Record melons! If bass could fly? How do we have weigh-ins

Hope you and families are doing well. If you need prayer, please let me know. On that subject, please pray for Shaw Grigsby and Aaron Martens. Shaw got surgery to remove cancer from his kidney — I’m embarrassed I didn’t know sooner — and of course still is his amazingly positive self. Aaron’s recovering well from his second brain surgery but is entering the whole chemo/radiation deal, which I hear is very tough. Thanks much — praying is good for you mang!

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Today’s Top 4

Record melons and one just plain big’n!

1. New SD record largie.

Matthew Dunham got it at Indian Scout Lake, SD on the Rosebud Reservation, weighed a phat 9-05, 23″ long and 19 7/8″ girth. No word on the bait. Former record was 9-03 caught in Nov ’99 from a gravel pit in the Rollins Game Production Area.

2. Lookit this giant GA hoss!

“Just” 12.86 lbs so it didn’t make the GA Outdoor News’ 14-lb or better GA Biggest Bass of All-Time list but dang — lookit that giant slip n slide! Oops sorry, I mean lookit that bass!

> “I was using my favorite topwater bait, which is a Whopper Plopper. I saw swirls farther down the bank so I walked down there, and on my first cast that bass hit my Whopper Plopper. I reeled him in the best I could and got him close to the bank…my line broke so I jumped in the water, shoved my hand in his mouth and pulled him out.”

Nice! Can you believe anyone still fishes the Whopper Plopper?? Told Mike that line and he was all:

Lol! That story, the mega slip n slide, and the fact that his stepdad goes by Bubba = a bassin’ #win! Bubba’s got it right too:

> “I would much rather him catch it than me, just to see the excitement he showed and to know that he is now hooked for life is worth 10 times more than any fish I could ever catch.”

Big congrats to ’em both.

3. New ID C&R record smallie.

Dustin Shepherd caught this 22.75-incher at Dworshak Reservoir, beat the previous C&R record by 3/4″. State record-weight smallie was caught in that rez, a 9.72 by Dan Steigers in 2006:

Lookit that TAIL muscle! How crazy is this: Dude actually broke his own state record with that fish….

Wonder if all this is motivatin’ ID resident Brandon “I’m gonna catch a record smallmouth on a swimbait” Palaniuk….

What Mark Davis is fishing now.

> This is my main weapon here in AR on my home lakes. Fishing is tough with clear water and fluctuations in lake levels.

> I’m fishing shallow — 3-8′ in clear water and 2-5′ in stained water.

> 4″ Strike King Ocho in green pumpkin-type colors. This shot is of blue craw. Rigged wacky-style with a 2/0 hook.
> Fished on 20-lb Strike King Tour braid spliced to an 8-lb Strike King Tour fluorocarbon leader. 7′ Lew’s Custom Speed Stick spinning rod with a Lew’s TLC 2000 spinning reel.

Asked Mark if he wears a skirt when he throws that rig but he never got back to me….

KIDDING hahaha! Seriously I love Mark, who’s way funnier than he lets on btw.

How can we have weigh-ins without crowds?

Looking for ideas — or guess I should say “ideals” cuz this is bassin’! — about how to do this since it seems to be the #1/only (depending on the state) reason to ban bass tourneys…other than global warming, President Trump, the Democrats, China, the Deep State/global elite, meteors/comets, the New England Patriots, the Astros and Red Sox, fluoride in our water, etc. HAHAHA!

So if we can’t just impeach certain governors (or can we?), maybe:

Pro derbs ideas

1. Simply ask fans to stay home and watch it on a screen. I mean, isn’t watching it on a screen better than NO pro bass tourneys?

2. When folks show up — because they will because they have the right to and are bored and love bassin’ — make them wear a mask and stay one rod length away from anyone not in their family. I mean, everyone knows what 1 rod length is. For Skeet Reese, it’s 10′ but for everyone else it’s 6-7’….

3. Parking restrictions by the local PD should help?

Anything else? Obviously talkin’ when the pros, their fams and the tourney organizations feel comfortable — or sorta okay — with the gettin’ the show back on the road.

Non-pro derbs ideas

1. New launch/load/weigh-in protocols with rod-length distancing. Yep it’ll take longer and bass-heads are impatient but….

