Ott wins again, Correct crankbait reel turn, New rules possible?

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DeFoe DeFeats de Field at de Douglas Open…again!

That’s the THIRD TIME Ott’s won a Douglas Open (2014, 2017, 2018)!!! Here’s what he did in this one:

> Jig — 1/2-oz Terminator Pro Series Jig (OD = overdose = new color), Bass Pro Elite Chunk (gp/blue flake), 7′ 6″ H Johnny Morris Platinum Rod, Platinum Reel (8.3), 20-lb Bass Pro XPS fluoro.

> “The jig fish were in cover. Whether it was a stump, a laydown or whatever, a jig did most of the work the 1st day when the current was at its highest and the fish were tightest to cover.”

> Frog — Terminator Walking Frog Jr (smoke silver shad), 7′ 3″ MH Johnny Morris Carbonlite Rod, Platinum Reel (6.8), 50-lb Bass Pro XPS Hyper Braid.

> “The 2nd day…little bit less current and [the water was a] little clearer. That day the frog really shined. I was skipping it under overhanging trees [shady areas], trying to keep it in the strike zone as long as possible. With current that’s not that long, but I was trying to work it slow in those key places…couple feet, reel it in, make the next cast.”

> Worm — 6″ Bass Pro Magnum Fin-eke Worm (gp), 3/16-oz Swagger Tungsten Weight, 3/0 VMC Heavy Duty Worm Hook, 7′ 1″ MH Johnny Morris Platinum Rod, Platinum Reel (8.3), 17-lb XPS fluoro.

> “I was worm-fishing around similar areas as the jig, but not as much in the cover — fishing the outside edges and even some places with a little current break…larger eddies.”

He fished upriver again, 1-2.5′. More deets on how he fished here.

> “I had a borrowed boat, and took 2 things off my Tracker to put on this…Ultrex trolling motor and my Lithium Pros batteries. Spot Lock…in the current so when I’d catch one, I’d hit Spot Lock so I didn’t blow of the bank I was fishing [while unhooking, culling, etc].”

> Lithium Pros — “That current is swift, and boat position is half the reason you catch the fish you do. You’re constantly on the trolling motor in that situation, and those batteries hold up all day long. You don’t have to worry about them compared to regular batteries. No way was I taking a chance with anything less than what I was used to.”

Ott didn’t fish from his 7-lb boat….

Y’all may rightly recall that Ott won the 2017 Douglas Open in his tunnel-hull tin bassin’ rig by 10 big lbs. After that, he was told not fish outta that contraption ever again plus a rule was passed so everyone would know he was told that (lol).

This year he only won by 3 lbs, so I guess that boat was worth 7 lbs? HAHAHA! Anyhow, here’s some possible rule changes due to this latest DeFoe vic-tor-ay:

1. Footwear is required at all times in the boat, “for safety reasons.” Also hygiene.

2. No boats can be used that are not at least 50% fiberglass.

3. All boats registered in the state of TN must pass a polygraph BEFORE competition. Questions like: “Have you ever been modified by Ott DeFoe, Mike Watson or someone from their bass club?”

4. No registrations will be accepted if you attempt to enter a first name with less than 4 letters — website gives an error.

5. Open registrations can’t make any references to any member of the otter family, includin’ badgers, honey badgers (possibly includin’ Randall Tharp), martens (possibly includin’ A-A-Rons), minks, polecats (the rest of the Elitists lol), wolverines and even nutria since they’re also furry water critters.

Word is B.A.S.S. briefly considered banning anyone who pronounces “frog” as “frowg” but that would’ve limited the field to just Yankees so it was round-filed pronto….


Case you’re innerested, Ott’s banned boat is a HEAVILY modified Tracker Grizzly 1754. Said he spent 4 entire days rewiring it and customizing it with a bud who used to work at Area 51. Check it:

More info:

> Good rundown of Ott’s Tracker (vid)

> Tunnel-hull mods photo rundown on the Bassin’masters

> Good post on why tunnel-hulls also on the Bassin’masters

How Brandon Lester fished.

Brandon finished 3rd at Douglas:

> “Main bait was an X-Zone Lures Adrenaline Bug, Okeechobee craw and black/blue flake depending on water color. TX-rigged with a 5/16-oz pegged tungsten weight and a 4/0 Mustad Grip Pin Max Flippin’ Hook.
> “Also caught some on an X-Zone Muscle Back Fat Finesse Worm — gp/junebug (gp on top/junebug on bottom — on a 3/16-oz shakey head.

