Spinnerbaits crush tourney, Bullet hits boat, Biffle flippin tips

What up with this crazy weather? We had no rain for weeks and now my neighbor’s building a big wooden boat in his yard…little Bible humor for ya….

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Today’s Top 5

“I got extremely lucky today – that where I threw my lure, there happened to be fish.”

– “The real” (allegedly — has that ever been verified?) James Watson talkin’ ’bout a recent MLFer win. That’s not gonna get him any big bassin’ stick points, but I gotta give him a low 5 for being dead honest — and also describin’ bass feeshn in one statement hahaha!

Lookit that facial expression — he genuinely looks like he’s surprised he won:

Spinnerbaits dominate Cumberland FLW.

Here’s the bottom line about spinnerbaits being “dead” — allegedly killed off by bladed jigs and swimbaits: No. When the spinnerbait bite is on, it’s on. It fer sher was ON at the Cumberland, KY FLW Tour event, where 80% of the top 10 fished spinnerbaits…BUT winner Bryan “it’s my turn to win again” Thrift didn’t use one.

Bryan fished for smallmouths with ribbed swimbaits — stayed in Indian Creek, mostly fished points, bluffs, lead-in banks and pockets. Sounds like he won the whole deal just on smallmouths? If that’s all he weighed, that’s hugely unusual anywhere outside the Great Lakes. What he said about the largies: “I couldn’t catch largemouths.” lol

How the top 10 baits broke down:

Spinnerbait = 80%War Eagle = 50%, BOOYAH = 20%, also Santone and Luck-E-Strike. Here’s Greg Bohannan (4th, left) and Andy Morgan (5th) with a couple War Eagles:

Swimbait = 20% — Bryan used the Damiki Armor Shad and the Keitech Fat, Clent Davis (3rd) used a hollow paddle-tail.

10% each = Swim-jig (Allen Boyd, 2nd, used a 3/8-oz Dirty Jigs Swim Jig with a Strike King Rage Craw (claws dyed chartreuse) along with 1/2-oz BOOYAH and War Eagle blades), Jerkbait, Carolina rig.

Props to the Aussie, Carl Jocumsen (14th), for this vid, one of the coolest “here’s what I fished” vids I’ve seen in a loooong time:

Quick stop at Amistad.

Little visit down south TX way last week, here’s a few highlights — L to R clockwise:

> The fishing at Amistad was good #s-wise and super-scenic, but the fish we managed to get on weren’t big. I was in the back of the boat and will claim I caught the most and possibly the biggest. Coolest thing was the first fish I caught was a smallmouth — waaaay south for a smallie! Largies also weirdly fought like smallies….

> On the left that’s Wade “I only wear visors” Middleton — host of Americana Outdoors, Whitetail Diaries and enough more stuff that I don’t even think Ike is split so many ways — and Brian Miller of Sea Foam who’s a diehard bass-head and…

> …loves him some shootin’. We went for a couple night Squatch hunts — with a SICK $6K FLIR infrared scope!! — but only managed a couple feral howgs.

> Typical south TX lunch at Heavy’s BBQ in Hondo. I was raised to finish everything on the plate, but…I couldn’t do it. Tasted so good too.

Quick story: We’re riding around this ranch lookin’ at critters, and Wade keeps talkin’ ’bout shootin’ “crawdads.” Didn’t know if this was another “punk the Yankee” deal or what, so I was like, “Exactly how big are the crawdads down here Wade?” Was imaginin’:

Wade pointed at what he was talkin’ about and said “AW-DAD”…spelled “aoudad” lol:

Did not see any in green punkin…or black/blue….

50th anniversary of the Pop-R.

Initially had low demand but Bassin’masters said that’s cuz there was no interwebz:

> The TX pros managed to keep the Pop-R secret for nearly a decade, during which time the little popper accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings. This was long before the internet….

> [Zell] Rowland finally let the cat out of the bag when he won a B.A.S.S. Super Invitational with the Pop-R in Chattanooga in 1986. Rebel was suddenly overwhelmed with orders for the Pop-R, and Rowland’s name immediately became synonymous with the lure.

> “It’s hard to keep any bait you win on a secret unless you lie. I didn’t want to lie.”

Zell has a mystical bond with the Pop-R. Said: “If I want it to chug, I work it with the rod tip down. If I want it to spit, I hold the rod up. It’s the only chugger I know of that can do one or the other.”

Regular Pop-Rs here, Zell-designed BOOYAH Boss Pop here. New lipped Pop-R — the BOOYAH Prank — here. Here’s the Pop-R (left) vs Boss Pop — note the different face shape. Zell says the Boss Pop consistently spits.

Bullet hits boat while bassin’.

Not sure how I missed this vid, but dang that’s insanely scary:

Reminds me of the time Gary Klein was shot at at one of the New Orleans Classics…also scary.


1. We lost 2 fishin’ bros on the Potomac.

At the link it says brothers capsized their 15′ bass boat in 47-degree water. Word was high winds/gusts that day. No mention I could find about PFDs. Bless you fishin’ brothers.

2. TN: 4 young men and dog rescued on Norris…

…after their bass boat sank in Norris Lake near Hickory Star Marina, link says. Said 55-degree water, glad all are okay.

3. Gerald Swindle gets Millennium Marine.

Make Millennium Treestands, doesn’t say what they do in marine/fishing, but G is a big deer-head so….

4. JVD gets Lure Lock boxes.

Check the boxes on TW.

