Tak went pig farming, Martin Elite baits, A frog that’s a duck

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Tak crushes the Elites with lonely sow pigs.

Well well well what do we have here. [chin scratch emoji] All these predictions of an Olympics-style derby that would be won in fractions of a second itty bitty ounces and…uh, nope. Takahiro Omori won the Martin Elite by 7 dang lbs! Asked him what his strategy was and he texted me this back:

Said he was reading this farming magazine before he left, saw that pic and had that vision. So he was fishing for pigs/largies, but most guys fished for piglets/spots and caught ’em too…HAHAHA! Seriously: Tak weighed 17 pigs and 3 piglets.

Full meal deal on Tak’s honey hole and pattern is on, but here’s his bait info:

> His main bait was a Lucky Craft 1.5 squarebill (TO craw) with the hooks changed to #3 Gamakatsu round-bend trebles:

> Fished it on 20-lb Sunline Shooter fluoro, 7′ MH Daiwa Tatula Elite Series Tak signature cranking rod, Daiwa Japan-only 9.1:1 reel.

> “I did try other baits — spinnerbait, Chatterbait, pitched a jig, a swim-jig — but for some reason they wanted a smaller-profile fast-moving bait. I tried so many different baits during the tournament. I thought maybe I can catch a bigger fish or get more, but the fish told me that’s the bait.

> “I usually don’t like a 1.5 — they hang up more. I like a 2.0 or 2.5. But maybe they were eating smaller crawfish or smaller minnows.”

> “I started out at that spot in the upper end of lake. After I caught a decent limit, I’d move down the river to start fishing inside a creek with a flipping jig…a small finesse jig on laydowns, boat docks, rocks.

> “It’s a homemade jig (gp) — I’m not sure of the weight [don’t believe you Tak hahaha! — a guy pours it for him, but Tak does the powdercoat and weedguard]. Yamamoto Double Tail Grub (gp) with orange Spike It dye on the tails.”

Tak is a cranking stud.

Check these Tak wins:

  • 2018 Martin Elite — crankbait
  • 2005 Norfork Open — crankbait in 1-5′ — Lucky Craft BDS-2
  • 2005 Toho Tour — crankbait shallow — Team Daiwa TD Vibration lipless crank
  • 2004 Wylie Classic — flipped/pitched but last day used a Bagley Balsa B2 crank
  • 2001 Martin FLW (in March!) — unnamed crankbaits
  • 2001 Rayburn Invitational — floating worm
  • 1996 Ozarks Invitational — grub on jighead

Anyone see a pattern?? Tak is cranky! Especially if you try to pin him down on the exact baits he used but…lol totally true hahaha Tak!

Did you know he “taks” to his crankbaits?

He speaks in Japanese, but I think he says:

Nah, probly not. Sorry, my Japanese is no bueno. Couple more tiddybits from the post:

> “I use that 9.1:1 reel for everything. You can take the slack out so quick and wind the bait so fast — it’s just more efficient to have a high-speed reel. The 9.1 is not in the US market, only in the Japan market. People don’t understand yet how good a high-speed reel is, especially shallow.

> “The last time I fished here was 2002 and I didn’t even go prefishing [this time]. I felt a little confident about the time of year and type of lake — because we usually don’t get pure prespawn tournaments. Usually we start with Florida in March, and the fish are on the beds big-time. I saw this on the schedule and knew it would be wintertime or pre-spawn fishing, and I enjoy that kind of fishing. So I felt pretty good.”

Hawk’s 2nd- and Avena’s 3rd-place baits.

AZ hammer and Elitist rookie Roy “I ain’t no chicken” Hawk finished 2nd at Martin, and southern NJ bassin’ mafia member “Yo Adrian” Avena finished 3rd. Deets:

2nd: Roy Hawk

> “Duo Realis M62 5A. Ran out of original color (scarlet) so I had to improvise with some nail polish (shown) lol! Not much of an artist, but seemed to work okay.

