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Hopin’ Nik is found. 

For sure got your daily dose of Blastin’, but need to say first my heart’s been broken all weekend for the family of Nik Kaylor. If you’ve heard, I’m sure you’re feelin’ the same.

If you haven’t heard, something happened at some point to Bill Kisiah’s boat on day 1 of the Okeechobee Costa. The boat didn’t make it to check-in and was found that night, I believe, with Bill clinging to it hypothermic but no sign of co-angler Nik…whom they still haven’t found yet. Sounds like that day was air temps in the 30s, water temps in the 50s and high winds.

Here’s our bassin’ brother, who’s an Army vet too:

My heart’s busted up for Bill too. We all know the joy and anticipation we feel before a day of fishing. No one thinks of not coming back. To have a fishing day end like that…. Hits all bass-heads hard.

But don’t want to focus on us so here’s one GoFundMe for Nik’s family, and here’s another. Hope you can help hit the $$ stuff out of the park for ’em.

Hope the good Lord gives our brother Nik some more time here. Ain’t gonna run the pics and vids of the boat, sorry, but you can find ’em. The FL FWC says it sounds like he was ejected from the boat in rough water.

This made me think of personal locator beacons, used for rescues on the ocean and in the wilderness. Don’t know much about ’em, but if any of you often or even occasionally fish big water, here’s a good post on the difference between the two types. And here’s some examples of PLBs that salty supplier West Marine carries since PLBs are way more common on salt rigs.

Don’t know enough to know whether they would have a made a difference this time, but I can see the big trails maybe making ’em required safety equipment in the future.

Please pray for Nik, his family and for Bill. Huge props to all of you who went to the lake and looked. So #stout

Bassin’ similarities to the college football champeenship. 

Well, well, well, Bama did it again. Can’t say I’m surprised. Here’s some stuff that triggered some bassin’-related thought-burps in me:

> Alabama is KVD. [goat emoji]

> AL has bigger players and fish than GA.

> Tough to win if you can’t do several things well. Can’t just beat down AL’s defense with the run, and the days of flippin’ your way to an AOY win are long gone, seems like.

> A GA running back squeezing through AL’s defensive line is like being able to make the perfect cast to the right spot the first time…maybe?

> Sometimes guys from non-traditional areas (Tagovailoa, Palaniuk) come outta nowhere and do their thang on the big stage. Gotta give more props to Brandon on this one cuz this is right near where he grew up — see any bass there??

> Both sports have winners who don’t smile:

Hahahaha! Just kiddin’ — Cliff DID smile, but Nick…not so much:

Amazing run by the Crimson Tidal Wave. Yep Saban’s all that, but the players play the game mang, and they were friggin’ amazing. Both teams. Was kinda rootin’ fer Jake Fromm based on this shot:

Get ’em next time bassin’ bro!

Randy Blaukat is responsible for the Vision 110? 

Aka the Megabass Vision Oneten. Never heard that story. Blaukat was a long-time B.A.S.S. angler, then went FLW, now I believe back at B.A.S.S.:

> I explained in detail to Yuki the art of suspended jerkbait fishing in the Ozarks, and sort of my “wish list” for the perfect suspending jerkbait. Yuki also flew from Japan to fish Table Rock with me, to see these ideas in practice.

> Because of this effort and information, Yuki was able to design the Megabass Vision Oneten in the late 1990s….

Some other interesting claims:

HAHAHA! Just kidding Randy! Vision 110s on the TW here.

AFTCO will pay your Open entries and film you… 

…if you enter their Bass Boot Camp deal and get picked as the beeg weener. How #stout is that? Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that kinda splash bein’ made by a company just gettin’ into bassin’. AFTCO’s been a salty brand for a long time — I own some of their new bassin’ stuff and I dig it…some of it….

Here’s Russ Lane hippin’ ya to it:

AFTCO’s pro staff = Jason Christie, Todd Faircloth, Russ Lane, Jared Lintner, Dustin Connell and Shin Fukae, and FLWers Anthony Gagliardi, Scot-T Martin and Michael Neal.

Here’s the AFTCO stuff on TW, and a couple things I dig are here (shorts) and here (sun hoodie).

Are the bass in Spain cooler than ours? 

