’t learn a whole lot about fishing but I laughed my a** off!

– Guy in a comment on a Gerald Swindle Facebook post who was at a G-man Bass Pro seminar one time. Love it two reasons: 1) I totally believe it! and 2) I’ve heard the same thing about the BassBlaster hahahaha!

Btw Swindle now has Buckeye Lures, has a big MLB-ish beard and eats this for breakfast (is he copying you Bowman?):

Get a da*n job and work like everybody else.

– Local giving FLWer Anthony Gagliardi grief about showin’ “the world” the guy’s personal bassin’ hole. Gags was saying he was just out there tryin’ to make a livin’, and that was the dude’s response.

Like I’ve said before: If you’re grouchy on the water, trailer it up and get right. Don’t be out there spillin’ your junk on the rest of us.

The vid that’s in has a couple other “feehsn fights,” including KVD’s “you’re not part of the community” line to Ike and FLWer Scott Martin layin’ the verbal wood to Drew Benton.


1. TX: Ignition Bass founder Jim Brockman passes on.

Conroe-based trail, also founded the Youth Fishing League. RIP bassin’ brother. Memorial service Jan. 28.2. Chad Pipkens gets Lunkerhunt.

3. Meet Elite rookie MDJ.

Aka Mark Daniels Jr.

4. Paul Mueller gets Do-It Molds.

5. Z-Man adds three peeps.

Brett Hite [not sure why? does he ever fish Chatterbaits?? lol], FLWer Bryan Thrift and B-Lat (Brian Latimer).

6. FLWer Dudley burns hand.

Watch those hands pro fishermen…. Heal soon brother!

7. Zona says best time for big weights: pre-prespawn.

New bassin’ word! The “pree-pree.”

Here’s a preview of Zona’s newest show with Brent Ehrler.

8. FLW mentions Bassmaster on website.

What??? What happened to:

I was reading the article and this squirrel was outside looking in and:

Straight up passed out!

9. TX: Bass Champs Rayburn had almost 400 boats.

Winners had 30.75, biggest was 7.44. Said:

> “We stayed on secondary points outside the grassline using [6th Sense] crankbaits all day.”

10. FL: Gambler wins again on the Big O.

Tourney season has started!

First of all, love the “cracks” in the headline. Git you some Blaster ‘tude mang!

Second, the official name of this BFL was: “T-H Marine Bass Fishing League Gator Division Opener On Lake Okeechobee Presented By Navionics.” Rumor was, the quicker you could say that, the lower your blastoff number.

Third, dude named Robert Beatty won it with 27-10:

> “I started out the morning pitching into flattened reed clumps at the East Wall. I rotated between a couple of different baits that were the same shadow-blue color — a Gambler Lures BB Cricket and a Gambler Why Not.”
> Beatty prefers to use 1- and 2-oz weights, depending on how thick the cover is.

Freddy Boom-Boom has his 2-ouncers ready:

11. T-H Marine expands Atlas Awards contingency program.

List of sanctioned derbies here. If you don’t see yours, ask T-H to sanction it!

12. New Power-Poles faster, better, lighter?

13. Registration open for first Cabela’s college fishing derby.

Also, Sunline still on board for the college kids.

14. D.O.A. salty bait company coming to freshwater.

15. ON: Parry Sound should revive smallie tourism?

I volunteer to test the fishing!

16. YUM Crawbug = bass steak.

Crawfish = high-calorie bass food. Been lovin’ this pic of the old Mad Man Craw-ish YUM Crawbug. Tank vid here. Gonna try Carolina-rigging these this year.

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Tip of the Day

J-Wheels: Work your way into mats.

In other words, when you see mouth-watering frog cover, don’t just run in there and fish it. First fish the outside of the mats, then work your way in.

Btw, the bait in the vid is the Rapala Skitter V, which Ike is a big fan of too.

Quote of the Day

In honor of yesterday, have to have one from MLK Jr., one of my fave folks of all time. My 2c is we all owe him no matter what our skin color is.

Love this quote because it reads a little upside down to me, like how God puts things:

Shot of the Day

Go bigger than big or go home. Not sure where this shot is from but dang! How ’bout them apples Brett Hite?!

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