Need 50 for 1st? Big worm on docks? New smallmouth strain??

Today’s Top 5

“I laughed when my boat official said I needed 50 lbs for 1st.”

Brandon Palankuk commentin’ on Ott DeFoe’s Insta post about bein’ in 1st after yesterday at the Table Rock BPT. That is pretty dang funny.

Believe that’s the time on MLFers Live when Brandon started singin’ “Eye of the Tiger:”

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night

And he’s watchin’ us all — with the eye of the tiger!

Thought it was cool because, you know, never heard BP sing before…but one dude at the dock wasn’t diggin’ it at all:

“I don’t ever want to get to a tournament when I put the trolling motor down and think I’d rather be someplace else.”

John Crews talkin’ ’bout avoidin’ burnout from fishin’ too many derbies. You probly don’t know that he keeps sane by doin’ this in his free time:

Don’t get the whole butterfly cat deal — oops, sorry John, “cat butterfly” deal — but dude is a talented painter no doubt.

“…you expect those guys to just kick your butt.”

– SC’s Mike Allman talkin’. Recently won the Wylie BFL, the first BFL he ever fished — congrats! Sounds like an old-school hazing-type ramp sitch there in SC. Mike specifically mentioned a couple local hammers he was scared of, but I blame Davy Hite for setting the tone in that state. Davy SEEMS all chill now, but check out how he used to treat Elite rookies:

Few baits dominated at Clear Lake, CA Costa.

Maybe I’m wrong, but my spider sense is tellin’ me that guys in Cali derbies fish a lot the same — meaning real similar techniques and many of the exact same baits. I’m sure you guys can point out tons of examples where that ain’t right, but anyhow that’s how it went down this time.

Props to CA’s Kyle Grover who’s 66-13 won it by almost 9 dang lbs! He caught ’em slow-fishing a community hole by draggin’ 1/2- and 3/8-oz Phenix football jigs with a Strike King Rage Bug on the 1/2 and a 3″ Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw on the 3/8. Also caught some on a Norman DD22 deep crank (chili bowl):

Baits of the top 10 finishers broken down:

Dropshot = 40%Roboworm in margarita mutilator = 30%

Football jig = 30%

Crankbait = 30%Strike King 10XD = 20%

Flip plastics = 30%

Topwater = 20% — Frog = 1, Walking bait = 1

Swimbait = 10%Keitech Fat on a 1/4-oz Fish Head Spin Underspin. I’m shocked more guys didn’t use a Keitech….

Swim-jig = 10%


1. Love Kyle fishing the still-deadly but you barely ever hear about it DD22. Norman also still has sick colors, like “mountain doo” (eeew!):

2. Most-mentioned brand among the top 10: Strike King.

Is Seth Feider breeding his own strain of smallmouths?

Check this mullet smallie caught on Mille Lacs, MN, which is RIGHT WHERE SETH LIVES: #sketchy

@sammoorefishing shot

Looks a little derpy too, which along with the mullet could make this strain the ultimate bass fishing trophy….

Case you think this ain’t even close to bein’ true, here’s what Seth had in his garage when I was there. I was like, “What the heck’s all that?” He said, “I’m trying to come up with a new flavor of Mountain Dew.” Didn’t think much of it…til now….


1. Watch Skeet Reese save a dude on Table Rock!

Props to the yella man! Couple things worth noting:

1. Dude was wearing a life jacket. Wear it! Glad he was okay.

2. You wouldn’t be seein’ this unless Skeet was runnin’ a cam on a YOLOtek PowerStick. That ain’t a commercial, you just never know….

2. BPTer Cliff Pace just turns around…

…when the ref points out he’s holding a fish against his body. Lol love it. Saw it on the Live deal today.

3. Is BPTer Jeff Sprague scared of Fred Roumbanis…

…or scared of the whole bassin’ rollercoaster ride or…?

Since I believe Jeff’s a former member of our Armed Forces, gotta believe he don’t scare easy…which prolly means it’s Boom Boom-related since not sure Freddie’s ever been right. Look what happens when you roll up close to him — he pulls out all this crazy karate stuff:

4. Chris Zaldain’s Z-Spin head is now on Tackle Warehouse.

5. Scotty Martin will now be a part of Fishing Sim World, Pro Tour.

Guess this is a big(ish?) vid game internationally? Check this pic (no link):

Dude on the right is some famous carp angler. Reminds me of this:


Scott Martin, KVD and Mike Ike gonna have to duke it out over the title of Bassin’ Pro with the Mostest Goin’ On Besides Just Fishin’.