2. Temporarily move to catch/measure/release? Not as fun, but it beats no tourneys at all.

3. Team partners have to be relatives only, even brothers in law (lol). Again, it’s better than no tourneys at all.

4. No shaking hands or man-hugs, which bums me out but I totally get it.

5. Most important: No grilled animal protein. I mean, that’ll attract crowds from a 20-mile radius….

Any ideas, pls respond to this email and lmk.

Just in — Bass Champs is having a derby at LBJ, TX May 16. Email says:

We will be taking extra social distancing measures until further notice.
– We will be trailering at each event until further notice to avoid crowds
– Online registration with no required check-in at registration. You will receive a text Friday evening and Saturday morning that confirms your entry and provides fishing times.
– If you do prefer to register on-site, please practice social distancing.
– Limited number of anglers in line for weigh-in at one time (2 anglers per tub).
– No flipping contests or hot dogs. [Hahaha yep!]
– Zero Bonus drawing at each event to reduce # of anglers at weigh-in (you do not need to be present to win drawing).
– Extended weigh-in times.

– No awards ceremony, all checks will be mailed out on Monday.

There you go!

If bass could fly…

…or maybe swim-fly, they’d look like this…

…and do this:

Dean Rojas’ neighbor was like:

Hahaha! Seriously, that bait’s the Adusta Zacrawl Yajirobee Jr, full YT vid here.

Covid-Related News

Good(ish) stuff


1. MI: Motorboat ban lifted after MUCC sued gov’nor.

MUCC = Michigan United Conservation Clubs — can’t link this but it’s at


> MUCC attorney Aaron Phelps: “Our case was very straightforward — MI boaters and anglers may not be threatened with criminal charges based on an arbitrary interpretation of a poorly-written executive order…to do so violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution and we are pleased that our federal lawsuit was well-received by the governor.”

> The new order explicitly states that outdoor activities, including boating, are now allowed while “remaining at least 6′ from people from outside the individual’s household.”

2. WA expected to reopen fishing next month.


> “What is the difference between a public boat launch, which seems to be a main concern, and a Walmart parking lot, especially when folks are being respectful about social distancing (while boating)?”


3. VT seeing “unprecedented” rise in license sales.


4. Blue Heron offering free services to smaller outdoor companies.


> The Heron Helps program is designed to prioritize startups less than two years old and businesses earning less than $1 mil per year who are experiencing economic hardship due to Covid-19, especially those who are experiencing loss of employees and marketing budget.

> …includes free professional services ranging from general marketing advice and consulting to news release preparation, writing and distribution. The services will be offered on a first-come/first-served basis with no strings attached….

Well…the strings are you have to talk regularly to Daren Cole and the Giudice bros, which can be rough. HAHAHA fellers!

Seriosuly, pretty darn #stout — here’s the Blue Heron website.



Bad(ish) stuff

1. WV: Fishing okay but tourneys now banned…

…til further notice. Apparently WV tournament anglers are “too good” and WV bass are “at risk of being caught with no end in sight.”

Okay I made that last sentence up.

2. CA: Peeps can only fish Clear Lake from the bank.

This is like seeing a school of tuna go by you on the beach, too far to cast, and boats haven’t been invented yet. Or something like that.

3. ON: Boating and fishing is allowed…

…BUT most accesses still closed:


> “…unless you happen to dwell on a shoreline and have a means to winch or drag your boat off the bank, options for getting afloat are few.”

4. NY: Bass Pro Shops’ credit downgraded again.

By Moody’s, sounds at least partly Covid-related:


> …now has a negative outlook, down from stable in Sept 2019…. That means Moody’s expects the company’s credit rating to change for the worse in the next 12-18 months.


Started Kalin’s soft-plastics, which at one point “had 29% market penetration nationwide.” I particularly remember the Weenie Worm, Lunker Grub and the massive 6″ Mogambo Grub — used to have some of ’em…yellow, I think. Believe he sold the company at some point.Great memorial post to him here — says he funded bass fishing trading cards at one point.

Passed because of the big C. Bless you bassin’ brother.

2. We lost TTI-Blakemore VP Steve Campbell.

Dang. Steve was 62. This just 3.5 months after TTI-Blakemore prez Wes Campbell passed on at 65.

> “Even though he was the VP, Steve was also in charge of procurement. He got all the pieces and parts to Road Runners and other lures — the packaging, the hooks and anything else that was required to make product. It was a very demanding and time-consuming job, but he did it with grace and humor.”

