New micro dropshot, 2nd-5th St Clair baits, Ehrler’s dropshot rig

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Highlights from last week’s media trip coming on Thurs, but will say this for now: Been doing bassin’ media for like 20 years now, and thought I’d pretty much seen it all. But spent 90 mins in Dean Rojas’ boat watching him fish frogs and was BLOWN AWAY. Wow.

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Today’s Top 4

Micro dropshot could play at Mille Lacs?

Forget 4″ Senkos and 3.5″ tubes. Here’s the latest deal:

Lookit that hook and tube!! R u kidding me! Lots of these-type techniques originate in Japan, but not this one. This came from the MLFers:

Word is Mr. Crappie is being retained as a special consultant by some MLFers to help ’em win it all next year:

Hahahaha just messin’ with ya Gary and Boyd! (Yep I know that’s Shaw, but Gary and Boyd own the deal so….)

2nd-3rd St. Clair baits.

2nd: B-Rock Mosely

‘Nother good finish for the Mississippi kid. Said his boat and baits were locked in Fort Knox so usin’ this B.A.S.S. shot:

> “I caught my lake fish dropshotting a shad bait and a Netbait Contour Worm (gp chartreuse) with a 1/4-oz weight and a 1/0 Owner dropshot hook. Fished both on a 7′ 2″ Spiralite Defiant Series Spinning Rod Geared and Ardent C Force (6.0) reel.

> “My river fish were on an Angler Assets Hybrid Jig (gp) with a Netbait Paca Slim (Alabama craw). 7′ 6″ Spiralite SQ Series Rod, Ardent Apex Elite Reel (7:3).

> “Also in the river a Bagley Knocker B topwater (shad) on a 7′ 2″ MF Spiralite Defiant Series and Ardent Apex Elite Reel (6.4).

> “On the river I concentrated on current eddies. Some were small and tight, one was a small flat which is where I threw the topwater.”

Contour Worm and Knocker B were two baits he also fished at the St. Lawrence when he did well.

3rd: MDJ (Mark Daniels Jr.)

Props to MDJ for baggin’ his first Elite top 5:

> DUEL Hardcore 4+ (gizzard shad and baby bluegill), 7′ MH Kistler Feel N Reel rods, Cabela’s Arachnid Reel (8:1), 12-lb Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon (“very key”). “Those Smallies would not react unless the bait was moving swiftly through the water column.”

> “Dropshot setup was a Kistler Helium 3 M-action spinning rod, 2500-series Cabela’s Verano Spinning Reel and 15-lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid with an 8-lb Tatsu leader. #1 Owner Mosquito Hook and a 4″ Erie Darter (steiger ice).

> “Expansive flat with 16-18′ of water on it. Random patches of eel grass and perch grass. The fish seem to be loners that were roaming these areas feeding on perch and gobies.”

4th-5th St. Clair baits.

The sons of Bruce Lee got it goin’ on of late. Gonna say:

4th: J-Lee

> “Was in an area with several other competitors on the U.S. side and found little sweet spots on the flat. Had short grass and tons of bait.

> “Pitched and made short casts [dropshotting] a Strike King Zero/Z-Too (pearl, ice colors) and 5″ Strike King Magnum Dream Shot (chartreuse pearl) with a 3/8-oz Strike King Tungsten Weight.”

5th: Matt E Lee

> “Fished only the Canadian side of the lake, had 4 or 5 places. Most of them were small sweet spots, 100 yds by 100 yds. Mixed clean bottom and isolated patches of grass. Not schools of smallmouth just one here one there. Tons of perch, probably feeding on alewives.

> “Every day it almost seemed like you’d never catch them on same place as the day before. Early morning and afternoon were the key times. Cooler weather had to be the reason.”

> “A big dropshot bait was key for getting a big bite and being really visible in the algae bloom going on.”

> 5″ Strike King Zero/Z-Too (ice), 1/0 and 2/0 straight shank finesse hook and #1 Owner Circle Hook, 3/8-oz Strike King Drop Shot Weight, 10-lb braid to 8-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro, Quantum Smoke Speed Freak Reel, 7′ 4″ Quantum KVD and 7′ 4″ Quantum Smoke S3 rods.

> “A longer rod gives you more leverage, and a high-speed reel is key for letting you fight the fish, not it fighting you.”

2 11s caught by 2 bros in 11 days!

