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Crazy week, sorry this is a little late again! Have a great, bassin’-filled weekend peeps!

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Today’s Top 4

“It was a good day.”

– Newest bluest trophy winner Buddy Gross talkin’ ’bout the day he got it. Prolly was feelin’ kinda like:

HAHAHA! I love that! Anyhow, another great line from his post:

> You hear all the time that confidence is the thing that matters the most at this level, but it’s not blind confidence or hope. It’s knowing what you are capable of doing.

I’m really likin’ this dude….

Meet ya Tim Evans at Scottsboro Tackle.

Didn’t know Tim but had to call him because his baits are on “far” — like for years, but most recently Toho/Kissimmee and Eufaula of course. What stuck out to me:

– “I’m not a huge swimbait guy” — he said that about his bassin’!

– “He’s never owned a boat — he’s busy as heck and likes to be a non-boater.

– This humble quote: “I think a bait is so small of a part of what an angler goes out there and does.”

– He had no clue who I was — love it!

Quick Q&A:
1. What’s up with this bait?

> “Honestly, I tell people this — I gotta give so much credit to the anglers…for one thing having confidence to throw it.

> “Looking back at it, the people I had around me…long list of people that gave input, including the gentleman who made these molds. …a lot of great swimbait fishermen…over the years…given up a little bit of their thoughts on it. …fishermen will give you feedback whether you like it or not. I take the negatives and look at it like a positive.

> “I’ve been blessed to have a lot of great anglers around me…. All I do is pour baits.”

2. How ’bout a little bit about you?

> “I’m 50 years old. …[lived in] CA, born and raised in KY. I actually flew from CA to go fishing with my brother on Lake Guntersville in 2008 — I’d never heard of the lake before in my life. Then I came down here and vacationed for 3 straight years.

> “I’d worked for the Coca-Cola…came out here [to AL]…saw a small Coca-Cola facility…. I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be something to live, work and fish here?’ That was in Apr — in Sept I was here.

> “I bass-fished a total of 3 weeks in my life, then moved here and started fishing off the docks. I still don’t own a boat.

> “I wanted to learn more, so I started fishing BFLs out of the back of the boat. I had dreams of being Buddy Gross or Jordan Lee.” [Tim also fished 2 FLW Tour seasons as a co.]

3. How’d you get into making swimbaits?

Shortest way to say this is that his wife started a retail store called Scottsboro Tackle Co in 2013, which she actually launched “out of the back of her car, when the AL Rig was huge.” Then he started pouring swimbaits himself in late 2014 after a business deal related to the store selling those type of swimbaits sort of went south.

> “I worked for Coca-Cola and started acquiring a couple molds. A friend of mine came over to the house and we started messing around with it, trying to figure it out. Ugliest stuff you’ve ever seen….”

He started with 5″ and 7″ baits, then local pro Jonathan Henry (who has passed on) asked for a 6″, which Tim made and Jonathan felt was the best-swimming size. Then David Mullins asked for a 3″ for Cherokee Lake, TN. Then other guys asked for other things and here we are.

> “I left Coca-Cola in April 2015 to pour swimbaits.”

4. Why doesn’t the swimbait have a name?

> “Because it was associated with the store. I never wanted to put my name on it…put the city of Scottsboro’s name on it.”

5. What’s the best-selling size and color?

> “5-inch natural light. That’s the color Buddy won with on Toho [FLW] in 2019.”

Eufaula and Kissimmee top baits.


> Worm = 70%

> Swimbait = 40%

> Jig = 40%

> Swimbait = 40%

> 20% each = Crankbait, Frog, Swim-jig, Spinnerbait

> 10% each = Spoon, Buzzbait


> First high-finish mention of the Lunkerhunt Compact Frog (Matt Arey, 7th):

> Chris Zaldain (10th) forgot all his small baits so he had to use this stuff — 8″ flutter spoon and Megabass Big M 7.5:

Kissimmee Chain

> Crankbait = 70%

> Flip plastics = 30%

> Little Worm = 30%

> Big Worm/Senko = 20%

> 10% each = Lipless crank, Swimbait, Carolina rig, Soft jerkbait, Chatterbait

Crank shout-outs:

> Zack Birge (6th) fished a Yo-Zuri 3DB 1.5 (gizzard shad) with 16-lb Yo-Zuri TopKnot Fluoro line — believe that’s a first or close to it for Yo-Zuri.

