New football jig, Ehrler’s total Neko Rig, Mules of the week!

Today’s Top 4

Melon-haulin’ water mules o’ the week.

How many melons could this water mule haul?? That’s a 13.56 (26.5″ long x and 21.5″ girth) from Broken Bow, OK, caught by Mike Newman I think on finesse gear? Check how thick that tail area is — look at his hand:

Joe Ellis cranked this 12.75 up with 12-lb fluoro (!!) and a 7′ 1″ M Kistler Feel-N-Reel Rod on Chickamauga:

How ’bout this mule-scular 12-lb CA Delta melon…with a head tat:

A real nice GA 9.43 caught by Matt Henry in a Lake Sinclair derby — 1/2-oz homemade jig with a Zoom Chunk (gp). Story from his derby partner, Justin Kimmel of Bass U:

> “Our Bass U event in Tulsa was the weekend before and Jeff Kriet did a seminar on ‘Beyond Cold Water Bass Fishing Techniques’ — basically water temps below 50. That’s what we were confronted with, and all I could remember Kriet saying was it’s all about slowing down and fishing for 5-6 bites all day this time of year. He talked about fishing a jig so slow he literally counts every rock, and that’s exactly the mindset and way we fished all day.”

New football jig catching ’em.

First a few points o’ data:

> The Bethel U Basscats dominated the FLW College derby on Seminole in Feb: 1st 2nd, 9th, and 11th out of 180 boats.

> One of those anglers was KJ Queen, who finished 3rd in the FLW College Championship last year. His bassin’ pard won a Cabela’s Big Bass Splash on Kentucky Lake last year.

> KJ’s dad, Jeff Queen, won last weekend’s Lake Norman, NC BFL.

Word is what all these finishes have in common is a new football jig called the Queen Tackle Hammerhead Jig. KJ developed the patent-pending jig (#stout) with his dad — it has a rattle inside a tungsten head:

Originally developed for Kentucky Lake, but guess it works in at least a couple other lakes…. Guess you can say the Queens know how to catch ’em too.

Gotta note: The Bethel U scholar-athletes also threw Strike King Red Eye Shads in bone and craw.

Innerestin’ bait stuff….

Caught my eye:

Japanese swim-jig

Check the looooong trailer with trailer hook:

Keitech Leech

Never seen it before, supposed to be for dropshotting:

Japanese “saber” jerkbait


Customizable Jiggerbug??

Does the Lake Fork Tackle Hissy Fit look like a customizable take on the ol’ Jitterbug or what?

Future of spinning reels?

Check the new Shimano Ultegra CI4+ XTC:

It’s a surf reel, but I bet eggbeatin’ bass-heads would love something like that.


1. Johnny Crews gets FGX sunglasses.

Will be designing signature shades based on John’s obsession with Area 51:

Okay not really…but he may have an abduction story….

2. Win a feeshn trip with Josh Bertrand.

And learn all his chin-fuzzin’ secrets….

3. FLWer John Hunter on BassEdge Radio.

4. FLWer Chad Grigsby gets Blackfish apparel.

5. Vikes’ Brian Robison wrapped his ‘Rude.

Because he can:

6. Berkley, Abu sponsoring FLW.

First time since ’09. But…Q4 sales were down for Pure Fishing.

7. AL: Former Elitist Derek Remitz got 30-05 at Gville BFL.

> “I was looking for the deepest, greenest grass that was close to where I thought they were going to spawn.”

Said he used a lipless and squarebill, no deets and no pic of the limit. 🙁

8. Ike’s Ink-colored DT cranks win 2 BFLs.

DT-6 wins Norris, TN

Rob Linkous used an Ike’s Ink “demon”-colored Rapala DT6:

> “I was sitting in 17′ and throwing parallel to the bank…a fast retrieve, then stop and twitch the bait. The fish would bite on the pause.

> “Once I had my limit, I cut off the DT6 and gave it to my co-angler to tie on and catch a few. It was his first tournament and he ended up cashing a check as well.”

DT-10 wins Lanier, GA

> Ben Brisbois said he caught around a dozen fish throughout the day on an Ike’s Ink penguin-colored Rapala DT-10 crankbait and an electric shad-colored Spot Sticker worm on a Spot Sticker shakey-head….

9. Erie: Main-lake largemouth fishery getting better?

> “Our creel surveys are showing anglers catching 2 largemouth per angler per hour, which is astronomical. By comparison, our smallmouth catch rates are about one half a bass per hour….”

10. Here’s what the BOOYAH ToadRunner looks and sounds like…

…underwater. Short, but all you need to know:

Looks like TW has ’em in stock!

11. Check this Yo-Zuri 3DR Popper.

Believe 3DR stands for 3DReal, and this 3DR Popper fer sher looks real:

12. New inboard jet boat company: River Raptor.

> …the engine is moved inside and toward the front of the boat. This keeps the center of gravity low in the boat, which in turn distributes the weight better, keeps drifting to a minimum and improves handling.

> Most inboard engines are vertical in design which causes the flat platform on top of the engine to have a “hump”…River Raptor uses a Textron pump motor, where the engine sits in front of the pump, not on top, which creates a less-vertical profile and allows a totally flat platform….

> The 155hp Textron motor is also 100 lbs lighter than its counterparts and is a 4-stroke engine….

13. GA: HS team signs to fish at the U of Montevallo, AL.

Wow a team! #stout That a first?

14. VT: Alewives found in Lake Carmi.

15. Rapala focusing on ecomm?

Rapala CEO Jussi Ristimäki:

> “The ongoing structural changes in the US retail market had a negative impact on our sales and profitability as consumers are increasingly going online. We are responding to this by making more investments in our digital presence and by increased focus on customers operating online.”

16. Brunswick spinning off it’s non boat/motor brands…

…into a new public company.

17. Blue Heron PR gets ‘yakkin’ companies.

[Don’t forget to sign up for the Bass Yakker here.]

18. Brazilian line company coming to the U.S.

19. DC: Marine companies excluded from ethanol talks.

Not happy about it, props to ’em for fightin’ the good fight. #ethanolsux

20. OR: Klamath River chinooks might be federally listed.

21. Didja grab your Sea Foam yet?

Known to many as an awesome automotive additive, but it works with any gas engine — and was actually invented for outboard motors. Still works great in ’em (vid) to dissolve fuel residues and for fuel stabilization.

Sea Foam has a big rebate going on, check it out here — ends this month.

Tip of the Day

Rig rundown: Brent Ehrler’s Neko Rig system.

Brent Ehrler is a Neko Rig black belt, and here he breaks down all the gear he uses for the ultimate Neko Rig, WHY he likes each component, and HOW to rig it right and fish it. Love these “total system” vids! Sorry for the train horn blaring thru it at one point, didn’t want to stop him talking:

His stuff:

4″ Senko


8-lb Sunline FC Sniper fluoro leader


You a Yakker?

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Quote of the Day

“…you don’t have to have every new, fancy lure that comes out to catch bass.”

When I read that I was like:

Then I was like:

– Hahahaha! That’s Mike Iaconelli talkin’ CRAZY in a recent post — because he has like a million BRAND NEW baits in his garage AND all us bass-heads know that new baits are 50% of the fun of feeshn.

Ike’s point was sometimes old faithfuls catch ’em, which I get, but that’s no excuse for bass-phemy….

Shot of the Day

I get it — ya gotta get to that bassin’ hole, but…yikes:

Ya got me

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