Tourney Patterns

Rayburn Elite baits 3rd thru 7th

Aaaaaaaaaand here you go!

3rd: Jacob Wheeler

> 9/16-oz ER Lures Jig (b/b), switching trailers between a Larew Punch Out Craw and Zoom Big Salty Chunk. Said: “It really seemed like I could get a better-than-average bite throwing a jig over just a Texas-rigged soft-plastic.

> 7′ 6” H Okuma TCS Scott Martin Sig rod, Okuma Helios TCS reel (8.1), 20-lb Sufix Invisiline Castable Fluoro.

4th: Jordan Lee

> Fished a TX-rigged (1/2-oz weight) Strike King Thumper Worm (plum) in brush, and a Strike King Bullworm (plum apple) on 3/4-oz Magnum Shakey Head around brush. Also a Strike King Popping Perch around pads (green pumpkin gill).

> 20-lb Seaguar Rippin Mono on the plastics, 65-lb Seaguar Smackdown braid on the frog.

5th: Hank Cherry

> Livingston Cherry Picker (ayu), Lucky Craft Pointer 128 (ghost minnow), Whopper Plopper (custom painted). Fished grassline breaks in 4-8′. Concentrated on creek drains instead of major creek arms.

6th: Greg Vinson

> Jerkbait: Suspending Rogue (looks a little like avocado shad?), 15-lb Seaguar InvizX, MH Duckett Triad rod, Duckett 320 reel (6.4). On hydrilla edges in 4-8′.

> Worm: 11″ Netbait C-Mac worm (bama bug). Submerged creek channels/drains and brush in 16-20′. Used Garmin Panoptix to make precise casts.

7th: Jason Christie

Jason was all about the frog:

Other than that, several bass-heads said Jason was using a bait called a Teckel Sprinker (video below) BUT word is was a prototype BOOYAH Pad Crasher with a Sprinker kinda thing (Whopper Plopper-type thing) happening.


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