More ICAST stuff! Noteworthy baits, Funny stuff…

Here you go, part 2 of new and noteworthy stuff from ICAST. Will say that part 2s can sometimes be bad, like Jaws 2:

That arrow is pointing to a visible hydraulic in a seriously non-shark-shaped mouth…. But like I said, this part 2 should be better than that….

Startin’ off with rods/reels/line, then other bassin’ stuff, then back into some baits includin’ some funnies. Enjoy bass-heads!

Rods, Reels and Line

Not sure, but think “DSR” stands for “Dang Brandon Palaniuk.” Oops, nope…that’s DBP so guessin’ DSR is Drop Shot Rod?

Not sure why anyone would need to dropshot…just kidding. Brandon is a dropshot hammer, the dropshot is a staple on the Elites, so this is the rod BP and Alpha owner Jake “shakalaka” Boomer crafted to be the “all that” wimp stick — meaning it ain’t just fer dropshottin’:

> “…the rod is a bit heavier than the industry standard. …can be used both for deep water smallmouth or bed-fishing largemouth in the jungle.

Huh. Where does one sign up to be a rod-tester exactly? Sounds like fun. Gitcha one here, and here’s BP talkin’ ’bout it:

Y’all know I make fun of spinning gear but dang it there’s times you HAVE TO use it…just not as much as Cody Meyer thinks (lol). Anyhow, Okuma came out with the Epixor XT which sounds like a pretty cool reel because it has new stuff specifically for using braid. That a good idea or what? John Bretza from Okuma explains it in this vid:

These rods aren’t new but they might be the rods that intrigue me the most right now. Designed by Gary Loomis, former owner of G. Loomis, and super high-end, they sell for $500 — lotsa coin, but not as much as what I think is the most expensive bassin’ stick in the universe, the G. Loomis NRX.

Believe the Z-Bone’s are hand-crafted in Texas. Cool, but…not sure if that’s cooler than the deep-fried Coca Cola served at the TX State Fair:

Sunline’s got a new fluoro! For use with all moving baits, it has a little more stretch than most fluoros, and has Sunline’s P-Ion technology — which “alters the line’s surface, making it slicker, more abrasion-resistant, and longer-lasting.” Here’s Johnny Crews talkin’ ’bout it:

Sunline also has 2 new braids, Siglon PEx4 and Siglon PEx8. I know these lines have small diameter, less color bleed and high abrasion resistance, but I don’t know much beyond that. Will learn ya when I know tho!

Not new but still stellar. First time I fished it was at the Niagara River, NY for big smallmouths around zebra mussels. Can’t remember if I used 6-lb or chickened out a little and used 8-lb, but either way I never broke off. Crazy.

Goes all the way up to 25-lb so if you’re a-fishin’ around some sketchy junk, give it a shot. If you truly can’t float that expense, word from a few guides I know is Seaguar Red Label fluoro is pretty dang good.

First Shimano comes out with “Cumara” rods, and now the new Curado “K” baitcasters — why don’t they come out with a “Kumar” something already — I mean, just go all the way Shimano dang it!

Lol, okay — the new Curado. It’s a Curado — how can you not like it? They can talk about all the tech features — MicroModule, SVS Infinity, X-Ship — but there’s the only thing that matters: It’s a Shimano. I don’t need to know all the tech in my Toyota truck — it just starts every dang time and is comfy. Am I making sense?

The new Curado ain’t green, but guess that’ll help me know which is which?

Shout-out to Daiwa Tatula Elite rods (casting, spinning). Listened at ICAST to all the Daiwa Elitists and FLWers talk about the rods they designed for specific applications, and it was pretty durn impressive. I mean, who in their right mind says to a pro, “Yep, we’ll make you a hair-jig rod and mass-produce it?”

Hey Daiwa, I ain’t tellin’ you who to employ, but…that seal of approval approves everything man hahaha!

Other bassin’ stuff


1. Gitcha Buff stuff

Have this vision that bass-heads 20 years from now will have pasty-white skin like this:

I’m almost serious. And if anything like that happens, we’ll all be thankin’ Buff. Because if you bass-fish, you Buff. And now their arm sleeves and gloves are becoming the next big thing…and make us bass-heads look kinda like superheroes so that’s good.

Check the Elitists doin’ it:

YOLOtek makes the “must have” PowerStick for charging your “lookit me I’m a-feeshn” GoPro/VIRB/phone using your light port. New is the Power Light. Check it:

In case your boat’s not blinged out with LEDs yet…. If you already have a PowerStick you can get the light by itself.

Love the idea of the Power Light, but gotta say shots like this give me boat envy:

Those are the T-H Marine Aqua Blaze boat lights, the Rock Light kit. Want!

You see Casey Ashley and a bunch of other guys fishing Simms’ killer rain gear

…but did you know Simms also has a bunch of other cool stuff. Stuff I like functions great, looks cool and just has that overall vibe, you know?

TW’s bass stuff is here, and Simms’ entire “bass collection” is on the Simms site.

5. New Gill jackets/coats

Can’t believe Gill was a sailing brand first. With that name, it shoulda been all about the feesh! Now they’re on the right track, and here’s Deano Rojas talkin’ the new stuff:

What I like about this stuff and some of the other bassin’ wear coming out now is you can for sure wear it anywhere. It’s not just clunky fishing gear, if you know what I’m conveyin’.

Noteworthy stuff


In no particular order, just stuff I wanna mention:

Believe the “R” is for “realistic,” but it’s too bad Yo-Zuri already had a 3DS because these baits should be called 3DSick! Some GREAT colors. Check this Mid Crank in real green crawfish:

Love that Strike King is on the old-school French Fry! 4.5″ of whatever you wanna use it for, but personally I’m hopin someone wins a big derby on a Carolina-rigged Fry. Do you hear me Guy Eaker?? Paulie Elias? A-Mart? Anyone?

Can’t believe they don’t have these colors tho: ketchup, chili cheese and, for Canada bass-heads: poutine.

Now available in garlic and crawfish. One of the best ones, maybe THE best one:

It’s back! Gotta assume it still catches ’em:

The often-imitated Rapala Jigging Rap — used here for walleyes and ice — is being used by some bass guys now. Berkley has an interesting twist to it — just the head part, and the ability to add soft-plastics. If it works, could be something?

6. Megabass 110 Silent Jerkbait

One of the best jerkbaits ever so anything new is newsworthy:

> “After years of experimentation and an entirely new internal mold, the 110 Silent features a more compact and perfectly-placed fixed tungsten weight.”

BB Funny ICAST Stuff Awards!


Not comprehensive, just stuff that tickled me — in no particular order:

Longest name for a new bait: Berkley Powerbait Bearded Crazy Legs Chigger Craw. Sounds like the title of a Cajun horror movie.

Longest skirt on a new bait (also a contender for longest name): Strike King J-Lee Comeback Stand Up Football Jig. All the colors are very dark — what up with that J-Lee? Everything okay dude??

Most mixed-up-looking bait: Molix Sneaky Frog — Looks like a cross between a frog, a snake and a bug. Maybe it’s just the color?

Most WTHeck is that thing? bait: Savage Gear 3D Savage Fruck — Yep, frog + duck = fruck. Who needs a bat when you’ve got a Fruck…I guess?

That’s all for now peeps!

More info on these and other new thangs will be in Blasters as I get it and, hopefully, fish it.

All this stuff is FUN mang, just like ICAST! Can’t wait for next year. My bud Grumpy tho:

I feel you bruh.

Once again will leave you with the BassBlaster 2-minute tour of ICAST vid and a link to all the new stuff on Tackle Warehouse.

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