Megatron limits! Bloatations of the week, Wobble vs football jigs

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Megatron mega limits of the week! Dang! 

Wow! Don’t think I’ve ever seen this many 30+ limits in a week:

Blastin’ out with Phil “if it don’t say XD I ain’t fishin’ it” Marks and bud Tim Reneau, who busted a GINORMOUS 37.04-lb limit at the TX Team Trail fruit-jar on Rayburn:

> …worked the lake’s upper end, near the Highway 147 bridge in 2 spots…areas were the ones Marks fished during a recent BFL win.

> “They’re hard bottom with isolated stumps on them…old spider stumps — you can see them on your down scan. Over the last 6 week, I’ve checked hundreds of spots just like them, but I could only count on these 2 places.”

> …a Strike King 8XD in chartreuse powder blue back and Tennessee shad…also caught a couple of fish…on a 1-oz Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig (blue craw peanut butter) with a junebug Strike King Rage Bug trailer.

2nd at that hit-the-lake-on-the-screws derby had 30.07. Brian Shook and John Iles fished dropoffs with brush in 20-28′ with 6th Sense Cloud 9 C20 and C25 cranks (citrus shad)  and a Divine Structure Jig with a Strike King Rage Craw:

3rd had 29.62 all on crawfish-color Rat-L-Traps. Sick tourney.

reid_heard_fishing cracked not just one 30-lb limit but TWO — one of which (32.86, with pard Rusty Brogden) won a Seminole, FL derby. Both limits came on a BOOYAH One Knocker in Rayburn red — check ’em:

Kyle Keller and Joshua Spencer banged 31.98 to win the Bass Champs derby at Falcon, TX on TX- and Carolina-rigged Brush Hogs:

Bulbous “bloatation device” melons of the week! 

Check it, 13.03 lbs of Cane River, LA bloaty caught on an unnamed jig by bass-head Jeremy Treadway:

@jaygonefishin stuck 10.5 lbs of shad slurper on I think a Battles Shad swimbait:

Here’s the 10.23 big fish from the TTT Rayburn derby — no mention of who caught it or what on (doh):

Not sure what this weighed, but Thomas Keith Lewis Jr caught it from the bank at Chickamauga, TN on a ‘Trap: #stout

“Pulling in after he leaves and fishing would be like trying to find crumbs on the floor after my wiener dog has been there!” 

Dude on the TexasfishingForum talkin’ ’bout locals allegedly fishing Tak’s spot on Martin after he left it each day…which I really hope didn’t happen. Incredible to me how people can’t just not fish places for 4 days out of a whole year while the Elites are in town (#manners) but whatever man.

Please no emails about “rights” and “public water” — everyone knows that. It’s just being considerate, polite and patient. My 2c.

One guy posted this, I guess about a different Elite event:

> I was riding with Dave Lefebre and some locals came right in on him as he was still fishing. It was championship Sunday. He was throwing a C-rig and they were throwing crankbaits and crossed lines.”

Word is this cat was in one of the boats:

Havasu Costa Top 10 baits breakdown. 

The top 3 were within 1.5 lbs of each other, but local Shaun Bailey squeaked it out with 49-05. Innerestin’ pattern info:

> “The last five years it’s been strictly brush piles.” Typically Bailey targets brush that’s about 15′ deep, but he tapped into some up to 22’….

> …relied on a finesse Carolina rig and a handful of crankbaits. [C-rig] That’s been my bread and butter here for years. Everyone likes to dropshot here, and I never dropshot. I throw a little mini-Carolina rig with a Roboworm on it and fish the same stuff as everybody else. I think I get a few more bites.”

> …he’d sit on a spot for over an hour if he thought it had a big one….”

Rig was a 1/8- or 1/4-oz weight with a 4.5″ Roboworm Curly Tail Worm or a Roboworm Straight Tail Worm (oxblood light red flake). Cranked an Evergreen CR (#8 and #16, fire craw and olive craw) and an Evergreen Spin Craft — anyone know what that bait is?

Here’s the top 10 baits broken down — check the hair jigs:

Dropshot = 60% — ALL used a Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

Texas rig = 40%Senko = 20%

Fly/hair jig = 30%SPRO Phat Fly = 20%, Outkast Feider Fly = 10%

Crank = 30%Evergreen CR = 20%, Duo Realis Vibration lipless = 10%

Football Jig = 20%

Swim-jig = 20%

10% each = C-rig, Flip plastics, Flanders, Swimbait

Did Rick Clunn originate bassin’ gang signs? 

[chin-scratch emoji] Here he is rollin’ cold in ’77:

Looks like it’s spreading in Japan:


1. We lost Paul Chamblee.

NC angler who fished Bassin’masters back in the ’70s. Thank you for your pioneerin’ spirit bassin’ brother.

2. Sign that it was Tak’s time to win again.

Everyone says when it’s your time you can do no wrong:

>  Saturday’s semifinal round of the Bassmaster Elite at Lake Martin…Takahiro Omori caught a bass that had two lures in its mouth. One was a chartreuse plug that Omori had lost on an underwater tree branch Friday, and the other was the red bait he fished with most of the day Saturday.

