Live sonar and retrieves, Crazy cliff boat dump, Tokyo rig docks

Well, haven’t been bassin’ yet. Been a dad instead – meaning at my young’ns’ sports events and blessed to do it.


Reminds me of one time I reeeeally wanted to do something – it was actually serving the Lord, but my wife was dead against me being away for the weekend. I was surprised, mad and disappointed. Called a friend who’s been a big influence on me, a more mature believer – called him because of that and because he was co-leading the event I wanted to be at. Thought he’d be on my side! He told me that my first ministry is my family so I shouldn’t go. It hurt but I listened.


Same deal with the bass for me. I WANT TO FISH (bad!) every day, every weekend, but nope. I know you know what I mean! All good…but it’s way harder to ignore that feelin’ with a boat in the driveway! Messin’ with tackle in the boat is fun too tho…sorta….

Today’s Top 5
How Live sonar helps jerkbait retrieves…only?


> “Throw in forward-facing sonar, and now the jerkbait is so much more effective than before. It’s no longer blind-casting. If a fish is following, I can change the cadence to cater to what it needs to trigger a strike. Who knows how many more fish I’ve gotten….”


Innerestin’. So will that translate to other baits? Pausing a crankbait? Ripping a jig? Jiggling a dropshot? etc. Will be interesting to find out.

Related to this is another real innerestin’ Live thought – sent in by bass-head Shawn L, basically boils down to this: If the fish are “visible” on Live and are not hooked in the mouth, is that okay? Obviously it is, but it raises a good point about what might be called “visible” in the future.
Couple more teener ditchies!
A super big giant melon feesh outta TX is ALMOST boring now – okay no way but it’s not really a surprise…what a spring for TX lakes! Anyhow, here’s the latest – a 15.27-lber caught by Tanner Spurgin at the Lake Fork Bassin’ Champs derbA:
Secret ingredient on that fish must be the ‘stache! Here’s another derby fish – missed it from a week or so ago: Richard Alcantar, a co-angler at the Cali Delta Wild West Bass Trail tourney, caught this 13.81…on his way to 23+ lbs on day 1 in the back of the boat…nice!
Thanks bass-head Matthew B for the heads on that fish….
“Thankful for another day on the water!”
– Just a simple post by the one ‘n only Joe Or Dan Lee, but man it hit me. THAT is what it’s all about yo! Attitude de lo gratitude….
Lotta different baits played at the Dale Holler ‘Yota.
Congrats to TN’s Adam Wagner for winnin’ his 2nd consecutive ‘Yota on the Holler. Came from behind last year fishing deep, this time he led from the get-go fishing shallow ‘n dirty. So no bass is safe from Adam on that lake. Few deets from the MLF site:


> Every fish he caught this week came on a Big Bite Baits Craw Tube in watermelon red flipped dirt-shallow near run-ins…as the rain poured into Dale Hollow, or off the bank a little more on day 2 as the cold front pushed fish further from their future beds.


A TUBE! Dang the last time we heard of a flip-tube win had to be back when Denny Brauer was cuttin’ school to pond-fish against Guy Eaker. That tube actually has ribs ‘n flappers…anyhow here’s what the whole top 10 fished:


Crankbait = 40%SPRO Rk Crawler 20%, Azuma Square Dance, Storm Wiggle Wart, Hardcore Crank 4+ (on 12-lb Yo-Zuri Top Knot fluoro)


Flip plastics = 30%


Jerkbait = 20%Megabass Vision 110 and 110+1 – Here’s Chase Henley (9th) with the 110+1 in “western clown,” which I think is named after a certain pro basser…KIDDING lol. Anyhow, I’ve NEVER CAUGHT A BASS on the clown color…which doesn’t mean a dang thing, just sayin’:

Jig = 30%


Spinnerbait = 20%


Bladed Jig = 20% – Bryan Thrift (3rd) used the new ot out yet Z-Man Big Blade ChatterBait he designed.


Shakey head = 20%


A-rig = 10%

Don’t see a pic like this every day.
And thank God for that man whoa:
That’s bass-head Andrew Nordbye who I think was heading to the Dale Hollow ‘Yota when it happened – click the pic to see the video breakdown of it. Amazing to me that his straps broke. Might have been a blessing because if not who knows what might have happened. Yikes man.


