Randall Tharp’s baits now, Weedless Texas wacky rig! Do frogs leave tracks?

Little late today sorry — cuz it’s chock FULL of bassin’ stuff!!

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Today’s Top 5

What the Honey Badger’s fishing now.

Honey Badger DOES care. He cares for you.


Here’s what the badger hisself, Randall Tharp, is fishing now:

1. Zoom Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw (gp), 1/2-oz Ark Tungsten weight, 4/0 VMC Heavy Duty Flipping Hook, 50-lb Sufix 832 Braid, 7′ 11″ H Ark “Guntersville Special” Tharp Flipping Stick. Flipping hydrilla in 4-10′.

2. 3/8-oz Greenfish Tackle Swim Jig (white), Zoom Magnum UV Speed Craw (pearl white), 50-lb Sufix 832 Braid, 7′ 6″ H Ark “King Cobra” Tharp Flipping Stick. Swimming shallow lily pads early with the shad spawn.

3. Storm Arashi Cover Pop (pearl ayu), 17-lb Sufix Advance Mono, 6′ 9″ M Ark “One Eyed Jack” Tharp Rod. Fishing holes and points in lily pads after the shad spawn bite fades.

4. Rapala X-Rap Prop (pearl grey shiner), 30-lb Sufix 832 Braid, 7′ MH/XF Ark “Hammer” Tharp Rod. Fishing holes and points in lily pads after the shad spawn bite fades.

About the Magnum UV Speed Craw:

> “These are the 1st baits out of the production mold. I’ve been suggesting they build this bait for years and now I have it!”

Says it’ll be available for everyone mid-June.

Kevin Short is NOT punkin’ all of us.

Pretty sure you’ve been able to see that Kevin “K-Pink” Short ain’t right and never has been…except when he’s more right than everyone else…which I think comes from him not being right in the first place. Okay whatever — check this out:

Yep that’s Kevin with a retractable dog leash, at the other end is the Jewel Hound Dog Lure Retriever. In that vid (click the pic — also this vid too) it seems to actually work — I mean, I know the Hound Dog works, talkin’ the leash part. BUT it’s Kevin so I texted him to make sure it’s legit and he said yes…which may or may not mean it’s true lol.

Props to Jewel for designing a retriever that’s also a hound dog…which I guess makes it a mutt…unlike K-Pink’s wirehaired pointing griffon…

…which I guess makes Kevin a wild-haired bassin’ fish-on….

Okay I’m done. Oops nope, one more thing I gotta mention — one of the Hound Dog product reviews on TW:

> These are great!! Make sure you buy a few though because they have a tendency to get stuck themselves. Once I used 3 of these to retrieve a YUM Dinger!

Assumin’ the dude’s punkin’ us all cuz that’s $20 lost to retrieve maybe a dollar in bait and hook??

Didja know we fish in deadly “wet bulbs”?

Me neither. Unless I’m not gettin’ something here (very possible), sounds like every time we go summer bassin’ we shouldn’t be alive:

> [The study…sorta] focused on “wet-bulb” temperatures, which relate to both heat and humidity…. Wet bulb temperatures are lower than air temperatures, but present a more accurate picture of the effects of heat and humidity combined on the human body.

> A wet-bulb temperature exceeding 95 degrees is considered unsurvivable if humans are exposed to it for more than a few hours.

> …found particularly dangerous combinations of heat and humidity in the Middle East and parts of Southeast Asia, China, Africa and the Caribbean. Similar conditions were also discovered to have occurred along the U.S. Gulf Coast in TX, LA, MS, AL and the FL panhandle, and inland into AR.

Have to think Fester’s the OG on the whole wet bulb deal:

Don’t try that at home peeps….

Do frogs leave tracks?

Yes they do:

Wherever that is, I want in. Also can’t wait til it looks like that here in rain-ville.

Pic is from the BOOYAH Baits Insta, not sure if it’s Pad Crasher tracks or the Toad Runner.

This pic’s from Lunkerhunt — looks like that Lunker Frog is afraid to leave tracks or even get its feet wet lol:

You CAN catch bass in a dress.

Just in case you were wonderin’:

Think that’s the first non-weddin’ dress bass I’ve seen. BUT I have seen a bunch of bass-heads acting like they were wearin’ skirts — HAHAHA!

Btw she got that one on the FishLab Bio Gill swimbait.


1. Watch/listen to this 45-min KVD fishin’ tutorial.

On T-H Marine Facebook:

Audio ain’t the greatest somtimes, cuz of the wind, but dang is that a belly full of info. Talks the HydroWave and other stuff, gives up significant juice.

2. Watch this Chris Zaldain vid on wacky-rigging docks.

Good stuff. Says he likes older and longer docks. Uses 15-lb Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid to 12-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro leader, and a 5″ stickworm on a #1 wacky hook. If you’re wonderin’ about that ^ color, he’s colorblind so….

Kiddin’! Don’t wanna get Zaldain all Zaldaingerous on me….

3. Watch the MLFers do some crazy trick shots (FB vid).

Highly entertaining and kinda amazing.

4. Win a chance to fish with Hank Cherry.

Should say “jerkbait with Hank Cherry”…lol Hank!

