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New baits and summer stuff special issue!

Here you go — a special-like post-ICAST/summer feeshn issue of the BassBlaster. Some great new stuff! Gotcha BassBlaster sponsor love (all legit good stuff, of course), but also lovin’ on some other folks too…randomly. Hope you dig it bassin’ heads! Have a great, safe bass-filled weekend…with lots of bass…ketchin’!
BB Sponsor Love Stuff

1. YUM

YUM is just starting to roll out some killah stuff, new for this summer are these:

Genie — Worm with a weird-looking tail, so right there us hard-headed bass-heads need to get used to it. But check the tail action here:

Secret about that bait: One of the best fishermen ever thought it was special, and it is. A flippin’ (even docks) and shakey bait, but try it in anything.

Magnum Christie Critter — You might think a Magnum Christie Critter is what happens when Jason feeds his cat way too much, and you might be right — but in this case it’s this-here:

That’s 7.75″ of creature. If you have the cojones to flip it or ledge it, look out.

10″ Ribbontail Worm — If you don’t tie on a big worm cuz it’s “too big,” you’re missing out. Quick story: One of my first Classics as a media dude, I was out on I think Smith Lake, AL with Randy Blaukat when he was practicing. He tied on a worm that looked about a yard long, dragged it up on a hump and a bass inhaled it. Then he gave me the rod to feel that thing swimming along. Felt like it weighed an angry 10 lbs. Sold! Gitcha some on TW.

Here’s Jason talkin’ ’bout how he rigs and fishes it:


2. Rapala


New DT colors — If’n you don’t have the balsa DTs (“dive tos”) in your crankin’ box, you’re not on the Elite Series. Gitcha some. Because they’re staples. Rapala’s got new colors:

5 new what they call “escaping craw colors in the DT 4, 6, 10, 14 and 16. Here’s the new “delta” color:

5 new Custom HD colors added to DT14 and 16: bluegill, pumpkinseed, largemouth, smallmouth and live river shad. Live river shad is a sick color:

Shad Dancer — Al Lindner says this is a “special bait.” Before you roll your eyes and think he’s a walleye guy, Al is and always has been a great bass fisherman and can outfish all of us. Believe it. So what he says is money in the bank. Runs 7-10′.

Scatter Rap 7 — The deal for the new 7 is this: reel it as fast as you can and it won’t blow out. Scatter = the bait hunts. Check it.

If you’re open enough to fish something truly new for bassin’, check the Rapala Flat Jig out. Like the Jigging Rap. Not just for ice….

3. Storm


Arashi Spinbait — Spinbait, spybait, whatever you want to call it, works if you have the patience for it. Let it fall and reel it painfully sloooooooow. Yep, some bass-heads have patience…. Anyhow, Storm thought this one out like:

> Counter-rotating props ensure the bait tracks straight.
> 3-2 prop design creates vibration pattern you can feel, important with a slow retrieve, and helps maintain its depth.

3 1/8″, 1/3 oz, 10 colors, now on TW. Here’s Brandon Palaniuk yakkin’ ’bout it:


4. Strike King


Half Shell — Dropshot your way into a limit with this new bait. KVD and Zona got this flat-bottomed bait outta their heads and into the water so…. Erratic darting action, bulky colors, great colors with a hand-poured look:

Rage Swimmer — Do you have an anger problem? Then why do you own so many Strike King Rage baits?

Palpatine’s got some issues, man. Here’s the deal: We all know these types of swimbaits work. This one is Strike King pro-evaluated and co-designed, so you know it’ll catch ’em. Comes in 3.75″ and 4.75″ and 10 colors.

Popping Perch — Frogs are a must-have and must-fish. The Popping Perch…isn’t a frog. I mean, it is but it isn’t:


> [Bass bait genius/mechanic Phil Marks:] “This is a bait that you can power-fish with. It walks incredibly easy and wide, but that’s not even its best action.”

Can’t really explain it with just words, so here’s a vid of Marks and Todd Castledine talin’ ’bout and feeshn it:

A LOT more new stuff from Strike King. Check ’em all here.

5. Duel


Hardcore Ninja Twitch’n Glider — Are you a ninja? Do you wanna be? Grab you a hat, pull up yer Buff and tie on one of these. A straight-up for-real high-end Japanese swimbait you can actually afford: $37.99 at TW. Also 7″ and 2 5/8 oz, so manageable.