> “I flipped the adrenaline bug around laydowns and willow trees, and fished isolated rock and bridge columns with the shakey head. The key was going super slow and picking everything apart. I caught fish behind a lot of guys and speed was the #1 key. When fish are getting that much pressure, you have to slow down.”

Rods were a 7′ 6″ H MHX Elite Pro Series for flipping, and the spinning rod was a 6′ 9″ M MHX Elite Pro Series. 8.1 gear ratio on the baitcaster, 2500-size spinning reel, 20-lb Vicious Pro Elite fluoro for flipping, 10-lb Vicious High-Vis Yellow Braid to 10-lb Vicious fluoro leader for the shakey rig.

Brandon es en fuego hombres!

You could say he’s had an up and down season. First derby this year was the Kissimmee Open, finished 2nd. Then 50th, 27th and 6th on the first 2 Elites and el Clasico. Then nothin’ higher than 20th and as low as 95th til Aug when:

> Champlain Open: 4th
> St. Lawrence Elite: 3rd
> Douglas Open: 3rd

Not a bad run! Asked him what changed:
1. On steroids? “No.”
2. Got a coach? “No.”
3. On the A-Mart Cheeto/Dorito then run it off diet? “No.”

> “Guess I’m just on a little roll and things are working out and going my way. Confidence is huge in our sport, and I’m as confident in my fishing right now as I’ve ever been.”

You may have cottoned on to a suspicious deal between his recent crushing it and using the ol’ spin-rod. So had to ask him: “Do you feel like less of a man using a spinning rod so much?” HAHAHA! He said:

> “Not at all. As long as it puts $$$ in the bank I don’t care if I’m using spinning or casting.”

That really confused me. So I asked my neighbor from Dagobah and he was like:

Okay I get it now….

Lol! ALL rods are good man! Congrats B-Lest!

Coolest-lookin’ dude at the Open.

Check Mandel Pettus, dude on the right, 6th place co-angler:

Lovin’ the look man — lookit those sneaks! He looks pretty chill too, considerin’ this happened to him that same day:


1. What Bobby Lane fished at Douglas.

> 1/8-oz Greenfish Shakey Head, 7″ Berkley Power Worm (plum).

> 7/16-oz 4×4 Jig (b/b) with a Berkley PowerBait Craw Fatty Jr (gp and sapphire) or the PowerBait version (sapphire).

> DUEL Hardcore 2+ (chartreuse black back): “I broke all them off in that current” so not in the pic but here’s that bait:

> 17-lb Berkley 100% fluoro for the jig, 10-lb Spiderwire Ultracast to a 12-lb fluoro leader for the shakey head, and 12-lb fluoro for cranking. Abu Revo MGX reels, Abu Villain 7′ M and MH rods.

> “I was fishing 1-2′ deep up the French Broad River, current was the key.”

2. Ott’s on StrayCasts tomorrow night.Word is TN pedicures will be examined closely….

3. Good MLF/BPT opinion by FLWer Randy Blaukat.

The best take on it I’ve read so far, good job man!

Tip: Read it out loud to your significant other and then be like:

lol! Sorry, rated PG, coudn’t help myself….

4. FLW Cup champ Clent Davis gets Cal Coast Fishing.

No link, but here’s Cal Coast’s stuff on the TW.

5. Ron and Al Lindner were on The 700 Club.

Two of the most awesomest dudes in our biz that we all owe a bunch to, whether you’re a fisherman at ANY level, media guy, lure/rod/reel/line guy, whatever. Seriously, they’ve been that influential. 1 quick example: If you’ve ever used terms like “cover” and “structure,” they were the guys who came up with those.

Great quick overview of their incredible lives so far: #ultrastout

6. Bass Pro Shops renews FLW HS fishing sponsorship.

7. The ’18 USA Bass Team is……Scott Martin, Scott Canterbury, David Dudley, Fred Roumbanis, James Watson, Mark Rose, David Fritts, Terry Bolton. It’s Oct 28-Nov 4 at Lake El Cuchillo, MX.

“Cuchillo” apparently means “knife.” [big eyes emoji] Be careful down there fellas….

Also, ‘Rude is now the official outboard of USA Bass.

8. WA: Bass reclassification needed to save…orcas??

Recommended by the state’s Orca Task Force:

> Request that the Governor support reclassifying non-native predatory fish including but not limited to walleye, bass, and catfish from sport fish to invasive species to allow and encourage removal of these predatory fish in the waters containing salmon or other ESA-listed species.