What are the odds?? (From here.)

> Brothers Darren and Joey Sexton have hunted Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge’s trophy bass for years, and the stars finally lined up earlier this month when they each caught an 11-lb bass.

> The first trophy catch came Aug. 7, when the brothers were fishing in separate boats on one of the impoundments at Lacassine. “I caught (an) 8.2-lber about 15 to 20 minutes before (Joey) caught his 11.8-lber,” Darren Sexton said.

> Just 11 days later, Darren Sexton was back….The angler saw the fish waking the black/red Ribbit, but there was no huge explosion. “It came up and sucked it down so lightly.” …weighed 11.6 lbs.


1. KY: We lost a brother on Cumberland.

Foggy, hit some rocks, one man okay, the other passed on. Both were wearing PFDs. Bless you bassin’ brother.2. Chapman wants to fish against you.

Challenge him here for the upcoming season of Pro vs Joe.

3. Alton Jr and Keith Poche were in TX helping out.

Probly other guys too but those are the 2 I saw. Also:

> KY bass-head gets props for TX rescues.

> Western Carolina U bass clubbers were there.

4. FLW Cup winner Justin Atkins on BassEdge Radio.

5. TX: Spillways open at Toledo Bend.

Unusual, from all the rain. T-Bend is the 5th biggest reservoir in the U.S.

6. Big changes to Bassmaster Opens.

Now just 2 divisions — Central and East — with a revived Open Champeenship. Sounds like some weekend guys might be out since 2 divisions means more travel. Plus:

> The Opens Championship winner and the top 5 in performance points from each division — determined by an angler’s finish in all four divisional tournaments and the Championship — will be invited to the Elites. The winner of the Championship and the top 3 anglers in points from each division following the Championship will be invited to the Classic.

Re: the changes — heard the Opens have been rockin’ so don’t think it was broke? But givin’ B.A.S.S.-heads the benefit of the doubt….

7. NY: Antidepressants found in fish.

Not good:

> The scientists tested the water and examined fish from the river, and found traces of 22 different drugs and their by-products in their bodies. Many of the drugs were antidepressants.

> The drugs undermine fish development and reproduction, and hurt their ability to catch prey.

8. New FLW VP of marketing.

Kelly (Flinn) Oettinger is back — was marketing and account director at FLW from 2005 to mid-2013.

9. TN: Too many herbicides in TN Valley creeks?

Much less veggies.

10. PA: Most big smallies ever in lower Susky.

11. NC: Locals want more bass in Mattamuskeet.

12. South Africa: Log rips off motor in derby.

Sounds like they are okay:

13. FL: Public meeting on Okee veggies Aug 31.

Yep, I know it’s after Aug 31 but since I got the email Sep 3, it’s in here….

14. Fishing the Midwest TV show gets Strike King.

15. New ‘Rude VP/GM.

Sounds like they sent some help to TX as well.

16. Trump loves ethanol?

Someone buy the Prez an outboard dang it!

17. Tackle Warehouse Labor Day sale is still on!!

Til this evening….

Tip of the Day

Brent Ehrler’s dropshot rig, nose to tail.

Soup to nuts, stem to stern (who comes up with these expressions anyway?) — whatever you want to call it, here’s a rundown of Ehler’s total dropshot rig. 7 minutes of pure friggin’ gold baby!

Btw that’s his signature 7′ 1″ Daiwa dropshot rod, a Daiwa Exist or Tatula LT spinning reel, 12-lb Sunline TX1 braid, 8-lb Sunline FC Sniper fluoro, #1 Gamakatsu G-Finesse Split Shot Drop Shot Hook and Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm (smallmouth), or Thin Senko or Roboworm (largies).

Quote of the Day

…how many small-town kids from Arizona ever make it on the highly-competitive professional bass fishing circuit?”

One of Elitist Cliff Pirch’s HS coaches commenting after Cliff got up in front of his graduating class in 1994 and said on he wanted to be a pro bass-head. You got the last laugh on that one Pirch!

Shot of the Day

Lovin’ this shot for obvious reasons. Word is this is how Brian Robison of the Vikes works out his trap muscles:


The South Carolina Emergency Management Division warned citizens about possible Lizard Men sightings during the eclipse.

Your tax dollars at work! Someone might want to test the air in the cafeteria there, if you know what I mean….

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