> “Taipan Roy Hawk Signature Series M crank rod, Quantum MG 100 (6.3), 12-lb Yamamoto Sugoi fluoro. Used this setup about 70% of the time. Paralleling steep bank, points and laydowns.

> “1/2-oz Pepper Custom Baits original Pepper Jig (black/blue), alternated between Yamamoto Flappin Hog and 5″ Double Tail Grub, both black/blue flake. Taipan 765 flipping stick, Quantum Smoke (8.1), 20-lb Yamamoto Sugoi fluoro. Pitched to wood too heavy to crank, or to give an alternate look on likely cover.”

3rd: Adrian Avena

> “Fished vertical using my Lowrance Carbons. ‘Video-game fishing’ in 30-50′.
> 3/8-oz All Terrain Swim Jig (black/blue) with Berkley Havoc Pit Boss (b/b), 7′ MH Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier Rod, Abu Revo ALX Reel (8:1), 17-lb Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon.

> “I was targeting shallow wood in the backs of stained pockets.”

When a frog is a duck.

Check Euro tackle folks’ Westin Fising’s frowg-lookin’ duck…which is named Danny (srsly):

And who knew there’s largies like this in Switzerland?

Said that fish was 2.11 kg, which I gotta say doesn’t sound near as big as 4.7 lbs….


1. Look at this crazy box Seth Feider has!

Called a Lure Lock box, and Tackle Warehouse says:

> …proprietary gel membrane along the bottom of each box, the gel membrane provides a sticky surface that holds your lures in place and prevents them from sliding around.

Crazy cool-lookin’ — that box is standing up, not laying down:

2. MD: Official launch site for the Classic is…

…Flying Point Park in Edgewood, MD.

3. CA: Oroville area suffering from lack of derbies…

…due to last year’s spillway-related issues.

4. LA: Caney Creek slot ends in a week.

5. Check the new BOOYAH ToadRunner.

Announced Fry-dee. Have seen it fished, not fished it myself, and have messed around with the bendable tail. Definitely not the same as the Sprinkle Tinkler, can’t wait to fish it:

10 colors, $9.99 with an extra tail. Here’s Jason Christie talkin’ ’bout a-feeshn the prototype at Rayburn (vid).

6. Bassin’ Hall of Fame has new officers.

Looks like ol’ Stevie Bowman got himself elected to another somethin’…gonna ned an agent soon…. Gotcha Bowman!

7. Favorite LakeForkGuy rods came in…and are now sold out.

Better keep hittin’ the Favorite website to see when stuff is in cuz it goes crazy fast. That’s no hype — the rods sold out in like 24 hours.

8. Win a Power-Pole.

Or you can just use a cinderblock and rope like I do…call it the “depth charge” lol.

9. OK: Thunder’s Paul George gives $10K to school fishing.

10. TX battlin’ salvinia on Nacogdoches.

11. FL: Ramp on Yale closed til March 30.

12. Yammy trying to resolve large-outboard supply issues.

13. U.S. oil production is up but…

> Analysts expect gas prices could climb another 10 cents by early spring, a gain of almost half a dollar in a year.

Tip of the Day

J-Wheels: First topwater of the season.

Since it’s gettin’ to be that time, here’s Jacob Wheeler talkin’ the first topwater he uses each season, when the water’s still colder: a Rapala BX Waking Minnow.

Quote of the Day

“They caught them up in the river real shallow, and they caught them on the lower end real deep — there was no in between, and I fished in between for 2 days.”

– Elitist and Martin local Kelly Jaye talkin’ after finishing 100th. Love it when guys tell it like it is…or was….

Fellow local Steve Kennedy missed the first cut by 2 oz but his boat #wins:

Now THAT’s a Bassin’ Cat yo! Raaaaar!

Shot of the Day

Not sure of Brandon Palaniuk was talkin’ new feeshn techniques or new vid techniques in this post, but here you go:

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