6. MO: Bass Feeshn Hall of Fame induction postponed…

…due to high water…at Fort Gibson, OK, which postponed the Elite til Sept. Now on Oct 3. Reminder that the inductees this year are: Mark Davis, David Fritts and Davy Hite, and 2 folks who have passed on: Ed Chambers of Zoom, and the Bassmaster illustrator Chris Armstrong.

7. Bob Cobb says his B.A.S.S. book could be…

…used as a door stop or a boat anchor — I guess because it’s 400+ pages. Hahaha! Love the humility and jokesterin’ from a dang bassin’ LEGEND x infinity!

8. 2019 BLF All-American field announced.

For some reason FLW calls it a “roster,” but believe rosters are only for teams?

9. AL: 5,000 FL bass going into Guntersville.

This weekend. BPTer Chris Lane has something to do with it, which probly means these fish come from a specific Whopper Plopper-susceptible breed….

10. LA: 500 FL bass fingerlings put into Mermentau River.

Doesn’t sound like a whole lot but for sure better than zero….

11. FL: Lower water might mean better veggies in Okeechobee.

And maybe less algae. Corps is keeping it down to help stop algae blooms.

12. TX: Some north TX lakes are flooded out.

How ’bout the insane rain we’re getting again this year, wow.

13. CA: Irvine Lake needs to be opened back up…

…to fishing, says a grand jury, which seems to blame every agency involved.

14. IL: 1 boat lost in HS tourney on Carlyle.

> “We were coming back and making it, taking our time, maybe 10 mph. The waves were high and mighty. Then the motor died. We were maybe a quarter mile off shore. We knew the boat would hit the rocks. We called 911 immediately. We had the kids get up front and jump off first, then [Rubin and boat captain Blake Keulen] jumped off.”

Spooky to have to ditch, especially in any kinda rough water. Glad they’re okay.

15. TX: Boat captain was charged in HS derby.

> …booked into the Grayson County Jail…on a Class A misdemeanor charge of fraud-freshwater fish tournament, according to jail and court records.

> Game wardens told…the charge stems from questions surrounding the total number of bass Lovelace’s team caught in the competition.

16. Made in China tackle could be hit with 25% tariff.

Dang that wouldn’t be good.

17. TN: Article calls largemouths a “bottom feeder” fish…

…like a catfish. Find it hard to believe that anyone in TN doesn’t know what a largemouth bass is?

18. MO: Snakehead caught in MO ditch.

uh-oh. Wish Asian carp ate Asian snakeheads or vice versa.

Tip of the Day

When’s the last time you flipped a big worm on docks?

Was out in the boat with Jason Christie a few months back — he gave me/us a quick-ish brain download on how he fishes docks. Tidbit is he likes to fish a big YUM Ribbon Tail Worm when he does it…which surprised me…because I do that too…but WAY worse than Jason does it. So much so that I didn’t even mention it in the boat case he’d ask me to show him how I do it (lol!). Here’s the vid:

Quote of the Day

“For the love of God, if you are wanting Rhea County to be the Dollywood of fishing, please stop.”

Fisherman on Facebook talkin’ ’bout Rhea County, TN promotin’ the heck outta Chickamauga. I get it — and bassin’ and Dollywood could FOR SURE go together lol — but for a little perspective the tourism dude said:

> “Rhea County is classified as a federally-distressed county. That means we are in the bottom 10% in the entire nation. We recognized that we have limited opportunities for growth and tourism is one area we can grow.”

Of course, by “tourism” he means bassin’. Here’s the new Chick tourism website, which IS all about the bass….

Shot of the Day

Everything about this @duel_yozuri Japan shot makes sense to me…except the squid:

Guess they love squid feeshn over there, and personally I’d L-O-V-E to see some of our bassin’ pros fish a squid derby! Anyone could win that, but 2 guys that come to mind to win that sucka are Ish Monroe and Aa-Ron Mar-Tens.


Grumpy Cat died.

His last word was:

We’ll miss you bud! Always thought Grumpy Cat was owned by B.A.S.S.’s Steve Bowman — was surprised to learn that was not the case….

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