Love to the Campbells and the TTI-Blakemore family.

3. TN: Help this public servant get a new truck if you can.

You might’ve seen this already — if not here’s the story:

> A TN deputy was fishing with a buddy and his young son to relieve the stress of his job when vandals broke into his truck and then set it ablaze. John Amos is quoted to have had only liability insurance and has been trying to get out from under monumental medical bills associated with the birth of their child.

John is a bass fisherman, police deputy AND veteran. Why people do evil things like these — especially to good folks like John — I have no idea.

That’s his truck ^, here’s the GoFundMe.

4. Jason Christie gets The Bass Tank.

Thought it was one of those demo tank deals, but it’s an ecomm electronics site.

>> Jason’s gonna be Live on BOOYAH Facebook starting 9:00 am CST tomorrow — swim-jigs/trailers and frowgin’.

5. Elitist Brandon Card gets Advantage Bait Co.

Jigs and spinnerbaits. Check what they’ve got on TW here.

Glad to see a couple guys getting deals instead of losing ’em, which has been going on…understandably….

6. KVD signature Lew’s rods coming soon.

Outed in that MLF post ^. Says they’ll be red to help you get mad at ’em like he does. Also during the lockdown Kevin has forgotten how to catch bass so the rest of the guys are stoked:


7. Gerald Swindle has a new look?

I THINK this is real not Photoshop or whatever but either way it looks good!

G you got me inspired to shave it VERY low. My wife and kids said I look “worse” (guess I looked bad already??) so might have to go full send cueball as well….

8. Ike Mikeanelli on BassEdge Radio.

9. Learn how 2 chainsaws got David Dudley’s pro career going.

Man if you don’t know that story you need to!

10. How Seth Feider is using his time.

Believe this kinda stuff is how the phrase “stir CRAZY” originated:

He’s “getting born” (eeeew?) from the SIMMS Dry Creek Waterproof Duffel.

Reminds me: Would love to know what percent of diehard bass-heads are ADD. Dead serious. Gotta be a big number.

Oops almost forgot: Seth has new “Bassman” spinnerbaits, which he said are made in Australia. Not on TW yet but here’s their website. I’m assumin’ Carl Jocumsen is the reason for this and every Aussie invasion…and the Abe Lincoln beard revival too….

11. Elitist Kyle Monti helped Randy Moss get into bassin’ shape.

> “He said, ‘I want you to teach me everything you know. I’m all ears. You’re my coach today.’ I got to coach Randy Moss….”

> “He’s pretty good. He needs some work,. For as much time as he’s gotten into it, he handled the rod and reel pretty good. What he was trying to learn is when, where and why, movements and patterns, everything that everybody reading Bassmaster Magazine wants to know.”

Good job Kyle for teachin’ Randy a bassin’ gang sign too:

12. BPTer Mike McClelland is using bigger baits again.

Says the new 2-lb minimum has helped him do that.

13. FLWer Jacob Wall making swimbaits to stay afloat.

Find him and the baits at @jacobwallfishing on the ‘gram.

14. Rapala just launched a multi-tool.

What they’re saying about the new Rapala V-Blade:

> …hybrid lure that combines the best of a lipless crankbait with a blade bait. Available in one size at its introduction, size #6 (2.5″), weighing a 1/2-oz, the new lure breaks the mold of traditional Rapala lures.

> “Many of our Rapala fishing pro team members believe that predator fish target the eye of its prey. That’s why we intentionally made the eye larger to be more aggressive.”

> The extra-wide metal dorsal (top) fin of the Rap-V Blade features two line-tie positions. When anglers tie their line to the front tie hole, the lure will provide a slower, lazy fall action. If they tie their line to the rear hole position, they’ll achieve a faster fall, head-down action. …distinctive loud BB rattle system….

> …built with super sharp VMC black nickel round bend hooks — a # double belly hook and a #6 rear hook.

Not on TW yet but you can check it on the Rapala site. Quick hype vid here (YT).

15. OK: More FL-strain bass stocked in Grand.

Yep more:

> Earlier this month the department stocked about 400 pure FL-strain bass about 10-12″ long. This week the department added another 850 in the 12-14″ range. Several dozen more retiring Durant Hatchery brood-stock that will weigh 6 lbs or more will arrive in days to come….

