New type of derp, Dog floats RV at ramp, Big bassin safety post

Gotta say in many years of covering el loco mundo de bassos, don’t think I’ve ever seen as much off-season movin’ and shakin’ on the pro scene as now. Sponsors, vid show peeps, biz folks, all kinds of stuff — I like it!

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Today’s Top 5

Check it, a botox derp melon!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Here’s a better shot:

HAHAHAHA! Makin’ that $$$ face is Hunter C, who dropshotted that spotted bass-ish thing on Keowee, SC on a Z-Man Trick Shotz (the deal color). His dad said:

> We actually had a double, and as I was pulling mine in I heard him say that he thought his fish had a pink Trick Worm in its mouth. But it wasn’t. Haha!

I’m with Hunter man…that’s gross!

More derpolius melons!

Back to the regular derps ketched by bass-head derpatologists….

Adam F caught him a NICE-sized derp at a little lake in northeast OK on an A-Rig:

Looks like a swimbait fooled this Chicago River, IL derp. Best part of this is the pic got an edit — don’t think a derp pic can be made to look cooler:

Kinda looks like a trout, doesn’t it? Maybe all trout are derps…?

@nick_price98 DMd me this derp from guess where caught on a Megabass Vision 110 (sexy shad):

Chris F boated this eel-lookin’ derp at Chickamauga, TN. Got it on a Rapala DT-6 (orange craw brown):

Ain’t a black bass, but too funny-lookin’ not to include. Tim A smacked this bug-eyed striped derp on the Housatonic Reever, CT:

READ this bassin’ safety post…

…’specially if you fish big water or in the cold…or if you just wanna know more than you can probably find out anywhere else in one place about bassin’ safety — stuff like inflatable PFDs, Personal Locator Beacons, hypothermia, boat gear, etc:

My ol’ bud Keith Jackson started workin’ on this long-ish post last year after we lost Nik Kayler, and I’m runnin’ it now that the colder water/conditions season is here again.

Few choice quotes from it:

> Read your owner’s manual. It will probably say that when temps are below 40 degrees, the PFD inflates “very slowly” (with the CO2 cartridge). AND if that PFD is stored outside in your boat when air temps are below freezing, it may not work at all until the cylinder warms.

> Besides the visual inspection of the bladder and service indicator on the inflator, the PFD should be orally inflated every 2 months….

> …hypothermia can happen even if air temps are mild.

> “It was about 50 degrees out that morning, and the wind was blowing pretty good. We were working our way around the area and away from shore…the waves picked up…. As I tried to gain speed, I looked back and water was pouring into both sides towards the transom…and in less than 5 seconds the boat was capsized.”

> …once the “adrenaline wore off and we realized how cold it was,” they decided to activate an ACR PLB: “Before we knew it, an Osceola County Sheriff’s helicopter was hovering over us.”

Don’t rely on this but:

> He was alone and couldn’t get back into his boat, a deep-vee aluminum. He worked his way to the stern and used the trim on his motor to give him a boost: He straddled the motor, hit the trim button and got back onboard.

Lesson for today: Don’t let your dog drive your RV.

Hilarious and painful at the same time:

Full vid is on YT and here’s the story, from YOLOtek’s Christian Corley who was there and whose PowerStick was a-powerin’ the camera that recorded it:

> The RV owner is Eric Jackson, founder of Jackson Kayak and FLW Tour pro. Eric was backing his boat in at Sam Rayburn….

> Eric’s beautiful Dalmatian named Bodi somehow managed to hit the brake and the reverse switch at the exact same time, and his other Dalmatian Rocksey was on board too. You can see the reverse lights come on and then you see Eric move faster than any human I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for the screen door, he would have caught it much earlier. Both dogs are well and neither had a scratch.

> …used FLW Tour pro Chuck Stratton’s truck to pull the RV out, then Chuck took us on his boat to rescue Eric’s boat that floated away. Several good Samaritans from the community jumped right in and helped too, so thank you to all the locals including Mike the owner of a great restaurant near the ramp, The Stump!

Do we need our own bassin’ records group?

Yes. Yes we do. Check this, from a good Fishing Tackle Retailin’ post by the one and only Kenny “the knife” Duke:

> …the IGFA put the brakes on Hale Lures/Stanley Jigs’ bounty, saying in an email that “IGFA will not consider world record applications for fish where a cash prize, reward or bounty is offered, including any fish caught in the Hale Lure promotion.”

