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Today’s Top 5

“It’s kinda like your old high school buddy. He’s cool to hang out with and he’s fun, but that dude’ll get you in trouble.”

Cliff Crochet on the Stray Casts show talkin’ ’bout (multiple choice):

a) Why he likes fishing far away from home
b) Eating pastrami sammiches in the Northeast
c) Hanging out with Boyd Duckett (hahaha Boyd!)

d) Fishing a frog

Believe it or not, if you guessed “d) Fishing a frog” you’re right! If it was me, I’d pick b:

How funny is Crochet, man. Dude needs his own show because he IS his own show….

How J-Wheels caught ’em.

Jacob Wheeler ended up 4th at Champlain, here’s what he did:

> “I was fishing the 360 around isolated high spots in and around a flat in 10-16′. Some high spots would have single fish on them, others would have wolf packs of 6-10 fish on them.

> “After I caught quite a few of them they would break up and I could catch a few more of those better-quality fish on a Carolina-rigged Biffle Bug Jr (gp blue).”

> He also mixed in a Shadow Rap Deep (moss back shiner) and a unnamed jerkbait for fishing weedlines in 10-14′.

KJ liked his baits moving.

Kelley Jaye was just 1-oz behind Wheeler, and was all about baits that moved:

> Megabass Ito Vision 110 (perch) and Heddon Super Spook (chartreuse/silver).

> “I used an 6′ 9″ M ALX Signature Series Jerkbait Rod with 14-lb fluorocarbon, and a Lew’s Magnesium Speed Spool Reel. For the topwater I used a 7′ 1″ MH ALX Deputy Rod and 17-lb mono on the same reel.

> “I fished anywhere from 8′ to 16’…about 4 shallow humps and points on the north end of the lake. My best spot was a point close to a spawning area. It was the last shallow flat before they hit the main river.”

Think the smallies liked that jerkbait??

That color might be GP pro perch — check the cool-looking orange side fin on the perch color:

Champlain winner Aaron Martens also was digging the chartreuse/silver Spook:

Check his “water camo” (or whatever) gloves and Buff. Lot of Elitists wearing the gloves now. Check ’em at I’ve got the tarpon scales ones cuz they look cool and they help me think like a fish (maybe)….

Is this Champ??

“Champ” is the Loch Ness monster of Lake Champlain. Asked Hackney to keep an eye out there but he was competing so also asked a few more guys whose job was cameras. What I got:

Overstreet sent me:

Bowman sent me this — looks like a dang hand-puppet Bowman!

The most convincing one, sent in by Stevie Wright:

Hack, what do you think man? That proof?

Top baits from the 1000 Islands Costa.

PA’s Matt Becker won it with 66-04 includin’ a 25-02 bag that was only the 3rd-biggest of the derby. All the big bags were out on Lake Ontario, Matt was near Galloo Island dropshotting a Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm (light crystal clear belly) in 20-30′ “on breaks with rock and boulders.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 10:

Dropshot = 100%

> Shad Shape Worm = 30%
> Senko-type = 10%

A-rig = 20%

Spinbait, Swimbait, Senko = 10% each

Calling out the Canadian Johnston bros, who seem to kick tail in every tourney they’re in and cross the border to steal OUR MONEY! lol, congrats guys. They both dropshotted Crosstails — suyama (right) and what looks like purple winnie:


1. Chad Grigsby leaves Elites.

Always a tough decision to leave the top level of anything, props for having the courage to do it. Hope all’s okay man.2. DeFoe used a Spinbait too.

Is the spinbait/spybait catching on now? KVD used it at the St. Lawrence, Palaniuk used one to finish 2nd at Champlain and now Ott used one in his 7th at Champlain: the Storm Arashi Spinbait (wagasaki) — here’s that color:

‘Specially interesting on Champlain where current wasn’t a factor and those fish would bite a lot of different baits.

Ott also used a Rapala Shadow Rap Deep (elite blue), 3/4-oz Terminator Pro Jig (blue olive), Terminator Poppin’ Frog (black camo).

3. Alton Sr. has a custom Warning Shot color.

Revealed in a Bassin’masters post:

> I have done very well with this bait in the morning dawn and green pumpkin with purple metal flake colors, as well as a custom-poured translucent pink with silver metal flake pattern that [YUM] created just for my tournament competition.

Pink and silver flake. Hmm. Workin’ on a pic of it….

4. SC: Meet FLWer Bryan Thrift this Saturday.

5. Trait Zaldain on BassEdge Radio.

Gitcha pink rods ready!

6. FLW shortened Cup to 3 days because of Expo.

Makes sense but sounds weird, like the tournament comes 2nd even though it doesn’t…right? Gotta give props to FLW for still having their champeenship at the END of the season!

7. WV: Bassers still release almost all bass at Stonewall Jackson.

Peeps were concerned about regs allowing keeping bass, but hardly any have been kept.

8. FL: Trafford bass fishery getting better.

9. NY: New public hot spot fishing map.

I’ll be a-chasin’ smallies up there in a couple weeks — can’t wait!

10. NC: PCBs still in Norman fish.

Know you’re not going to eat ’em, but can’t be a good thing for the feesh.

11. MI asking for ideas to get rid of Asian carp.

Cash-money prizes. I say intro them to the PS4 and they’ll forget to eat:

12. New smaller-size Rapala Walking Frog is at TW!

2.5″ of bass-catchin’ frogness:

13. Check this Danny Rago swimbait.


14. Tickle Sprinkler alternative?

Check the Snag Proof Wiggle Wog:

15. Jigger-poler catches deep fish with a Whopper Plopper.

> “I’ve caught fish as deep as 18′ with it.”

Bear in mind jigger poles don’t have a reel so he’s not making long casts.

Check Whoppy Ploppys on TW. Shallow he fishes with a Creek Chub Pikie 2600.

Btw Creek Chub is 100 years old and will be honored on the 12th in its founding town, Garrett, IN:

Tip of the Day

Matty Lee quick tip: Rig a swimbait so it stays put.

Great quick tip from Elitist Matty “sunshine” Lee about the best way to rig a swimbait so it stays straight and stays on for multiple casts/fish:

Quote of the Day

…the moment doesn’t know what place I’m in.

– Very cool quote from Chris Lane, talkin’ to donny barone about what’s an unusually bad season for him. Just might have to do with this:

> When Chris Lane was 8 years old, his older brothers, Bobby and Arnie, held him down and pushed hot peppers and maybe even dead insects into the younger Lane’s mouth. “It made me so mad I couldn’t see straight,” Chris said.

> Bobby remembers it well. “We held him down and put live flies in his mouth and held his nose until he swallowed them.”

Not saying it’s on Chris’ mind, but he was at a sleep clinic recently and these dream images were captured, among others:

Hahaha! Just kidding Chris! But Bobby watch your back man, seriously….

Shot of the Day

@pizzcustoms horsed in this Delta, CA panda melon on one of his baits in the “my green sunfish” color I believe. Lookin’ like a long feesh:


MA great whites stealing stripers off fishermen’s lines.

That’s insane! So much for great whites being off the East Coast only for seals.

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