Basically Kevin VanDam and Ott DeFoe interview each other – so the sandbags are flyin’ lol! Seriously tho: If you’re not using Google Earth yet, you’ll want to…tho KVD mentions Acme Mapper?? Might be this?


2. Brandon Cobb new director of bassin’ ops at SC’s Lander U.


If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d look at this and go:

  • Posted Apr 1
  • “Bassin’ operations” sounds like either special ops or genetic experiments
  • “Lander” could be landing bass OR a vehicle for landing on other planets…if they exist….
  • Brandon can’t be in 2 places at once so does that mean he did whatever Ike and Crews did to be in 3-4 places at once?
  • etc.


HAHAHA! All that said, appears this is legit – and if so what a get for the Landers bear cats.


Srsly: To me “conspiracy theorist” is a throwaway term that lumps in some folks who have God-given gifts of discernment and pattern recognition…which sounds a lot like bass fishermen! Some bass fishermen anyhow……not sure how often I’m part of that group….


3. Clark Wendlandt: When to switch baits in the spring.


> Although time of year and length of days play a role in triggering the spawn, my primary clue is water temperature. When I start seeing the water consistently rise to 60 degrees and up, there’s a good chance the fish are going to lock down and not chase.


4. Real good Chris Zaldain post about the little things.


Love this kinda stuff – it’s hugely insightful for aspirin’ tourney peeps:


> I could have just said that I was in a slump, that it would work itself out over time. But…I’m a professional. I’m supposed to do something – positive – about my poor performance.


> With that in mind I went back to basics…. I’ve learned from experience that putting the wheels back on is a matter of doing the small things right. It’s about one decision and one fish at a time.


> I did what I could to improve my hooksets. I used the proper tackle for the cover I was fishing. I didn’t let what the other anglers were doing affect me. I fished the way I thought would be best. I listened to my inner voice. I paid no attention whatsoever to where I was in the standings.


5. I think Drew Benton caught all 3 species in 1 day at Pickwick?


Nice ones too:


Dang good thing too:

7. Who or what is the real Ugly Stik Elite?


Ugly Stik says it’s these new rods?

…but I thought it was Matt?
Maybe both??


5. Looks like Luke Palmer saw a bigfoot and….


6. Frank Talley is not fishing shallow enough.




Seth surprised me – did you think he was #2?


1. Patrick Walters – 264

2. Seth Feider – 246

3. Brandon Palaniuk – 245

4. Greg Hackney- 242

5. Bryan New – 239

6. Cory Johnston – 238

7. Bryan Schmitt – 238

8. Drew Cook – 221

9. Steve Kennedy – 219

10. Matt Herren – 217


8. Zona has a new Unplugged series on YT.


I think “unplugged” means he just plays acoustic and sings? Or maybe he fishes without his drain plugs?? Ah whatever it is it’ll be great I’m sure….


9. Catch Co’s looking for the next YT stah.

Literally laughed when I read this because a) it’s smart and b) Catch Co can actually do this – they can “make” someone a stah. Pretty amazing. Deets:


> Over the course of 5 weeks this summer, 10 contestants will complete a broad range of challenges and compete for the title of “On the Line Champion.” That winner will reel in over $20,000 in cash and prizes, including a new fishing boat and a 12-month influencer contract with Catch Co.


> Starting now, creators with at least 500 subscribers on YouTube can submit an application for one of the 10 competition spots. When the contest kicks off this summer, contestants will film and publish one video each week based on a unique and rotating challenge. Who progresses and who is eliminated will be decided by an online audience vote and ratings from a panel of judges, including…Brian Latimer…Googan Squad member Lojo, and Catch Co founder and CEO Ross Gordon.


If I was a judge I would give extra points for: bare feet, ability to play the washboard OR kazoo, not owning a net, fishing from a boat you bought with your own hard-earned coin, and knowing the names of all of David Fritts’ fave crankbait colors not including Homer.


Be aware that if you win this deal you gotta know that:


> If you take the $$ you will no longer be eligible for the USA bobsled team.


> You might have to sing “We are the Champions” on video for the world to see…acappella unless you do a bluegrass version.


> You will have to take Ross Gordon fishing AND get him to hook one AND lip all his fish for him. Just kidding, Ross can fish…pretty sure… Just messin’ Ross!