Few highlights:

> Methodic, finely-tuned gliding action.
> Engineered to sink slowly with a slight head-down posture.
> With a steady retrieve the Glider has a wide S-shaped swimming action…. With a sharp twitch, it performs a darting 180-degree turn to trigger strikes.

Bunch o’ sweet colors, check ’em on TW. Here’s Elitist Clent Davis showing how he fishes it:

More new Duel stuff here.

More BB Sponsor Love Stuff


1. Bill Lewis


StutterStep — With the Echo 1.75 squarebill and now the new StutterStep topwater — which Tackle Warehouse has had trouble keeping in stock — Bill Lewis ain’t just about ‘Traps no mo. Here’s the StutterStep:

The StutterStep (or ‘Step) is different than other hard topwater baits in that it has 3-4 actions:> StutterStep action: Allows the angler to make the bait walk on 90-degree cuts instead of the standard 45-degree walks that other walking baits get. So instead of the lure coming right back, this allows the bait to be “stutter-stepped” back and forth right next to cover = more time in the strike zone.

> “Wobble-wake” action: What happens when you reel it in over slick water while using no rod action. It’s a slow-medium buzzbait-style retrieve.

> “Wag-the-tail” action is a cover water fast-type retrieve. Soft rhythmic twitches on the rod make the lure’s tail kick side to side. Sort of like walking the dog but different — and you never stop reeling.

Also there’s another “sub-action” Bill Lewis prez Wes Higgins calls “turnaround twitch,” which you can do while doing any of the above. Tie one on and you’ll be doing it all in less time than it took to read this.

If you’re a vid-head, check the StutterStep vid contest now running on Uploaded Fishing.



Bronzeye Spit Shad — Ever had a shad spit at you? Well, now you can experience what bass who have to live in bad neighborhoods see literally every day with the new Spit Shad. It’s a spitting, gliding topwater option that has the legs stacked vertical to make it easier to walk.

1/2-oz, Gamakatsu Superline EWG Double Worm Hook, 7 colors (TW has 6), here’s Deano talkin’ ’bout it:


3. Sunline


Sunline is blasting out two new braids:

TX1 — 8 strands with “smooth surface processing,” making it slicker = more casting distance and reduced guide noise. Sort of a wimp-stick line at 7, 10, 12, 16 and 24-lb, in ultra vis yellow and green.

BX2 — 8 strands, same smooth processing as TX1, same round shape, but made for power techniques. In 35, 50 and 65-lb, green only.

4. Lunkerhunt


Lunkerhunt just makes cool stuff. Their original Lunker Frog was/is super-cool, and a couple of their new baits (not for sale yet) build on that topwater thing.

Froglet — This is in the no-brainer category for me. Sort of a finesse walking frog. Easy to get a cadence, hooks are farther back, casts like a bullet.


Link — Kind of a “why hasn’t someone thought of that before?” thing — almost two topwwaters hooked together. You gotta see the vid to know how easy and cool this is to fish:




5. Kistler


Feel N Reel rods — Rod nut Trey Kistler is sticking his neck out once again. This is the guy I believe is credited with pioneering several rod innovations like split handles, now he’s coming out with a new type of graphite/fiberglass combo rod.


> With the help of graphite guru Gary Loomis and his team of experts at North Fork Composites, Kistler Rods introduces the first of its kind, proprietary WHAM Technology– White High Antonymous Modulus glass-graphite composite blanks like never felt or seen or experienced in the past.

> 18 million modulus white fiberglass (twice that of any other glass rod to date) provides the necessary flexibility and durability yet extremely light weight feel that anglers demand for improving the action of their reaction baits, while the T800 high modulus graphite provides anglers with a stiff, yet light-weight option that is supremely sensitive….

Here’s Matty Herren Talkin’ ’bout them — found the funniest screen cap I could of him:

Rods felt real good in my hand at ICAST. Not at TW yet (looks like Oct. 5) so if you can’t wait gitcha a Kistler Magnesium 2.

6. Shimano


Metanium MGL — The new Shimano Metanium MGL — which may or may not stand for “Mega Great Linecaster” — can be summed up thisaway: Lighter, deeper spool than the previous Metanium, incredible casting distance. It’s spendy at $419.99 at Tackle Warehouse, but if you can afford it, it’s a no-brainer.


7. Megastrike


Mega Tube — If you’re wise enough not to have given up on tubes, check the Mega Tube out. Short version is kind of bridges a gap between a conventional tube and realistic craw bait. Check it:

Plus it has Megastrike fish attractant built in which fish say is fishalicious.

