Proof smallmouths most savage, Keys from Edwin Evers, New color frog!

Hopin’ to get after ’em (finally) this weekend, hope you will too! Pics or it didn’t happen!!

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Today’s Top 5

Proof smallmouths are the most savagest of the basses.

Check it:

Bass-head Nathan P on the White River near Indianapolis, IN:

> Caught this fish on a [gp Coffee Tube]. Already had a half-digested bird and crawfish in its mouth. Spit the bird on the deck of my Hobie Outback kayak before I released it.

Heck yeah it is juvy squatch kid! And it’s not even a big one! Nathan also said:

> Is it weird that seeing this makes me love smallmouth even more??

Not at all!

Edwin Evers handed us some keys.

Not to the pecan farm gate but to higher-level bassin’ — as in:

> “I’ve caught more bass in my career looking at this computer than you can ever imagine.”

That’s Edwin talkin’ ’bout how much he loves the BassBlaster. Oops sorry that vid’s not uploaded yet, he’s talkin’ usin’ Google Earth. Finally got time to watch/listen to BOTH his vids on this, and he gives up some serious juice. Well worth watchin’ which is why it’s a top item. Tiddybits:

> “I’ll have 2,000 waypoints I’ve marked on this map and that I transfer over to my depthfinder…I think that’s where I’m probably getting other people.

> “Let me show you my starting spot in the Classic and why I started there….”

You might have seen stuff like this before or think you know how to do it — and maybe you do — but it ain’t often one of the best bass fishermen ever walks you through it. Not sure why he did it but too late to take it back now man!

Vid 1

Vid 2

This is a screencap from vid 2, but you gotta watch 1 first:

‘Lectric outboard folks Pure Watercraft offering a bass tub package.

Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW with trailer, says on the site the price is $24K with 1 battery and $32.5K with 2. Or you could get the same boat from Tracker for just under $19K with a 60-hp Merc 4-stroke.

‘Lectric top speed is 24 mph vs mid-30s for the Merc.

Guess like with all things electric, we’ll see if it’s good, gets better, lasts, etc.

Pure Watercraft also announced $23 mil in new funding.

Here’s you a new frog color.

Spotted in OH and apparently legit, not Pshop — OH DNR posted:

> A rare blue-green frog (some sources say it’s 1 in a million) occurs when the frog’s yellow pigment is missing. Remember mixing colors in school? Yellow and blue make green. Even in frogs!

Sounds crazy but it does happen to the Hulk too:

If you’re not sure what to fish…

…(speaking of frogs) sometimes nature will tell you:

That was at Dean Rojas’ house. He was sure it meant we needed to fish frogs that day — I wasn’t so sure cuz a) Dean ALWAYS wants to fish frogs and b) those frogs looked like a gang…like they were waiting for us or something, like they were seriously mad. I was paranoid all day man…so I flipped the whole day….

Later I was like, “I think you seriously have frog syndrome.” Dean said, “Okay what are the symptoms?” I was like, “Four frog boxes in your boat, a pet frog and frogs on your roof.” Then he said:

> “The frog does not run in the daytime for nothing.”

What did he mean by that? That bass see a running frog and figure they need to chase it? But…frogs don’t run so maybe it was a deeper meaning? Dean??


1. Chris Zaldain’s fave fluoro knot is the San Diego Jam (IG vid).

Makes it look easy to tie and long bait with trebles = np. He’s a Seaguar guy….

2. Greg Hackney likes a compact jig right before fall hits.

3. Hank Cherry was LiveScopin’ bass at Norman.

> Lake Norman has some big spotted bass but they are nomadic by nature. Garmin LiveScope really takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

4. Elitist Chris Groh sometimes surprises even himself.

5. Elitist Garrett Paquette is selling his boat.

2020 Bass Cat Cougar FTD, Merc 250, ‘Birds and Minn Kota Ultrex.

6. Joe Bennett’s 4th at Dardanelle marked his return.

From a good post at

> Bennett was once very prominent in bass fishing. In the span of a few months, he lost his mother, father, brother and wife. He dropped out of the sport….

Welcome back brother, and hope you are okay.