5. Bill Lowen gets SeaDek.

Looks like even turtles don’t slip on that stuff…heehee!

6. BPTer Cody Meyer has an issue.

Here it is:

Lol it’s workin’ for him tho!

7. FLWer Sonar “Miles” Burghoff loves Zero-G Lift Assist…

…on the new MotorGuide Tour Pro:

Good point on milk runs:

> “…effortless to stow and deploy, super light…makes a huge difference in a day of fishing…milk run, stow and deploy that trolling motor constantly, 100 times throughout the day…this…makes a huge difference in my energy level throughout the day…less fatiguing….”

Makes sense…BUT gotta remind you his dad used to feed his teddy bear coffee:

Heard he almost got kicked outta the Army over that deal….

8. BioSpawn has a new bait, the ExoPod.

Check it:

Colors look good! Post says “right now it is available for pre-order exclusively for Karl’s Club Members.” Looks like 8 colors.

9. You can go all SeaDek on Vexus AVXs now.

I’m seriously considering it — what do you think? Lemme know….

10. This little deal.

Still somewhat amazed not that this catches ’em, but that Micah Frazier won an Elite with it. Smallies tho…. YUM Ned Dinger:

Micah told me for his next win he’d go even smaller:

Sorry for outin’ that Micah….

11. Pretty pic of this Storm Arashi Vibe.

That’s the Arashi Vibe in “green gill” — comes in some sick colors, like “dirty shad” and “wakasagi” which means smelt.

12. Gitcha bluegill on!

That’s a Spencer Shuffield shot I believe the Yo-Zuri 3DS SR 65 (3′ running depth) in “bluegill.” Hard to beat.

13. What Hiroshi Nishine does when it’s bad weather out.

How many owners of bait companies actually paint their own baits?? Pretty cool….

Those baits are Nishine Beatour M5s, which might be for sale here soon?

14. New YETI Elements finishes.

Havin’ a serious case of the wants with YETI stuff and it’s not even baits! Latest that’s got me is this Elements collection, such like:

New copper and graphite finishes. Do I need more than 1 tumbler or coffee cup? Yes — if it matches the interior of my truck, or on my birthday. Startin’ to understand what my wife means by “accessories”….

15. Alpha Angler peeps have lost their minds?

Seems like it from this vid — not sure if that’s Brandon Palaniuk’s alter ego or what, but either way they need some sunlight, a vitamin B complex and a Jason Bourne marathon to get right:

Full vid — if you must — on FB here.

16. CA: Court stops more water diversion from the Delta.

Because of salmon, hoping bass will be good either way?

17. DC: 1 senator overseeing anti-carp efforts is named Carper??

Sen. Thomas Carper from Del. Not sure if that’s a good sign or means the carp have invaded there too….

18. PA: Will shad crash in the Susquehanna?

Fish passage and shad stocking ain’t happenin’ cuz peeps can’t work so…?

19. World fishing Covid updates.

Before we get into this, gotta say I truly don’t understand “no fishing” regs:

Canada doesn’t sound so good fishing-wise.

Also looks like Canada “unintentionally” banned shotguns and big-bore rifles in the latest gun ban there. Only mentioning because the outdoors folks there are gonna need a big-time hand….

South Africa: Still no fishing AND no online tackle sales.


> “…online sales continue to suffer under the Trade and Industry Minister’s decree that e-commerce is also not allowed simply because it is deemed ‘unfair’ to those businesses that do not have access to a digital sales platform.”

All of Australia’s back to fishing.

New Zealand’s open to fishing again.

Finland folks are fishing again.

Important partly because Rapala is HQd there.

France open to fishing but some regional govt’s still say no.

Fishing “booming” in Denmark.

Ireland’s been fishing since May 6.

Just need to stock bass….

Europe thinks increased fishing will last.

Hope that happens here too.

20. Sounds like bass can’t get Corona but…

> The [computer] models suggest that…rats were less likely to catch the virus than pet turkeys. Additionally, turkeys were more susceptible to the virus than ducks.

> …ducks and white-tailed eagles were marked low in probability, followed by chickens.

1. Who has pet turkeys and why?
2. CHICKENS are the lowest probability?

Post also said:

> …a 17-yr-old dog in Hong Kong tested “weakly positive” again and again for coronavirus in March and later on died.

Just throwing it out there that repeated medical tests on a 17-yr-old dog is probably not a good idea.

Line of the Day

“Stumps might be a good place to lose lures…”

Never knew any folks looked at the world thataway….

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Quote of the Day

“Always feels good to lean on your pals.”

– Love that SIMMS Insta line cuz it goes with this pic:

Lean on ’em! #FishOn #FishItWell #BassFeeshin

Shot of the Day

Couple cool bass yakkin’ shots:

@tampa_toad_hunter livin’ the dream, catchin’ ’em on the Bill Lewis Echo 1.75 which “moves way more water than most squarebills…you could say it’s the Colorado blade of crankbaits:”

@suvak_kayak_fishing gettin’ his Kistler hookset on:


MLFer David Walker posted this to his ‘gram — love the shot, gives me peace, hopefully the same for you. Have a great end of the week and weekend peeps!

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