Here’s the sign waiting for him when he got home:

Very cool. Neighbors in NJ are like:

That’s on Ike’s pond…lol.

3. Randall Tharp gets Sufix line.

Not just braid, but check what he says about the Sufix 832 Advanced Superline braid:

> “It’s the only braid you can fish with for a solid year, every day, and by the end of a year it’s as round as it was when you put it on your spool. A lot of other 8-strand braids tend to flatten out and don’t perform as well.”

4. Fred Roumbanis details his Boom Boom Frog (quick vid).

Supposed to be available in March. Has…fur. A frog…with fur. lol

5. Elitist rookie Hunter Shryock on BassEdge Radio.

Hopefully he talks about who used to win the daily brotherly rumble, him or Fletch. My money’s on Hunter….

6. Trip Weldon has a Bassmaster column now?

This is cool and potentially exciting but am wondering if Trip sharing opinions means the Apocalypse is closer than I thought? Will also be checking my zombie trap every morning now instead of just 1x/week….

Lol glad to see Trip maybe coming out of the verbal shadows a little. Could be veeeeeeeeery innerestin’.

7. Minn Kota vs MotorGuide stats.

Dude counted ’em and:

> 67% of Bassmaster Elite anglers were using Minn Kota in 2017 — 86% are using Minn Kota in 2018.


8. VA: No dock work or dredging at 2 lakes during spawn.

Smith Mountain and Leesville.

9. Water releases trigger bass to feed in cold water.

Makes sense:

> …impoundments…water releases upstream — even from as far away as 15 miles…current will often trigger black bass to feed.

10. AR: When a guy weighed a snook at Ouachita.

Can’t believe I hadn’t heard this one before:

> …a big snook. It was so big, in fact, Mel decided to have it mounted. To get the fish back to his AR taxidermist in the best shape possible, he kept the snook alive in the boat’s livewell [from FL].

> Before visiting the taxidermist, however, Mel had another stop to make. A bass tournament was underway on Lake Ouachita…the [Ranger] PR man had to show the new boat.

> Mel decided he would launch the boat and fish. Sometime while fishing, an idea struck him. Wouldn’t it be funny to show up at the tournament weigh-in with his big snook?

> The next day, a photo of Mel holding the snook appeared on the front page of a local newspaper. …”Man catches strange fish during Ouachita bass tournament.”

11. NY: Cost of St Lawrence Elite about half of what it was?

Not sure that makes sense so may not be reading it right:

> Hosting the 2018 Bassmaster Elite tournament in Waddington in Aug will cost organizers $122,000, about half of what it took the first time the event was held [there] in 2013….

12. Merc ups its 4-stroke game.

Top-secret (sorta) rollout last week, announced officially today: new 175, 200, 225 hp 4-strokes:

13. NE largie forecast looks good.

Expecting population to double…from 2 to 4…lol!

14. AFTCO sponsoring college bass trail.

Btw dude who got the AFTCO Opens deal is John Zeolla.

15. OH HS has program around building and selling baits.

Do they call it “bait school?” Of course they do….

16. NV and KS now have 365-day licenses.

Now 14 out of 50 stats renew on the date you bought it. Wish NJ was one….

17. MN: Simms supporting Mille Lacs Smallie Alliance.

18. The Bass Chaplain is raffling off his Nitro Z-18.

$100 a ticket.

19. Brian Robison derby boat auctions are on.

First up is a shot to fish with B-Rob and Brandon Palaniuk. Word is neither of ’em know how to fish Rayburn so….

20. “Jaints” tee?

Believe “jaints” is TN or KY for “giants:”

21. Fishing/boating 2nd biggest segment of outdoor market.

> …US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) show that the outdoor recreation economy accounted for 2.0% ($373.7 billion) of current-dollar GDP in 2016…. [First time for the outdoor recreation industry being a significant economic contributor to the GDP.]

> Boating/Fishing activities were $38.2 billion in 2016, an increase of 4.0% from the previous year.

22. Dude using Asian carp in concrete.

> “These organic materials, along with the fish oil, add benefits to concrete like increased longevity and a reduction in the freeze-thaw cycle, to name a few.”

23. Cabela’s catalog Ranger deal?

From a recent Cabela’s catalog, texted to me as legit — could this be right? Even with a 75??


In yesterday’s Bass GEEK email you may have seen the word “luckers” (lol) and at least one other dang typo. Late-night stuff, sorry. More Blastin’ = less sleep?

Next Week

More Elite baits from Martin.

Tip of the Day

How a swing-head is a different look…

…than a standard football jig. Quick vid from Opens-level fisherman Jamey Caldwell explaining how a swing-head jig — or wobble-head jig — works, and how/why it’s a WAY different look than a typical football jig:

That’s a Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head.

Quote of the Day

“If I had come out here Saturday and the marshal would have told me he was a florist, I wasn’t going.”

Elitist Andy “hoop dreams” Montgomery talkin’. Thursday his marshal was a funeral-home owner, and Friday his marshal was a coroner. #spooky

Asked Andy if he was superstitious and he was like:

Shot of the Day

Hahahaha! Love this shot, and that @coby_pellerito posted it — a bassin’ Insta pose not quite there yet:

Ya got me

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