8. T-H Marine


Pedal Paddle — T-H Marine is like Toys R Us for us bassin’ kids. Ever been to their website? Tons o’ stuff that would look cool, be cool and NEED for the boat. The Pedal Paddle is just one of their new things:

> …attaches to the seat post on your front deck and allows anglers to scoot their foot pedal to the left or the right with a simple effort of the foot.

> …allows users to adjust the length of the platform, providing even more comfort and a customized fit. No longer will you have to keep your foot pointed towards the bow while contorting your body to achieve optimum bait presentation


That cool or what? How T-H Marine rolls….

9. K2 Coolers


You know about high-dollar coolers. They’re spendy, they’re heavy but they just flat keep their cool better. Here’s a fave of mine from K2. Good for whatever you want in there, and ultra-cool in the back of the truck for huntin’ season:

Other Stuff


1. Terminator


Popping Frog — These Terminator frogs — first the Walking Frog, now the Popping Frog — are getting a bit of a buzz cuz they’re so easy to walk…because they have the weight in the back. Gotta fish it to know first-hand. 2 1/2″, 9/16 oz, 16 colors.

Here’s Ott DeFoe talkin’ ’bout and fishin’ it. He calls it a “frowg” tho…hahaha Ott!

2. Norman


DD22 — Norman, under new ownership, kinda did a soft relaunch of the DD22 at ICAST. Still one of the best deep cranks ever. Asked ’em what the secret was and they said: “Bass eat ’em.” Didn’t know whether to smile or punch someone so I said: “Yep.” Bassin’ convos can be deep, man!

Plus This Stuff

1. Denali


Kovert Lite rods — Buying a rod is like buying a guitar or a shotgun: You gotta put it in your hands first. Okay, you don’t wiggle a guitar and you try not to wiggle a shotgun, but you know what I mean.

Go wiggle a Kovert Lite. I did: It’s light, it’s balanced, and if you dig it it’s only $149. What’s not to like about that?

2. Gill


FG12 shorts — Got a tour of all the small deets in the Gill product line — pretty cool. I like the “vortex hood” on its coats, which allow the wind to exit out the back of the hood as you’re running down the lake.

For ICAST and summer it intro’d the FG12 Expedition Shorts — soft, stretchy, durable, water-repellent, wicking, lots of pockets, 50+ UV protection. Sounds like it was designed by fishermen — good!

Btw I stole the header for this special issue from this ultra-cool shot Gill had at ICAST:

3. Dirty Jigs

Luke Clausen Finesse Jig — Texted Luke, here’s what he said about it:

> This jig has a custom Gamakatsu hook that reduces the amount of hangups and has a 70% increase in bite for better hookups. Along with that, we have multi-coated paint on the head and nearly 60 skirt colors to match forage all over the country.

> Most other finesse jigs have too steep of weed-guard angle, not enough bite because of the conventional hook they use, and limited generic color schemes with a paint job that is not very durable.

Actually in the text he wrote “wee guard” and I was like, “I guess a company named Dirty Jigs calls it that?” lol

His fave jig combo is green pumpkin craw (below) with a 2.75″ Z-Man Bat Wingz trailer in green pumpkin blue. Looks like TW has some Dirty Jigs but not the finesse jig yet. You can see that at the DJ website.


4. Trapper Tackle

This hook is crazy-looking:

Supposedly fewer shake-offs and baits stay rigged better. If it works as advertised? Possibly revolutionary. Can’t wait to feesh it.

5. Flambeau


Zerust — Possibly the least-sexy to talk about yet one of the most interesting things I saw at ICAST was Flambeau’s Zerust stuff. This is the blue stuff (dividers in this case) in their boxes:

Actually helps prevent the formation of rust. It ain’t magic — you still have to air stuff out — but it helps.

Any doubts whether it works, check this fact: the Zerust stuff is used by the Navy when they mothball ships.

6. You gettin’ these mags yet?


BassQuest — Owned by Elitists Chapman and Martens, I dig it.

Bass Angler Mag — Reminds me of saltwater mags in a good way.

Jay Kumar is the guy who created BassFan.com, co-hosted Loudmouth Bass with Zona, was a B.A.S.S. senior writer and a whole lot more in bassin’. Jay Kumar’s BassBlaster is a daily-ish roundup of the best in bassin’, and is the #2 daily read on any given day in the wide world o’ bass.

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