16. CA: [The lake that can’t be named] was named.

Which opened up a wormhole and:

Yikes man, please do NOT say that name out loud anymore….

17. PA: Dude got a brain-eating amoeba from the Susquehanna…

…and survived. GREAT to hear, but a little freaky to think about those things being there….

18. FishLab’s got a new promo going.

Spend $75 or more and get a free FishLab work shirt, pic of it down below….

19. Johnson Outdoors revenue down for the quarter.

Sales down 8%, fishing down 3%. JO owns Humminbird and Minn Kota among other brands.

20. Garmin revenue up in Q1.

Strong #s:

> Total revenue of $856 million, a 12% increase.

> Revenue from the marine segment grew 22% in Q1 driven by our innovative chartplotters and advanced sonars. Gross margin and operating margin were 58% and 25%, respectively, resulting in 58% operating income growth.

21. MN: Some oddball stuff.

MN is one of my fave fishing states but man some weird stuff goes on there like:

Deepwater Horizon $$$ behind the move to non-lead tackle.

Reminder that the Deepwater Horizon was an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that blew, caused a lot of environmental damage and resulted in a huge legal settlement:

> Such was the plan [to ban lead tackle] of the MN Pollution Control Agency and the DNR after receiving a million-dollar payout from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

> MN had been awarded $1.2 million as part of a multibillion-dollar legal settlement with British Petroleum, and had intended this spring to use the money to begin a 3-year educational campaign to persuade MN anglers to “get the lead out” of their tackleboxes.

> The money was allotted to MN after a convincing argument was made by DNR nongame-wildlife program supervisor Carrol Henderson, among others, that loons that nest and spend their summers in MN but winter in the Gulf of Mexico were harmed by the oil spill, and that as a result the state should be compensated.

That sound crazy or is it just me?

MN has zebra-sniffing dogs.

Can’t see how this makes sense $-wise but a) dogs are great so more dogs are greater, and b) anything makes more sense than whatever the MN DNR is doing/not doing at Mille Lacs.

Line of the Day

Finding and catching largemouth bass is easy.

And there you have it. We now have zero excuse. ZERO! Hahaha!

On right now…
Note: The TackleWarehouse links in this email are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I might earn a commission…at no cost to you. Click here if you want to learn a little more about links in the BB.

Tip of the Day

Luke Palmer: How to get a lot of bites.

Nope not nightcrawlers but this, from Bassin’

> Last year at the 2019 Bassmaster Elite at Winyah Bay, I did something that was totally out of the box, something no other angler was doing. …some of the guys said that all I’d catch were dinks, but I kept at it. In the end I finished in 8th place, my best finish of the year.

> The area I was in was fishing small. Most of the guys around me were throwing a vibrating jig…. But I decided to try a rig that was different. I can’t say it was totally unique…been around a while, but you won’t see it used in a Bassmaster Elite Series very often.

> I screwed a small spinner blade into the back of a YUM Dinger. I Texas-rigged it in the front and just let it settle into the grass and then pulled it forward. It came through the grass pretty good and got me a lot of bites. I’ll admit that most of them were small, but they were bites. And, every so often I’d catch a bass big enough to put in my livewell.

His rig:

> YUM Dinger (gp purple flash…which is such a bad color you should pack up all of ’em and send them to me…heehee!)

> 3/0 Trokar Worm Hook, 1/8-oz weight, unspecified blade screwed into the back of the Dinger.

> 7′ M Abu Veritas Spinning Rod, Abu Revo STX Spin Reel, 20-lb Sunline Shooter fluoro.

Quote of the Day

“Obviously you don’t put a 952-lb motor on a bass boat.”

Yamaha product dude David Meeler talkin’ ’bout boats n motors. Motor he’s referrin’ to is the 425-hp 5.6L XTO for the salty folk. By comparison, a 250 Yammy V Max weighs 500+ lbs and the Merc Racing 350 weighs about the same.

Other than that gotta think we WOULD put a 952-lb motor on a bass boat if we could lol.

Fyi the weight of a 10-cyl Dodge Viper engine is 625-650 lbs with more hp.

Okay I’m done googling motors….

Shot of the Day

The tongue out says it all — great @schultzoutfitters shot:


Guy in Spain ticketed for walking his fish:

But I guess walking your chicken there is okay (Twitter vid).

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