Sexy ankle color, Powerbait wake up, Heavy braid only

Today’s Top 4

Is this color really called…”sexy ankle”??

That’s what Instagram translate’s tellin’ me:

Thinkin’ it won’t start a trend like “sexy shad” did, but you never know…?

Latest Berkley collaboration in Japan is…


Supposed to be for sea bass, but I’m seein’ it play in Ned World…which seems to be all of bass world….

The wrong way to winterize your boat.

Seen by a bass-head at Balsam Lake, WI:

Just in case anyone knows the folks and they’re goin’ thru hard times, maybe someone can help them get those rigs going in the spring. Hopefully the ice won’t get much worse there….

Better than smellin’ salts??

Check how Elitist Hunter Shryock gets up for his day:

Whatever gets you goin’ I guess. Gotta figger PowerBait’s a bit less addictive than caffeine, but dang — wonder if you can lose your sense of smell if you do that too many times….


1. We lost a brother at Douglas Lake, TN.

> …Paul Allen Irwin, 72…died after he apparently fell overboard while attempting to launch his boat.

Sounds like he was alone at the time. Bless you bassin’ brother.

2. Aaron Martens has new Ned heads.

Another MLF/BPTer gettin’ ready to Neddy:

Knowing Aaron, will guess that all of the heads in that pic are all good/ready to fish and set at a precise distance from one another. Aaron don’t messa round with feeshn stuff man…. The heads are already on Tackle Warehouse.

Also check Mike McClelland’s go-to lure, on the Bassin’Fan:

Seein’ all this little-teeny bait stuff I’m like:


3. Johnny Crews’ first bassin’ tub.

His dad bought it for him — good investment Mr. Crews! Cool twist to it:

> …that friend we bought that bass boat from was Ed Loughran. I have known Ed since I was 15. This year he qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series through the Opens. He will be one of my roommates next year on tour.

Wonder if being Crews’ roommate means free Missile Baits…whether John knows it or not….

4. Fred Roumboomboombanis outs his new popping frog.

Just says it’s “coming soon.” I assume it’ll have frog fur like the original.

5. MLFer Jesse Wiggins likes Seaguar AbrazX for crankin’.

Innerestin’ cuz most guys like InvizX more than AbrazX for crankin’ (but honestly either fluoro is killer):

TODAY Seaguar lines are on a YUGE SALE at Tackle Warehouse.

6. Zona’s new season starts Dec 31.

3 words for ya: D-V-R. Set it so ya don’t forget it mang!

7. New Elitist Harvey Horne runnin’ an Xpress.

At this rate the Elites’ll be half tin lol. Love it!

8. Elites will be back in black.

Check the ’19 backstage pass:

This post is just an excuse for me to call out one of the best tunes ever, AC/DC’s Back in Black…”Number one with a bullet, I’m a power pack”….

9. Oh snap I’m gonna be on StrayCasts tomorrow night.

Much more importantly, Hack, A-Mart and BP will be on the show. Here’s Hack — I’ve never seen his legs that far up before and hope I never do again:

Here’s all of us, I’m on the left — told the StrayCasts fellers I look like I’m from Afghanistan or something:

Of course the show will be on tomorrow at 7pm CST — on and Facebook/Stray Casts. Will be some giveaways among the nuttiness.

10. B.A.S.S. gets 3-yr deal with Johnson Outdoors.

Johnson owns Humminbird and Minn Kota Kiriyama (okay not the Kiriyama part) among other brands.

11. I am so diggin’ this weight/bait color combo.

Gp weight with a YUM Bad Mamma (black blue shadow):

YUM pros love that Bad Mamma for flippin’ (vids).

12. NY: Elites fired up thirst for more event tourism.

All good, you just don’t want to attract the wrong crowd:

13. WV: Mount Storm bass grow fast but…

…don’t live long:

> “During the winter, when Dominion is cranking out a lot of energy and using a lot of water, it’s not unusual to get water temperatures around 60 degrees F.”

> …doesn’t stratify into warm and cold zones. “The lake is 120′ deep in places, but we’ve never found any stratification. There’s no thermocline — the water stays warm all the way to the bottom.”