ESA = Endangered Species Act.

9. Lake Michigan is warming.

Good for bass, not so good for salmon…which btw ain’t native.

10. OK: Zebras in Foss.

11. LA: LSU studying why bass hybridize differently…

…in different waters — FL- and northern-strains:

> “…what we want to know [after stocking FLs] is why some populations exhibit hybrids that are predominately of northern origin, and some exhibit hybrids that are predominately of FL origin.”

Here’s what Coach O said about it (vid).

12. AZ: Daytime temp for Mead tourney was 109!

Winners still got a limit and boated 30 on the day.

13. College angler on BassEdge Radio.

2018 BASS Collegiate Championship qualifier Dillon Harrell of Sam Houston State.

14. KS: This post previews KS HS fishing teams to watch.

How cool is that! Props to the scribbler, Josh Rouse, for doin’ it.

15. NH: 35 schools competing in HS derby this weekend.

NH!! #stout

16. Peta nuts ask Boy Scouts to scrap fishing merit badges.

Letter prompted by Peta’s “Fish Amnesty Day.”

Don’t get why these nutcases are focused on this stuff with so much human suffering out there….

17. Learn ya a little about JM Associates.

Jerry McKinnis’ production company now owned by B.A.S.S. Article fails to mention the truckloads of sketchy characters who work there (*cough* Bowman *cough*) led by their chief, Mike McKinnis…hahaha kiddin’ folks! (sorta)

Will add my 2c: For some reason, there’s never been a production company in the outdoors market that’s come remotely close to being as good as JM. Believe one reason for this is…wiener dogs. You didn’t hear it from me, but they’ve also cloned Tommy Sanders at least twice. #ironman

18. E15 sales are back on.

Dang it:

> The sale of gasoline with 15% ethanol (E15) resumed over the weekend. Every year, fuels containing E15 are prohibited from being sold between Jun 1 and Sept 15….

19. GM recalling some pickups for brakes.

20. AL: $12 mil will get you a ridonkulous bassin’/huntin’ property.

> White Oak Valley Plantation has its own herd of deer…along with a breeding facility. There are 4 lakes for year-round fishing…plus 3 large creeks. The property has 2 spacious lodges of rustic design, as well as 2 barns, a boat house, internal roads and trails….

Always wonder — where the heck do so many people get that kind of coin??

Understatement of the Day

“Ohio River bass fishing trips are rarely easy.”

Tip of the Day

$$$ tip: David Fritts on crankbait reelin’.

From a Bassin’masters column:

> The correct speed of any crankbait reel is 21″ of line pick-up per turn of the reel handle. Most of that information is on the internet or on the packaging. If it isn’t, measure what your reel is doing with a ruler. It’s that important. A change of just an inch or 2 on every turn is huge.

> …do not try to control your speed by slowing down or speeding up how fast you turn the reel handle. A few anglers might be able to do that, but not many. We all go faster than we think. If you don’t believe me, try to count the number of handle turns as you wind a crankbait back. I guarantee you that you can’t count that fast. You’ll fall behind quick enough.

> Move your crankbait too slow or too fast and it’ll run too shallow. The bill has to bite into the water at the correct angle for the lure to run as deep as possible.

WTHeck!! This will COMPLETELY change how I crank! Just have to find the time to measure my reel pick-ups….

Quote of the Day

…at the end of the day we have our own rivalries going and, with me making it and him not, it’s kind of a milestone in my career.

Alton Jones Jr talkin’ ’bout the AOY Champeenship, which his dad didn’t qualify for. Jr very respectfully says he’s disappointed for his dad but this is him stepping out:

> I have to say that qualifying for this event in a year when my dad did not is a little bittersweet. Certainly, I wish my dad had qualified — we always root for each other and I know he’s extremely happy that I made it.

> I never take anything for granted. I am where I am today because of him. But I think this is an important step for me to be on my own out there.

> …I’ll be the first to point out that my dad has several years of competition ahead of him, and he has some wins ahead of him. This is in no way, shape or form a changing of the guard.


Shot of the Day

Here’s your new favorite “footbaw” equipment managers…. Check Ole Miss’ Ken Crain and I think @wamcdowell representin’ bassin’ness in the midst of all kinds o’ footbaw stuff. Love it!

Wonder if they only fish Pop-Rs…. Get it??

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