More giant spots, Flipping snow mats, Bass boat accidents

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Today’s Top 4

Z got on the magical kingdom lake in Cali.




Had a little help from the TackTickle Bassin’ boys findin’ the ultra top secret giant Jurassic spotted bass from outer space lake in CA, and they caught ’em:

Z texted:

> I’ve seen all the pics from there but to see that freak show in person 100% blew my mind!

> Ehrler was so freaked out seeing those things. We were like kids again….

I wanna be a kid too!

Do I see a meanmouth there on the right?

Just what is lake X? These CA guys say it’s Bullards Bar, where the spots get huge choking on kokanee salmon.

David Dudley talks flipping snow mats.




Have always loved Dudley, stuff like this is why. Won’t edit it one bit:

Here is 3 tips for catching #monsterbass flipping #snowmats in cold front conditions!

1- Always look for yellow areas in snow they are always warmer! Fish will stack up under the yellow area! Temp is usually 98.6

2- Use a heating torch to heat up your tungsten every 3.76 casts. This allows for easy penitration.

3 – Don’t yo yo! Your lure to long cause hole will freeze shut.

That is dang funny yo!

Latest bassin’ boat accidentals.




When last night’s chili comes a-callin’…fast:

When you pray hard you don’t choke the person…after you find out he’s uninsured (throw a sheet over that motor yo!):

When you find out the hard way those cheap soft-plastics don’t hold up well in the heat:

In my entire career I’ve never — I mean not even once — been able to duplicate fish-catching patterns or spots from one year to the next. It just doesn’t happen no matter how exact the conditions.




Ike talkin’ about fishin’ yer history. Gotta call him on this one. Thinkin’ of 2014, a place where most couldn’t catch a bass with dynamite but Ike won it easy…because he had so much history there. Of course I’m talkin’ ’bout:




1. Here’s Palaniuk’s new truck.

Dang it this is the second time in a week I’m jealous, the first being Z whackin’ those giant spots. Not going to let my son see that truck because I will immediately become even less cool…if that’s possible….

2. Day on the Lake with Bertrand.

His pet red chin fur makes an appearance. Am I the only one who thinks these Day on the Lake things are boring? Just one idiot’s opinion….

3. Learn about Bryan Thrift.

4. FLWer Cotten self-reports, gets DQd.

5. FLWer Johnson gets SpotStickers.

6. Lefebre still looking to sell his Ranger.

7. Phoenix Boats adds B.A.S.S. derby support.

Looks like Elites and Opens.

8. TX wants to decrease min size to 12″…

…in 4 southeast counties, derby-related:

> While a largemouth in Sam Rayburn Reservoir typically grows to 14″ within 2 years, bass in the coastal waters take 4 years to reach that length. The result is that few bass in the coastal estuary fisheries reach “legal” length.

> That abundance of small bass and rarity of fish meeting the 14″ minimum has been a source of frustration for bass tournaments and their participants….

9. CA lakes continue to rise.

10. CA F&G Commission becoming Environmental Commission?

11. 32.63 wins Bass Champs Falcon.

Not Falcon heyday, but not bad.

12. AL: HS gets bassin’ class.

Guess it had to happen in Alabama first, but it should be everywhere!

13. T-H Marine gets Cook’s Tackle.

14. Cabela’s-Bass Pro update.


> Cabela’s (NYSE:CAB) is considering a sale of its credit card business before it puts the entire company up for sale….

> Privately-owned Bass Pro Shops, which is interested in buying Cabela’s 27 stores, will now have to wait until the credit card business is sold before making an acquisition offer.

Meanwhile BPS is proceeding with a Sarasota, FL store.

15. GoPros can now stream through Periscope.

On iStuff only.

16. NY: Niagara Falls may be shut down.

No one’s saying why, but probly cuz the Avengers are looking for Dr. Doom’s secret lair.

Tip of the Day


Don has doodled his way into bassin’ history because it works:

> …allows you to “slide” a finesse worm down and back up the water column. It entices big largemouths holding shallow, deep, and anywhere inbetween. “It’s my top tactic for working points, rock banks, and dropoffs in spring because it puts my bait in front of so many suspended fish.”

> …pinpoint suspended fish with your electronics by running the boat around a promising staging area…. “Look especially for any cover that will concentrate bass.” Then back off and rest the spot.

> After several minutes, sneak close with your trolling motor, position your boat on the shallow side of the fish, and cast into deeper water.

> Keep the rod low as you begin to reel in slowly. Now, shake the rod by vibrating your wrist while inching the tip upward from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock. This gives the bait its “sliding” action. When you get to 11 o’clock, reel back down to 8 and then repeat the movement.

> “The bite feels like a rubber band stretching.”

His rig is a 5/32-oz crawfish colored bullet weight with an 8mm orange glass bead beneath it, pegged 2 inches above the hook. In clear water he likes a 4-inch worm (Texas-rigged) on a 1/0 Owner Dropshot hook. In stained water it’s a 6-inch worm on a 3/0 hook. He likes Dezyner Baits [can’t find them] worms in oxblood crawfish and smallmouth killer.

Quote of the Day


I’ve found that simplifying my approach during a slump can dramatically improve the outcome.


Todd Faircloth talkin‘ ’bout these things:

Betcha didn’t know a slump was a geographical feature, didya? Maybe one day a winning pattern will be crankin’ a slump…? Todd also said:

> For me, it comes down to defeating the demons in your head that are saying, “you can’t,” and relying on your experience, and often leaning on the basics of bass fishing that prove “you can!”

> Focus on your objective, focus on catching one fish at a time, focus on visualizing your bait interacting with the structure and be conscious of your mindset. Don’t let negativity rule the day.

Shot of the Day


Jacob Wheeler practicing for the Bassmaster Southern Open. Raise your hand if you wish that was your view this morning, dang….



Plug-in concrete melts snow.

Forget snow, how about icy ramps??

Amazed no one has thought of this before. Wonder if ancient aliens did….

Be throwin’ these

Only the best…

You gotta get down with this stuff!

You need to know about and use these:



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For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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