10. AL: $1 mil tagged fish swimming in Lake Martin?


Sounds like $100/ticket, 200 chances to win something like $1 mil or a “skier bass boat” which I’m pretty sure is a SKEETER bass boat lol. Deets at


11. WV is analyzing tourney data vs conditions.


Sounds like the WV DNR is sick of losing tourneys vs the OH DNR…kidding but:


> …analyze decades’ worth of data from bass tournaments held on the Ohio, Kanawha and Monongahela rivers. “…comparing angler catch rates against historical river flows, ambient air temperature and water temperature. They want to see how those variables relate to high or low angler success in tournaments.”


If they find anything we don’t already know I’ll be surprised but am lookin’ forward to the results.


12. AR DNR needs major funds for ramp, etc repairs.


> “We are facing as much as $250 mil in needed repairs and renovations within the next 10 years above our normal operating budget.”


Might be one reason why the state is looking at doubling the cost of resident fish and hunt licenses.


13. WA wants input on managing non-native fish including bass.


Basically sounds like they are trying to respond to angler concerns that managing fisheries only for native fish that aren’t doing so hot to the detriment of non-natives ain’t all that.


Can’t link the stuff, all at the WA DNR site.


14. What color Bandit is this??


Post says “chartreuse fleck” but that’s not what I see on TW?


16. College and HS students eligible for Shimano schollys.


17. New Rapala RAIN raingear.


Not on TW, on the Rapala site looks like $150 per top or bottom for the regular RAIN and $200 per for the RAIN Pro.


18. IL: Brunswick invests more in ‘lectronical stuff.


Bear in mind Brunswick owns MotorGuide:


> …announced a major expansion of its iJet Innovation Lab at the U of IL to support an acceleration of the Company’s ACES (Autonomy, Connectivity and Electrification) strategy….


> …the iJet lab was created to provide an opportunity for engineering, design and business students…to work closely with leaders at Brunswick to help shape the boating experience by leveraging the latest advancements in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced electrical systems and UX/UI, including virtual/augmented reality.


19. Fishbrian app gets $31 mil more in funding.


Going to focus on app ecomm sounds like. Gotta be the highest-funded app in fishin’ history.


20. DC: Biden administration wants 30% of oceans off-limits to fishing…


…by 2030. This again comes from the UN’s 30×30/2030 plan. Reminder that a CA bill was floated about it last year that involved putting 30% of the state’s land and waters off-limits to everyone. Bass Pro Shops and others were against it (good!).


21. One way for college sports to be self-sustaining?


Not the big 3, other ones – by having a youth club, proceeds from which allow them to compete, maybe as a club. Being looked at because some colleges (Stanford, Dartmouth, Furman for sure) have been cutting sports to balance budgets/other agendas under cover of corona.


Can’t link it, at thegazette com.

On right now… 


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Tip of the Day


At – first this big statement by Gene:


> I went from fishing a dropshot down in FL to a Tokyo Rig and went from catching 2-3 an hour to 40 an hour.


!!!! More:


> What I’ve been doing lately is fishing it under docks. It gets pretty silty under docks, especially post docks, but bass like to hangout around those wooden posts. If you throw a jig in there it’s going to sink right down in the silt whereas the Tokyo Rig is going to stay up above the silt. It still acts just like a jig but the bass can get to it a lot easier.


> The difference to me is the weight itself goes down in the mud and keeps the bait up above the silt and gives the fish an easier target. Other than that, I can’t put my finger on it. All I know is the bass destroy it.


> My favorite 3 baits for it right now are some sort of creature bait like a Strike King Rage Bug, a Zoom Brush Hog or Baby Brush Hog, and then a big worm. Larger-profile baits.


His line: Seaguar AbrazX fluoro.

Quote of the Day
“My dad put a rod in my hand 2 hours after I was born.”


OH HS tourney angler Braden M talkin’ – good job dad! Since my son is a lacrosse player, that reminded me of the Iroquois who for-real do that with lacrosse sticks, which I think is really cool:

Braden also said this:


> “Even after the tournament, there’s all kinds of talking and promoting yourself to sponsors.”


HAHAHA yes there is “all kinds of talking”! It’s WORK for the pro peeps man! And thank you to ’em for doing it….

Shot of the Day
Real nice @lowdowncustomrods shot (from @califloridaman619) of what looks to be the start of a low-light swimbait sesh. Veggies are screamin’ “frowg”, but maybe not that time there yet:
Ya got me!
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