So…a fisherman registers for that promotion, catches a 25-lb bass on one of those baits, catch is legit, and the IGFA will pretend it wasn’t caught??

> IGFA made its position clear in another email to Hale/Stanley, explaining: “…if someone in TX caught a 22 lb 6 oz bass and had it certified by the state, they would achieve a new TX state record. If the fish was submitted for an IGFA World Record and the angler was seeking to collect your $100,000 bounty, we would disqualify the fish, so it would not become a world record. The net effect of your promotion would be to disqualify largemouth bass caught on Hale Lures/Stanley Jigs from IGFA World Record consideration.”

Ken wrote:

> So Hale/Stanley has modified their bounty. Now, to collect the $100K, you must break a state record with a bass that exceeds the weight of the current IGFA world record (a hair under 22 lbs 5 oz).

> If you’re familiar with the IGFA, I bet you’ll agree that they show little interest in freshwater records…. Just flip through their commissioned history book, Big-Game Fishing Headquarters: A History of the IGFA (2005). In 240 beautiful pages…there is exactly one reference to a freshwater record — the smallmouth bass (page 220) and zero photos of freshwater fish.

So YES. We need a new bassin’ records organization. Not sure why rich saltwater fishermen should make our rules, man:


1. How KVD feels about this Classic…

…and a few other things, including moving on from B.A.S.S.

2. BPTer B-Rad-Lee Roy gets Solar Bat shades.

No link. 🙁

3. Elitist Brandon Cobb is running a Falcon.

4. Casey Ashley’s Triton for sale.

5. NY: 4 pros will be at Niagara show.

Jan 18-20 at Niagara Falls — not IN the falls…you know what I mean. Anyhow, gitcha there to see Mark Menendez, John Murray, Brad Knight, Billy McDonald.

6. FLW adds 3-ish to their live team.

Peter T is back! Pete plus another FLWer, Todd Hollowell, are gonna jaw, along with stayin’-put host Travis Moran. Matt Pangrac of “Bass Talk Live”/Bass Zone will also be on board for Grand Lake. Congrats to ’em!

7. KY: UK linebacker now on the bassin’ team.

Finally will be challenged….
One derby this year. Bring on the fats!
9. TX may be moving to digital licenses.10. New Simms spring 2019 stuff is out.

11. Golden shiner Klash 9 already sold out.

Sorry didn’t hip y’all to it sooner. Looked sweet:

Was a Swimbait Underground-exclusive color. Check the other colors on TW.

12. Kewl new Bass Brigade Japan apparel.

Ain’t about what you wear but:

Headline of the Day

Fishing, hunting an expensive pastime

No. Way.

Line of the Day

This comment on Tuesday’s shot of the day by bass-head James B was $$$$!

> I bet you could really wipe ’em up on that spot David Dudley found on his graph with a TRD.

HAHAHA! Dang that’s good.

Tip of the Day

How Jeff Sprague finds bass fast.

BPTer Jeff Sprague gives a 2-min breakdown of his favorite “find ’em and put ’em in the boat fast” bait — the swim-jig:

His gear:
> Strike King Hack Attack Swim Jig
> Gene Larew Hammer Craw
> 7′ 3″ Lew’s Custom Pro Speed Stick
> Lew’s Hypermag reel (7.5:1)
> 20-lb P-Line fluoro or 50-lb P-Line braid

Quote of the Day

“I have had more bad luck than good luck with them.”

– New Elitist (former FLWer) Todd Arey talkin’ ’bout bug zappers landing nets. Full quote on the Bassin’Fanster:

> “I’ve never been a fan of nets anyway and the reason is I stink at netting my own fish. I have had more bad luck than good luck with them. I think that’ll relax me more, honestly, and simplify it for me.”
Word man!

Shot of the Day

That great or what! From BassForecast — here’s the deal:

> My 5-yr-old son and I recently moved from HI to SC to start a new journey in life, and decided to get into bass fishing. We downloaded this app [BassForecast] and when I opened it, the forecast said “Epic” so we packed up our gear and headed out to fish a public pond.

> 10-15 min in my son decided to throw a Whopper Plopper and BOOM!! The biggest bass I ever saw jumped up and smashed the lure. It was a great bonding experience and time to be a father.

> If it wasn’t for BassForecast telling us to go fish, I don’t think I would have this close relationship I have now with my son. Thank you!!

Love it. That kid is DONE! #bassforlife

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