More teeners in TX! Chatterfest in Florida! Hard cover in early spring

Do you have a bait or bait style you like to fish too much? Bet you do! I’ve gone through phases like: shallow crankin’, Spook, frogs, Power Worms, etc. Now it’s bladed jigs, and I’m not totally sure why other than maybe it’s a combo of a bunch of baits? Anyhow, this weekend’s Harris Chain ‘Yota and this week Chad Pipkens reelin’ one ultra-slow sure ain’t helpin’ my problem!


Can’t wait to throw one – SOON! – and gonna hammer ’em pretty hard this season in the BB so git ready!

Today’s Top 5
2 more teeners caught in TX!
Insane! This one is closer to 20 than 10 man wow – 15.44lbs! – and is the first ever ShareLunker from Lake Tyler. Also a new lake record (duh). Big congrats to James Crawford:
No bait info on that one or this one either – ANOTHER 13+ from OH Ivie, for 10 total this season! This time a 13.06-lber caught by Jimmy Faulkner of Carlsbad, NM:
I did submit a suggestion to the TPWD to change Ivie’s name to “Lake o’ the Overstuffed Melon Feesh,” but have not heard back…yet….
19-yr-old “unknown” wins the Harris Chain ‘Yota by 12.5 lbs!
Roland say, “Dang son!” Big ups to Jordan Thompkins of Myrtle Beach, SC for:


  • Not choosin’ salty water feesh over the king of all gamefish
  • Practicin’ his tail off after finishing 187th (out of 165 anglers lol) at the Harris Chain Open…
  • …and then going out ‘n DEESTROYIN’ the ‘Yota there…
  • …by bustin’ a 31+ limit to kick the deal off!


I mean, what’s left to do other than maybe invent something more important than gravity or that tastes better than bacon?? Deets from the MLF site:


> “Finishing nearly dead last in the Open really motivated me like nothing else ever has. I don’t like to lose and I refused to get my year started off on such a bad foot. I was going to make sure I redeemed myself before I left the Harris Chain.”


> Thompkins’ huge limit the first day came from Lake Beauclair near the passageway that connects to Dora. On the Sunday before the tournament he found a wad of giant fish on his LiveScope that were “set up right” at the passage entrance.


> “It was just a hard spot with some scattered eelgrass. I knew if I could get to those fish before they busted up, I could probably catch a 25-pound bag.”


> …day 1…went to work on the big bass with a Rapala DT10 [parrot]…cranking the hard spot and ripping the crankbait though the scattered eelgrass. His bag on day 1 included 2 bass over 8 lbs.


> On days 2 and 4, Thompkins started in Beauclair, rotating between the DT10, a 3/4-oz Z-Man/Evergreen JackHammer teamed with a Z-Man Scented Jerk Shadz [both white] and a gold Megabass Vision 110 [a little]….


> Once in Harris, he caught some key fish off a 10′ hydrilla flat that had “hot spots” in it…[JackHammer] was his key player.


> “I’m trying to learn how to manage fish and locations in multiple-day events. You have got to do that to win these tournaments. Catching a huge bag on 1 day is great, but you have to be able to back it up.”


Couple deals gotta shout out:


> His dad, Timmy Thompkins, fished the FLW Tour 2016-19. Love the “fishing dad” shirt support for his son.


> Jordan: “I have the good Lord and my dad to thank for all of this. There is no way I could have done any of this without them. I am so blessed to be able to take the things my dad, my family and God have taught me and use them to make the right decisions this week. It’s been unreal.”


Sounds a great young man! Now he’s gotta learn to manage fish in multiple locations on multiple lakes across multiple conditions during multiple times o’ year lol. We’ll be watchin’!