7. Popcorn won a derby.

WI Nation team champeenship, boater side. Popcorn “Ryan” Leviticus Whitacre, part of the highly questionable yet very knowledgeable StrayCasts staff:

Since it was at Sturgeon Bay I asked him if MaxScent figured and he said about a third of his fish ate a Berkley MaxScent Flat Worm.

Also said his fave poppin’ corn type is “any movie theater,” and thanked his sponsors Orville Redenbacher and Jolly Time.

8. MI: Detroit River ‘Yota won with an A-Rig.

Been a while since we’ve seen a bigger one won thataway — congrats to Scott Dobson. Did the deal with a Shane’s Baits Mini Blades of Glory with Keitech Fats:

Because they were stuck in the Detroit River for 2 days due to the annual beluga whale migration…

…he and lots more folks were throwin’ the kitchen sink. In his case he also fished a 3/4-oz War Eagle Spinnerbait (gold/silver willows and a trailer hook), a Megabass Vision 110+1, a Lucky Craft Pointer 100, a Duo Realis Jerkbait 100DR, a 5″ tube on a 3/4-oz head, a big Ned (half a Z-Man Giant TRD on a 1/2-oz Nichols Magnum Ned Rig Head) and a dropshot with a Poor Boy’s Erie Darter.


9. WI: ’21 FLW Pro Circuit championship will be in La Crosse.

10. T-H Marine offering scholarships!

Gotta apply asap:

> …will award these scholarships to 5 individuals who participate in competitive bass fishing at any level and are high school juniors/seniors, trade school/attendees and college students (ages 17-22). If you are a student as described above and you are on a fishing team or individually compete, you are eligible to apply.

11. Biggest fish so far on the new YUM Spine Craw?

Lotta bigs were caught practicin’ for the Rayburn Open, including this one snatched by Jimmy Mason — 10.25 lbs, said he was dropping a Spine Craw on a 1-oz weight into deep hydrilla:

Here again is the Spine Craw — this one’s b/b flake:

12. Lookit the action of the BioSpawn ExoRibbon Worm.

Looks good just draggin’ on the bottom — so looks good on the drop too:

View this post on Instagram

Felt cute, might delete later⁠

A post shared by BioSpawn Lure Company (@biospawnlures) on

Check ’em on the TW.

13. You have your Eliminator Prop Nut yet?

Gonna quote T-H Marine:

> …makes taking off your trolling motor prop to check for grass and fishing line, EASY.

I think whoever that is has my watch so please return it…lol.

14. Do Hardcore baits have sick colors?

Si. Es verdad:

That’s the Hardcore Crankbait 4+….

15. Hiroshi Nishine says the time to Chippawa Blade is now.

> These model will be my 1st pick when leaves on the bank of lakes started to change color in autumn. Bladed model of the Chippawa calls up the suspending fish. Don’t hesitate to use Chippawa bladed model in middle of the water column. It will draw the fish from distance.

There you go! Yep I’ve got some in my boat. Also can say that the colors look even better in person…. TW has both shallow and deep versions.

16. Would you do this with your rod?

Yes you would if it was a Kistler rod because they’re stellar. Gitcha 1 (or 2) at TW or customize your own on the Kistler website.

17. Ever catch a fish lookin’ like this?

Yep it’s a largie, but no clear markings AND still dark-ish, meaning not washed out from mud or whatever:

Caught on a new Okuma Psycho Stick — love the name!

18. ‘Bout time for glove szn.

BUFF’s gotcha covered AND Ott DeFoe says these gloves are mandatory for effective crankin’. He might have said that anyhow….

19. Check Gamakatsu’s new Gika Rig.

Sorta like the VMC Tokyo Rig but different. The Gika is on TW but doesn’t look available yet.

20. Got an idea for recyclin’ soft baits or line?

Enter to win $$ to make your idea a reality. Contest sponsored by Berkley and BoatUS.

21. Asian carp updates.

TN governor creates new Asian carp commission.

It’s called ACT NOW — Asian Carp Tennessee Navy Ordinance Weapons. Okay I made that up but it would be cool!

IL: Dude caught selling possibly live Asian carp.