> Gary Klein (9th) used a Berkley Warpig lipless (purdy shad), 17-lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon — long casts and speed-reeling were key.

> Jay-Cob Wheeler (10th) fished a Rapala DT10 (Caribbean shad) — on 20-lb Sufix fluoro — because he always fishes a DT-something in that color.

Couple more were Skeet Reese’s Lucky Craft 1.5 (copper green shad) imitating bluegills, and Bryan Thrift used a Damiki BTC 60 (mossback).

Have you MARRIED a technique or pattern?

This Terry Scroggins line got me thinkin’:

> “…you have to fish the conditions and not get married to any one technique or pattern.”

So…if we married a technique or pattern would we:

1. Take vows — Like, “I promise to honor you and fish you at all times, for better or worse, etc?”

2. Go to bed thinking about it, and wake up thinking about it — I know this happens lol!

3. Ask the “father” for permission — like call up Dee Thomas and be like, “Sir can I have flippin’ to hold til death do us part? I promise to always have that rod on deck, and it’ll be the first one in my hand at all times.” Or whatever.

4. Have the occasional fight with it: “Dang you Whopper Plopper, I love you but come on don’t let me down on this bank dang it!”

5. “With this split ring I thee wed….”


1. Mark Menendez didn’t fish Eufaula.

He was caught breakin’ into Trip’s car, lookin’ for some natural light swimbaits…kidding. He did practice, but suddenly got serious back issues. Take ‘er easy man!

2. Buddy Gross signature hair jigs are out.

From Big Daddy Baits.

3. How Edwin Evers fishes FL.

Real innerestin’, such like:

> …I fish fast in practice. My goal is to get a lot of bites and hook into a big fish or 2, but also to keep moving and cover lots of water.

> …once the tournament starts, I go to the area where I had my biggest bite and commit to it. Ideally, I’ll fish there all day long and not start the outboard again until it’s time to put the boat back on the trailer.

> It works for me because it’s tough to pattern bass in Florida. Instead of developing a pattern, I look for a productive area.

4. Brandon Palaniuk is a videographer…

…who also fishes, I think just to create content? (Kidding..sorta!) His latest vid (Eufaula) is up on YT here.

5. Matt Lee’s fave weather apps are…

…Weather Underground and Windy. Hadn’t heard of Windy, a paid deal, but am checking it out!

6. Is Dustin Connell doing heron poses?

Anyone else seeing it? Maybe’s it’s heron-style Kung Fu??

7. OK: Central Open field PACKED with hammmers.

National ones and local sticks, will be fun to watch:

> MLF pros feeshn: Jason Christie, Greg Hackney, Jacob Powroznik, Justin Atkins, Stephen Browning, Keith Poche.

> Few of the Elites in it: Brandon Palaniuk, Gerald Swindle (believe his nephew? Trey is fishin’ it too), Lee Livesay.

Shout-outs: Trait Zaldain, who I believe is the only female basser trying to make the bigs, and Bassin’masters scribbler Mark Hicks, who’s a legit…something…? (Lol Hicks!) But seriously, he has the stones to fish a derby of that caliber which is pretty cool.

It’s on the Arkansas River outta OK — believe 26 OK boaters in the field.

8. Win a fishin’ trip with Davy Hite — ends TODAY.

I hear Davy does still know how to catch ’em…on shiners. HAHAaaaaa!

9. Win a feesh trip with Billy Dance.

My only advice if you win is to make sure he doesn’t back the boat in or try to move anything from the dock to the boat because of all those bloopers.