Chattah-fest for the Harris Chain top finishers.
Or more accurately, Brett Hite’s bait again. What the top 10 fished:


Bladed jig = 70% – all JackHammers except 1 Thunder Cricket (2nd). Trailers = Jerk Shadz, DieZel Minnowz, Super Fluke, Yamamoto Zako (2), Blade Minnow, Little EZ


Swimbait = 20%


Worm = 20%


Punch rig = 20%


10% each = Crankbait, Jerkbait, Jig, Lipless crank, C-rig, Flip plastic




Check Lance Oligschlaeger’s (7th) tail-dyed trailers:

“They don’t even fish if they don’t see fish [on their electronics]. I go fish to find fish.”
– Aha! That’s Swim-Jig “Tom” Monsoor talkin’ ’bout younger fishermen who have grown up with sophisticated ‘lectronics:
> “These young guns have all the advantages as they are so computer oriented and really understand how to use their electronics,” Monsoor said. “They don’t even fish if they don’t see fish….


> “There are fish finders that show you fish, almost like a TV. You still have to catch them.”


> “You need this stuff to fish more efficiently. I’ve got to compete at their (top anglers) level. Again, they can say where a fish is, but you still have to catch it.”


Was talking to a top pro recently, younger than Tom, who said about the same thing: Some people count on their electronics too much, and he fishes to find fish and uses electronics more to find structure.


Btw Tom named his Lab “Jig” – that’s how hardcore he is about swim-jigs. Far as I know no one has named a dog “Max Scent” yet but I bet it’s coming…

Rapala is coming out with Sufix mono made from recycled plastic.
Cool idea, cool enough to be a top deal in the BB! Some deets from Angling International – not sure if/when will be in the US:


> Taneli Väisänen, Rapala research and sustainability mgr: “Recycline Monofilament took 2 years to develop and is a great example of our concrete efforts in becoming more sustainable. …great high-quality products that are produced in an environmentally-friendly manner….


> “Developing products like Sufix Recycline Monofilament is never easy and this is truly a remarkable step we have made. …many things you need to consider….Rapala VMC is known for having high-quality products and this is something that we will not compromise upon.”


Of course it’s really only great if the line’s good, but gotta assume they wouldn’t put it out if it wasn’t.



I’ve never had a few days this good – you?


> “…warming trend, and the water was 4′ high in the bushes. I caught 50 bass over 4 lbs.


2. AR: Main St in Flippin was renamed.


Awesome and great to hear Nina Wood was there:

3. WV thinkin’ ’bout stocking F1 bass.


F1 = FL-northern hybrids. But they’re studying the genetics of the bass they have first.


4. NY: Buffalo slip #3 will get new largie-friendly habitat.


Former ship slip no longer used, here’s the plan:


6. FL: Virtual Kissimmee Chain plan meeting TODAY at 6 pm.


7. PA: Frozen tech drains 21.5′ out of lake.


Glad nothing like this happened in TX/LA (or did it?):


> A frozen automated monitor left the dam’s floodgates open and was followed by ice blocking the way for any water to drain into the dam’s manual backup control tower. The lake’s surface level proceeded to drop 21.5′ over the next 8 days.


8. UT: Powell level way down and might drop more.


> Water levels continue to drop and are within 10′ of the lowest level in more than a decade. Rivers that flow into the massive reservoir are at 48% of normal, and the snowpack above Lake Powell is also down significantly (78% of normal).


9. FL: $5K Apopka feesh caught in Harris Chain ‘Yota.


Here ’tis, a tagged fish worth $5K named “Jim Thomas”:

The real Jim Tom was like:
Dude that’s a little inappropriate… Kidding, I love Jim Tom….


10. VMC has a new Finesse Neko Tokyo Rig.


11. CA: Cool post about Bill Siemantel and the Jr Championship.


Glad to hear it was about getting kids fishing who don’t have boats…like pretty much everyone I ever saw fish growing up, myself included.


12. GA: Southland Academy won the HS state champeenship!


Congrats to the hammers: Chase Chapman, Tom Hart, Collins Bass, Eli Griffin, James Griffin ‘n Fisher Britt.


