Should we Neko bigger, How to keep your weight straight, Melons of the week

Today’s Top 3

Ditch melons o’ the week! 

Donny Sanders smacked this Kentucky Lake DD on a 3/4-oz jighead with a 10″ Xcite worm (gp) in 10′:

Forgot this one from a bit back: Lake Berryessa, 10.3 on an IMA Finesse Popper (real ghost shad):

Grayson Cook suh-mashed this hydrilla gorilla somewhere for a new PB — dang, son!

Do we Neko big enough? 

Check it, from Japan:

For the heck of it, I tried this yesterday — not a for-real Neko rig, but hooked a 10″ worm near the tail on a 4/0 EWG hook, no weight, fishing shallow. Worked.

Btw Brent Ehrler calls it the “Nayko” rig (like “mako” shark). I thought it was “Neeko.” Guess either works.

Hooked by a bassin’ bud? 

Hopefully not selfie-hooked? Few notables from the Insta.

Takin’ a knee:

When your tourney pard has fangs?

They say baits are made to catch fishermen, then fish:

Dang that looks like it hurts, wow.


1. St. Lawrence: Looks like Feider’s back in his element…

Not so sure about Jared Lintner…lol:

2. St Lawrence: Can largies make a dent?

Unlike at Champlain, I’m gonna say: probly not. Don’t hate me Wright! Btw, Stevie Wright, who wrote that article on largie frowgin’ up there, is a frogman himself.

Also, Hack said:

> The last time we were there I targeted largemouth. That was okay but they aren’t big enough to win. The smallmouth are just too big in the St. Lawrence River…. It’s catch them or leave early. I don’t want to leave early.

3. Chapman no longer with Livingston Lures.

Ran into him at ICAST. Someone should jump on the Chapmaniac!

4. Check out Morizo’s hat.

All his sponsors on it: #genius

Ott you should put some temporary tatoos on your bare feet!

5. Casey can sing, man!

Okay, lots of peeps can sing, but Casey can SING. Like effortless, no wrong notes SING. Little taste:

Pretty sure Overstreet could do a mean Billy Gibbons/ZZ Top, but haven’t heard him try…yet….

6. NY/VT: Champlain bass feeding differently?

From a B.A.S.S. release, VT biologist talking. Thing I always try to bear in mind when fish (or game) biologists talk is that they rarely look at things from the POV of a fisherman (or hunter). So:

> “Recently, we’ve really seen the bass’ focus shift from traditional prey species like sunfish and perch to a heavier focus on the alewife population.”

7. MA: Autism charity derby July 30.

Stout but…at a yacht club? Heard this guy is the TD:

8. TN: Deep catch/release of spring smallies = no prob.

> “…determine the effects of catch and release smallmouth bass fishing in water deeper than 30′. Preliminary results showed little to no long-term effects from the angling. …tracked the fish for about 3 weeks and found that most of the fish stayed near where they were released.”

9. GA: New DNR bass slam.

Just have to catch 5 of their 10 species of bass. Yep, 10. Like the Altamaha and Bartrams bass. Which of course you’ve heard of. Or you could just launch your boat and fish for largies and spots.

10. Innerestin’ BFL tidbits.

Lake St. Clair, MI — Canadian Dude won it fishing a Canadian weedbed (eh?) fishing seriously out of fashion tubes: “green pumpkin or watermelon tubes by Mike’s Rx Baits and Xtreme Bass Tackle. He also threw a baby bass-colored Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm on a dropshot rig.” Said a “really long” fluoro leader was key.

Ohio River, IN — Won with 5 bass for…9-02. I beat that fishing a development pond yesterday…. Bless you OH River guys for enduring that, wow.

Kentucky/Barkley Lakes, KY/TN — Drew Boggs is a hammer! Won his 5th BFL, 2nd at those lakes. Other 3 were on Old Hick’ry.

> …south of Paris Landing. …1-2 punch of fishing ledges out deep and flipping wood up shallow to craft his limit. “My 2 biggest bass came from the ledges on a prototype jig from Jenko Fishing. Around 9:30 I headed to main-lake shallows and flipped trees, laydowns and bushes…2-3′ and threw a tilapia-colored Big Bite Baits Craw Tube with a Jenko Creature Weight. That weight has an eye on it, which is pretty cool:

Falls Lake, NC — Co-angler put winner on winning bait, Zoom Trick Worm (junebug) on a shakey head. Pretty stout weight of 23-02 anchored by a 7.

Old Hickory, TN — Guy won it flipping an unnamed tube (is this making a comeback?) and unnamed Beaver-type bait in gp and b/b. “They were all from isolated wood — the bigger the wood, the better. I focused on bass in 1-3’….”

Neely Henry, AL — Winner fished the Steamin’ Steve Kennedy bait: white jig (in this case a Dirty instead of a D&L) and white Super Chunk.

11. Simms gets investor, ready to blast off.

12. Power-Pole adds spikes.

13. ICAST attendance about the same as 2016.

Great show, tough to tell attendance because the show was so huge/spread out.

14. Latest #ethanolsux news.

EPA okays max ethanol (again) for 2018 while boat-related ethanol repairs are increasing.

Line of the Day

At speeds approaching 70 mph, Palaniuk cast his bait into areas of interest….

Dang BP can smoke some casts! lol

Tip of the Day

How to keep your worm weight straight.

Maybe some of you have figgered this out already, but not me. Head-slappin’ great tip from Jay “handspring back flip roundoff” Brainard right here:

Quote of the Day

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of having a full spool.

Jordan Lee talkin’ ’bout reel spools and casting. He doesn’t actually talk that way (maybe he writes that way?) but either way:

> Neither a casting or a spinning reel will make a long cast if it doesn’t have enough line on it. If you can’t make long and accurate casts you’ll clearly be at a disadvantage against the fish and other anglers.

Part about filling spinning reels to the rim makes me have nightmares….

J-Lee, gotta say that word “impossible” is a strong one man. Like, Mission Impossible ain’t even impossible:

BUT it IS impossible for koalas to be any bigger fans of Star Wars…

…and I know you know this one — it’s impossible for Labs to be unselfish about vittles:

Shot of the Day

B.A.S.S. head shooter man James Overstreet posted this shot of the marina fire on Lake Texoma. Whoa:


AL dude shoots 820-lb howg in his front yard.

So much win already, so will just give you this additional morsel:

> …he later weighed it on scales at a peanut company.

A peanut company. Why does a peanut company have such a massive scale? What do we not know about AL peanuts? Can bass-heads bring bass to peanut companies to get weighed? Most important: Hope that company doesn’t supply peanuts to Skippy??

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