WTHeck that ain’t good man! I wonder where the fish were coming FROM?

> The DNR received a complaint…that Asian Midway Foods…was selling Asian carp that may have been alive.

> Through surveillance of the store they determined Li Fish Farm LLC was the supplier….

AR is getting some federal anti-carp funds.

AFTCO is selling an anti-carp T-shirt for anti-carp funds.

> As a first measure AFTCO has made a $10,000 donation to Lyon County Industrial Development Authority. These funds removed an additional 250,000 lbs of carp through commercial fishing…. In addition…$5 from each shirt sold will be donated to the battle on car.

Very cool, just wish the carp had an arrow through it or a couple bullet holes or something….

22. MO: 2 crayfish might be listed as threatened species.

They’re the “hot peanut butter” and “watermelon red” species. Oops sorry those are Jewel Finesse Jig colors — the craws are the Big Creek crayfish and the St. Francis River crayfish. Both look gp/brown, so I’m thinking that bass might be involved?

23. MN: Zebras found in Lake Orono.

Also confirmed the lake has milfoil and rusty crayfish. I understand that zebras are bad for all kinda things, but that sounds like it could be a good bass lake….

24. FL wants input on Harris Chain hydrilla treatments.

Planned for fall and winter.


Quick story about a boy with autism fishing for the first time — his mom talkin’:

> “We are grateful for all the supplies that were provided. Neither of my boys have been fishing and one of my kids has autism. I didn’t know if he would get into it and he absolutely did. He was casting with the best of them and it was huge grins all around. We have 2 future fishermen and are so thankful for this opportunity.”

Great and #stout

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Fall Flukin’ with Ike ‘n Mike.

With either/or, depending on his caffeine intake and/or general mood. Anyhow, good stuff from the MLFers website — he uses a dang swivel!

> My fall jerkbaits are always rigged with a braid to fluorocarbon…Berkley braid — they’re all super good — and my leader is Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. I usually go with 15-20 lb braid and 10-15 lb fluorocarbon.

> I put a barrel swivel in between the two lines. It’s a big one too. The swivel helps eliminate line twist and the extra weight helps with casting distance.

> …in really clear water the swivel looks like a tiny baitfish chasing something or being chased by something. I know you think I’m crazy when I say that, but I’m not. I spend a lot of time modifying rigs, lures and tackle. I’m telling you that’s what it looks like.

> …usually a 4/0 or a 5/0 offset worm hook. When I want the bait to fish down in the water I go with a heavy model like the VMC Ike Approved Heavy Duty Worm Hook. When I want it to stay up…something like a regular VMC Ike Approved Worm Hook.

> I always Texas-rig…. If I want my lure to ride up near the surface, I run the hook deep into the nose of the bait at least an inch. The eye is buried and the line runs through the plastic and straight out of the nose. The extra plastic makes the bait rise. If I want the bait to run deeper I rig it the standard way, about a quarter of an inch in. The eye is exposed.

Couple more good deets at the link.

Quote of the Day

“Today’s fishermen have more spare money than they do spare time.”

– That’s from back in ’98 — Terminator spinnerbait inventor Ben Johnson talkin’. I think it’s still true now? (Not including Covid effects.) I hope we all give the bass the attention they need, but a lotta spare time deals look like this:

Lol! That quote’s ^ from a post on — can’t link it….

Shot of the Day

Lol love the facial expression in this Yo-Zuri shot — and props to the dude for keep his eyes wide for that flash in the dark:


Couple deals:

1. Because I shared my family’s Covid journey back in March, which many folks seemed to appreciate (and thanks much again for the prayers!), here’s the latest CDC Covid stats right on their website — scroll to the bottom for the chart. To me it looks like good news and good news is good! Hope you and fams are well.

2. Meet a new hero of mine, name of Ryan Smith. He’s the head football coach at Southwestern Assemblies of God University ( in Waxahachie, TX — hadn’t heard of til I stumbled on a documentary on him and his program on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend it. You’ll know why when you watch it. Here he is praying over a couple of his guys’ jerseys — believe he does it for the whole team before every game. How great is that!

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