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Spectator boat guide to the Classic


That pic is Ike fishing a creek at the 2013 Classic. Here’s KVD talkin’ Conroe + spectator boats:

> “The biggest challenge here — if you’re doing well — is to manage your spectators. Conroe has got seawalls around 3/4 of it, especially on the lower end.

> “If you come to a creek and there are 40 or 50 people following you, then the boat wakes (are going to) keep going and going forever.

> “(Many of the) fish are shallow and it will stir things up. That’s something that a lot of the rookies aren’t really going to understand or (be able to) balance. You’re not going to be able to have a topwater pattern in the morning and run any place that has seawalls because it’s going to be like (fishing in) a washing machine.”

If you’re on the water a-watchin’, here’s my 2c about it:

1. Shut down way before you get anywhere near a competitor.

2. Stay at least 100 yards from all competitors and do not talk to (distract) them.

3. Make sure your electronics are off…all day.

4. Do not run over and see what a guy was fishing when he leaves a spot. Just leave it alone. If you’re a local and can’t find that spot next week just by using your eyes, I’m a ham sammich. If you have poor impulse control, get some meds.

This AIN’T about it being public water. This is about being a courteous human being.

5. For cryin’ out loud, DO NOT fish a competitor’s spot! That’s a jackleg move x infinity. You need to be thataway, kick the nearest telephone pole, git it outta your system. Locals: Not fishing one weekend won’t kill ya, mang, I do it all the time…. 🙁

6. BE CAREFUL. Expect hundreds of boats out there, and some % of them will be drivin’ like they just got outta prison, if you know what I mean. On that note:

> When a competitor pulls up his little motor and gets ready to blow outta there — or looks like he is — don’t be in a rush to follow the dude, be first in line, whatever. Take your time.

> Watch out for other flotillas follerin’ other anglers. Can get nuts in a hurry when two flotillas cross paths.

> WEAR PFDs when runnin’!

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