Sure looks like it:

Shades and hangin’ loose with the fin? Dang, son!

From a Bassin’ photo gallery of a Spanish bassin’-head tackle store.


1. Swindle gets Rapala.

Yuge! Rapala’s pro staff mang Danny Quinn talkin’:

> “We have a stable full of thoroughbreds when it comes to our pro staff [Lefebre?? hahaha Dave!] and I’ve always had the motto of quality over quantity. …I haven’t had a need to grow our team. But after getting to know Gerald the last few years, he didn’t give me a choice. G is the full meal deal, incredibly talented on and off the water, and his genuine passion for Rapala/VMC products frosted the cake.”

G talkin’ ’bout himself in the royal 3rd person — lol G-man!

> “Throughout it all, a Rapala — a DT-6, a DT-10 — if it’s a shallow-crankin’ tournament, ol’ Gerald’s gonna have ’em tied on.”

2. Freddie Boom Boom gets Russell Marine.

Fred’s gonna run outta jersey space soon. #killinit

3. Something’s up with Wesley Strader.

Here’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout:

Think it has something to do with gluing swimbaits on in an enclosed space, and T-H’s LED boat kits….

4. FLWer Zack Birge gets Swagger.

5. AZ: Bass-heads looking forward to Roosevelt spawn…

…cuz FL-strain basses in there now.

6. AR chickens have been polluting Tenkiller.

Sounds like it’s getting better? Dang chickens….

7. Brian Robison’s charity derby dates announced.

Mar 29-31 at Rayburn, Jun 15-17 at the upper Miss. All the info plus sponsorship info at Btw, our bassin’ NFLer’s in the playoffs yo! Brian’s a big-time competitor but even so as a bass-head he’d prolly rather be:

8. AR: Lake Ouachita has jellyfish.Did not know that. Sounds…impossible.

9. CA: Delta smelt baitfish almost extinct?

10. GoPro cuts workforce, kills drones.

PSA for ya: When I geared up, most bassin’ peeps recommended I get Garmin VIRBs instead. So far so good with ’em.

11. Bassin’ book banned in TX prisons.

Kevin VanDam’s Bass Strategies. Kidding but this is for real:

> Carl Hiaasen, has several books on the approved list, but one of his novels — “Double Whammy” — was outlawed. A thriller with dark humor, “Double Whammy” is about a private detective who investigates a suspected cheater in bass fishing tournaments.

> Inmates are prohibited from reading it, the department said, because it contains information about manufacturing explosives.

> “Maybe the folks in the Department of Corrections mailroom are devout bass fishermen, and they feel insulted by the satiric tone of the novel,” Mr. Hiaasen said….

For trivia fans, that book is highly entertaining and is where I got the inspiration for the name “BassBlaster.”

Tip of the Day

How Mark Rose catches suspended winter bass.

From the Advancin’ Angler:

> “A lot of times they will move up in the water column if the sun comes out in the afternoon and warms the upper layers. When that happens, I prefer to cast at them with a light jighead and a grub. This is a feeding bite, and staying away from them helps me keep the school active.”

> …spinning reel loaded with 6-lb Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon and a 1/4-oz Strike King Tour Grade Jighead and a Rage Tail Grub in smoke blue.

> “The jigging spoon is my favorite when they are inactive and I can get on top of them. …I like standard lead spoons in 1/20 to 3/4-oz sizes…when it is sunny, I like a chrome one, when it’s overcast, I use a plain, unfinished lead version.”

> He sticks with Seaguar InvizX, and goes no lighter than 15-lb.

> He makes a few modifications to his spoons to make them more effective. He attaches a swivel to the nose of the lure to help reduce line twist, and he increases the size of his hooks…his preferred hook style is an Extra Wide Gap treble hook.

Quote of the Day

I hate fishing for spotted bass.

– Dave Lefebre quote from his Bassin’Fan profile. Guess what lake ruined him? Rhymes with:

Here’s what’s happened to other guys after years of fishing Beaver Lake:

Shot of the Day

Filthy @swimbaituniverse shot of what looks like a giant caught on a Pizz Customs swimmybait:


Melting ice is causing the ocean to sink, worrying new study reports

Got a few questions, like:
> How can water sink…in itself?
> So water levels are NOT rising then from the melting ice?

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