13. FL: They’re burning Okeechobee this week.


> …prescribed burn in Moonshine Bay Marsh on the west side of Lake Okeechobee this week, weather permitting. The burn area is approximately 1,500 to 1,700 acres and includes 582 acres of cattail that was managed with herbicide in Nov 2020 along with adjacent green cattail and other associated vegetation.


No official word on why but some locals think it’s to get the ‘foots outta that area.


14. UT sold 100K more licenses than normal last year.


That’s about 25% more which sounds huge.


15. Yamaha 200-250 charging changes.


> “The V Max SHO…now takes battery charging capability from 50 to 70 amps, a full 40% more. That extra juice greatly improves the boat’s power margins….”


16. Yamaha/Skeeter and B.A.S.S. holding a REDFISH tourney??


Sounds like a made for TV deal:


> The Redfish Cup field will feature 6 teams from the Elite Redfish Tournament Series, Power-Pole Pro Redfish Tour and Redfish World Series, along with 4 all-star teams made up of a redfish pro paired with a Bassmaster Elite Series angler.


Hope at least 1 of the Canadian dudes are in it!


17. Covid fishing took off in India too.


> Branded fiberglass rods and spinning tackle have replaced the traditional bamboo pole.


Well, guess fiberglass stix are a step up from wood…. Love this line:


> “Parents brought their kids to learn the sport. It teaches patience – it’s like yoga.”



Line of the Day


…clean, drain, dry, dispose…has become a common phrase in boating circles because it applies to the control of several invasive aquatic species….


Never heard a single person say that. Another line from that post:


> Hydrilla is an invasive aquatic plant that has caused problems in states where it has become established.


If by “problems” you mean more bass (and critters they feed on) and better bass fishing, I agree:

On right now… 


> Best tournament baits of all time?


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Tip of the Day


And you best have the right line for it he says:


> “It could be throwing a squarebill along a riprap bank with 12-lb [Seaguar] AbrazX, casting a spinnerbait around fallen trees with 17-lb, or flipping and pitching laydowns with 20-lb test. When bass are first starting to move up in the spring, they are always going to gravitate to some sort of hard cover.


> “You are always going to be fishing around some hard objects like rock, brush or stumps if you want to be around the biggest concentrations of fish. It might also be manmade, like seawalls, docks, bridge pilings or riprap.


> “Your line will take some abuse when fishing that way. But it’s what you have to do if you want to catch fish. That’s why AbrazX fits the bill for so many spring techniques because you need to be around that nasty cover to even get a bite.


> “Most times, when you make a cast your line is going to be the first thing to hit the cover. Before your lure reaches it, your line has already taken the brunt of it. You want your crankbait to be deflecting off of rocks or for your spinnerbait to hit that laydown because that’s where the strikes often occur, and long before your line hits that object, your line is already rubbing against it or wrapping around it.”


Have said many times that AbrazX is amazing line in my 2c. Here it is on the TW.

Quote of the Day
“A skinny kid just trying to get by for a few hours, with a high metabolism, probably wants a few slices of pizza. A kid trying to purposely gain weight might eat the entire pizza. A college football lineman might eat 2 to 3 pizzas. Bass are the same way!”


– Man I had NO idea bass liked pizza. Opens up a whole new world…but might explain the whole garlic scent thing…


That’s talkin’ ’bout pressure on forage feesh! Does make me wonder if Brian Robison has a way of finding those NFL lineman-sized bass…maybe just the offensive ones?


Can’t link it, at nowhabersham com.

Shot of the Day
Seen at an LA tourney. If a bud ever suggests this, just say no:
Stumbled across the Frankfurt, Germany Symphony doing a tribute to Eddie Van Halen and Antonio Vivaldi – in the same tune, with drums and ‘electric guitar. So cool. If you’ve never been to a symphonic concert and dig music, definitely go. Zero amplification so all of a sudden all these amazing sounds are coming outta thin air, sorta. I love it. Make sure you get Beethoven’s 9th = always awesome.


Reminds me – just got this in memory of the man. That setup’s to the left of my desk! #rawk!

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