10. SC: Hartwell charity derby July 25.

Local fire chief battling brain cancer. Please heal him Lord!

11. OH: No Knox Lake ramps til 2021.

Dam work. Dam it. Dam.

12. UT: Bass will be stocked in Jackson Flat Rez…

…to help get rid of goldfish, so gitcha orange Spike It ready!

13. ID jetboat bass derby?

Don’t hear ’bout that everyday….

14. Any guesses what this is?

New YUM bait coming:

15. Recommended Insta accounts.

> Nishine Lure Works — @nishine_lure_works — 10 outta 10 bait designer Hiroshi Nishine has one of the most interesting pages there is. Talks about bait design, fishing, all kinds of things — he’s sharing in every post, not just posting.

Btw, here’s the new “hologram smelt” color of the Erie 95SD jerkbait:

> Hardcore — @hardcore_lures — Japanese bait brand Hardcore is fixin’ to hit the ol’ US of A with some great stuff, so they’ve got a new Insta page that pretty soon will be full of sexy bait pics….

16. WI: FLW HS fishing tourney will be a frowg fest?

Shoot that headline got me to click on it because who wouldn’t love to be in a frog-crazy derby! Hope the younger dudes catch the far outta ’em. Lotta schollies gonna be given out at the deal, sounds like.

17. Lowrance units now integrated with Ghost trollers.

> …the new software update allows anglers to use their compatible fishfinders for anchoring, locking heading, controlling speed and navigating via programmed routes. The Ghost foot pedal can also be completely customized with a menu on the display.

18. New C-Map website.

19. Gitcha an outdoor biz gig?

20. AR: White River Asian carp effects.

> “…we observed sharp declines in bluegill abundances, along with decreases in gizzard shad and white crappie numbers associated with establishment of carps. This was significant given the importance of bluegill and gizzard shad in these lake food webs. At the same time, several other sunfish species, buffalofishes and weed shiner appeared to become more abundant in the presence of carps.”

21. Taiwan has a crayfish/shrimp virus.

Oh great. Hope it doesn’t come anywhere near here….

Line of the Day

Salamanders are a top nest predator so soft plastic lizards are a bed-fishing staple.

Conventional wisdom but…what salamander in its right mind would swim over to a bass nest?? I mean, I know they’re not geniuses but pretty sure they’d be extinct in a hurry if they did that?

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Clump-to-clump swimbaitin’ with Buddy Gross.

What he did to win the Toho FLW in last year. Here’s what he said about how he fished:

> “…2 ditches [really just open lanes] with clumps in the middle. Those fish were sitting in the clumps, but there was 20′ gaps in between each clump. They’d set up in them [the clumps].

> “I’ve never seen this before: I could take a swim-jig and my swimbait, and usually if you come out of a clump you get bit, but this particular place here I’d throw it up on top of the farthest clump away from me, reel it through the open water where there’s no grass, and as soon as I’d hit the other clump, almost like a dead-end stop, they’d eat it right off the clump.”

That got my wheels spinnin’ — like how many times I’ve fished A clump or A mat or A boulder or A dock and not fished them like they were connected somehow. Gonna try it now, maybe you will too?

Btw in that derby he was a-fishin’:

> 5″ and 6″ Scottsboros (natural light of course) on an 8/0 3/8-oz Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer belly-weighted hook.

> 1/2-oz homemade swim jig (white) with a 4″ Scottsboro swimbait (natural light)

Quote of the Day

“You don’t need anything fancy or a $50,000 bass boat. You can go down to Walmart and buy a $20 rod and go to the creek.”

– Well you CAN, but ain’t it a heckuva lot more fun to rip down the lake in a bassin’ tub?? That’s YouTube trout guy @FishHawk talkin’…and I’m bettin’ he hasn’t ripped down the lake in a bit!

Shot of the Day

Great @midwestfishergal shot. Spot = good, standing up = good, spin rod in the pads = kinda risky:

Ya got me
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