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Presentation Patience: Cool Story

Us bassin’-heads ran across this recently, in a place I can’t tell you yet because that might spoil an announcement coming at

Anyhow, here goes, from the lips of the one and only Basil Bacon:

He [the guy Basil was fishing with] was having trouble with his tackle and he let the boat drift against a log. There were a half-dozen other logs laying around there that I’d fished with a spinnerbait and had not done any good.

We’d been fishing for 2 or 3 hours and I’d flipped and crankbaited – we’d done everything and just couldn’t get a bite.

[While the other guy fiddled, the boat was positioned so Basil could only throw at one log.] So I threw across it and waked it across the log, nothing. I threw across it and raun it about 6 inches deep, nothing.

I threw across and let it just come down and bump the log, nothing. I threw across again, let it come back and bump the log and killed it – just hesitated and let it drop 6 inches and reeled it on in, nothing.

I threw back across the log, bumped it and let it drop about 2 feet…and it started swimming sideways!

[From there the fished every log in the river the same way.] We’d pull the spinnerbait up to the log, let it bump and drop two feet – they were all 5-pounders. Every stinking log. [Presentation] can make that much difference.

Cool story, eh? Do you try that many presentations before impatience moves you along?



  1. Alex Voog

    November 1, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Cool Starry Bra!! The downside is if you hang up down there so much it becomes counterproductive, frustrating for both anglers, and expensive if you choose to, or are forced to, break off to avoid going in and blowing the fish out. That said, No Guts, No Glory…. >==*> I will say there is a reason I own 50 Strike King Denny Brauer “FLIP-N-SPINS”…

  2. Rich Arnold

    November 2, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    I guess that’s fishing: you have to decide when to work an area or piece of structure over and over or when it is time to move to new water. I can only be that patient if I KNOW the fish are there. To do something like that by happenstance is pure luck. I am not patient enough to leave my tournament outcome up to happenstance.

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