> “The clear water allows a lot of photosynthesis, so we get lots of plankton production. That’s perfect for shad, which are filter feeders. And the shad feed the bass and give us the ridiculously rapid growth rates we get.” It’s not unusual…for a largemouth bass to reach 16″ in length by its third year.

> “Problem is, Mount Storm’s smallmouth and largemouth bass seem to grow fast and die young. We don’t find many that get larger than 18 inches.”

14. CA: Salamanders might stop the raising of Shasta Dam.

15. MT: DNR done with trying to get rid of Noxon walleyes.

Folks keep 85% of them anyhow so…. Seems to be a bass lake: State record 8.8-lb largie was caught there and smallies apparently doing well.

16. SC: Clemson scientist studying Bartram’s bass habitat.

Who knew that “Bartram’s bass” is a subspecies of bass. It’s like a spotted bass, and has been run outta a bunch of towns by spots:

> Bartram’s Bass was recently determined by scientists to be a unique species that occurs in — and only in — the Savannah River basin in western SC and eastern GA.

17. Bass University seminar schedule is out.

LOT of sketchy characters will be a-teachin’ so be careful…HAHAHA! But seriously, Gluszek says no translators or subtitles are planned for Cliff Crochet and Carl Jocumsen….KIDDING fellers!

Okay for real now: As I say every year, Bass U will be THE BEST $$ you’ll spend on yer feeshn improvin’. Always killer info.

18. Bass Pro Shops giving college anglers a 25% discount.

That’s pretty dang stout man…. And registration for the first ’19 event — Rayburn, TX on Feb 3 — is now open.

19. 2019 Ranger Cup deets.

20. Merc owner Brunswick invests in autonomous boat tech.

Right now it’s just for commercial marine use but they think it can be brought into rec boating. Is this the first move toward self-drivin’ bassin’ tubs??

Related question: What’s the fun in self-drivin’ cars??


Well, I was right that I didn’t know as much as KVD does about what Johnny “Darth” Morris (lol) has done for conservation. Some of it’s well-known, some of it’s little-known, some requires security clearance that I can’t get…. Either way, Kevin 100% agrees that Ray Scott and B.A.S.S. were huge for bassin’-specific conservation — he says Johnny’s stuff goes beyond bassin’ and it does.

In case you think all this Darth stuff about Johnny Morris is just funnin’ around, this vid of one of his cats surfaced recently:

The “SPRO has lost its dang mind” giveaway!

How ’bout a 3-THOUSAND-DOLLAH value giveaway — a bassin’ kayak with all the trimmin’s!! Vid and deets here or click the pic. Believe it’s all done Dec 20 so gitcha entry in!

It’s such a giant giveaway that the SPRO USA folks could only afford that small, sparse Christmas tree…hahaha!

Tip of the Day

Why Kyle Monti uses 65-lb braid only.

Kyle’s an Elitist and Okeechobee guide — excerpt from the Bassin’masters:

> For flipping I use 65-lb and heavier P-Line XTCB 8 Braid. My clients ask me why I make such a choice when we aren’t trying to catch fish weighing 65 lbs. The answer is hooksetting torque.

> You can create that much pressure when setting the hook from only 10′ away. I have lost big fish on 20- or 30-lb braid because I popped the line at the hookset.

> For casting lures, I use that range of braid but nothing lighter. [Lighter] braids cinch down in the reel on the hookset. I even use it on topwaters, except for chugger- or prop-style baits when I switch to mono for the buoyancy.

If you haven’t been exposed to that thinking before, that’s the #1 reason the pros choose braid line type and size — not fish size, not cover, it’s whether it can break or not on the hookset.

Quote of the Day

“It was hard to sugar-coat it when I’d speak to youth of a future in the sport for them, but now I’m excited because there is a future.”

Brent Chapman talkin’ ’bout pre-MLF/BPT vs now. From a post on the MLF site about what a couple pros hope to see in the future. But you can only really have a clue about the future if you make — and wear — one o’ these:

Shot of the Day

Check this @island_life_252 shot that IS the B.A.S.S. logo!

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