Prize baits stolen, Hackney’s St Johns baits, Swimbait rigging options

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Best way to keep your boat safe…
…is a good parking job:

Seen somewhere in FL. Word is these guys were responsible:


When I found that my baits were stolen, I literally threw up.

– Former Elitist and current FLWer Jeremy Starks talkin‘ ’bout a boat thief who took some of his favorite baits:

> “Some of the things that were stolen probably weren’t worth 3 cents on the market, but they were important to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’d drawn comfort just from looking at those baits, thinking how many times I’d thrown them.”

> One of the crankbait boxes contained a lot of rare original Wiggle Warts, including a red one that Starks used to win his first tournament. “There was also a Rebel Teeny R that I caught my first smallmouth bass on, and a Bomber Flat A that I found floating on the surface at Kerr Reservoir. I carried that one around as a good-luck charm.

> “In the top-water box there was a Bagley’s Bang-o-Pop that I bet had caught me more than 1,000 fish over the years.”

That just plain hurts. Starks is like:

MD hits semi-reverse on Potomac.


AFTER getting loads of “feedback,” the MD DNR has changed its tune a little re: Potomac derbies. Not real sure why they didn’t get feedback BEFORE but whatever. Bottom line:

> …modified approach that provides tournament directors two options when applying for a permit….

> Option 1 requires the tournament director/participants to adhere to the slot limit permit condition (i.e., possession limited to a 12 inch minimum size, 5 fish creel, with only one fish which may measure 15 inches or bigger).

> Option 2: All rules and conditions within the Special Conditions for Black Bass Tournaments must be followed and among these are: a) Allows anglers to participate within existing possession regulations (5 fish creel, 12 inch minimum size, no maximum)…; b) Requires directors to recover exhausted bass following a tournament and redistribute them to approved locations; [etc.]


Lucky for them because I was just about to send in the troops:

When the fishing decks of bass boats were much smaller, I used to fall out pretty often.


Rick “PFD” Clunn talkin‘ ’bout concentrating so hard on everything happening out on the water that he simply walks off the deck.

Love these tiddy bits from that story:

> In his early years as a bass pro, Clunn drove a van from one tournament to the next and slept in the van, avoiding heated or air-conditioned hotel rooms. A lot more hot-weather tournaments were held in the South in those days, and Clunn wanted to stay tough by avoiding creature comforts.

> …at the Classic one year…anglers were getting ready for the tournament…. Many were listening to music…most of the music was country, but some of the younger guys were listening to rock. Strange sounds were emanating from Clunn’s room. The sounds turned out to be undersea recordings of blue whales.

After listenin’ Clunn be like:

Jersey boy catches illegal T-Bend bass.
Former tour angler Dave Mansue — who for whatever reason moved to TX even though NJ is the capital of bass fishing — caught this 11.03 at the Indian Mounds on Toledo Bend:

Illegal part was he used a Keitech swimbait on a Mark Pack swimbait head — ILLEGAL since we all know all DD fish on T-Bend apparently are either caught with a Zoom or Rat-L-Trap product. Anyhow:

> “I was fishing a ditch with hydrilla on its sides in 10 feet. I made about three casts with the swimbait – and then she ate it.”

Dave I’m sayin’ that’s a 9.5 mang!



1. How Hack caught ’em at the St. Johns.

Caught up with Senor Hack, got a brief debrief on what he was doin’/usin’, read it here on Here’s a pic of his jig he texted in:

> “I caught pretty much all my fish on a 3/8-oz Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig (black/blue) with a blue bug Strike King Rage Craw trailer. Long casts and really burning it fast seemed to be the deal.

> “It only seemed to catch big males or females. By using it, I was staying away from 12- to 13-inch fish.”

2. KVD wins MLF Summit Cup.

In La Crosse, WI, so I guess the MS Reever. Kevin was down 28 lbs, came back to win it using the new KVD Deep Jerkbait, aka the J300 Deep, in crystal shad — which I’m a-gonna call “purple sexy:”

Here’s a 2.5-hour vid of him in that event. Cool on the one hand, on the other hand requires a serious amount of free time.

Btw KVD is in NYC, working the NY Auto Show.

3. AL: Bass Fishing Hall of Fame building dead?

At least in Cullman:

> Hall of fame officials confirmed this week that fundraising has stalled and they will not be able to raise the necessary capital to build the hall of fame complex. With no viable path to move forward, the city and hall of fame have agreed to amicably walk away from the project.

4. SC: New Falcon Boats $1.5 mil facility.

Might be a little blood in the water after the Bass Pro Shops acquisitions?

5. NE: Cabela’s opens books…

…to several folks including Bass Pro Shops. Cabela’s is profi but once you become a public company you open yourself up to this stuff. #nothanx

6. IA: Pool 9 getting more habitat.

7. Erie: Feds spending $41 mil…

…to try to help western basin water quality.

8. MI DNR allowing more bass kept.

9. CA: Oroville back up.

Word is it will be available in July. Had to cut off Debra Hengst to get the shot — sorry Debra!

12. AR: UNA wins collegiate derby on Dardanelle.

13. Angler’s Port Marine deal of the week.

Like-new 2013 Ranger Z521 with a great equipment package. Has a 250 hp Yamaha SHO with only 107 hours on motor and one year Yamaha Y.E.S warranty.

Tip of the Day

The Tic-Tac Bassin’ dudes with some good stuff:

Quote of the Day


I beat down this beast using my Shimano Chronarch reel spooled with 50-pound PowerPro braid, a Shimano Crucial rod, while using a Strike King Hack Attack heavy-hook football head jig…wearing a Bass Pro Shop cap (my 7th one of that particular cap), and checked the time of catch on my Casio watch, but forgot to shave using Foamy and Gillette Triple Threat razor. My Triton Boat and Mercury engine powered me around the slaunch liar to perfection…the Motor Guide trolling motor and my GMC Denali HD 2500….man never mind…you get it.

– Gotta be and is James “grilled cabbage” Overstreet maybe doin’ a little parody of the sponsor roll call thang.

Here’s the pic that went along with that, I think shot by Davey “and Goliath” Mercer:

Shot of the Day

Yeah buddy! Clients of AL guide Jimmy Mason whacked some nice’uns — little rain wouldn’t stop ’em:

Caught these feesh on the new Yum Pulse swimbait, which is supposed to be out soon — exact bait here:

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