5. Hank Cherry gets Shady Rays shades.

Never heard of the company but the website says:

> …free replacements if lost or broken. We also secure 11 meals to fight hunger through Feeding America with every order placed.

Sounds more #stout than shady….

6. Great Hackney on Stray Casts tomorrow night.

Live on and their FB page @7pm CST. Call in and talk to him love at 520-214-BASS (2277).

Hack ain’t a-scared of no bears:

7. Mark Davis made it thru surgery okay.

Good news. Believe he’s officially set the record for Elitist surgeries, so he can stop now!

8. Watch Keith Poche set the hook on a stump…

…then real in a dink. Lost his rod for a sec:

9. Next Classic will be held on Tennessee River.

March 15-17:

> Tournament waters include Fort Loudoun and Tellico lakes, twin reservoirs connected by a canal and comprising about 30,000 acres. Competitors can fish either lake and anywhere along the Tennessee River upstream from Fort Loudoun Dam to the Interstate 40 bridge on the Holston River and the Highway 168 bridge on the French Broad River.

Says there’s Florida-strain larges in those lakes….

10. TN: Bait-specific Chick Open THIS WEEKEND.

11. DC: Boating industry wants you to say no to ethanol…

…and yes to isobutanol:

> The EPA is evaluating whether to make isobutanol available to the public. Isobutanol is a boat-friendly alternative to E15. The marine industry has done significant testing on isobutanol and determined it to be an ideal solution for marine engines.

> NMMA is working hard to get isobutanol approved for on-highway use and made widely available in retail gas stations. Act NOW and tell EPA to say YES to isobutanol and support boaters!

Click here to do that real quick. I did it, took less than 1 minute.

12. AR: Fishin’ for a Mission derby Apr 28 on Dardanelle.

13. MN: Dick Hiley St. Jude Bass Classic, May 4-6 outta Wabasha.

Successful annual derby. Hard to beat St. Jude for a charity.

14. SC: Hartwell spots will school with stripers?

> “Largemouths don’t like to school with hybrids because of how aggressive they are, but spotted bass don’t really care.”

15. IN: DNR doing creel surveys at Sullivan.

Through Oct.

16. PA: Great story about guy bassin’ with muscular dystrophy.

17. Former Wright & McGill CEO Donn Schaible passes on.

Ran the show from the ’90s til Jan 1, 2018. W&M makes Skeet’s yella rods and Trait Zaldain’s pink rods.

18. Tackle Warehouse tax stimulus sale ends TODAY!

Believe it ends at 8pm EST so git on it! Btw, Elitist Jared Lintner says TW has a real store!!??

> Before heading to Clear Lake, I stopped by Tackle Warehouse — yes, they have a brick-and-mortar store here in California — and picked up some new baits, including a new swimbait that I think could be the ticket at Clear Lake and at Grand.

The U.S. Curling Team found out and was like:

19. Kistler has a 20% off sale til…whenever?

Use code 2FOR20, it’s 20% off any 2 items.

20. Alpha Angler tax relief sale ends TONIGHT!

Hit, use promo code TAXMAN18, sale ends 11:59pm PST tonight!

21. MO: Murski-Breeding sales agency for Lew’s…

…for the MINK, SE and TALO regions.

> Murski-Breeding Sales has served the fishing and hunting industries for more than 60 years [and] has been associated with Strike King Lure Co. (which Lew’s Holdings Corp. acquired in late 2017) for over 30 years, so it makes sense that Lew’s would go this direction.

> Matt Breeding, president of Murski-Breeding Sales: “My first day working for Ray Murski over 27 years ago was at the Lew’s/Browning Fishing sales meeting, and I can’t tell you how excited the Murski-Breeding team is to partner with the team at Lew’s.”

22. Here’s a weigh-in shot you don’t see every day.

Headline of the Day

Anglers give live bait bass fishing a try

#justsayno You could do that, and it’s okay, but it’s kinda like this — works but not real fun (just guessing):

Tip of the Day

Two quick tips from Tommy Biffle.

Mostly talkin’ bush-flippin’:

> …rigging up three identical 7′ 6″ Quantum flippin’ sticks with 25-lb Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon to 4/0 straight-shank hooks, pegged to 5/16-oz Elite Tungsten weights.

> …Biffle Bug…”This color is called ‘double silver’ — it’s my favorite. I can fish down the bank behind somebody else, and catch bass on this bait out of the same bushes they couldn’t get a bite in.

> “My marshall couldn’t believe I was catching fish out of bushes with 6″ of water at their base this week, but I did. You think about it, those 20-lb carp live up there in less than a foot of water all the time, so there’s no reason a 5-lb bass can’t live there too.”

Here’s Tommy with a quick bush-flippin’ lesson:

Quote of the Day

“Fish don’t do a lot of thinking.”

No. Way. HAHAHA! That’s “Dolla” Bill Lowen talkin’. Full quote:

> “When you go back change the angle of your presentation to make sure you cover the spot from all directions. Fish don’t do a lot of thinking. They react. Why they react the way they do is something none of us understand, and probably never will. But that doesn’t make any difference. We can still work with what they do and take advantage of it.”

I did find one fish known for thinking:

Shot of the Day

I keep looking at this shot of the Yo-Zuri Knuckle Bait in action thinking, Wow that’s cool…and, I need to fish that thing more:


Within 50 years all jobs can be automated.

If true, time to buy stock in Doritos….

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